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Background Information
NameNguyễn Mạnh Linh
Country of Birth
TeamFredit BRIONlogo std.pngFredit BRION
Vietnam Esports TVlogo std.pngVietnam Esports TV
Favorite Champs
Team History
??? 2016 - Jun 2019
Vietnam Esports TVlogo std.pngVietnam Esports TV
??? 2018 - May 2019
Phong Vũ Buffalologo std.pngPhong Vũ Buffalo
Jun 2019 - Nov 2019
Dashing Buffalologo std.pngDashing Buffalo
Nov 2019 - Present
Vietnam Esports TVlogo std.pngVietnam Esports TV
Sep 2021 - Present
Fredit BRIONlogo std.pngFredit BRION

Nguyễn "Ling" Mạnh Linh is a League of Legends esports personality, currently caster for Fredit BRION and also part of Vietnam Esports TV. He is also known as Ling Cao Thủ.

There is a disambiguation page associated with the name Ling. One team shares this ID.



  • Known as Ling Cao Thủ (Master Ling) because he reached Master in solo queue (highest of all VETV casters at the time).
    • He is also sometimes called Ling Đại Cao Thủ (Grandmaster Ling) as he reached Grandmaster in Season 9.
    • He is also sometimes called Ling Kim Cương (Diamond Ling) as he reached Diamond in Season 10.
    • He is also sometimes called Ling Thần Y (God of Medicine Ling).
    • He is also sometimes called Ling Sư Vương (God-King Ling) as he played GarenSquare.pngGaren and he used skin Skin Circle God-King Garen.pngGod-King Garen at Flex Rank with VETV.
    • He is also sometimes called Ling Parody.
    • He is also sometimes called Ling Ném Xổ.
    • He is also sometimes called Ling Cao Tăng, Ling Count Tank because he promised to shave his head if GAM didn't beat FL in the finals of VCS 2020 Spring.

Casting History[]

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Casting History - Ling
DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ScoreVODsPBPColor
2022-08-14VCS 2022 SummerWeek 6GAM Esportslogo std.pngGAMCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)logo std.pngCES2 - 0Mạnh AnMạnh Linh
2022-08-13VCS 2022 SummerWeek 6Team Whaleslogo std.pngTWSBTC Esportslogo std.pngSE2 - 1Mạnh AnMạnh Linh
2022-08-12VCS 2022 SummerWeek 6CERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)logo std.pngCESAS Esportslogo std.pngASE2 - 0Hoàng LuânMạnh Linh
2022-08-11VCS 2022 SummerWeek 6Team Secret (Vietnamese Team)logo std.pngTSTeam Whaleslogo std.pngTW2 - 1An Ám ẢnkLing
2022-08-07VCS 2022 SummerWeek 5Team Whaleslogo std.pngTWGenius Esportslogo std.pngGE2 - 0Mạnh AnMạnh Linh, Văn Tùng
2022-08-05VCS 2022 SummerWeek 5CERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)logo std.pngCESTeam Whaleslogo std.pngTW0 - 2Mạnh LinhĐức Mạnh
2022-08-04VCS 2022 SummerWeek 5AS Esportslogo std.pngASEGAM Esportslogo std.pngGAM0 - 2Hữu TrungLing
2022-07-31VCS 2022 SummerWeek 4Genius Esportslogo std.pngGETeam Secret (Vietnamese Team)logo std.pngTS0 - 2Hoàng LuânMạnh Linh
2022-07-30VCS 2022 SummerWeek 4AS Esportslogo std.pngASETeam Whaleslogo std.pngTW2 - 1Mạnh LinhMạnh An
2022-07-29VCS 2022 SummerWeek 4CERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)logo std.pngCESGenius Esportslogo std.pngGE2 - 1Mạnh LinhHữu Trung

Tournament Results[]

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Minimum place

Ling (Nguyễn Mạnh Linh) Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultTeamRoster
2020-08-082 Spirit Blossom Vietnam Showmatch
1 : 2Logo std.pngLINH
Logo std.pngHUYỀ Lê Khôi,  Ling,  Zeros,  Celebrity,  HuyenAnh
2019-08-114 VCS 2019 Summer
8 - 6Blanklogo std.pngRR
Dashing Buffalologo std.pngDBL Raizo,  Kaido,  Meliodas,  Xuhao,  Naul,  Bigkoro,  Palette,  Ling,  Ren
2019-07-073 Rift Rivals 2019 LCK-LPL-LMS-VCS
0 : 3LoL Pro Leaguelogo std.pngLPL
Dashing Buffalologo std.pngDBL Raizo,  Meliodas,  Xuhao,  Naul,  Bigkoro,  Palette,  Ling
2018-11-252 VCS All-Star 2018 - VETV vs SBTC
0 : 1Academy SBTClogo std.pngSBTC
Vietnam Esports TVlogo std.pngVETV Hoang Luan,  Manh An,  Duc Manh,  Ling Cao Thu,  Safety
2018-11-252 VCS All-Star 2018 - King Of Celeb
0 : 1Logo std.pngTEAC
Logo std.pngQTV QTV,  Gầy Best Lee,  Thiện Judas,  Singgum Proxy,  Ling Cao Thủ
Ling (Nguyễn Mạnh Linh) 1v1 Tournament Results
DatePlEventPrizeTeamLast Result
2020-08-0817 - 32Challenge The Sword GodVietnam Esports TVlogo std.pngVETV0 : 1 ⁠Phony Emperorlogo std.pngyT




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