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Item was removed in Patch 9.23.
UNIQUE - Point Runner: Builds up to 20% bonus movement speed over 2 seconds while near turrets, fallen turrets and Void Gates.
UNIQUE: Targets an enemy turret to prevent it from attacking for 3 seconds (120 seconds cooldown). This effect cannot be used against the same tower more than once every 8 seconds.


150% Base Health Regen


Additional Information
Map AvailabilitySR, NB
ItemSquareRaptor Cloak.png + ItemSquareKindlegem.png + 950 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 2650 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 1855 Goldcurrency.png


  • Ohmwrecker resets a turret's ramping up damage when disabling it with its active effect.
  • If there are 2 turrets in range, as there are with Nexus Turrets in Summoners' Rift, both turrets are disabled.
  • Ohmwrecker cannot be used against the Nexus Obelisk.


  • Ohmwrecker is named after a League of Legends player, Ohmwrecker (aka the Masked Gamer), as a reward for gaining over 1000 referrals. Up until it closed in June 2012, Ohmwrecker served as the Editor-in-Chief of Voodoo Extreme, a popular gaming site that covered League of Legends extensively when most other sites disregarded it as an insignificant free-to-play game.
    • Ohmwrecker (the Masked Gamer) was also recognized as a winner in the "Minnows to Sharks" program that Riot ran shortly after League of Legends launched. He provided consultation to Riot's executive management that helped lead to the Summoner Showcase and Tribunal. He also served for a short time as an original Test Realm tester. Ohmwrecker now focuses on building his Youtube channel as a partner of the Polaris Network, formerly known as The Game Station.
  • Ohmwrecker is phonetically similar to "homewrecker", in reference to its effect. Incidentally, an 'ohm' is a unit of electrical resistance, and so the name may also be understood as "resistance wrecker"
  • Pentakill, Riot Games' heavy metal band, features Ohmwrecker's namesake in its Smite and Ignite album as the title of its instrumental third track. True to the spirit of Ohmwrecker, the track features dark, aggressive tones and an upset rhythm scheme.

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]

Patch 9.23

Ohmwrecker's been underused and underpowered for a long time. Turret disabling is an interesting mechanic we think could have a place in League, but not one that potentially shows up in every team's toolkit, which is the risk a good version of Ohmwrecker presents.

WHAT'S IN A NAME : The Penetrating Bullets passive on turrets has been renamed to Ohmwrecker


Price point and armor down

BUILD PATH : Rejuvenation Bead + [Chain Vest + 250 gold] Cloth Armor + 450 gold
TOTAL COST : [1200] 900 gold
ARMOR : [40] 30


COMBINE COST : [650] 950 gold
TOTAL COST : 2650 gold (unchanged)

Zz'rot Portal

COMBINE COST : [780] 1080 gold
TOTAL COST : 2700 gold (unchanged)

it's your old pal, ohmwrecker

TOTAL cost : [2600 gold] 2650 gold
BUILD path : Raptor Cloak + Kindlegem + 650 gold
STILL IN THE GAME : Still exists



  • [NEW] UNIQUE PASSIVE : Point Runner - You now gain the movement speed while near fallen turrets


Ohmwrecker's undergone its seasonal rework. This time it gives health, base health regeneration, cooldown reduction, the previously highlighted Point Runner passive (build up +30% movement speed when near any turret, alive or dead), and the Ohmwrecker turret disabling active.

"Fourth time's the charm. Similar to Banner of Command, Ohmwrecker's always kind of had a known identity, but we could never find the right statistical combination to make it work (or when we did we got really scared, as it ran the risk of Ohmwrecker becoming ohm-erpowered). With such an influx of strategically-oriented items, however, we think it's time for Ohmwrecker to shine (at least occasionally). Combine that Point Runner passive with Ohmwrecker's turret timeout active, and you've got a hard-initiate turret-diving item that'll be perfect for the aspirational tank in all of us. "
  • RECIPE : Ruby Crystal + Blasting Wand + 740 gold Raptor's Cloak + Kindlegem + 750 gold
  • TOTAL COST : 2000 gold 2600 gold
  • HEALTH : 350 300
  • [NEW] HEALTH REGENERATION : +100% base health regeneration
  • [NEW] UNIQUE PASSIVE : Point Runner - Builds up to +30% Movement Speed over 2 seconds while near turrets
  • TURRET TIMEOUT : Prevents nearby enemy turrets from attacking for 2.5 seconds 3 seconds
  • I THINK WE WANTED A ROUND NUMBER : Multiple Ohmwreckers cannot be used on the same turret for 7.5 seconds 8 seconds


  • Recipe: Ruby Crystal + Blasting Wand + 665 Gold (Total 2000 Gold)
  • +350 Health
  • +50 Ability Power
  • UNIQUE Active: Prevents nearby enemy turrets from attacking for 2.5 seconds (120 second cooldown). This effect cannot be used against the same turret more than once every 7.5 seconds.


v1.0.0.152 Ohmwrecker added

  • +350 Health
  • +300 Mana
  • +55 Armor
  • Unique Active: Prevents the closest enemy tower from attacking for 2.5 seconds (120 second cooldown). This effect cannot be used against the same tower more than once every 7.5 seconds.
  • Cost: 2,850 (930)
  • Builds form Catalyst the Protector and Chain Vest