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Created2020-09-28 (LoL)
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Macko Esports is an Italian team.


2021 Season[]

In March, the team placed 1st in PG Nationals playoffs. In April the team attended European Masters and almost achieved Top 8 after a Miracle Run where they went from 0-3 to tiebreaker, eventually falling in the last game to Mousesports.

In may, after a rough start the team bounced back with a very convincing 9-games win streak that allowed them to place 1st and get a very good seeding for playoffs. On 28th July the team won the semifinals against Outplayed and qualified once again for European Masters and for the upcoming Iberian Cup . On 7th August Macko won the Finals, once again against Outplayed, bringing the trophy back home. EUM wasn't a lucky experience: a very hard group and some mistakes resulted in a 0-6 at the end of the tournament.

2022 Season[]

On March 2nd, the team managed to get 1st place in the Regular Season with a stunning 12-2 record, getting access to the Winner Bracket of the Spring Playoffs. On March 8th, after a 3-1 victory against Atleta Esport they qualified for the upcoming EU Masters. 2 weeks later, on the rematch, the team lost the Finals with an unpredictable 0-3, getting placed to the EU Masters Play-In. An unfortunate European run for the Italian team saw them achieving only 3rd place in Group A with a 2-4 record, right behind Barça eSports and Entropiq, prematurely ending their Spring Split.

On July 20th, Macko achieved once again 1st place in the Regular Season in what has been considered the most exciting split in the history of PG Nationals. About a week later the team qualified for the 4th time in a row, with a one-sided 3-0 victory against Cyberground Gaming, to the EU Masters. On August 7th, Macko Esports won the Summer Playoffs Finals, becoming the first ever team to win 3 titles in the Italian championship. The journey in EU Masters though wasn't as good as the national one, with the team unfortunately falling short with a 1-5 record in the EUM Main Event. On November 4th, Macko ended the season with another trophy, winning its first Red Bull Factions.

2023 Season[]

On March 10th, the team got 1st place in the Regular Season for the 5th time in a row. They once again confirmed their league domination with a reverse-sweep victory against Outplayed qualifying for the brand-new EMEA Masters 2023. The European run was very successful: the team dominated groups with a 5-1 record, but ended up losing the Quarterfinals match against SK Gaming Prime.

On July 21st, Macko got 1st place (what a surprise) in the Regular Season, tying the record for the most wins in a single split (13-1). On August 5th, Macko Esports won its 5th Finals, in front of all their fans, in Milan. EMEA Masters was the perfect ending of the greatest split in the org's history: undefeated run in groups with 2 back-to-back victories against Karmine Corp, followed by an undefeated Quartefinals sweep against GTZ Esports, becoming the first ever Italian team to get to Top 8 twice in a row and the first ever Italian team to get Top 4. The dream of attending the Finals was then denied by Movistar Riders and the team ended the competition on a 9-3 record.

On November 4th, with a 3-0 against rival Dsyre Esports, Macko claimed its 7th title: the PG Nats Ultima Battaglia 2023 in front of the Lucca Comics & Games crowd.


  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • 2024
  • September 28, Macko Esportslogo stdMacko Esports merges with Racoon (Italian Team)logo stdRacoon.[1]
  • September 29, Korax (Esports Director & General Manager) joins.[2]
  • September 30, Rharesh (Strategic Coach) joins.[3]

Player Roster[]



ColorSebastian Czyżyk
Top Laner
Jan 20242024-01-23

LotussDušan Nedeljković
Jan 20242024-01-23

VigilMatteo Scarcelli
Mid Laner
May 20242024-05-20

DenVoksneNikolaj Asbjorn Meilby
Bot Laner
May 20242024-05-20

ClickVittorio Massolo
Oct 20212021-10-16


Players are shown for the entire duration of their tenure on the team, with the role and substitute/trainee status they had upon their departure.

PlayerNameRoleJoinedLeftNext Team

Nan0Gurjot Singh
Mid Laner
Jan 20242024-01-23May 20242024-05-20A One Man Armylogo stdAOMA

odi11Adrian Kruk
Bot Laner
Jan 20242024-01-23Apr 20242024-04-28None

VzzTeodor Cholakov
Bot Laner
Jan 20232023-01-21Jan 20242024-01-11Spinebusters E-Sportlogo stdSP

Six10Sixten Hull
Mid Laner
Jan 20232023-01-21Dec 20232023-12-14Team GOlogo stdGO

CboiCasper Bo Simonsen
May 20222022-05-31Dec 20232023-12-13FC Schalke 04 Esportslogo stdS04

ACDMarkus Käpp
Top Laner
May 20222022-05-31Dec 20232023-12-11UCAM Esportslogo stdUCAM

BliZarDNick Varoß
Jun 20232023-06-12Nov 20232023-11-08Team Du Sudlogo stdTDS

RhareshRiccardo Tata
Bot Laner
Oct 20212021-10-16Jan 20232023-01-21Macko Esportslogo stdMCK

TraitorRiccardo Cipollone
May 20222022-05-31Jan 20232023-01-21Earth Revolution Gaminglogo stdERG

HawHawAlexander Hegland Fedde
Mid Laner
Jan 20222022-01-11Dec 20222022-12-13Anorthosis Famagusta Esportslogo stdANO

GineFabrizio Ginestroni
Jan 20222022-01-11May 20222022-05-31DSYRElogo stdDSY

CohleMatteo Faoro
Jan 20222022-01-11May 20222022-05-31Webidoo Gaminglogo stdWBD

LairasSara Luzzi
Jan 20222022-01-11May 20222022-05-31Retiredlogo stdRetired

SofSofiane Saibi
Jan 20222022-01-11May 20222022-05-21MNM Gaminglogo stdMNM

KerberosKallon Ram
Top Laner
Jan 20222022-01-11May 20222022-05-19Dustylogo stdDY

StenBosseStass Skopin
Top Laner
Jan 20212021-01-09Jan 20222022-01-11ANc Outplayedlogo stdOP

SebekxSebastian Smejkal
Mid Laner
Oct 20212021-10-16Nov 20212021-11-20Zero Tenacitylogo stdZ10

CboiCasper Bo Simonsen
Jan 20212021-01-09Nov 20212021-11-08Bifrostlogo stdBFR

ClickVittorio Massolo
May 20212021-05-19Sep 20212021-09-27Macko Esportslogo stdMCK

BushyGustav Schwerdfeger
Bot Laner
May 20212021-05-22Sep 20212021-09-24Viperiologo stdVIP

SebekxSebastian Smejkal
Mid Laner
Jan 20212021-01-09Sep 20212021-09-21Macko Esportslogo stdMCK

Darkchri99Christian Devo
Jan 20212021-01-09May 20212021-05-20Samsung Morning Starslogo stdSMS

D3RK1NG155Jakob Gramm
Bot Laner
Jan 20212021-01-09May 20212021-05-01Ad hoc gaminglogo stdAHG

Player League Participation[]

Playoff games are NOT included, but regular-season tiebreaker games ARE.


StenBosseDropz Esportslogo stdSamsung Morning Starslogo stdSamsung Morning Starslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdANc Outplayedlogo stdANc Outplayedlogo std95
DarkchriIDomina eSportslogo stdRacoon (Italian Team)logo stdCampus Party Sparkslogo stdRacoon (Italian Team)logo stdMacko Esportslogo stdSamsung Morning Starslogo std84
CboiSamsung Morning Starslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo std83
SebekxSamsung Morning Starslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdDREN Esportslogo stdAtleta Esportlogo stdAtleta Esportlogo std83
BungMacko Esportslogo std13
ClickTeam Forgelogo stdQLASH Forgelogo stdMOBA ROGlogo stdSamsung Morning Starslogo stdSamsung Morning Starslogo stdMkerslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo std169
BushyMacko Esportslogo std14
RhareshIDomina eSportslogo stdIDomina eSportslogo stdRacoon (Italian Team)logo stdRacoon (Italian Team)logo stdRacoon (Italian Team)logo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo std98
HAWHAWMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo std28
KerberosMacko Esportslogo std14
SofMacko Esportslogo std14
ACDCampus Party Sparkslogo stdCampus Party Sparkslogo stdMkerslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo std84
Six10GGEsportslogo stdCyberground Gaminglogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo std56
VzzSamsung Morning Starslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo std41
LotussOutplayedlogo stdOutplayedlogo stdOutplayedlogo stdCyberground Gaminglogo stdANc Outplayedlogo stdWebidoo Gaminglogo stdMacko Esportslogo std98
Nan0Macko Esportslogo std17
Odi11Macko Esportslogo std17
ColorMacko Esportslogo std15


CboiMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdBifrostlogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo std50
SebekxIlluminar Gaminglogo stdIlluminar Gaminglogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdZero Tenacitylogo std37
StenBosseSamsung Morning Starslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo std20
BungMacko Esportslogo std8
DarkchriMacko Esportslogo std8
ClickSamsung Morning Starslogo stdMkerslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo std47
BushyENsurelogo stdMacko Esportslogo std9
ACDCampus Party Sparkslogo stdCampus Party Sparkslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo std33
HAWHAWMacko Esportslogo stdAnorthosis Famagusta Esportslogo stdAnorthosis Famagusta Esportslogo std18
RhareshMacko Esportslogo std6
VzzRandom 5logo stdEnergypot Wizardslogo stdSuppUp eSportslogo stdSAIM SE SuppUplogo stdZero Tenacitylogo stdMacko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo std53
Six10Macko Esportslogo stdMacko Esportslogo std21



C ID Name Position
Antonio Todisco Founder & CEO
Alessio Albanese Founder & COO
Adelmo Storlini Team Manager
Lilith Elenoire Scaletta Team Manager
Korax Andrea Planamente Esports Director & General Manager
Rharesh Riccardo Tata 80Head Coach
Jokah Lorenzo Lambertini 80Assistant Coach
Leo Argese Event & Technical Manager
Piergiorgio Marinelli Head of Media
Rossana Buonsante Copywriter & Social Media Manager
Katherina Todisco HR Specialist


C ID Name Position Next Team
Tash Natasha Hill-Tout 80Assistant Coach None
Zest Francesco Dell'Accio 80Performance Coach None
Yariet Michele Maneggia 80Head Analyst Dignitaslogo stdDignitas
Cristo Cristofaro Di Maggio 80Head Coach NOVO Esportslogo stdNOVO Esports
D2K Roman Lanskoy (Роман Ланской) 80Coach Bifrostlogo stdBifrost
Rharesh Riccardo Tata 80Strategic Coach Macko Esportslogo stdBot
Annibal Sergio Leoni 80Analyst Team Liquidlogo stdTeam Liquid


This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Macko Esports Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2024-07-051 LIT 2024 Summer
12 - 0Blanklogo stdRR
 Color,  Lotuss,  Vigil,  DenVoksne,  Click,  Rharesh,  Jokah
2024-04-17NQ EM 2024 Spring Play-In
0 : 2Geekay Esportslogo stdGK
 Color,  Lotuss,  Nan0,  odi11,  Click,  Rharesh,  Jokah
2024-03-292€3,000€3,000€3,000 LIT 2024 Spring Playoffs
2 : 3DSYRElogo stdDSY
 Color,  Lotuss,  Nan0,  odi11,  Click,  Rharesh,  Jokah
2024-03-084 LIT 2024 Spring
10 - 4Blanklogo stdRR
 Color,  Lotuss,  Nan0,  odi11,  Click,  Rharesh,  Jokah
2023-11-041 PG Nats Ultima Battaglia 2023
3 : 0DSYRElogo stdDSY
 ACD,  Cboi,  Six10,  Vzz,  Click,  Rharesh
2023-08-313 - 4€13,500€13,500€13,500 EM 2023 Summer Main Event
0 : 3Movistar Riderslogo stdMRS
 ACD,  Cboi,  Six10,  Vzz,  Click,  Rharesh,  Tash
2023-08-051€4,500€4,500€4,500 PG Nationals 2023 Summer Playoffs
3 : 1DSYRElogo stdDSY
 ACD,  Cboi,  Six10,  Vzz,  Click,  Rharesh,  Tash
2023-07-211 PG Nationals 2023 Summer
13 - 1Blanklogo stdRR
 ACD,  Cboi,  Six10,  Vzz,  Click,  Rharesh,  Tash
2023-04-185 - 8€8,000€8,000€8,000 EM 2023 Spring Main Event
0 : 3SK Gaming Primelogo stdSKP
 ACD,  Cboi,  Six10,  Vzz,  Click,  Rharesh,  Tash
2023-03-311 PG Nationals 2023 Spring Playoffs
3 : 2ANc Outplayedlogo stdOP
 ACD,  Cboi,  Six10,  Vzz,  Click,  Rharesh,  Tash
Total Prize: USD 0EUR 29,000




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