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Oracle Lens
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Summons a Sweeper Drone that escorts you for the next 10 seconds (90 - 60 (average level of all champs) seconds cooldown). The drone has a 750-unit detection radius.
Additional Information
Map AvailabilitySR
Total Cost: 0 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 0 Goldcurrency.png


  • The Drone summoned by Oracle Lens sweeps the surrounding area, detecting all units within its detection radius regardless of terrain and brush.
    • Unseen units, as well as visible traps and wards will be displayed as a red silhouette. This does not render them targetable.
    • Stealthed traps and wards are revealed. Wards are also disabled.
  • Oracle Lens uses a edge range.


  • Before patch V8.8, this item was named Oracle Alteration and required a level 9 to purchase.
  • Used to be
    Sweeping Lens
    's upgraded version before its removal.
  • Oracle Lens shares a very similar name to an old deleted trinket called
    Oracle's Lens

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]


Control Ward inventory cap reduced. Trinkets scale with average level of all champs in the game instead of owner's level. Warding Totem ward duration decreased late.

Right now, the vision game overwhelmingly favors the team that's ahead. They have the most freedom to place wards and the most gold to put into vision denial via Control Wards. While helping ahead teams close games out is one of our preseason goals, vision does so in an incredibly slow, safe manner that reduces action. With a ton of other preseason changes designed to help decided games end faster, we're pulling back on how high the winning team's vision advantage can climb.

Control Ward


Trinket Scaling

SCALING : [Level of their owner] Average level of all champs

Warding Totem

WARD DURATION : [90-180 seconds (owner lv 1-18)]
90-120 seconds (game avg lv 1-18)

Sweeping Lens removed. Oracle Alteration now available at level 1. Swapping trinkets now retains the same percentage cooldown as the previous one.

The decision-making surrounding trinket swaps is currently a bit more complicated than it needs to be. By making swaps more consistent and decreasing the number of potential swaps, we're hoping to make the gains from those swaps more clear.
Sweeping Lens

SOLD OUT : Sweeping Lens is no longer available in the store

Oracle Alteration

NAME : [Oracle Alteration] Oracle Lens
COOLDOWN : [76 - 60] 90 - 60
RANGE : [660 / 690 / 720 / 750] 750

Trinket Swap Rules

SAME COOLDOWN : Swapping from one trinket to another now retains the same percentage cooldown as the previous one, rather than resetting to a 120 second cooldown

Items that reveal traps no longer disable them.

Sweeping Lens

HOW LAZY : No longer disables traps (still reveals them!)
CARRY-OVER : Also affects Oracle’s Alteration

Control Ward

HOW LAZY : No longer disables traps (still reveals them!)

Duskblade of Draktharr

HOW LAZY : Duskblade’s Blackout passive no longer disables traps (still reveals them, and still disables wards!)
BUGFIX : Champion clones (ex. Wukong’s W - Decoy) no longer instantly gains the Blackout passive when spawned

Find hidden Cho'Gaths easier.

This will have very little impact when it comes to sweeping wards, but it should be more fun to 'tag' fatty champions hiding in the brush

Sweeping Lens

SCAN DETECTION : [Center to center] Center to edge
SCAN EQUALITY : Also affects Oracle's Alteration


ALTERED LENS At level 9, you can alter your Sweeping Lens into an Oracle's Lens. Once altered, Oracle's Lens instead constantly sweeps the area around your champion for 10 seconds. :
FALSE SIGHT? No longer grants true sight
SIZE : Increased by about 50%