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TitleThe Fire below the Mountain
Release DateAugust 23rd, 2017
Cost6300 BE 975 RP

590 (+ 95)

9 (+ 0.9)

340.6 (+ 65)

8.01 (+ 0.6)


69 (+ 3.5)

0.625 (+ 2%)


33 (+ 4)

32 (+ 1.25)
Developer Info
DDragon KeyOrnn
Integer Key516
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Ornn is a champion in League of Legends.


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Ornn is the Freljordian demi-god of forging and craftsmanship. He works in the solitude of a massive smithy, hammered out from the lava caverns beneath the volcano Hearth-Home. There he stokes bubbling cauldrons of molten rock to purify ores and fashion items of unsurpassed quality. When other deities—especially Volibear—walk the earth and meddle in mortal affairs, Ornn arises to put these impetuous beings back in their place, either with his trusty hammer or the fiery power of the mountains themselves.

More than any other of his kind, Ornn values privacy, solitude, and focus. Beneath a dormant volcano that bears scars from some ancient eruption, he labors day and night, forging whatever his heart desires. The results are priceless tools destined for feats of legend—the lucky few who have stumbled upon these relics note their bewilderingly high quality. Some claim that Braum’s shield was made by Ornn thousands of years ago, as it remains as sturdy as the day it was finished. No one can be sure, however, for none can find the forge-god to ask him.

Ornn’s name was once spoken throughout the lands that would one day become known as the Freljord. However, almost all of his legends were excised from history by his enemies and the slow march of time—now only a few of his exploits are known, by the handful of tribes who can trace their lineage back to a forgotten culture of blacksmiths, architects, and brewmasters. This long-lost populace was called the Hearthblood, apprentices who journeyed from all corners of the world and gathered on the slopes of Hearth-Home to follow Ornn’s example.

Despite this imitative form of worship, Ornn never considered himself their patron. He would only give them curt nods or frowns when they offered up their work, and yet the Hearthblood accepted this and were determined to hone their craft. As a result, they came to create the finest tools, design the sturdiest structures, and brew the tastiest ales the world had ever beheld. Ornn secretly approved of the Hearthblood’s perseverance, and the fact that they were always looking to improve.

But, in one catastrophic night, all they had accomplished was destroyed when Ornn battled with his brother Volibear at the mountain’s peak, for reasons no mortal could comprehend. The resultant cataclysm was a storm of fire and ash and lightning so intensely violent that it was seen ten horizons away. When the dust settled, Hearth-Home was a smoldering caldera, and the Hearthblood were reduced to scattered bones and cinders.

Though he would never admit it, Ornn was devastated. Through the Hearthblood he had glimpsed the sweeping potential of mortal life, only to see it all lost beneath the indiscriminate wrath of the immortals. Wracked with guilt, he retreated to the isolation of his foundry, and buried himself in his work for an age.

Now, he senses that the world is on the cusp of a new era. Some of his siblings have taken physical form once more, their cults of followers growing restless and aggressive. The Freljord itself is fractured and leaderless, and ancient horrors are lurking in the shadows, waiting for any opportunity to strike. A great change is coming.

During the wars to come, and in their aftermath, Ornn knows the Freljord—and the rest of Runeterra—will have need of a good blacksmith.

"I have said enough."

- OrnnSquare.pngOrnn


“I have never seen the forgotten god. My grandmother told me these tales, but she never saw the forgotten god either—nor did her grandmother before her, or hers before her, a thousand times over. His legends endure only around crackling fires and meals of roasted fish. The further back we trace our ancestors, the truer the tales become.”

The children’s weary faces lift a little higher. Firelight dances on their cheeks, but pain lives in their eyes.

“Gods dwell around us, in the sky, in between clumps of soil, and behind the veil of stars. We need only to seek their favor, to channel their being into our hearts and deeds. For instance, on the sea, it is so cold that your eyeballs might freeze solid in their sockets. No, it’s true! But when sailors rub blubber on their faces and think about the Seal Sister, whose true name is forgotten, they are protected from the icy ocean winds.

“Others, such as Volibear, refuse to allow their own legends to fade, and still stalk this world. He demands sacrifice and forces obedience, much like the Ursine…”

They have all heard tales of the half-bear abominations. Fear makes the children lean closer to the fire.

“Oh yes, little ones—we may speak later of the bearskinned storm-bearer, but the less said about him the better.”

Like grandmother used to say, once they lean closer to the fire, they’re yours.

“Instead, these stories concern the firstborn of the gods…”

I: The Shaping of Land

Ornn was the firstborn of his brothers and sisters. He leapt into the world, itching for a fight. This was not so easy, however. Trees were weak adversaries, snapping far too easily. Icebergs melted at his touch, running away into the sea.

Frustrated, he punched a mountain. The mountain did not yield. Ornn was pleased by this, so he challenged the land itself to a good-natured brawl.

As Ornn wrestled with the land, he dented and bruised it, shaping all of the Freljord that we know today. He headbutted mountains from the planes, and pounded down deep valleys. When he was tired, Ornn thanked the land for the glorious match. The land responded by opening a fiery pit, showing him its very heart, and he was honored to see it was a reflection of him: a fiery ram. The land had deemed Ornn worthy, and bestowed its secrets to him, gifting him the strength of primordial flame, for fire is the true agent of change.

He looked at the landscape that was the result of his fight and nodded. It would do. After this, Ornn set himself to building tools and weapons.

My ancestors must be smiling, for at this moment, a light snow begins to fall. Gentle flakes settle on the children’s furred hoods, and they stick out their tongues.

“Did you know that there used to be no snow in the Freljord?” I ask them. The children look confused. “It’s true. Our lands have always been the coldest in the entire world, but in the early days there was only bitter, dry air, and no such things as stormclouds…”

II: The Origin of Snow

It was during the early, cloudless and cold days that Ornn built a house. He made it of the finest lumber. The magnificent home spanned three valleys. Can you imagine that? After completing his majestic Horn Hall, Ornn appraised his work.

“Good,” he said. These were the days before language, so this was a compliment indeed.

Now, his sister Anivia was annoyed. Ornn had felled her favorite perching trees to build his home. So she decided to teach him a lesson.

While Ornn was sleeping, she flew in through his bedroom window. Then, she tickled his nose with one of her feathers, causing him to sneeze a gout of flame that set fire to the bedsheets! The bedsheets set the floor ablaze! Anivia panicked, and flapped her wings to fly away, but this only stoked the fire hotter with the dry Freljord air. Soon, all of Horn Hall was alight.

The fire raged for days, darkening the skies with ash. Of course, Ornn slept through the whole thing. He awoke atop a pile of ashes in a very bad mood, for he had not had a restful sleep. But he did not know what Anivia had done. And to this day, she has never told him the truth.

“I complimented my own handiwork, and look where it got me,” said Ornn, surveying the damage. “Never again will I pat myself on the back. I shall let the quality of the work speak for itself.”

Ornn had one goal in particular for his next home: he did not want it to be flammable. He fashioned himself a spade, a lever, and a fork. With these tools, he could dig for ore, move mighty pillars, and eat the delicious spiced cherries he so enjoyed.


He hammered and shaped chunks of ore until a black mountain stood. Inside was a great forge that channeled the primordial molten flame from deep within the earth. He was pleased with his Hearth-Home—but it was too hot inside to dwell comfortably, even for Ornn.

So he dug a trench from the sea, straight to the mountain. The Seal Sister allowed cold waters to rush through the trench and cool the Hearth-Home. Great plumes of steam rose up. It took three days for the mountain to cool enough for Ornn. In that time, the ocean that fed the river dipped several inches.

By then, so much steam had risen from the waters that the perpetual blue sky was mottled with darkening gray clouds. As these new puffy forms gathered and cooled, they grew heavier and heavier until they burst with snow.

It snowed for a hundred years. This is why the Freljord still has so much snow today.

One of the children frowns at me. “If Ornn did so much for the world, then why is it only you who knows the stories about him?” she asks. The girl is young, but has already seen so much hardship that her hair has several shocks of silver running through it.

“There is one tale that answers this very question,” I reply. “Would you like to hear it?”

The children’s eager faces say it all.

III: Three Sisters Ask Ornn For Help

Once, there were Three Sisters who needed Ornn’s help in saving their world. Ornn, however, did not care to help anyone save any world, anywhere. It was for personal reasons, and he did not elaborate on the matter. But this did not stop the Three Sisters journeying many days and nights to ask.

“There are creatures of great and wicked magic that stalk our tribes,” the First Sister said. She had fierceness and war in her eyes. “They want to destroy all things and claim the world for themselves!”

“This sounds like a problem,” Ornn said. He did not look up from his forging.

“Then will you fight with us, and use your strength to slay the monsters?”

Ornn grunted. This grunt meant “no” in such a way as to halt any more discussion. This was understood by all. If you heard this grunt, you would have thought the First Sister wise for not pressing the matter further.

“These beings watch our every move,” the Second Sister said. There was hope and wisdom in her voice. “I would ask you to take the spade that once dug your mighty river, and use it to dig the deepest trench in all the world. Then we can lure the monsters into the pit ourselves, and solve our own problem.”

Ornn grunted. The sound of this grunt meant “I will dig that hole,” and that everyone should stop talking immediately. This was understood by all. If you heard this grunt, you would have thought the Second Sister wise for not pressing the matter further.

So Ornn dug them a trench, for a very deep hole can add much to a landscape. Also, he had planned on digging one anyway, and the proposed location was a fine spot. When Ornn was finished with the trench, he left the three sisters with nary a word, for he had already said far too much to them.

“That is one deep hole,” the Second Sister said. “I pray it is deep enough.”

Wind blew up from the freshly dug abyss with an otherworldly howl, as if to say that it was deep enough. If you had heard the abyss’ howl, you would have thought it wise that no one climbed down to measure its depth.

Several years later, the sisters returned. They looked as if the battles with their foes had taken a toll.

This time, the Third Sister spoke. Her icy breath reminded Ornn of the cold and dry days, long ago. “Ornn, Builder of All Things,” she began.

“I did not build all things,” Ornn grumbled. Again, he did not look up from his forging. “Just some of them.”

The Third Sister continued. “We come now to ask you one simple favor. The pit you dug is so deep and so wide that we cannot build even a single bridge across it. Teach me how to build a bridge that can never break, and I will do the work myself.”

Ornn raised an eyebrow. He studied the Third Sister’s eyes. He did not trust her, for she had a scent of magic about her, and magic always makes sturdy things weaker. “There are many able bridge builders. Go and bother them.”

“The other builders cannot make a bridge with the type of stone we have,” the Third Sister replied. “They claim it fell from the sky, and they cannot forge it for all their efforts.” She then presented a chunk of star metal.

If you had seen the star metal, you would think it wise that only Ornn could possibly ever shape this material, for it was almost as stubborn and unyielding as him. Ornn agreed, but he would do the work alone, and required the star metal itself as payment.

The Third Sister gave it to him, and he used it to forge a tool to help build the bridge.

With that tool, and only that tool, Ornn built the bridge. The Second Sister felt bad about the Third Sister’s lie—for they did not need a bridge at all. She asked Ornn what sort of tool it was.

“I used it to hammer,” Ornn said. “So I will call it ‘Hammer.’ I have said enough.”

When he was out of sight, the Third Sister walked the length of the bridge, reciting strange incantations across the entire span. This turned the bridge into a crossbar that sealed the beasts below within the abyss. However, Ornn had been right, and the addition of magic ruined the quality of his work. Had the Three Sisters left it well enough alone, it would have lasted forever. Instead, the enchantment would slowly eat away at the masonry. It would take ages, though, so nobody paid it much mind, and the Three Sisters vowed never to speak of Ornn again.

Ornn, meanwhile, realized he did not like people asking him favors, and threw his spade as far to the west as he could. Where it landed, no one knows, and its fate is lost to darkness.

Then he turned east and threw his favorite eating fork as far as he could. It landed in the Great Sea. Some say, later, a mer-king found a powerful trident at the sea-bottom, and still uses it to rule his kingdom.


Ornn was ready to throw his hammer into the night sky, but he could not bear to do it and decided to keep it. Were you to see Ornn and ask him if it is his favorite tool, he would scold you for thinking like a child. But in secret, he favors Hammer above all other things he has made.

“Dawn brings the plumpest berries and the meatiest fish,” I say to the children. “We need to be rested.”

They groan in unison and plead with me for one more story. Just one more story.

“There is only one more story about Ornn left,” I tell them. “We should save it for another night…”

Only when they pledge to do every chore and not complain about being too tired, do I relent.

IV: The Troll and the Ram-Door

Everyone knows that you never challenge a troll to a drinking contest, don’t they? Even you little ones know not to make a bet with a troll, for trolls are sneaky and will always win. Also, everyone in the Freljord knows that the uglier a troll is, the luckier and more cunning it can be.

Unfortunately, Ornn did not know any of these things.

Grubgrack the Hideous was the oldest troll-kin in the world. His chest hair was so long, it got tangled up in his gnarled toes. Ugh! He would often trip over it and break his nose, which was bulbous and misshapen from being broken so many times. He only had two good teeth, one bad eye, and one worse eye. Warts and pimples covered his rotund belly. I will not tell you how he smelled. If I did, you would never eat fermented fish stew again.

“Build me a door that will keep my treasure safe from thieves forever,” Grubgrack said to Ornn outside Hearth-Home, “and I will give you ten casks of my trollmead. It’s a family recipe.”

Ornn dismissed his guest, but Grubgrack stuck out his foot to stop the door from closing. Ornn did not want the troll’s bunion-covered toes ruining the paint, so he let the creature go on.

“Let us make a wager,” said the truly un-beautiful troll. “Whoever can finish a cask of trollmead first owes the other a debt.”

“If it will make you go away, okay.” Ornn had never been beaten in a drinking contest. Everyone knew this back then, and now you do, too.

“At least it will be good to have a drink,” Grubrack replied, and his smile warped one of the Hearth-Home’s pillars. While Ornn’s back was turned, the troll slipped a shard of True Ice into a cask and handed it to his challenger.

They toasted in the jovial manner of the Freljord and drank. Ornn found the trollmead watered down, and he did not like it. However, Grubgrack was halfway through his cask. With his own cask still almost at the brim, Ornn tipped his head back further and drank until he thought he would drown.

But Grubgrack slammed his empty cask down and belched, and the fire in the oven turned a sickly green! Ornn coughed and spluttered.

“What is wrong?” Grubgrack teased him. “Are you choking?”

Then Ornn noticed the True Ice in his drink. It was perpetually melting and watering down the trollmead. No matter how much he chugged, the True Ice had replaced it. He smashed the cask with one hand.

“You cheated,” Ornn said. His angry voice set off an earthquake that sunk a few islands.

“Of course! What other advantage would an ugly troll like me have against the mighty Ornn?” In truth, the ugliest trolls have almost all the advantages in the world, but Ornn did not spend much time with ugly trolls, so he wouldn’t know that, but now all of you little ones do. “A deal is a deal,” Grubgrack reminded him.

“My word is as good as Hammer,” Ornn grumbled. “Even if I was cheated.”

So Ornn labored for ten days and built the single best door anyone had ever built. He adorned it with a ram’s head, like his own, and the one at the heart of the Freljord. It was impervious to magic and lock-pickers alike. Grubgrack was so impressed with the quality of the door that he was speechless, which is very rare for a troll.

Ornn fastened the door in front of the troll’s cave, which was on top of the troll’s mountain, and where all the ugliest troll-kin in history had hid their treasure.

With a grunt, Ornn trundled off, leaving Grubgrack admiring his new door.

When he had regained his wits, Grubgrack realized it had been a day since he last counted his gold, and he was growing anxious. But he could find no way to open the door! None at all.

Grubgrack tried brute force. The ram-faced door did not budge. Then, he tried to strip the paint with his foul breath. Again, the door did not budge. Lastly, he tried to pry the hinges from the cave wall but, alas, the door was fixed to the mountain so firmly that the troll only hurt his shoulders trying to shake it loose. He was locked out. Grubgrack stormed into Ornn’s forge. “What trickery is this?” he shouted. His breath was so bad, the forge fire nearly flickered out.

“There is no trickery,” Ornn replied, stoking the flames back to life. “You told me to build a door that would keep your treasure safe from thieves forever, and I did. This door will stand longer than the mountain it is on. No one can break it. I made it just as you asked.”

“But I cannot get inside!” Grubgrack cried. “And I stole nothing from you!”

“Time is more valuable than gold,” Ornn said. “So you are a thief, and my work is as good as my word.”

Grubgrack tried for years to get back inside for his treasure, but the door never opened for him, and he could not even find the keyhole. With each attempt, the ram-headed door stared back at him, an eternal reminder of the time he cheated Ornn.

And if you listen carefully, up in the mountains, you can hear greedy old Grubgrack’s wails of anguish before any avalanche, even to this day.

The children are fast asleep, snuggled into each other around the fire. I carry them one by one to the orphans’ tent. Our tribe hasn’t much to share, but we are not the Winter’s Claw.

The last child is still awake by the fire. He lies on his side.

“Those stories aren’t real,” he says with the tiniest voice.

It’s the legless boy. We found him half-dead after our own village had been raided. We couldn’t leave him—I couldn’t leave him—so I wrapped his wounds in bandages, and carried him on my shoulders.

“I think they are made up. Or… changed to help us go to sleep.”

“A story is as real as we believe it is,” I tell him, as I settle down next to him.

“There is a god who is good, but he doesn’t care about us.”

I nod slowly. “I can see why you would think that, but it is not true. There is one more story I can tell you. It was the last story my grandmother told me before I blossomed into womanhood. She wanted me to be ready, for it is not like the others. But I think you have seen enough to be ready. What do you think?”

The boy nods. I draw him close to my chest and begin.

V: The Tragedy of the Hearthblood

Once, long before the splintering of the Freljord, Ornn had a legion of smiths who lived at the base of his mountain. They claimed to worship Ornn, but if you were to ask him, they were misguided, for he would say he had no followers. Still, it is true that they built themselves a little town and that it was filled with folk who wished to make the finest things in all the world.

There were thousands of them. They made tools. They made plows. They made carts and armor and saddles. They built furnaces and homes. They called themselves the Hearthblood, for they never felt the biting cold of the Freljord, and could tolerate the immense heat bubbling beneath their bare feet on the slopes of Hearth-Home. They became the finest craftspeople in the world, and their workmanship was surpassed in quality only by Ornn’s.

Occasionally, he would appraise their work. If he liked what one of the Hearthblood had wrought, he simply said “Passable.” This was a mighty compliment from Ornn, who had learned long ago to let good work speak for itself. Do you remember that tale?

Ornn never admitted that he admired the Hearthblood but, deep inside his chest, his volcanic heart churned with respect for the hardworking people. They did not kneel or offer him sacrificed flesh. They did not turn his words into scriptures and spread them across the land to people who did not want to hear them. Instead, they focused on their work in silence. They were imaginative, resourceful, and hardworking. These Hearthblood folks made Ornn smile, although nobody knew because they couldn’t see the smile underneath his beard.

One day, Volibear came to visit his brother Ornn.

This was no friendly stop, for Ornn and his brother were never friendly, nor had they ever visited one another before. The great bear was going to make war and needed weapons for his army. Ornn saw the army—fierce aberrations, men twisted into other shapes by their efforts to please Volibear. They were simple, and fierce, and quick to anger.

“Give them swords and axes,” Volibear demanded, with wicked intent. “Give them armor, and I will make it worth your while.”

“No,” said Ornn, for he wanted no part in Volibear’s warmongering.

“Fine,” said Volibear. “Have your followers do it instead. I do not care. Do this. I am your brother.”

This irked Ornn so much that his great horns flared with molten heat. “The people in the town below do not follow me. They build for themselves. They are quiet and work hard. That is all.”

But Volibear saw beneath his brother’s words to the fiery heart in his chest. For all his flaws, Volibear was very good at reading others.

“They are a reflection of your own image.”

Ornn’s horns grew red hot, and then white hot. “If I see you again, Volibear, I will beat you within an inch of your life,” he growled. If you had heard this threat, you would think it wise for Volibear to leave and never return.

But Volibear loved fighting, and he was not wise, so he took a piece of armor from the walls of Ornn’s forge.

“If you will not make me what I want, then I will take it.”

With that, Ornn charged at Volibear and smashed him with his horns. It was so powerful a blow, the summit of the mountain shook.

This was exactly what Volibear wanted. For centuries, he had grown jealous of the love the Hearthblood freely gave to his brother. It enraged the war-bear.


They fought for eight days. They fought so hard, the base of the mountain trembled. So fierce was their fighting that molten stone exploded from the peak of Hearth-Home. Lighting strikes barraged the mountainside, and geysers of flame gushed from the cliffs. The skies grew black and red. The blood of the world ran through the highlands as the ground shook. People all over the Freljord saw the results of the battle between Volibear and Ornn.

When the smoke cleared, the mountain had lost its peak. But worse, the Hearthblood were all dead, and their town was nothing but smoldering ruins and a fading memory.

For many centuries, the half-mountain once called Hearth-Home has stood silent. Every now and then, a plume of smoke rises from the crater where the peak once stood. Some say it is Ornn, lighting his furnace to keep the fires under the surface of the world from going out. Others say he is building a great weapon that he will one day unleash.

And there are others still, who believe Ornn was killed by Volibear, for he has not been seen in the Freljord since.

“And so, Ornn’s name and tales have been lost to time and written out of the histories. These few stories, passed on around our meals of roasted fish, are all that remain.”

“That is a sad tale, which means it is the truest,” the legless boy says, looking up at me. There is a tear in his eye. “What do you believe happened to Ornn?”

“I believe when the Great Builder returns,” I tell him, “it will be to remake the world.”

The boy laughs. “I would like to see that day.”

“Maybe you will. Do not weep for the Hearthblood. Weep instead for the stories lost to war and time, for once they were more numerous than the stars. Repeat these tales so our children’s children can still hear our ancestors’ voices, and stoke the fire of the forge in our hearts.”

In my own heart, I can feel my grandmother’s smile.

It warms me. I feel no cold beneath my bare feet.


No one knew who lit the fire, but we saw the plume of smoke from far away.

The Winter’s Claw had driven our tribe north, where the land was so harsh that even our warmother Olgavanna shivered through the first night. Our elnuk herd died on the second. At least we had food for the third.

But even that feast was a memory as we climbed the mountain with no peak. Legless Kriek called it “the Half-Mountain of Old Ornn.” Our shaman had lost his mind, but Olgavanna bade us carry the fool. He had convinced her that our survival lay at the source of that mysterious smoke. The rest of us believed we were marching to our doom.

The slopes of the half-mountain were a tortured landscape of black stone. We found the ruins of a forgotten city shown on no map—now just a maze of charred foundations. Kriek, perched atop Boarin’s shoulders, insisted it was once named Hearth-Home.

Dark clouds to the east flashed lightning and winds carried the stench of wet fur and sweet decay. Our scouts did not return. We all knew what this meant, but none of us wished to utter the word “Ursine” aloud.

We climbed until we stood at the edge of a vast crater. Then, Kriek saw the fire. This was odd, because Legless Kriek was also blind.

In the center of that basin was the source of the smoke venting into the sky. Olgavanna reasoned that at least the steep crater walls offered respite from the howling winds, and so we descended into what would likely be our grave. The smoldering terrain proved difficult to navigate, but any halt would mean to bow our heads and accept slaughter.

Then we saw the furnace. The domed structure was the only one that looked hand-made. It was crafted like the head of a great ram, with tufts of goat-grass in the spaces between the smooth flagstones. In the ram’s mouth was a flame so bright, we could find it with our eyes closed.

We huddled around it for warmth while Olgavanna laid out the plans for our last stand. It was better to die on our feet, than shivering and huddled in the cold. Most of us were farmers, builders, menders, and few were skilled in combat like the other tribes. We cared for our elderly, our sick, and our children. Now we were far from the aid of the Avarosans—but war craves only blood and bones.

We could only ever stand a chance against the Winter’s Claw. If the Ursine struck first, our defense would be terrifyingly short. That hideous legion of half-bear abominations would overwhelm us.

And soon enough, we heard their battle-growls growing louder, along with the clamor of their footsteps. We smelled their stench. Hundreds descended the cliffs, like shadows twisting down the basalt slopes. We fashioned spears from our stretchers, and sharpened our carving knives on the flint. We would minister the Rite of the Lamb to our elderly and wounded, and the rest of us would dance with the Wolf. It would all be over by morning.

No one saw who stoked the fire, but it grew so hot that we needed to back away. Then the furnace spoke, its voice like crackling logs.

“Volibear is near,” it said. “Seek shelter now.”

“There is no shelter to seek,” Olgavanna replied to the fire in the forge. We knew not in whose presence we stood. “Enemies are at our heels. The Ursine are flanking us.”

“The Ursine…” and the forge grew hotter at these words, “…will be stopped. The other problems are your own.” The goat-grass caught fire. The flagstones grew red hot around the edges, then toward their centers. Steam sizzled from the cracks.

Some shed their clothes to seek reprieve as the temperature rose. Others fainted. The next wave of blistering heat dropped us all to our knees, gasping for air. “I never thought I’d see the day!” cried Kriek, weeping tears of joy.

Stone began to drip like candlewax. Masonry flowed down the base of the structure. The domed top of the forge melted inward, pulling the rest of the outer shell into a molten pool.

A flash of orange light blinded us, briefly silhouetting a humanoid figure. Then, a geyser of flame spouted into the air, drops of molten rock hardened on the ground at our feet. Where the massive forge had stood, there was now a hulking beast, its form blurred by waves of heat. There it was, the forgotten legend Kriek always told us about—Old Ornn, as tall as three frost pines. The ancient forge-master cooled rapidly into fur and form, lava dribbling down his chin and hardening into a braided beard. His eyes were glaring embers. In one hand he carried a hammer, in the other he hefted an anvil with equal ease.

We gathered behind our warmother. Olgavanna gripped Fellswaig, her true-ice axe, and approached Ornn. “If the Ursine are your foes, we will fight by your side,” she said. Then, in a gesture unbecoming of an iceborn warmother, she bent the knee and laid her weapon at Ornn’s feet. Fellswaig’s true-ice melted, revealing an ordinary bronze and iron axe beneath.

I had never seen true-ice melt. No one had ever seen true-ice melt. We felt it wise to join Olgavanna in her kneeling.

Ornn grunted. “Stand up. Kneeling is death.” He looked to the gathering thunderstorm swirling overhead. “I will deal with the Ursine. Do not follow me.”

He lumbered toward the advancing horde, who charged forward with vicious speed. We could see his fire reflected in their large eyes. Boarin hoisted the old shaman higher onto his shoulders. “Old Ornn swinging his hammer, he pounds valleys from mountains,” the legless fool half-sung.

We watched in stunned silence as the creature stood alone against the Ursine. With a roar, he brought his hammer down onto the ground, and a fissure cracked toward the advancing army, stopping just short of their vanguard. Spouts of lava and sulfur jetted into the sky, hardened fire rained down on the half-bear warriors.

Whatever Old Ornn was, he fought with the hot blood of the earth.

Behind the Ursine, giant chunks of slag broke through the ground, cutting off their retreat. Ornn charged and smashed them with more swings of his hammer. Still, they attacked with the viciousness of ten berserkers each.

But we knew when Ornn reached their rearguard, for there was a deafening explosion—the slag wall shattered, and Ursine flew through the air in contorted arcs of burning flesh and fur.

The sky darkened with ash. Columns of smoke rose to clash with the menacing thunderclouds, and bolts of lightning lanced through the haze. The world grew eerily still as the Thousand-Pierced Bear itself took to the battlefield. We could see its telltale shape: spears, swords, tusks, all were stuck in its hide. Lightning followed in its wake.

And it laughed.

The answering blare of the horn shook our insides. Lava bled from the black cliffs, rivers of fire flowed down the slopes, rushing toward the valley basin, and formed a surging wave. Bolts of lightning stabbed back at the cliffs, to cauterize the wounds in the rock, and a thick, caustic fog blanketed the entire caldera. We saw only blue-white bolts and hellish crimson explosions filtered by the thick vapor. The heat from below the ground scorched the soles of our boots.

Then we saw that surging wave of flame form into a great stampeding ram. Ornn charged at the molten beast, catching the thing he had named as Volibear between his shoulder and the lava-ram.

The force of the explosion toppled us all. The legless shaman was thrown a hundred paces from Boarin’s shoulders, laughing the whole time.

We waited all night for the great cataclysm to overtake us, but it never came. We only heard the roars of the Thousand-Pierced Bear, and the gruff bellowing of the forge ram.

When the pall lifted in the late morning, we saw that the slopes around us were covered in chunks of hissing scree, and unnatural columns of crusted basalt rose at odd angles from the ground.

As we realized what stood before us, we recoiled in horror and awe. The Ursine were frozen in stone, their faces petrified masks of agony.

We did not see any sign of Ornn, nor Volibear. We had no time to look, either. The hunting horns of the Winter’s Claw announced their approach. We picked up our weapons and dug in our heels. What remained of our clothes were scorched tatters of cloth, but our skin no longer prickled with cold.

Olgavanna’s hair had been singed away, her muscular back branded with heat. Her once true-ice axe was bronze and iron, as naked as we were. She had never looked stronger.

Our blood boiled. Our stomachs growled. We were raw and blistered, bare and exposed. We smeared our chests with ash in the shape of a hammer, and ram horns upon our faces.

We sang and chanted in the memory of last night, with the words of mad old Kriek.

We knew who lit the fire. The Winter’s Claw would know, too.


Living Forge.png Living Forge [Passive]

Innate: Ornn's bonus health from all sources and resistances are increased by 10%. Whenever he upgrades a Mythic item, his bonus health and resistances are increased by 4%.

Ornn can spend gold to forge non-consumable items anywhere.

Additionally, when Ornn reaches level 13, he will upgrade any eligible items into masterwork items for himself. For each level after 14, Ornn can upgrade an item for an ally by going near them and clicking on them, max 1 per ally.

Ornn can smithy directly from his forge menu or shop.

Volcanic Rupture.png Volcanic Rupture [Q]
Cost: 45 Mana Cooldown: 9 / 8.5 / 8 / 7.5 / 7 seconds Range: 800 Area of Effect: 50

Active: Ornn slams the ground, creating a fissure which deals physical damage and slows by 40% for 2 seconds. A magma pillar then forms at the fissure's end for 4 seconds. Magic Damage: 20 / 45 / 70 / 95 / 120 (+110% total)
Bellows Breath.png Bellows Breath [W]
Cost: 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 Mana Cooldown: 12 / 11.5 / 11 / 10.5 / 10 Range: 500

Active: Ornn stomps forward, breathing fire and becoming unstoppable for 0.75 seconds. The fire deals magic damage.

Enemies hit by the final gout of flame become Brittle for 3 seconds. Ornn's basic attacks knock back Brittle targets. The next immobilizing effect against a Brittle enemy has its duration increased by 30% and deals magic damage.

Magic Damage: [+12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16% target's max]
Min Magic damage: 13.33 / 21.67 / 30 / 38.33 / 46.67
Brittle Damage: [+10 - 18% target's max]
Searing Charge.png Searing Charge [E]
Cost: 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 Mana Cooldown: 16 / 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 seconds Range: 800 Area of Effect: 350

Active: Ornn charges, dealing magic physical damage to enemies hit.

If Ornn rams into terrain, the resulting shockwave will knock up enemies for 1 second. The shockwave destroys magma pillars and terrain created by enemy champions.

Charge Damage: 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+40% bonus Armor) (+40% bonus Magic Resist)
Call of the Forge God.png Call of the Forge God [R]
Cost: 100 Mana Cooldown: 140 / 120 / 100 Range: 2500

Call of the Forge God2.png
Active: Ornn summons a massive lava elemental which stampedes toward him. Enemies run over by the elemental take magic damage, are slowed for 2 seconds and become Bellows Breath.png Brittle for 6 seconds.

Ornn can recast this ability to smash into the elemental to redirect and empower it. The empowered elemental knocks up the first enemy for 1 second, and all subsequent enemies by 0.5, deals magic damage, and applies Bellows Breath.png Brittle.

Initial Cast Slow: 10% + 40 / 60 / 80% based on distance traveled
Magic Damage: 125 / 175 / 225 (+20%)

Patch History[]

Patch 11.1 - January 8th Hotfix

Living Forge.png Passive - Living Forge

BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where Ornn's Syzygy's passive would have no cooldown

Patch 11.1
 Champion Base Stat Cleanup

We've cleaned up some champions' base stats over the years and are rounding out the remaining 99 champions.

BASE AD, ARMOR, MR, MANA : Rounded to the nearest 1

Call of the Forge God.png R - Call of the Forge God

BUGFIX : No longer goes on full cooldown if Ornn dies before the elemental ram appears

Patch 10.24


BUGFIX : No longer causes crashes when picked in Intro Co-Op vs. AI games

Patch 10.23
Masterworks now upgrade Mythics. Ornn now gains increased bonus health in addition to armor and magic resist. Bonus defenses now increase per Masterwork he creates.

We're tying Ornn's Masterwork system into the Mythic system, opening up build diversity for both him and his allies by ensuring everyone can get an upgrade no matter their build. We're also giving Ornn some smithy power now that he only gets to upgrade one of his own items.

Living Forge.png Passive - Living Forge

FORGEABLE ITEMS : [Curated List] All Mythic items
MASTERWORK UPGRADE VALUE : [Dependent on item] ~1000 gold
MASTERWORK LIMIT : [2 for Ornn, 1 for allies] 1 for Ornn and allies (since Ornn is still subject to the 1 Mythic limit)
STAT BONUS : [Ornn gains an additional 10% bonus armor and magic resistance] Ornn gains an additional 10% bonus health, armor, and magic resistance
CALLOUSED HANDS Ornn gains an additional 4% bonus health, armor, and magic resistance for each Mythic item he upgrades into a Masterwork

Patch 10.15
Base armor decreased.

Slightly taming the fire on this forger so that his enemies have more opportunities to trade back.

Base Stats

ARMOR : [36] 33

Patch 10.13
Passive health and mana items now retain previous health and mana percentages.

We’d like to make Ornn less of an easy blind pick in pro, so we’re knocking down his early item sustain to decrease his safety in lane.

Living Forge.png Passive - Living Forge

BACK TO BASICS : [Health and mana items built in the field provide 100% of health and mana values] Health and mana items built in the field retain its previous health and mana percentage (returning to base still brings health and mana items back to full)

Patch 10.5
Passive empowered damage decreased; item auto-upgrade level increased; ally item upgrade available later.

We're lowering his damage a bit and reverting a prior buff that we had originally put in to ram him back into pro play. the ram's now a little too aggressive and butting heads way too often.

Living Forge.png Passive - living Forge

BRITTLE PROC DaMaGE : [12-20.5]
10-18% target's maximum health (level 1-18)
MaSTERWORK ITEM aUTO-UPGRaDE : [Level 12] Level 13
aLLY MaSTERWORK UPGRaDE aVaILaBILITY : [Levels 13, 14, 15, 16]
Levels 14, 15, 16, 17

Patch 9.19
Free Masterwork upgrades happen earlier.

Making Ornn's unique attributes happen earlier in the game.

Living Forge.png Passive - Living Forge

MASTERWORK UPGRADE : Masterworks upgrade for free when Ornn reaches level [13] 12

Patch 9.13
Q damage ratio increased.

Helping Ornn battle more in lane.

Volcanic Rupture.png Q - Volcanic Rupture

RATIO : [1.0] 1.1 attack damage

Patch 9.8
Living Forge's Forgefire Cape, Frozen Fist, and Infernal Mask base stats increased.

We want Ornn to be stronger, but in a way that's unique to him. As such, we're bulking up the items that come out of his passive to strengthen him late-game.

Living Forge.png Passive - Living Forge

FORGEFIRE CAPE : Health increased from [625] and armor increased from [60]
[750] [100]
FROZEN FIST : Armor increased from [95] 125
FORGEFIRE CAPE : Health increased from [550] and magic resist increased from [90]
[750] [100]

Patch 9.6
W cooldown decreased. Recommended items updated. Ornn can no longer accidentally cancel E and R dashes by upgrading ally items. Q no longer expires if Ornn is mid-dash.

Before his update at the beginning of the year, Ornn was mostly just a lane bully. Now, he's somewhat the opposite: weaker early but powerful late. Given the current level of importance early game strength has relative to late, the surly sheep has room for a buff and some quality of life changes that'll make him feel more satisfying throughout his matches.

Recommended Items

LOOK AT MY WARES : Now lists all Living Forge upgrades
BUILD THIS : Recommended items updated to be better

Living Forge.png Passive - Living Forge

BUGFIX : Ornn players can no longer upgrade ally items mid-dash during Searing Charge and Call of the Forge God, canceling the dash

Volcanic Rupture.png Q - Volcanic Rupture

JUST A LITTLE LONGER : If a pillar is about to expire when Ornn casts Searing Charge, it now lasts until Ornn's dash completes. For real this time.

Bellows Breath.png W - Bellows Breath

COOLDOWN : [12] 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds

Patch 9.2
Health and armor increased.

When we took a mechanics pass on Ornn last patch, our intent was that he'd be slightly stronger overall. This isn't the case—in particular, players are struggling in lane without Bellows Breath's shield so we're giving him some more baseline tankiness.

Base Stats

HEALTH : [565.64] 590
ARMOR : [33.04] 36

Patch 9.1
Base durability increased. Ornn's items upgrade at level 13 (2 max); he can upgrade one ally's item per level at level 14+. More upgrades added. Q cost, damage, slow decreased. W doesn't shield but makes Ornn unstoppable. R slow, knockup decreased.

While Ornn doesn't have as lengthy a track record of competitive problems as Kalista, he's similarly shown much stronger results in pro play. He has no losing matchups when strong, making him a safe choice in any comp, and his ult locks enemies down from a distance so allies can clean up the kill without Ornn actually having to do his job as a tank. We're reducing these strengths and investing that power into Ornn's passive. Switching to a free upgrade system gives Ornn a unique ability to jump-start the item scaling for both himself and his team: Rather than delaying progress toward full builds, upgrading an item is now pure upside.

Base Stats

HEALTH REGEN GROWTH : [0.142] 0.18

Living Forge.png Passive - Living Forge

CALLOUSED HANDS Ornn now gains 10% additional armor and magic resist from items
TRADE KNOWLEDGE At level 13, any upgradable item Ornn owns or purchases for the rest of the game is upgraded for free (Ornn can have up to two upgraded items)
BENEFACTOR At each level from 14 onward, Ornn can upgrade one of his ally's upgradable items by getting within 600 range of them and clicking on them (allies can only have one upgraded item)
PURCHASE ORDER Ornn and his allies can no longer pay to upgrade their items
ITEMS Ornn can upgrade new items! Bonuses listed below:
ARMOR : [65] 95
MANA : [500] 700
LETHALITY : [18] 25
ATTACK SPEED : [25%] 40%
ABILITY POWER : [90] 120
MANA : [600] 850

Volcanic Rupture.png Q - Volcanic Rupture

COST : [55] 45 mana
BASE DAMAGE : [20/50/80/110/140]
SLOW : [40/45/50/55/60%]
40% at all ranks

Bellows Breath.png W - Bellows Breath

SHIELD No longer shields Ornn for 80/125/170/215/260 (+0.4 bonus armor)(+0.4 bonus magic resist)
UNSTOPPABLE Ornn is now unstoppable during W
COOLDOWN : [17/15/13/11/9 seconds]
12 seconds
DURATION : [[1] second (ticks every [0.2] seconds )]
[0.75] seconds (ticks every [0.15] seconds)
SELF-SLOW : [50%] 35%
12%-20.5% target's maximum health (levels 1-18)

Searing Charge.png E - Searing Charge

COST : [50 at all ranks] 35/40/45/50/55
JUST A LITTLE LONGER If a Q pillar is about to expire when Ornn casts E, it now lasts until Ornn's dash completes

Call of the Forge God.png R - Call of the Forge God

FIRST CAST SLOW : [40/60/80%]
10% scaling up to 40/60/80% based on distance traveled
SECOND CAST KNOCKUP : [1.5 seconds on all enemies hit]
1 second on the first enemy hit, 0.5 seconds on enemies hit past the first

Base health regen decreased. W size decreased.

Base stats

BASE HEALTH REGEN : [9] 7 health per 5 seconds

Bellows Breath.png W - Bellows Breath

FLAME WIDTH : [225] 175
FLAME LENGTh : [550] 500

W shield duration increased, cooldown decreased at early ranks, damage increased early and decreased late. Brittle duration decreased. E now deals more damage on average but cannot double-hit.

Ornn has best-in-class dueling, so much so that he's not just one of the top tanks, but that he intrudes on what should be the strength of top lane fighters. Tanks aren't typically bad at dueling, but their cooldown gating and burstier damage outputs tend to give fighters clear chances to fight them and win. Ornn's windows of weakness are too short, whether that's the cooldown on W or the duration of the Brittle debuff. Even when he is fought outside of those windows, the damage from Searing Charge is too much for many champions to handle. In general,

Bellows Breath.png W - Bellows Breath

COOLDOWN : [13/12/11/10/9]
17/15/13/11/9 seconds
DAMAGE : [10/12/14/16/18%]
12/13/14/15/16% target's maximum health
SHIELD DURATION : [2.5] 3.5 seconds
BRITTLE DURATION : [6] 3 seconds

Searing Charge.png E - Searing Charge

BASE DAMAGE : [30/50/70/90/110]
DAMAGE RATIO : [30%] 40% bonus armor/magic resist
SHOCKWAVE DAMAGE No longer deals an additional 50/90/130/170/210 (+30% bonus armor) (+30% bonus magic resist) when colliding with terrain
OVERALL DAMAGE : [80/140/200/260/320]
OVERALL DAMAGE RATIO : [60%] 40% bonus armor/magic resist

Ornn is no longer unstoppable during W. R cooldown increased.

The usual counterplay to champions who stand still (or in Ornn's case, move slowly) while they churn out sustained damage is to displace them. Being unstoppable during Bellow's Breath just doesn't leave players with much gameplay against him. His ultimate cooldown also isn't leaving enemy teams with good windows to be aggressive, so we're tuning it up.

Bellows Breath.png W - Bellows Breath

UNSTOPPABLE Ornn is no longer Unstoppable during this ability

Call of the Forge God.png R - Call of the Forge God

COOLDOWN : [130/100/70]
140/120/100 seconds

W damage reduced, cooldown increased.

With Sunfire Cape buffs on the way (see below), Ornn's Bellows are going to be a bit too stoked—especially since he's already on the strong side—so we're dialing back his innate damage.

Bellows Breath.png W - Bellows Breath

PERCENT HEALTH DAMAGE : [12/14/16/18/20%]
10/12/14/16/18% target's maximum health
COOLDOWN : [12/11/10/9/8]
13/12/11/10/9 seconds


BASE ARMOR : [24.04] 33

W deals max health damage instead of current health. E more reliably hits terrain. R reactivation no longer has a cast time.

Ornn’s come a long way since his release a few patches back, and while we’re not looking to make massive power shifts today, we do want to address a few things that feel off about the guy. Shifting Bellows Breath from current to max health damage will make finishing off low-health opponents less of a Sisyphean challenge. Additionally, we’re addressing weird cases where Searing Charge narrowly missed terrain despite looking like a solid hit, as well as making Call of the Forge God significantly smoother when Ornn redirects his ram buddy with a good old-fashioned Freljordian kiss.

Bellows Breath.png W - Bellows Breath

DAMAGE : [15/17.5/20/22.5/25% target's current]
12/14/16/18/20% target's maximum health

Searing Charge.png E - Searing Charge

TERRAIN COLLISION RANGE : Ornn’s hitbox plus [100] 150 additional range

Call of the Forge God.png R - Call of the Forge God

REACTIVATION CAST TIME Headbutting the giant ram no longer has an 0.35 second cast time

Mana increased. Q and E mana costs decreased.

Ornn’s mana costs were tuned upwards on release to compensate for his ability to purchase items in lane, but it looks like we were too aggressive.

Base stats

BASE MANA : [300] 340

Volcanic Rupture.png Q - Volcanic Rupture

COST : [55/60/65/70/75]
55 at all ranks

Searing Charge.png E - Searing Charge

COST : [60] 50 mana

General changes

WINDOW SHOPPING : Ornn’s recommended items have been adjusted
SMART BUY : Ornn’s mini-shop UI now prioritizes health regen over attack damage when choosing which items to display


While we often see players take some time to learn a new character, Ornn is below even those metrics. We're taking efforts to make his basic abilities feel a bit more smooth and consistent, which should make him easier to learn.

WINDOW SHOPPING : Ornn's Living Forge mini-shop UI now correctly updates when you purchase items
READY TO BLOW : Volcanic Rupture's pillar spawn time has been decreased to [1.25] 1.125 seconds
WALLED-IN : Volcanic Rupture's pillar now displaces champions who are standing on top of it when it spawns
WALL-TO-WALL : Volcanic Rupture now attempts to spawn its pillar outside of a wall if it is slightly in a wall, otherwise it destroys itself.
FIRED UP : Bellows Breath's length has been increased to [500] 550, and flares out slightly at the end
FLAME ON : Orrn's movement speed reduction from Bellows Breath has been reduced from [65%] 50%
EXCUSE ME : Searing Charge no longer knocks back opponents Ornn charges through


BUGFIX : Mitigated a lag issue caused by Ornn's mini-shop UI updating after he purchased an item outside his base. Until 7.18, the UI will only show basic items and won't update as Ornn makes purchases.
BONUS BUGFIX : This also solves an issue where the mini-shop UI told Ornn to buy things way too expensive for him to afford.


Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain, will be released during patch 7.17! In the meantime, learn more about League’s next champion here:

Skin Splash Classic Ornn.jpg
Skin Splash Thunder Lord Ornn.jpg
Thunder Lord

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