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Patch 10.8

Hey all you cool Jeweled Protectors and Hushtails!

This patch, we’ve got another follow-up to the funnel mechanics and a couple of wider jungle changes that should help with pacing, mainly around early game impact. We’re slightly reducing how much a gank will punish an enemy, and giving junglers a steadier stream of XP mid to late game. These adjustments should help you bounce back and stabilize from early setbacks. Alongside this, we're helping out players who aren't hyper-optimizing their jungle clearing, giving them some breathing room with extra sustain so they're not always punished for taking a a little too much damage from a Raptor.

We're also adding a couple of QoL changes to things like champion ability timers to better indicate how much time you have on an ability's cast or empowerment and the Practice Tool. Be sure to check those out!

Offical Patch Notes Link

SonaSquare.png Hanna “shio shoujo” Woo

Riot Mom Cat.png Tricia "Mom Cat" Tan

Mid-Patch Updates[]

4/21/2020 Ornn Bugfix 
BELLOWS BREATH BUGFIX : Ornn is no longer able to globally damage all enemies with Bellows Breath in certain instances
4/15/2020 Ornn Bugfix 
SEARING CHARGE BUGFIX : Ornn is no longer able to go through terrain or walls when casting Searing Charge right next to said terrain or wall

Patch Highlights[]

Patch 10.8 Banner.jpg

Coven Morgana, Coven LeBlanc, Coven Zyra, and Coven Zyra Prestige Edition will be available on April 16, 2020.


ApheliosSquare.png Aphelios  
Passive bonus armor penetration removed, lethality added. Q ability level scaling takes longer for base damage and cooldowns, damage ratio increased.

Aphelios has continued to pull out the big guns as a pro dominant champion. We’re looking to attack his power curve as well as his ability to deal with the tanky front line threats that he more likely encounters in pro play.

The Hitman and the Seer.png Passive - The Hitman and the Seer
BONUS ARMOR PENETRATION Aphelios no longer gains 3/6/9/12/15/18% bonus armor penetration
LETHALITY Aphelios now gains 2/4/6/8/10/12 lethality

Weapons of the Faithful.png Passive - Weapons of the Faithful

BASE DAMAGE AND COOLDOWN LEVEL SCALING : Aphelios' weapons actives' base damage and cooldowns scale over [levels 1-9] levels 1-13
MOONSHOT DAMAGE AD RATIO : [0.6] 0.42-0.6 (levels 1-13) bonus attack damage
ONSLAUGHT DAMAGE AD RATIO : [0.3] 0.21-0.3 (levels 1-13) bonus attack damage
BINDING ECLIPSE DAMAGE RATIO : [0.35] 0.26-0.35 (levels 1-13) bonus attack damage
DUSKWAVE DAMAGE RATIO : [0.8] 0.56-0.8 (levels 1-13) bonus attack damage
SENTRY DAMAGE RATIO : [0.5] 0.35-0.5 (levels 1-13) bonus attack damage

AsheSquare.png Ashe  
Q bonus attack speed increased.

Strike quickly—now even quicker. Ashe has been weaker than we’d like, so we’re amping up her main DPS ability as frost-ing on the cake.

Ranger's Focus.png Q - Ranger's Focus
BONUS ATTACK SPEED : [20/25/30/35/40%]

EvelynnSquare.png Evelynn  
Q damage increased.

We're upping some of Eve's damage to help her saunter her way through early skirmishes and the jungle more reliably.

Hate Spike.png Q - Hate Spike
BASE SPIKE DAMAGE : [25/30/35/40/45 (75/90/105/120/135 maximum damage)]
30/35/40/45/50 (90/105/120/135/150 maximum damage)

KalistaSquare.png Kalista  
Base armor reduced. E slow decreased.

We're reeling in a bit of Kalista's power with a focus on her early game CC so that she can’t kite enemies as easily without backup, and has to rely more on her support for utility.

Base Stats
ARMOR : [23] 21

Rend.png E - Rend

SLOW : [25/30/35/40/45%]

Master YiSquare.png Master Yi  
R bonus attack speed decreased.

We've been seeing Yi snowball too often, especially in average play, so we're nudging him back by pulling a little power out of his ult.

Highlander.png R - Highlander
BONUS ATTACK SPEED : [30/55/80%]

OriannaSquare.png Orianna  
W movement speed modifier increased later. E shield ratio increased.

We’re giving our Golem gal more oomph in her CC and utility so she can run more like clockwork.

Command Dissonance.png W - Command: Dissonance
ALLY HASTE/ENEMY SLOW : [20/25/30/35/40%]
30/35/40/45/50% movement speed

Command Protect.png E - Command: Protect

SHIELD RATIO : [0.4] 0.5 ability power

RyzeSquare.png Ryze  
Base health, armor, and damage rounded up. Q movement speed increased.

Cautiously giving Ryze some power while cleaning up some uneven stats.

Base Stats
HEALTH : [570.48] 575
ARMOR : [21.552] 22
ATTACK DAMAGE : [55.04] 56

Overload.png Q - Overload

BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED : [20/25/30/35/40%]
28/32/36/40/44% when consuming 2 runes

SennaSquare.png Senna  
Passive Mist Wraith spawn chance decreased.

Trimming some power from Senna since players are continuing to get better with her.

Absolution.png Passive - Absolution
MIST WRAITH SPAWN CHANCE : [25%] 22% on minions Senna doesn't kill

SettSquare.png Sett  
W base damage decreased.

We’ve been seeing players rely on Sett’s W for its consistent early wave control, so we’re giving his enemies a bit of breathing room before he can, uh, set them straight.

Haymaker.png W - Haymaker
BASE DAMAGE : [90/120/150/180/210]

SorakaSquare.png Soraka  
Base mana increased. Q cost decreased.

Star Guardians get a lot of mana. It's a thing. Loosening her restrictions on her aggressive output so she can have some more presence in lane.

Base Stats
MANA : [375] 425

Starcall.png Q - Starcall

COST : [60/65/70/75/80]

TristanaSquare.png Tristana  
E bonus damage ratio increased.

We're giving Tristana a bump up to help her core kit combo to continue razing her enemies throughout the game.

Explosive Charge.png E - Explosive Charge
EXPLOSION DAMAGE RATIO : [50/70/90/110/130%]
50/75/100/125/150% bonus attack damage

UrgotSquare.png Urgot  
E bugfixes. R cooldown decreased.

We’re fixing some bugs to Disdain and giving him more opportunities to bring the fear. And death. And all that.

Disdain.png E - Disdain
MOVEMENT SPEED BUGFIX : Fixed an issue where he wasn't getting extra movement speed on dash
STUN BUGFIX : Urgot now properly has a total CC duration of 1.5 seconds, including stun duration and time elapsed when enemy champion is flung, as intended from patch 10.6. (tooltip also now correctly reflects said total CC duration).

Fear Beyond Death.png R - Fear Beyond Death

COOLDOWN : [120/95/70]

VarusSquare.png Varus  
R cooldown increased.

We're looking to curb a bit of Varus' power while making sure both of his meta builds are still equally viable, so we decided to balance one of the tools in his kit that would balance across both versions without chaining him down.

Chain of Corruption.png R - Chain of Corruption
COOLDOWN : [110/90/70]

XayahSquare.png Xayah  
E damage per feather hit increased.

Buffing those sweet Bladecallers so Xayah can keep ruffling her enemies’ feathers.

Bladecaller.png R - Bladecaller
ADDITIONAL FEATHER HIT DAMAGE : [10%] 5% less damage per feather

Champion Ability Timers[]

We saw some players request QoL changes for more abilities with reactivations/recasts, so we added more indicators to show recast ability timers.

Border (recast or channel)

  • Camille's Hookshot/Wall Dive
  • Illaoi's Harsh Lesson
  • Janna's Howling Gale
  • Jax's Empower
  • Jax's Counter Strike
  • Lux's Lucent Singularity
  • Nocturne's Paranoia
  • Swain's Demonflare
  • Thresh's Death Sentence
  • Varus' Piercing Arrow
  • Vi's Vault Breaker
  • Mark (Snowballs in Howling Abyss)

Bar (state/empowerment)

  • Draven's Spinning Axe
  • Gnar's Hyper
  • Gnar's Hop
  • Camille's Hookshot/Wall Dive attack speed
  • Camille's The Hextech Ultimatum

Funnel Mechanics[]

Our attempts at reducing the effectiveness of funnel have notably cut the playrate of the strategy, but it's still proving to be a successful one for those who continue to do it. We want to see if modifying our current levers work to further curb pairings like Master Yi and Taric's success.

UNIQUE - Monster Hunter

MINION GOLD PENALTY TRIGGER : Gold earned from minion kills is greater than [50%] 40% of your gold earned from monsters

Death Changes[]

We're adjusting the potential teams have to snowball early to make sure that your games don't go wildly out of control as often and give teams more chances to participate in an even game. Kill experience coupled with Homeguards means that early kills are still very powerful, but they're not quite as game-ending as before. Shifting the type of kills to solo ones also help give individual agency, which is something we still want to promote, especially since we're seeing such a heavy skew towards shared kills. We understand these pacing changes may hurt the jungle more than other roles, but we're making sure that we put back power into places that make sense for the role. (Read below for more information on that)
PITY ZOOMS On death, gain a smaller version of Homeguards which gives the player about 2.5 seconds less time to get back to lane
LONE WOLF At levels 1-6, a champion's solo kills grant 20% more experience and assisted kills grant 20% less experience. At levels 7-8, these numbers are reduced to 10%

Jungle Buffs and QOL Item Changes[]

Junglers are appropriately influential as a role, but we want to reduce the perception that they have to have an aggressive early presence to be effective. Instead, we're giving them opportunities for more personal power through proper farming as the game progresses. We also want to make sure the jungle is accessible to players who can't kite perfectly or who don't have proper setups for the cutthroat role, so we're giving some extra sustain to people who fall critically low in the jungle, helping them stay alive when the going gets rough.
JUNGLE CAMP XP : [1.25x more XP at levels 9+] 1.35x more XP at levels 9+ (between 10-13 additional XP per camp)
HUNTER'S MACHETE UNIQUE NAIL Now heals for 50% more when below 30% maximum health
HUNTER'S TALISMAN UNIQUE TOOTH Now heals for 50% more when below 30% maximum health
SKIRMISHER'S SABRE UNIQUE TOOTH/NAIL Now heals for 50% more when below 30% maximum health
STALKER'S BLADE UNIQUE TOOTH/NAIL Now heals for 50% more when below 30% maximum health

One-For-All Balance Changes[]

10.8 Buffs
AKALI : [+5% damage dealt] +5% damage dealt & -3% damage taken
AZIR : [+5% damage dealt] +5% damage dealt & -3% damage taken
BARD : [+10% damage dealt & -7% damage taken]
+10% damage dealt, -10% damage taken, & +5% movement speed
BLITZCRANK : +3% damage dealt
EVELYNN : Can no longer overwrite allies' Ws with her own W.
FIDDLESTICKS : [-5% damage taken] +3% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
GANGPLANK : [+5% damage dealt] +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
NUNU & WILLUMP : [+3% damage dealt, -3% damage taken & +5% healing]
+3% damage dealt, -5% damage taken, & +5% healing
SENNA : +5% damage dealt
TALIYAH : [+5% damage dealt] +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
THRESH : [+7% damage dealt & -5% damage taken]
+8% damage dealt & -8% damage taken
YUUMI : [+15% damage dealt, -15% damage taken, & +5% movement speed]
+15% damage dealt, -20% damage taken, & +5% movement speed
ZOE : [+5% damage dealt] +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken

Practice Tool Additions[]

We have a bunch of new Practice Tool cheats coming in for all your Gangplank-barrel-training endeavors and your get-better-at-CSing plans. Good luck!

Target Dummy/Bot

  • Add 100 HP to Unit
  • Subtract 100 HP from Unit
  • Add 10 Armor/MR to Unit
  • Subtract 10 Armor/MR from Unit

Game Clock

  • Time Fast Forward 600s (note: Time Fast Forward 30s already exists)

Neutral Camps

  • Spawn Baron Nashor
  • Spawn Rift Herald

Player Control

  • Kill Player Character (Suicide)
  • Fully Stack Legend: Alacrity, Legend: Tenacity, Legend: Bloodline, Manaflow Band, Zombie Ward, Ghost Poro, Eyeball Collection, Ravenous Hunter, Ingenious Hunter, Relentless Hunter, and Ultimate Hunter runes.

Clash UI Update[]

We added a Clash Award subtab to the Clash tab which allows players to now see all the Trophies, Banners, and Logos they've earned in Clash!


Evelynn's Allure properly damages at all levels from any range when cast on Baron Nashor
  • Oracle Lens can be used immediately if it is the player's first purchased trinket instead of defaulting to a 90 second cooldown
  • Lissandra's Frozen Thrall from Iceborn Subjugation now properly appears whenever an enemy champion dies nearby her, regardless of whether or not she's attacked them
  • Neeko now properly deals basic attack damage to any enemy target when transformed as Wukong with Inherent Glamour
  • Mordekaiser can no longer cast Teleport while being in his Realm of Death
  • When Ornn recasts his Call Of The Forge God it will properly redirect in the direction of the dash, not towards Ornn's pathing
  • Ally clones will no longer take damage from Tahm Kench's Devour
  • Annie's Incinerate can no longer be seen in Fog of War by her enemies

Upcoming Skins & Chromas[]

The following skins will be released this patch. Grab the League Displays app for their full-res splash!

Skin Splash Coven Morgana.jpg
Coven Morgana
Skin Splash Coven LeBlanc.jpg
Coven LeBlanc
Skin Splash Coven Zyra.jpg
Coven Zyra
Skin Splash Coven Zyra Prestige Edition.jpg
Coven Zyra Prestige Edition

The following chromas will be released this patch:

Morgana Screens 8.jpg
Coven Morgana
Leblanc Screens 4.jpg
Coven LeBlanc