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Open Tour Benelux 2021
Summer Qualifiers
Open Tour Benelux 2021
Tournament Information
FormatCircuit Points
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
Start Date2021-06-12
End Date2021-07-04
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The Open Tour Benelux 2021 ("OTBLX") is the second year of the Benelux's Open Tour circuit. It serves as a second division to the Benelux region and is comprised of two splits during which teams face off in a group stage setting before advancing to a bracket stage. In the summer qualifiers, teams fight in four tournaments in order to gain points.



  • 4 Online qualifiers
  • Teams gain points from their placements in said qualifiers.
  • Top 8 teams with the most points advance to the Group Stage.

Circuit Points[]

Open Tour Benelux 2021 Summer Qualifiers
SeedTeamQualifier 1Qualifier 2Qualifier 3Qualifier 4Total
1Labradoodle 9logo stdLabradoodle 91,3803205007001600
2Bastards Esportslogo stdBastards Esports4005001005001500
3Team THRLL Academylogo stdTHRLL Academy7007001400
4ZennITlogo stdZennIT7004001100
5Logo stdMOUCHE GAMING3002004001001000
6Starlan Gaming Club Academylogo stdSGC Academy100300300200900
7KRC Genk Esports Talent Teamlogo stdGENK Talent Team200200300700
7KV Mechelen Esports Academylogo stdKVM Esports Academy200200100200700
9Echo Zulu Domme Jongenslogo stdEZ Domme Jongens500100600
9Dutch Community Teamlogo stdDutch Community Team200100200100600
9PSV Esports Academylogo stdPSV Academy200100200100600
12Phoenix Risinglogo stdPhoenix Rising200100100100500
12Tributelogo stdTribute100100200100500
14Dynasty Academylogo stdDynasty Academy100100100100400
15Rocket Core Esportslogo stdRocket Core100200300
16Connecting Esportslogo stdConnecting Esports200200
16Hyperstormlogo stdHyperstorm100100200
16PXP Esportslogo stdPXP Esports100100200
16Logo stdZlators kittens200200
20MCon esports Rotterdam Academylogo stdmCon Rotterdam Acad.260100160
21Logo stdFoxFire100100
21Glorious Gaminglogo stdGlorious Gaming100100
21Silver Wolveslogo stdSilver Wolves100100
21Team 7AM Academylogo stdTeam 7AM Academy100100
21Logo stdTeam Weakside Top100100
Point Distribution
Place Points
1 700
2 500
3 400
4 300
5-8 200
9-16 100
1 Prior to Qualifier 3, Ion Squad Academy carried out 2 roster swaps, losing 20% of their previously earned points.
2 Prior to Qualifier 3, mCon esports Rotterdam Academy carried out 3 roster swaps, losing 40% of their previously earned points.
3 Prior to Qualifier 4, Ion Squad Academy left their organisation, renaming to Labradoodle 9.



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