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Healing in excess of your maximum health is converted into a shield for an amount of up to 10 (+10% of Total Health). After 6 seconds, decays by 2.5% of the max shield value each second. Receiving healing, dealing or taking damage will refresh the shield duration to 6 seconds.

The rate of conversion is 20-100% (based on level) for healing from all sources.

Patch History[]

Patch 9.6

Shield conversion decreased early.

Overheal is currently a must-pick with pros on ADCs. We want players to have more flexibility with rune paths, so we're nerfing it so other runes can keep up.

PASSIVE : [40-100%] 20-100%

Patch 9.2
Ally healing grants less shielding; self-healing grants more shielding late. Shield decays gradually instead of immediately.

Overheal's effectiveness relies on whether your allies know to... well... overheal you, which often isn't the case in solo queue. We're siphoning that coordinated play strength into more self-sufficiency, plus shifting the shield decay to the Bloodthirster model to make Overheal a more consistently rewarding defensive choice.

ALLY HEAL CONVERSION : [300%] 40-100% (at levels 1-18)
SELF-HEAL CONVERSION : [40%] 40-100% (at levels 1-18)
SHIELD DECAY : After 6 seconds, [Falls off immediately]
decays by 2.5% of the max shield value each second
BUGFIX : Overheal's tooltips and post-game stats now properly track total damage blocked rather than just the last instance of damage blocked

Shield increased

This is our first wide balance pass on the Runes paths! We've got a few case-by-case contexts in the tabs below, but are otherwise focused on ensuring no one option in any given row is overpowering its neighbors.

SHIELD GENERATION RATE : [30%] 40% of healing


WASTE NOT Excess healing on you becomes a shield, for up to 10% of your total health + 10
I HEARD YOU LIKE HEALS Shield is built up from 30% of excess self-healing, or 300% of excess healing from allies.