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Team has disbanded.
PL Gaming
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Team Information
Org Location
Team Location
CreatedOrganization 2016-09
LoL Division 2016-11-11
DisbandedLoL Division 2017-05-07
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PL Gaming is an Argentinian multi-gaming organization founded in September 2016.


Creation of PL Gaming[edit]

PL Gaming was created in September 2016 by Martín "Predator" Repetto and Máximo "Kotorna" Radice. They both started to play games since they were teenagers. In 1998, they formed a gaming club called "PL Multiplayer Clan", just for them and their friends. They played several games, included Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake, and Counter-Strike, and they played a few amateur tournaments in Argentina.

Their objective is to make grow the E-Sports scene in Latin America. They also want to entering to the competitive scene of other games in 2017.

2017 Preseason[edit]

In november 11, the team announce its first roster to compete in the 2016 ESL Major LAS, looking for a slot in the next 2017 CDLS Opening Season. The roster include three former members from Bencheados, LukasNegro as top laner, iBreak as jungler, and Regi as the mid laner (former Latin America Cup champion with Kaos Latin Gamers in 2015), Zeypher, former player from Rebirth eSports, as AD carry, and a foreign support coming directly from United States, Bismal. This two last players previously played together in Tesla E-Sports.

At the 2016 ESL Major LAS, PL Gaming were placed into Group C, along with Nato +4, Estelar Gaming, and Blade Link. They ended up the group stage with a perfect 3-0 score and qualified to the playoffs. They failed to qualify to the CDLS after losing 1-0 against Guerreros del Mouse in the Round of 16.

After failing to qualify to the CDLS, several members of the team, including LukasNegro, iBreak, Regi, and Bismal leave the organization. Followig the players, both analyst and coach (Topita and Tebo respectively) leaved the team.


  • "PL" stands for "Peleadores" (Spanish for "Fighters").


  • 2016
  • 2017

Player Roster[edit]


R C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Nate Damian Rea 11Top Last Kingslogo std.pngLast Kings 2017-05-012017-05-01 2017-05-072017-05-07
Josedeodo Brandon Joel Villegas 12Jungle Furious Gaminglogo std.pngFurious Gaming Red 2017-01-012017-01-01 2017-05-072017-05-07
JET Nicolas Spikerman 12Jungle Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2017-05-012017-05-01 2017-05-072017-05-07
Xuradel Luis Escobar 13Mid Zoltak Legionlogo std.pngZoltak Legion 2017-05-012017-05-01 2017-05-072017-05-07
Zeypher Esteban Guzmán 14Bot Dash9 Gaminglogo std.pngDash9 Gaming 2016-11-112016-11-11 2017-05-072017-05-07
Tuesday Facundo Cuello 15Support Furious Gaminglogo std.pngFurious Gaming Red 2017-05-012017-05-01 2017-05-072017-05-07
Regi Juan Cruz Curto 13Mid Legatumlogo std.pngLegatum 2016-11-112016-11-11 2016-12-252016-12-25
LukasNegro Lukas Vega 11Top Dark Horselogo std.pngDark Horse 2016-11-112016-11-11 2016-12-112016-12-??
iBreak Axel Arévalo 12Jungle Dark Horselogo std.pngDark Horse 2016-11-112016-11-11 2016-12-112016-12-??
Bismal Michael Engelberg 15Support 6Senselogo std.png6Sense 2016-11-112016-11-11 2016-12-112016-12-??



C ID Name Position Next Team
Predator Martín Repetto Co-Founder, Co-Owner, CEO, & Manager None
Kotorna Máximo Radice Co-Founder & Co-Owner None
Onur Rodrigo Dalmagro 80Head Coach Furious Gaminglogo std.pngFurious Gaming Red
Topita Hernán González Head Coach None
Teboo Esteban Smith 80Analyst Furious Gaminglogo std.pngFurious Gaming


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Minimum place

PL Gaming Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2017-05-051$500$ 500€ 454.77 Go4LoL LAS April 2017
1 : 0Dark Horselogo std.pngDH
2017-04-155 - 8 Go4LoL LAS April 2017 Qualifier #3
0 : 1Logo std.pngHAMB
2017-04-081$250$ 250€ 227.38 Go4LoL LAS April 2017 Qualifier #2
1 : 0Dark Horselogo std.pngDH
2017-04-078 Go4LoL LAS March 2017
0 : 1Logo std.pngHAMB
2017-04-012 Go4LoL LAS April 2017 Qualifier #1
0 : 1Black Eagleslogo std.pngBK
2017-03-253 Go4LoL LAS March 2017 Qualifier #4
1 : 0Novus Tempuslogo std.pngNT
2017-03-183 Go4LoL LAS March 2017 Qualifier #3
1 : 0Dark Crowslogo std.pngDCR
2017-03-112 Go4LoL LAS March 2017 Qualifier #2
0 : 1Dark Horselogo std.pngDH
2017-03-041$250$ 250€ 235.51 Go4LoL LAS March 2017 Qualifier #1
1 : 0Vivaelrologo std.pngVivaelro
2017-02-045 - 8 Go4LoL LAS February 2017 Qualifier #1
0 : 1Redeemerslogo std.pngRDM
Total Prize:USD 1,000