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Background Information
NameWang Chi-Te (王繼德)
Country of Birth
BirthdayMay 28, 1989 (age 31)
Prev Residencies
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Yoe Flash Wolveslogo std.pngFlash Wolves
Aug 2014 - Oct 2015
Garena Teamlogo std.pngGarena
Jan 2016 - Present
Tencent Gameslogo std.pngTencent Games

Chi-Te "MrRemember" Wang is an eSports Gaming Commentator currently employed by Tencent.


Chi-Te Wang "Remember" was a LMS caster in Taiwan. With a sharp tongue, he speaks quickly and clearly while shoutcasting during complex team fights. The community in Taiwan calls him the caster with the "Mobility Mouth".

Remember has a BA in Finance from National Taiwan University, the top university in Taiwan. He has a decent job in the financial industry after he graduated. But with a passion in League of Legend’s e-Sports, he decided to quit his job and jump into the e-Sport industry, while most of people in Taiwan doesn't dare to make the same decision.

Before he went to military service, he managed an amateur LoL team with the famous LMS Mid lane player “Westdoor”,and won many amateur cups. However, he couldn’t find his place in a professional team when he come back from the military. As a last chance, he went up to the broadcast desk where he ended up continuing his eSport journey.

He then joined the Yoe Flash Wolves team as an analyst and did some commentary for Taiwan LoL e-Sports. He’s now a full-time caster/commentator for LoL e-Sports in Taiwan. He’s now one of the best casters in the region, not only because he can speak quickly, but clearly shoutcasts during the teamfights and supports new inexperienced commentator who’re on the panel with him. He also has a unique gift in engaging and entertaining the audience during the match. So even during a boring farming/laning phase, the audience still enjoys his interactions with them when he commentates.

After 2015, Remember switched the career over China and struggled in early months, but with his hard working and adopt to Chinese viewers' habit, he won the best rookie caster of LPL 2016.


  • Chi-Te sounds the same as “remember” in Chinese, hence the name “Remember”
  • Deep understanding of League of Legend gameplay, staying in Diamond tier from S2 to S4.
  • Due to his fast but clear shoutcasting style, the community calls him the “Mobility of Mouth”
  • Once he played Lee-Sin and did an epic fail of R-flash on his stream. The community gave the title “The Grandmaster R-flash” to him
  • He attended a twitch party and drank too much, throwing up on a girl while taking a picture. Hence the title “e-Sports Kog’maw”
  • He can remember almost all the skill names for each champion and use them when describing team fights, which has been a popular feature in his castings.
  • Promised to shave his head and eye brows if the Flash Wolves made it to the semi finals of IEM IX. Cosplayed as Lee Sin during the LMS finals, shaving his head and eyebrows in the process.


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