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General Information
TitleThe Eternal Nightmare
Release DateMarch 15, 2011
Cost4800 BE 880 RP

655 (+ 109)

7 (+ 0.75)

275 (+ 35)

7 (+ 0.45)


62 (+ 3.1)

0.721 (+ 2.7%)


38 (+ 4.7)

32 (+ 1.55)
Developer Info
DDragon KeyNocturne
Integer Key56
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Nocturne is a champion in League of Legends.


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A demonic amalgamation drawn from the nightmares that haunt every sentient mind, the thing known as Nocturne has become a primordial force of pure terror. It is liquidly chaotic in aspect, a faceless shadow with cold eyes and armed with wicked-looking blades. After freeing itself from the spirit realm, Nocturne now continually descends upon the waking world, to feed on the kind of fear that can only thrive in true darkness.

While all magic can be dangerous and unpredictable, there are some forms or disciplines that even the most skilled mages and sorcerers will shun, and with good reason. For centuries, the practice of “shadow magic” was all but forbidden across Runeterra, for fear of reawakening the horrors it once unleashed upon the world. The greatest of those horrors has a name, and its name is Nocturne.

Towards the end of the Rune Wars, desperate for victory, cabals of warrior-mages sought any advantage they could find over their foes. Although no record names the first of them to cast off their flesh and enter the spirit realm, it is known that they came to stalk one another not only on the battlefield, but in landscapes shaped by their own subconscious thoughts and emotions. Unconstrained by the laws of physical reality, they fought in ways that more mundane minds could scarcely comprehend, even conjuring subtle, etheric assassins to do their bidding. Shadow mages seemed particularly skilled at such things—and so it was, for a time, that they came to dominate the spirit realm, casting it into twilight.

The thoughts of mortals everywhere were touched by this darkness. It sapped their morale and infected their dreams, with nameless fears hounding them day and night, driving some to commit ever more horrendous acts against their own kin.

No one can say for certain whether all this suffering created Nocturne from nothing, or if it merely corrupted a lesser assassin-construct into something more willful and deadly, but the shadowy creature that resulted was one of insubstantial form and fathomless dread. Nocturne understood nothing of kindness, honor, or nobility—it was terror made manifest, with none of the restraint necessary to control itself.

This demonic creature howled within the spirit realm, and set upon those foolish, errant mages who had given it life, thrashing in desperation for an end to its own suffering. It was in pain, and that pain made it cruel, but it quickly acquired a taste for mortal fear. Time has little meaning in that other place, but Nocturne dragged out each and every pursuit for as long as possible, savoring the prey’s anguish before cutting their life’s silvery thread in an instant. Soon enough, there were none left who dared to enter Nocturne’s domain.

Would the outcome of the Rune Wars have been different if the demon had not played its part beyond the veil? It is difficult to say for certain, but afterwards, what little remained of the lore of shadow magic was hidden away, and its practice carried the sentence of death in many lands.

Trapped in the spirit realm, and with precious few intruders to sustain it, Nocturne began to starve. The only thing close to the delectable feasts of fear it had once tasted was when mortal minds unknowingly drifted through the ether in the hours of sleep. Drawn on currents of magic to where the two realms divide—and where peaceful dreams can easily become night terrors—Nocturne found a way to manifest itself into the waking world.

Existing now as a shade, eyes burning with cold light, Nocturne has become a sinister reflection of the most primal fears of the many peoples of Runeterra. From the bustling cities to the desolate plains, from the mightiest king to the lowliest peasant, the demon is drawn to any weakness of spirit it can twist into mortal terror, and everlasting darkness.

"The darkness is closing in..."

- NocturneSquare.pngNocturne


“Tell me another story.”

“Now now, Abel,” Celwyn said, setting the storybook down on a table and drawing the blanket snug around his son’s shoulders. “That’s two stories already. Now it’s time for sleep.”

“But,” whispered the boy, pulling the covers up beneath his eyes, “what if the monsters get me?”

Celwyn smiled. He half chided himself for telling his son the tales, a collection of old Valoran fables replete with courageous heroes triumphing over evil sorcerers and monstrous beasts. They were from a storybook Celwyn’s own father had read to him when he was young—though maybe not as young as Abel.

The last story he had read, The Shadow Door, had been Celwyn’s favorite as a child, where a young squire wins the day against a foul king seeking to cloak the whole world in shadow. It had scared him silly, Celwyn remembered fondly. Perhaps he should have waited a little longer before reading it to his own son.

“That was just a story,” said Celwyn, sitting down lightly at the edge of Abel’s bed. “Even if you have a bad dream, those monsters from the story can never hurt you, alright? It’s all make-believe. They aren’t real.”

He leaned down to kiss Abel’s forehead, but the boy shrank back from him.

“What?” chuckled Celwyn. “Too old for a kiss?”

His chuckle died as Abel kept sinking into the bed.

A chill ran up Celwyn’s spine as his son sank lower and lower, as though a pit had opened up beneath the mattress. Abel cried out as the blanket wound tight around his body. It began to glisten, becoming slick and wet as it morphed into a red, spotted tongue.

Celwyn snapped free from the shock that had rooted him in place. He reached out for his son, struggling to get hold of Abel and pull him out.

But the tongue only wound tighter, sliding deeper down.

The edges of the bed splintered with a sharp crack. Jagged spars of wood rose, turning sharp and yellow as they calcified into fangs. The entire frame was transforming into a gigantic, hideous maw, poised to devour Celwyn’s son whole.

“Abel!” he cried, staggering as he began to retch. Coils of dark mist feathered from his nose and lips, rising to swirl above the changing bed like a gathering storm.

The maw flexed, yawning wide as it released a deafening, blood-curdling scream. It was neither the roar of a great predator nor the howl of a beast gathering its kin for the hunt. It sounded to Celwyn like a birthing cry… almost as if it were in agony.

“Papa!” Abel screamed, before he vanished from sight.

The jaws snapped shut.

Celwyn bolted upright, gasping, drawing in great lungfuls of air as he ran his hand down a face sheened in cold sweat. His eyes flitted around, seeing nothing in his lightless room. It was the middle of the night in Piltover, and the lamps of the city streets below were barely visible through the curtains of his window.

After a few moments, his heart stopped pounding, and his thoughts began to calm. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a nightmare, nor could he recall one as vivid and real as this one had been.

His mind went to his son. He should get out of bed, just for a quiet moment, to check on Abel. To see if he was—


Celwyn started at the sound of the voice. His eyes had slowly adjusted to the dark, enough to only now see the small shape of his son, standing at the foot of the bed.

“Abel?” Celwyn blinked. “Abel, what are you—”

“Why?” asked the boy.

Celwyn frowned. “What are you doing up? Are you alright?”

“Why did you have that dream, Papa?”

“What?” Celwyn asked, any trace of sleep gone from his mind.

“Why would you do it?” Abel said again, his voice taking on a pleading edge. Celwyn could only see the silhouette of his son’s face with the curtains drawn… but he didn’t remember drawing them. “Don’t you know that’s what feeds him?

Celwyn suddenly felt very cold. He looked up over Abel’s head, seeing the tall shadow that he cast over the wall.

A shadow that was not of his son.

Abel shivered, and his silhouette melded into the shadow on the wall. In a moment the image of the boy was gone, fading rapidly to nothing in the growing darkness. Celwyn reached out to him, and watched a thin tendril of dark mist sigh out through Abel’s lips, just as it had in his dream.

With a wet, burbling hiss, the shadow began to tear itself loose from the wall. Sheer terror seized Celwyn as he watched a creature emerge. It was like a living shadow, roughly human in form, its body tapering down beneath the torso like the tip of a blade. The monster rippled and wavered, as though Celwyn were viewing it beneath dark waters, with a pair of cold, staring eyes boring back into him, through to his very soul.

Adrenaline flooded Celwyn, the animal response of flight surging through every fiber of his being. But try as he might, no matter how his body demanded it, his mind betrayed him. He was paralyzed, incapable of being anything more than a witness to something he had believed only existed in old fables read by fathers to their sons.

A monster. One that was real.

The creature’s jaws parted a fraction, revealing long, crooked teeth. Then it spoke to him, somehow repeating Celwyn’s panicked thoughts back to him with his own voice.

“What are you?” it rasped. “Where did you come from?”

It surged closer, hovering over him. Drops of midnight fell from its form, bleeding away to nothing like ink in the ocean. The monster’s arms elongated, their ends twisting and flattening into broad, wicked blades that hooked over its claws.

Celwyn blanched, unable to look away from the nightmare creature as it bent down, bringing its horrifying visage directly level with his.

It whispered a single word to Celwyn, before it buried its blades in his heart. An answer to his questions, spoken softly with the voice of a drowning man sinking into the darkest depths.


Dawn came, ushering in the bustle and noise of the thriving merchant city. Sunlight bathed the metropolis, shining from every window, including that of Celwyn’s bedroom.

A voice came from the other side of the door, accompanied by the soft knock of a child’s tiny hand. “Papa?” The knob turned slowly, Abel cracking the door just enough for a peek. “It’s morning!”

The boy entered his father’s room, and the shadows withdrew as he opened the door wider. They slid back from the morning light, but somehow slower, more reluctantly than usual.

“Papa? Where are you?” called Abel, fear creeping into his voice as he looked around the room.

There was no sign of his father, or of anyone else in the gloom. And yet, the boy could not shake the idea that something, crowded into the darkest corner of the room, was watching him.

Abel coughed, not noticing the tiny wisp of mist that followed, before turning back toward the hall and closing the door behind him.


Umbra Blades.png Umbra Blades [Passive]

Innate: Every 14 seconds, Nocturne's next attack strikes surrounding enemies for 120% of his physical damage and heals himself.

Nocturne's basic attacks reduce this cooldown by 1 second, increased to 3 against monsters and champions.

Heal per Target: 13 - 30 (based on level) (+30%)
Duskbringer.png Duskbringer [Q]
Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 Mana Cooldown: 8 seconds Range: 1200

Active: Nocturne throws a shadow blade that deals physical damage and leaves Dusk Trail for 5 seconds. Enemy champions hit also leave a Dusk Trail.

While on the trail, Nocturne can move through units and gains Movement Speed and Attack Damage.

Physical Damage: 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+85% bonus)
Bonus Movement Speed: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35%
Bonus Attack Damage: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60
Shroud of Darkness.png Shroud of Darkness [W]
Cost: 50 Mana Cooldown: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 seconds

Passive: Nocturne gains Attack Speed.
Active: Nocturne creates a magic barrier for 1.5 seconds, which blocks the next enemy ability.

If an ability is blocked by the shield, Nocturne's passive Attack Speed doubles for 5 seconds.

Bonus Attack Speed: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50%
Unspeakable Horror.png Unspeakable Horror [E]
Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 Mana Cooldown: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 seconds Range: 425

Passive: Nocturne gains 335 bonus Movement Speed towards terrified enemies.
Active: Nocturne plants a nightmare into his target's mind, dealing magic damage over 2 seconds. If Nocturne stays within range of the target for the full duration, the target becomes terrified.
Magic Damage: 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+100%)
Fear Duration: 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25 second(s)
Paranoia.png Paranoia [R]
Cost: 100 Mana Cooldown: 140 / 115 / 90 seconds Range: 2500 / 3250 / 4000 Area of Effect: Global

Active: Nocturne reduces the sight radius of all enemy champions and removes their ally vision for 6 seconds.

Whiel Paranoia is active, Nocturne can launch himself at an enemy champion, dealing physical damage.

Physical Damage: 150 / 275 / 400 (+120% bonus)

Patch History[]

Patch 10.16

Passive cooldown increased; enemy champions and monsters on-hit cooldown refund increased.

Nocturne is chopping down mid laners at an alarming rate in Average play. Trimming his pushing and sustain power, while letting him be at a similar power level in the jungle.

Umbra Blades.png Passive - Umbra Blades

COOLDOWN : [10] 14 seconds
ON-HIT COOLDOWN REFUND : Basic attacks against enemy champions and monsters reduce Umbra Blades' cooldown by [2] 3 seconds

Patch 10.13
Bugfix on Umbra Blades cooldown. Passive now always procs against monsters.

Midturne, Topturne, Laneturne are all outpacing Junglturne in terms of effectiveness by a decent margin. We’re giving Nocturne more tools to clear out his camps quicker and hopefully bring his roles closer in power.


BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where Umbra Blades' cooldown would always refund 1 second, instead of 1 or 2 seconds based on the target.

Umbra Blades.png Passive - Umbra Blades

DOUBLE TROUBLE Basic attacks against enemy champions and monsters reduce Umbra Blades’ cooldown by 2 seconds

Patch 10.6
Base health regen and magic resist growth decreased.

Midturne Has Gone From Meme To Nightmare And Quite Frankly, There's Enough Spook With Fiddle In Town. We’Re Cutting Out Some Of Nocturne's General Power, Focusing On Letting His Opponents Attrition Him Out Of Lane And Controlling His Scale Potential Before Going Full On Darkness.

Base Stats

HEALTH REGEN : [8.5] 7

Patch 9.16
Base armor increased. W bonus attack speed increased.

Nocturne has been overshadowed by other junglers as a competitively viable option, so we're buffing him.

Base Stats
Rounded out some stats!

ARMOR : [36] 38
HEALTH : [582.8] 585
MANA : [273.8] 275
MANA REGEN : [6.756] 7

Shroud of Darkness.png W - Shroud of Darkness

BONUS ATTACK SPEED : [20/25/30/35/40%]


R DAMAGE RATIO : [1.5] 1.2 bonus attack damage


ATTACK DAMAGE : [67.21] 65

Bonus attack damage while on Q trail increased.

The Duskblade changes hit Nocturne harder than we expected, so we're giving him some more damage.

Duskbringer.png Q - Duskbringer


R base damage increased at later ranks. R damage ratio increased.

Paranoia.png R - Paranoia

BASE DAMAGE : [150/250/350]
RATIO : [1.2] 1.5 bonus attack damage

Passive healing increased. Passive cooldown refresh on champion hit increased. Q missile speed increased.

Nocturne may need some deeper-level changes in the future, but for now, some feel-good buffs should help him out given how weak he is at the moment.

Umbra Blades.png Passive - Umbra Blades

BASE HEALING : [10/18/26 (at levels 11/7/13)]
15-40 (at levels 1-18)
COOLDOWN REFRESH : [1] 2 seconds per hit on champion

Duskbringer.png Q - Duskbringer

MISSILE SPEED : [1400] 1600

Shroud of Darkness.png W - Shroud of Darkness

DAARRKNNEESSS : If Shroud of Darkness is active when Nocturne re-casts Paranoia to dash to a target, it'll stay active until Nocturne reaches his target

Paranoia.png R - Paranoia



BASE ARMOR : [26.88] 36

Duskbringer.png Q - Duskbringer

BASE DAMAGE : [60/105/150/195/240]


Unspeakable Horror.png E - Unspeakable Horror

NOT UNSEEABLE HORROR Added indicator (visible to Nocturne only) to show tether range

Paranoia.png R - Paranoia

BRACE FOR IMPACT Added pre and on-hit animations which sync with Paranoia’s damage


It was pretty hard to see Shroud of Darkness on a few of Nocturne’s skins. We’re switching them to use his base skin's VFX to keep things clear.

Shroud of Darkness.png W - Shroud of Darkness

SHADOW CLARITY : Void Nocturne and Frozen Nocturne now use the base skin’s particle for their spell shields

E terrify duration increased.

Nocturne is League’s spookiest diver, slicing up opponents as they flee in literal terror. He’s currently seeing a bit less success than we’d like, particularly in the early-to-mid-game skirmishes he’s meant to thrive in. Upping the payoff on Unspeakable Horror will give the Eternal Nightmare a bit more time to prey upon his victims.

Unspeakable Horror.png E - Unspeakable Horror

TERRIFY DURATION : [1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds] 1.25/1.5/1.75/2/2.25 seconds

Passive has an AP ratio.

We know what you’re thinking, but let’s explain. There are an abundance of things in the game that give ability power incidentally (Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Baron Buff etc), making a number of champions sad when they can’t utilize it. Giving Nocturne an ever so slight ratio should make him feel better when these cases arise.

Umbra Blades.png Passive - Umbra Blades

RATIO Now additionally scales with 0.15 ability power per hit


With worlds just around the corner and teams getting better at the ever-evolving vision game, we figured there’s no better time to introduce a little darkness into the mix. Nocturne’s pretty compelling for the average jungler looking to climb, but for the professional scene struggles to break through due to the predictability of his ganks. Reverting our restriction on how far he can rocket forth and murder-torpedo your backline should give teams at all levels of play more reason to embrace the darkness.

Shout-outs to those who say we never revert anything. This one’s for y’all.

Paranoia.png R - Paranoia

RANGE : [2000/2750/3500] 2500/3250/4000

E's base damage up.

"While Nocturne's not in the worst spot as far as living nightmares go, his early-game's a little softer than we'd like considering how reliant he is on the post-6 paranoia pressure he puts on lanes. Mixing in a tad more spookiness to Unspeakable Horror's damage output should up his effectiveness when murdering frightened Teemos."
  • Unspeakable Horror.png R - Unspeakable Horror
    • DAMAGE : 50/100/150/200/250 80/120/160/200/260
    • FEAR FACTOR : Speed bonus towards scared targets now correctly works with allied fears (such as Hecarim's Onslaught of Shadows and Shaco's Jack-In-The-Box)

Mass Texture Rebalance (Part 10)

"With this last bundle of champions, the "Mass" part of our Texture Rebalancing has been completed. That doesn't mean we'll never update a texture again - we'll continue to do so as opportunities arise - but this is the end of seeing these as a major patch note item. Thank you everyone for your continued feedback!"
"For those interested in final numbers, these ten installments have rebalanced around 311 skins across 62 champions over 7 months (we started back in patch 4.17)!"
  • LuxSquare.pngLux
    • Base, Commando, Imperial, Sorceress, Spellthief, Steel Legion
  • NocturneSquare.pngNocturne
    • Ravager (update to a previous rebalance)
  • PoppySquare.pngPoppy
    • Base, Battle Regalia, Blacksmith, Lollipoppy, Noxus, Ragdoll, Scarlet Hammer
  • ShacoSquare.pngShaco
    • Base, Asylum, Nutcracko, Mad Hatter, Roya, Workshop
    • Base Jack-In-The-Boxes have also been updated for all skins that use them
  • ShyvanaSquare.pngShyvana
    • Base, Boneclaw, Darkflame, Ironscale
  • TeemoSquare.pngTeemo
    • Base, Astronaut, Badger, Cottontail, Happy Elf, Panda, Recon, Super
    • Base mushrooms (for all skins that use them) and custom mushrooms for Astronaut, Panda and Super skins have also been updated

R cooldown down.

"For a champion that's not too far off the mark, the biggest pain point for Nocturne players is lacking enough opportunities to impact a game before it's too late, so we've cut the cooldown to give him just that. Don't worry Noc - we got your darkness right here. "
  • Paranoia.png R - Paranoia
    • COOLDOWN : 180/140/100 seconds 150/125/100 seconds

We're going to copy paste the patch note into the summary: Nocturne now gains massively increased movement speed when moving toward feared targets. This works with other fears!

"Waaaaaay back in 4.3 (That's February! Hi Vel'Koz!), we changed fear mechanics across the board to make the affected unit move away from you instead of in random directions. Unlike other champions, however, Nocturne has lacked a way to really capitalize on the consistency of his newer fear. So we're fixing that. Also, this means any of Nocturne's spooky friends (Shaco, Fiddlesticks, Hecarim, Lollipoppy) can set him up for some sweet ganks.
Because he's a nightmare.
A living nightmare."
  • Unspeakable Horror.png E - Unspeakable Horror
    • [NEW] PASSIVE - ALSO WORKS WITH OTHER FEARS! : Nocturne now gains massively increased movement speed when moving toward feared targets


  • UnspeakableHorror.jpg E - Unspeakable Horror
    • UTILITY: Affected units run around in fear ⇒ Affected units now run away from Nocturne with impaired movement speed


  • Duskbringer
    • Fixed a bug where the trail bonus was applying inconsistently


  • Fixed a bug where NocturneSquare.pngNocturne wouldn't automatically chase his target after using Paranoia


  • Base Movement Speed increased by 25.


  • Shroud of Darkness shield duration reduced to 1.5 seconds from 2
  • Paranoia cooldown increased at earlier ranks to 180 / 140 / 100 seconds from 160 / 130 / 100
  • Updated Umbra Blades tooltip


  • Umbra Blades healing amount per target hit adjusted to 10 / 18 / 26 from 15 / 20 / 25


  • Fixed a bug with the Ravager skin where Unspeakable Horror was not visually applying the fear tether


  • Umbra Blades now has a passive cooldown timer like ZiggsSquare.pngZiggs and ShenSquare.pngShen


  • Unspeakable Horror
    • Cast range reduced to 425 from 500
    • Tether range reduced to 465 from 525


  • Unspeakable Horror leash range reduced to 525 from 550


  • Paranoia
    • Nocturne will now attempt to attack the target after using Paranoia
    • No longer grants assists for limiting enemy vision


  • Added a minimap range indicators for long range (non-global) spells such as NocturneSquare.pngNocturne's Paranoia and AsheSquare.pngAshe's Hawkshot


  • Duskbringer damage reduced to 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 from 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260
  • Paranoia
    • Damage reduced to 150 / 250 / 350 from 150 / 300 / 450
    • Fixed a bug where it caused a hitch the first time it was used


  • Fixed a bug where Paranoia would follow targets over variable amounts of distance depending on spell rank


  • Duskbringer attack damage bonus reduced to 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 from 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60
  • Unspeakable Horror
    • Cast range reduced to 475 from 500 and leash range reduced to 550 from 600
    • Fixed a bug where breaking the leash near the end would still trigger the fear
    • Fixed a bug where adding a spell shield like Banshee's Veil while Unspeakable Horror was on you would block the fear effect
  • Paranoia range reduced to 2,000 / 2,750 / 3,500 from 2,500 / 3,250 / 4,000


  • Shroud of Darkness shield is now brighter and easier to see.

NocturneSquare.pngNocturne released


  • 2018

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