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Circuit Points[]

Open Tour Benelux 2020
SeedTeamStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Total
1Obnoxious Gaminglogo stdObnoxious Gaming501000100010003050
2Epsilon Esportslogo stdEpsilon Esports111000100010003000
3Team THRLL Academylogo stdTHRLL Academy50250125250505001251350
4Absolute Legends Netherlandslogo stdAbsolute Legends NL1,2,4,101251255002501000
5Dynasty Academylogo stdDynasty Academy3502502505025050900
6Glorious Gaminglogo stdGlorious Gaming5050125125125250725
7Team Echo Zulu Tribelogo stdEcho Zulu Tribe125500625
8Domme Jongens Academylogo stdDomme Jongens Acad250250500
8Logo stdTeam Barkers6500125125500500
10Erasmus Esports Academylogo stdErasmus Academy1255012550125475
11Bastards Esportslogo stdBastards Esports5,121255050505025050300
12Join The Forcelogo stdJoin The Force501255050275
13Connecting Esports Mistlogo stdConnecting Esports Mist125125250
14Silver Wolveslogo stdSilver Wolves5012550225
14Association Esport de l'ULBlogo stdAeS ULB1255050225
16Obsidian Thieveslogo stdObsidian Thieves50505050200
17Dutch Community Teamlogo stdDutch Community Team12550175
17ZentaX Esportslogo stdZentaX Esports50125175
19Aethra Esports Goldlogo stdAethra Esports Gold8505050125505050150
19Brussels Guardians Academylogo stdBG Academy505050150
19New Creation Glitchlogo stdNew Creation Glitch9505050150
19Logo stdLiD - Paradigma505050150
23Team Grovelogo stdTeam Grove125125
24Team 7AM Academylogo stdTeam 7AM Academy72501252505050100
24Burger Esportslogo stdBurger Esports5050100
24Logo stdPotentiaL5050100
27Golden Tigers Beneluxlogo stdGolden Tigers Benelux5050
27MCon esports Rotterdam Academylogo stdmCon Rotterdam Acad.5050
27Logo stdApes5050
27Logo stdeggie7 fanclub5050
27Logo stdAmphasquad5050
27Logo stdtwitch.tv/towatchdaero52501251255050
27DSEA Orangelogo stdDSEA Orange5050
27Project Acelogo stdProject Ace5050
27Logo stdhidden op nonamers5050
27Logo stdFlex queue abusers5050
27Logo stdNCV Esports5050
27Logo stdZenon (Benelux Team)5050
Point Distribution
Place Points
1 1000
2 500
3-4 250
5-8 125
9-16 50
1 Prior to Step 3, Absolute Legends Netherlands lost more than 3 of their previous players, losing their 1000 points from Step 1 and their 125 points from Step 2.
2 Absolute Legends Netherlands acquired the roster of Timeout Esports Academy and inherited their previously earned and points prior to Step 3.
3 Team Flux were acquired by Dynasty Academy prior to Step 3.[1]
4 Roster of Connecting Esports LYVT left their organisation to form Team Black prior to Step 4.
5 Due to changing more than 3 players on their rosters, twitch.tv/towatchdaero and Vanguard Esports lost all points earned prior to Step 4.
6 Tundra Gaming renamed to Team Barkers prior to Step 4 but lost their points due to not retaining 3 of their previous players.
7 Due to joining the Belgian League, Team 7AM were removed from the tournament prior to Step 4.
8 Aethra Esports Gold lost all points earned prior to Step 5 due to not retaining 3 of their previous players.
9 Ampersand 8 rebranded to New Creation Glitch.
10 Absolute Legends Netherlands acquired Team Black roster's and points prior to Step 6, losing their previously earned points in the process.[2]
11 Epsilon Esports acquired Les Fils De Bonvalet prior to Step 6.
12 Vanguard Esports merged with Bastards Esports prior to Step 6, not retaining their previously earned points due to changing more than 3 players of their previous roster.