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The Luxembourg Tour 2022 ("LT") awards Championship Points throughout the 2022 Season which is used at the end of it to determine teams qualifying to the League of Legends Benelux Circuit finals.


  • The team that accumulate the most points across Spring and Summer qualifies to the League of Legends Benelux Circuit finals.
  • If two or more teams have the same number of points, the team with the most points obtained in the Summer Split receives the highest place.

Points Distribution[]

Place Spring Points Summer Points
1 105 140
2 75 100
3 60 80
4 45 60
5 30 40
6 15 20


1Rift Slothslogo std.pngRift Sloths10580185
2RelyOn Esportslogo std.pngRelyOn Esports4580125
3Evasion Esportslogo std.pngEvasion Esports6060120
41ST OR FFlogo std.png1ST OR FF100100
5Reapers (Luxembourgish Team)logo std.pngReapers4040
6Nocturnal E-Sportslogo std.pngNocturnal E-Sports152035
7Team Game Changerlogo std.pngTeam Game Changer3030
8Reunited Gaminglogo std.pngReunited Gaming1750
Note: Reunited Gaming merged with Rift Sloths following the Spring Split.