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This is an i18n module. Feel free to add translations! Please keep English first in the list, and the rest of the languages should be listed alphabetically by language code.

return {
	["en"] = {
		intro = '%s does not have a page with this exact title.',
		intro_players = "The ID '''%s''' can %s to one of the following players:",
		intro_teams = "'''%s''' can %s to one of the following teams:",
		intro_other = "'''%s''' can %s to one of the following:",
		also_refer = 'also refer',
		refer = 'refer',
		nowKnownAs = " (now known as '''%s''')",
		former = 'former ',
		sentenceTeam = '$REGION$ $LINK$, $DISBANDED$$COUNTRY$$END$.',
		disbanded = 'disbanded ',
		teamEndDefault = ' team',
		selfPagePlayer = '$LINK$, a page in the [[Help:Self|Self]] namespace.',
		player = 'player',
		personality = 'personality',
	["pt"] = {
		intro = '%s não tem uma página com este exato titulo.',
		intro_players = "O ID '''%s''' pode-se %s a um dos seguintes jogadores:",
		intro_teams = "'''%s''' pode-se %s a uma das seguintes equipas:",
		intro_other = "'''%s''' pode-se %s a um dos seguintes:",
		also_refer = 'também referir',
		refer = 'referir',
		sentencePlayer = '$RESIDENCY$ $LINK$, $NATIONALITY$ jogador, $FORMER$$ROLE$ $TEAM$$NOW_KNOWN_AS$.',
		nowKnownAs = " (agora conhecido como '''%s''')",
		former = 'antigo ',
		sentenceTeam = '$REGION$ $LINK$, $DISBANDED$$COUNTRY$$END$.',
		disbanded = 'dissolvida ',
		teamEndDefault = ' equipa',