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A screenshot of a spectator stream overlay showing champions' items. The leftmost slot is for trinkets only.

Here we will go over some of the more common items in League of Legends, particularly those that have activatable effects. You can see the icons of the items that a champion has in the spectator overlay, but those don't mean much if you don't know what to look for. Fortunately, in streams of professional games, the champions will always be in the same order top-to-bottom: Top, then Jungle, then Mid, then Bot, then Support.

The items that a champion builds are collectively called that champion's itemization or simply item build. The verb form meaning to choose what items to buy is to itemize.

Each champion has six item slots. In almost all cases, each item takes up its own item slot, but there are some exceptions for consumable items of the same type being able to all occupy the same item slot. The set of item slots, and the items that occupy them, are known as the champion's inventory.

Build Paths[]

It was discussed briefly here, but there are different tiers of items. Basic Items are bought in one piece from the shop. They can then be combined together (with an additional price for the combination) into Advanced Items and finally Finished Items. That price for the combination is sometimes known as a recipe, and the tree of items that are combined together to make a higher-tier item is known as a build path. Build paths are all unique. It is possible to buy Advanced or Finished items all at once; the components do not need to be purchased individually.

If following the links in this section, please note that not all of those items are available on Summoner's Rift; other game modes have some items that are unique to them.

It is recommended to follow links to the items listed on this page to see build paths and figure out what basic tier items give what stats.


If you watch any amount of competitive League of Legends, you will hear a lot about wards. It is only possible to buy
Control Ward
although different kind of wards are available through trinkets.

The number of wards that a champion can have on the map is limited to three green wards (aka Stealth Wards aka Sight Wards) and one red ward (aka Control Ward) at a time. See more on red wards vs. green wards here.

There is another class of item called a Trinket. Each champion has the ability to have exactly one trinket at a time, which is separate from the six normal item slots, and trinkets can perform different vision-related tasks. See more about trinkets here.

Types of trinkets:

Read more about wards here, and read more about vision here.

Consumable Items[]

Some items can only be used once and are then removed from the inventory upon consumption. These types of items are generally referred to as consumable items. Others have charges, or "stacks", that can be consumed and then regenerated via different mechanics.

Common items in each role[]

Common toplane items[]

Common tank items:

Common bruiser (damage) items:

  • Death's Dance
    -- Good for heavily aggressive playstyles, it prevents its owner from taking too much damage and enables it to sustain through long fights.

  • Guardian Angel
    -- More defensive, it permits its user to revive after losing all of his health while granting some AD.

  • Ravenous Hydra
    -- Mainly use to clear waves of minion while getting massive amounts of AD as it grants its owner splashing attacks in a circle around his main target.

  • Sterak's Gage
    -- A great hybrid item, it grants its user health and AD to better survive fights.

  • The Black Cleaver
    -- An anti-tank item, this item cleaves the armor of opponents to a certain degree and permit its user and allies to better shred through them.

  • Titanic Hydra
    -- This item is the more tanky counterpart of Ravenous Hydra, granting less AD and instead more health.

  • Trinity Force
    -- With a ton of different stats, it is a very versatile item that is used on several champions.

  • Youmuu's Ghostblade
    -- Less common, this item is built on heavily damage reliant champions that require lethality.

Currently, most top laners usually build tank items although damage top laners can be picked to counter tanks in certain team compositions

Common jungler items[]

Usually, every jungler builds one of the three following items:

  • Skirmisher's Sabre
    -- Ability to smite champions to mark them - they do less damage to you and you do more to them. Gives bonus damage and lifesteal against monsters. Gives bonus mana regeneration while in jungle.

  • Stalker's Blade
    -- Ability to smite champions to deal true damage and apply a slow. Gives bonus damage and lifesteal against monsters. Gives bonus mana regeneration while in jungle.

The three smite enhancing items can also be enchanted:

  • Enchantment - Cinderhulk
    -- Health, Bonus Health based on the owner's maximum health. Deals AoE damage around the owner when in combat (bonus damage to monsters).

  • Enchantment - Bloodrazor
    -- Attack Speed. Basic attacks deal 4% of the target's maximum health as bonus damage.

  • Enchantment - Runic Echoes
    -- Ability Power, Movement Speed. Gain charges upon moving and casting spells, when reaching full charges, next spell expends all charges and deals bonus magic damage to up to 4 nearby enemies. Restores mana on monsters.

  • Enchantment - Warrior
    -- Attack Damage, Cooldown Reduction

As the role of "jungler" encompasses a wide variety of champions with different playstyles and goals, jungler item builds can vary significantly. Some will build similar to toplane tanks (usually after building Cinderhulk), some will build like mages (after going Runic Echoes), and some will build like AD assassins or bruisers (after a Bloodrazor or Warrior enchantment). Check out other sections for common builds to see.

Common midlane items[]

If the champion deals primarily Magic Damage:

  • Archangel's Staff
    Seraph's Embrace
    -- Used on champions that spam spells, this item grants mana, ability power, and a shield active.

  • Banshee's Veil
    -- A defensive option, it grants its user a spell shield, magic resistance, and ability power.

  • Hextech GLP-800
    -- The least used of the Hextech line, it grants its user massive close range slows and synergizes with Glacial Augment.

  • Hextech Gunblade
    -- Used on assassins, it grants an instant burst of damage and a single target slow in addition to attack damage, lifesteal, and ability power.

  • Hextech Protobelt-01
    -- Good for engaging, it lets its user the ability to dash over a short distance while also giving health and ability power.

  • Liandry's Torment
    -- Good on Damage over Time (DoT) spell users, it grants ability power, health, and the ability to deal more and more damage the longer you are in a fight.

  • Lich Bane
    -- Useful for users that utilize both spells and basic attacks, it grants the user ability power and the ability to deal more damage with attacks after using a spell.

  • Luden's Echo
    -- A go-to item for mid laners, it grants mana regeneration, ability power, and strong splashing spells.

  • Morellonomicon
    -- Granting the ability to reduce heals on enemies, it is good against certain champions like
    . It also grants magic penetration, ability power, and health.

  • Rabadon's Deathcap
    -- A raw massive amount of ability power, it increases the ability power received from all other items as well.

  • Rod of Ages
    -- A tanky option, it grants scaling health, mana, and ability power over time. If stacked fully, it is one of the most cost efficient items in the game.

  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter
    -- A more tanky approach, it grants its user ability power and health while also giving all their spells the ability to slow opponents.

  • Spellbinder
    -- An item of raw ability power, Spellbinder synergizes with spell heavy champions like

  • Twin Shadows
    -- Situational, it sends two ghosts that slows the first enemy hit. It is good to create picks and grants bonus movement speed and ability power.

  • Void Staff
    -- Raw power, it grants ability power and magic penetration.

  • Zhonya's Hourglass
    -- Good against physical damage champions, it grants its user the ability to enter stasis and be untargetable for a few seconds. It also grants ability power and armor.

If the champion deals primarily Physical Damage:

  • Duskblade of Draktharr
    -- An assassin item, it grants its owner bonus damage and lethality. It is used to deal massive amount of damage against low health targets and carries.

  • Lord Dominik's Regards
    Mortal Reminder
    -- Useful against tanks, it grants percentage armor penetration and help its user to better shred through front line while also negating the resistances of carry champions.

  • Manamune
    -- Situational item, it is good on champions that utilize a lot of spells as it increases mana up to a certain amount and grants bonus damage based on total mana.

  • Maw of Malmortius
    -- A more defensive option, it grants its user a good way of countering magical damage while dealing more physical damage.

  • Youmuu's Ghostblade
    -- This item is good for engaging and chasing enemy units while killing them rapidly thanks to the attack damage and lethality included into it.

Common botlane items[]

Common marksmen items:

  • Blade of the Ruined King
    -- Grants attack damage, attack speed, lifesteal, and helps shred through high health tanks.

  • Essence Reaver
    -- Grants its user mana regeneration, attack damage, and reduced cooldown upon using its ult for a few seconds.

  • Guinsoo's Rageblade
    -- Grants attack speed, attack damage, ability power, and double its user's attacks after 6 consecutive attacks in a short time span.

  • Infinity Edge
    -- Gives attack damage and double its user's critical chance.

  • Lord Dominik's Regards
    Mortal Reminder
    -- Grants attack damage and armor penetration. Additionally, Mortal Reminder reduces enemy's health regeneration at the expense of stats.

  • Mercurial Scimitar
    -- Situational item that is mostly bought at the very end of a game in order to cleanse crowd control.

  • Phantom Dancer
    -- Grants attack speed, critical strike chance, and helps its user to duel against close range enemy champion as it reduces targeted enemy's damage on its user.

  • Rapid Firecannon
    -- Grants attack speed, critical strike chance, and gives its user bonus range every few attacks.

  • Runaan's Hurricane
    -- Grants attack speed, critical strike chance, and grants its user the ability to attack up to 3 targets at once (at a reduced damage).

  • Statikk Shiv
    -- Grants attack speed, critical strike chance, and grants its user the ability to send shock waves through nearby enemies, damaging them each, each few attacks.

  • Stormrazor
    -- Built by the majority of marksmen as first item, it allows its user to get a guaranteed crit every few seconds out of combat. It also grants attack damage and attack speed.

  • The Bloodthirster
    -- Grants lifesteal and attack damage. Additionally, if the lifesteal makes the user exceed their total health, they instead grant an overheal shield.

  • Wit's End
    -- Grants attack speed and magic resistance, stacking after a few attacks.

  • Youmuu's Ghostblade
    -- Grants movement speed, lethality, and attack damage.

Common Support Items[]

Common unanimous support items:

If the champion revolves around magic (often ranged):

  • Ardent Censer
    -- Grants mana regeneration and the ability to empower allies when using shields and heals, giving them more damage and making them attack faster.

  • Athene's Unholy Grail
    -- More niche, it allows shield users to gain mana regeneration, magic resistance, and the ability to heal allies when shielding them.

  • Mikael's Crucible
    -- Situational, it allows its user to remove CC effects from a targeted ally.

  • Redemption
    -- One of the most common support items, Redemption allow its user to heal its entire team after a few seconds.

  • Shurelya's Reverie
    -- Situational, this item is used on engage champions that utilize Ability Power.

If the champion revolves around tanking (often melee):

  • Knight's Vow
    -- Used by health heavy supports, it allows them to redirect a portion of the damage their vowed ally receive to themselves.

  • Locket of the Iron Solari
    -- Permits its user to grant a team-wide shield. It is especially useful in late game due to its scaling with health.

  • Zeke's Convergence
    -- One of the most used items, it grants your targeted ally more damage when you use your ultimate.

Boots Items[]

Movement Speed is an important stat in League of Legends, and boots are the most efficient way to improve it. So pretty much every champion will buy boots at some point.

All Boot Options: