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Molten Edge
ItemSquareMolten Edge.png
UNIQUE: Increases Critical Strike Damage by 25%


Additional Information
LimitationsOnly available while
is on your team.
Limited to one Master Craftsman item.
Map AvailabilityALL
ItemSquareInfinity Edge.png
Total Cost: 3400 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 2380 Goldcurrency.png


  • This item is only obtainable if
    is on your team. Ornn can have up to two Master Craftsman items, but his allies are limited to one.
  • The damage conversion applies on the entire physical damage done by basic attacks or abilities when they critical strike, even if one part of the ability doesn't (e.g
    's Harsh Lesson.png Harsh Lesson) or doesn't increase in damage (e.g
    's Volley.png Volley).
    • The only magic damage that benefits from this is from
      Dead Man's Plate
    • On-hits do not benefit from this.
  • The true damage applies life steal, even if the damage is dealt through abilities.
    • Both life steal and spellvamp are applied fully.
  • Without damage modifiers, when critically striking enemy champions with a common basic attack, you deal 30% AD true damage (200% × 0.15) and 170% AD physical damage.
  • The true damage stacks multiplicatively with Rune Conqueror.png Conqueror, dealing 32% true damage on crits.


  • Infinity Edge shares its name with a set of Infinity Weapons from the game Lineage II, which are the strongest weapons available. Infinity Edge bears similarities to the Infinity Shaper.
  • As hinted in its lore, the Infinity Edge got its powers from the Oasis of the Dawn located in the Ancient Shuriman Capital, the once center of the vast Shuriman Empire. The Oasis is described as a pool with many magical properties.
  • Infinity Edge was in the old Summoner's Rift map, specifically in the shopkeeper's bag.
    • It is still hung on display in both shops.
  • Infinity Edge's icon looks somewhat similar to
    's sword. The blades have similar shapes and writing.


Molten Edge Old.png


Only the boldest of men and women dare take the risky trip to the hottest spot in Valoran, in the very center of the Shurima Desert. Those who successfully make the journey may bathe their swords in a magical pool of the purest water known to this world. Any edge dipped into this pool will stay sharper and strike truer than any other sword.

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]

Patch 9.3

Increases critical strike damage instead of partially converting crits to true damage. Grants Critical Strike chance

We're restoring Infinity Edge's synergy with itself to make it a more immediately gratifying pickup. Removing its true damage conversion means it no longer anti-synergizes with Last Whisper, while setting its crit damage bonus to 25% rather than the historic 50% lets us maintain our original goal of mitigating the late-game squishy melting marksmen used to achieve.

TOTAL COST : 3400 gold (unchanged)
BUILD PATH : B.F. Sword + Pickaxe + [1225 gold]
Cloak of Agility + 425 gold
CRIT CHANCE DOUBLER No longer doubles critical strike chance
CRIT DAMAGE INCREASE Now increases critical strike damage by 25%
TRUE DAMAGE CONVERSION No longer converts 10% of critical strike damage to true damage

Molten Edge

(Ornn's Masterwork upgrade)

ATTACK DAMAGE : [100] 110
EVERYTHING ELSE : Molten Edge inherits the rest of Infinity Edge's changes above with no differences

Patch 9.1

Undocumented change.

UPGRADE COST : Mastercraft upgrades can no longer be bought with gold and can only be obtained through

Total cost decreased. True damage decreased. Attack damage decreased.

Cheaper items (with fewer stats to compensate) should help marksmen reach a reasonable spike earlier.

TOTAL COST : [4600 gold] 4400 gold
ATTACK DAMAGE : [110] 100
TRUE CRIT TEXT “True Damage Critical Strikes” now display as a blue/white icon instead of the purple “Magic Damage Crit” icon


We'll be looking to make individual marksman changes in the coming patches, but we don't want to risk overbuffing them alongside item changes. To start, we're adding power to some core crit items before looking at individual champions too heavily.

Molten Edge

TOTAL COST : [4700] 4600 gold (Due to Infinity Edge Cost reduction)


Ornn's Masterwork upgrade. The cost and benefit of upgrading are both unchanged.

TOTAL COST : [4400 gold] 4700 gold (1000 gold upgrade cost unchanged)
ATTACK DAMAGE : [100] 110 (+30 upgrade benefit unchanged)
EVERYTHING ELSE : Go read Infinity Edge above.


  • Item Released