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The biography section goes immediately after the Career History section, if one exists; otherwise Biography is the first section on the page.

The first sentence of the bio itself should start First Name "Alias" Last Name and then go on to introduce the player's career, how they got into League of Legends, or their first team. If you know literally nothing about this then the first sentence might be underneath a === heading for the first season they participated in.

Once you are detailing the player's career, information should be divided into sections by season/year. Use 3rd-level titles for this, i.e. ===. For seasons 1-3 use "Season 1," "Season 2," and "Season 3," and then after that it becomes "2014 Season," "2015 Season," etc.

Though in some cases it might make sense to jump around in history a bit, 99% of the time you just want to state events in chronological order.

Writing should be as encyclopedic as possible. Sentences should be to-the-point but still grammatically correct. Paragraphs should be between one and five sentences long; try to avoid paragraphs longer than five or six lines. If you have trouble writing in this style, do the best that you can. If English isn't your native language or you feel very uncomfortable writing biographies, contact us!


Generally you just want to focus on a factual recounting of the events of the year without too much fluff. If you are very familiar with a player or team you can go a bit more into detail, but try not to overdo it, and definitely don't interject any opinions, though it is fine to say something about a general reputation in a community. Playstyle may be addressed briefly but should not be the focus.

If writing a team history, include relevant roster changes, but you do not need to detail every single substitution if there were a lot. For a player you should list every team they played for if they subbed for multiple teams.

It is both acceptable and recommended to write one biography for a team and then copy-paste to all players, making adjustments as necessary. Of course in an ideal world everyone would have a uniquely written biography just for them, but there are so many players to update each year that it's fine to take shortcuts; just be careful that you fixed everything when you copy over.


Do not put anything after the automatically-generated introductory sentence in present or future tense. The reason for this is to avoid information becoming wrong if the page isn't updated, at most we'd want it to become out of date. Also try to avoid the sentence structure "would go on to" or "managed to" because these two phrases are super overused and it can be tiring to read text that falls back on that construction too much. Just stick to normal past tense 99% of the time.


Parts of events are always capitalized, e.g. Summer Split, Regional Finals. Roles are not capitalized.

Internal Links[]

Follow the same convention as Wikipedia, i.e. the first time another wiki page is linked within the bio, you link it; and after that you don't. This is self-contained within the bio, so for example even though all of a player's teams are linked in the infobox, they would still be linked the first time they appear in the bio. Be liberal with usage of links, for example in the sentence "CLG avoided relegations" you would link relegations to the Promotion-Relegation tournament page for the split. Do link champions, but don't use the {{ci}} template.

Role Names[]

Looper is a top laner. Looper plays top lane.
DanDy is a jungler. DanDy plays jungle.
PawN is a mid laner. PawN plays mid lane.
imp is a bot laner. imp plays bot lane.
Mata is a support. Mata plays support.
Mata and imp are bot laners. imp and Mata play bot lane.


Add references where possible. The code and standard formatting for a reference is:

<ref>[http://url.com Name of the Page Being Cited] ''url.com''</ref>

Put that at the end of the sentence that you are providing the reference for, and the wiki will automatically order your references and place them in the References section at the bottom of the page. If possible use a link to the site you're referencing with the page title. If the language isn't English, make note of that. For example:

<ref>[http://www.facebook.com/entus.progaming/photos/656254761139114 CJ Entus's Facebook Post (Korean/English)] ''facebook.com''</ref>

It is not necessary to have a citation for every single fact mentioned, and it's more important to have references for roster changes than for tournament results (since the wiki itself is usually the reference for tournament results).


  • A bulleted list of things that don't fit well into the biography.
  • Should be time-insensitive. Don't say "Favorite champion is SonaSquare.pngSona," say "In 2014, favorite champion was SonaSquare.pngSona."
  • Each piece should end in a period.
  • "Enjoys to juggle" rather than "He enjoys to juggle."
  • No required order, but try to order everything so that it makes sense.
  • If there are a large number of trivia items, you may wish to use === subheadings.