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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:DataUtil/doc

local util_args = require("Module:ArgsUtil")
local util_sort = require("Module:SortUtil")
local util_table = require("Module:TableUtil")
local util_vars = require("Module:VarsUtil")

local h = {}

local p = {}

function p.removeUnusedColumns(COLUMNS, data)
	-- remove any columns from COLUMNS for which data is nil
	-- note that this means that if you want to show placeholder data, you need to
	-- break up data markup into two phases
	-- first to establish columns that should be present
	-- and second to add placeholder values to columns that are locally but not globally nil
	util_args.require(2, COLUMNS, data)
	local uncheckedColumns = util_table.arrayHash(COLUMNS)
	h.discoverNonExistingColumns(uncheckedColumns, data)
	h.removeNonExistingColumns(uncheckedColumns, COLUMNS)

function h.discoverNonExistingColumns(uncheckedColumns, data)
	for _, row in ipairs(data) do
		if not next(uncheckedColumns) then return end
		for col, _ in pairs(uncheckedColumns) do
			if row[col] then
				uncheckedColumns[col] = nil

function h.removeNonExistingColumns(uncheckedColumns, COLUMNS)
	local columnsToRemove = {}
	for col, index in pairs(uncheckedColumns) do
		columnsToRemove[#columnsToRemove+1] = { col = col, index = index }
	util_sort.tablesByKeys(columnsToRemove, 'index', false)
	-- columnsToRemove is now in order of decreasing key
	-- so it's safe to table.remove in order without updating any indices
	for _, row in ipairs(columnsToRemove) do
		table.remove(COLUMNS, row.index)

return p