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PG Esports is an Italian tournament organizer, part of Fandango Club, an event organizing company, based in Buccinasco, Lombardy, Italy. It is known to be the organizer of PG Nationals, the Italian ERL (European Regional League), which gives the winning team a spot to participate in European Masters. PG Esports is also an official broadcast partner for LEC and LCS matches broadcasted in Italian through its Twitch.tv channel. It was previously known as Personal Gamer.

PG Esports Events[]


ID Name Role
Terenas Lapo Raspanti 46Caster
KenRhen Roberto Prampolini 46Caster
EddieNoise Edoardo Prisco 46Caster
Moonboy Emiliano Marini 46Caster
Etrurian Filippo Burresi 46Caster
Juannetti Andrea Giovannetti 46Caster
AceRoxas Lorenzo di Berardino 46Caster
Zen Alvise Zennaro 46Caster
Wolcat Gabriele Catterin 46Caster
TheCoderInside Dimitri Albrizio 46Caster