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February 2013
  • Feb 28th
Manila Eagles remake their roster. VYY, Astarte, H4T3, PF and Vileroze join.
Reason Gaming acquires the roster of Veggie & Company. Veggie, Nicker, Cinku, Puki style and PlasticWorld join.
  • Feb 27th
InSec and ssumday join KT Rolster B, while Ragan leaves. KaKAO moves to KT Rolster A and Me5 joins KT Rolster A
  • Feb 27th
ToFuBoi rejoins Singapore Sentinels
  • Feb 25th
Evaniskus is released from Team Dignitas
Impact leaves Xenics Storm
  • Feb 24th
Ring Troll is removed from Incredible Miracle
PlacementIcon1.pngSquare Duck, PlacementIcon2.pngCurse Academy, PlacementIcon3.pngDirt Nap Gaming in SoloMid IPL6 Qualifier
  • Feb 23rd
PlacementIcon1.pngMVP, PlacementIcon2.pngXenics-OP United, PlacementIcon3.pngKT Rolster PlacementIcon4.pngCJ Entus in OGN Club Masters
Azure Gaming becomes a title sponsor for FXOpen e-Sports. bigfatlp merges into the FXO roster.
  • Feb 20th
Garena Taiwan and Taiwan e-Sports League(TeSL) signed to add League of Legends Tournaments in the second half of the 2012-2013 season.
  • Feb 14th
Patch v3.02 released.
  • Feb 13th
WildTurtle, Dan Dinh and wingsofdeathx announced as substitute players for Team SoloMid.
Bloodwater joins Good Game University as support; I am Anjo becomes substitute.
  • Feb 12th
MiT joins Keyd Team.
  • Feb 10th
Absolute Legends disbands.
  • Feb 9th
Jdwu joins FXOpen e-Sports.
  • Feb 7th
Malunoo, extinkt and YamatoCannon join DragonBorns.
GSG merges with MVP. It is announced that the MVP Blue and MVP White rosters will be reshuffled.
Team SoloMid announces they will compete under the name Team SoloMid Snapdragon in representation of their new sponsor, Qualcomm.
  • Feb 6th
MOKUZA retires. HooN and Bang leave, while NoFe joins NaJin Shield.
ReSEt leaves KT Rolster A.
  • Feb 4th
CJ Entus picks up the rosters of Azubu Blaze and Azubu Frost under the names CJ Entus Blaze and CJ Entus Frost.
Team FeaR roster transfers to Team Vulcun.
MasteR of LoL joins Team Vulcun as a substitute.
  • Feb 3rd
Team Dignitas acquires former roster of Pulse Esports as substitutes.
  • Feb 2nd
PlacementIcon1.pngNaJin Sword PlacementIcon2.pngAzubu Frost PlacementIcon3.pngKT Rolster B PlacementIcon4.pngAzubu Blaze in OLYMPUS Champions Winter 2012-2013
Pulse Esports releases their previous roster and acquires the roster of Severity Gaming
compLexity acquires the roster of The Brunch Club.
PlacementIcon1.pngIncredible Miracle PlacementIcon2.pngAnexis eSports SF.pngMeetYourMakers SF.pngMillenium in IEM Season VII - Global Challenge Sao Paulo
  • Feb 1st
Azubu will not re-sign with rosters of Azubu Blaze and Azubu Frost once the teams' contracts expires on Feb 4th.
PlacementIcon1.pngGSG PlacementIcon2.pngCJ Entus PlacementIcon3.pngNaJin Shield PlacementIcon4.pngMVP Blue in NLB Winter 2012-2013
PlacementIcon1.pngCurse Gaming PlacementIcon2.pngTeam Dignitas PlacementIcon3.pngCounter Logic Gaming in National ESL Pro Series Season 5