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The Mastercard Nexus Tour 2022 awards Circuit Points throughout the 2022 Season which is used to determine playoffs participants at the end of the competitive season.

Circuit Points[]

Mastercard Nexus Tour 2022
SeedTeamEtape 1Etape 2Etape 3GA 2022Etape 5Etape 6Etape 7Total
1Logo std.pngInfamous SoloQ Players3008008001005002500
2ViV Esportlogo std.pngViV Esport1005003002253008002225
3Yellow Stripeslogo std.pngYellow Stripes500100200758001675
3Team Pique Sellogo std.pngPique Sel800300100751003001675
5Historia SGlogo std.pngHistoria SG600100700
6MS Companylogo std.pngMS Company100200375675
7Elyandra Esportlogo std.pngElyandra Esport500500
7Nevoslogo std.pngNevos500500
7Omerix Esportlogo std.pngOmerix200100200500
10Team Du Sudlogo std.pngTeam Du Sud100100100300
11Royalslogo std.pngRoyals10075100275
12MTP Esportlogo std.pngMTP Esport150100250
13Warthox Esportlogo std.pngWarthox200200
14Team Alkyalogo std.pngTeam Alkya100100
14Seaven Esportslogo std.pngSeaven Esports100100
14GalactiX Esportlogo std.pngGalactiX Esport100100
14Stelioslogo std.pngStelios100100
14Exelitis Esportlogo std.pngExelitis Esport100100
14FragBox Gaminglogo std.pngFragbox Gaming100100
20Logo std.pngGOLEM7575
Point Distribution
Place Points
1 800
2 500
3 300
4 200
5-8 100
Point Distribution - GA 2022
Place Points
1 600
2 375
3 225
4 150
5-8 75