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May 2012
  • May 31
PlacementIcon1.pngTeam Acer.PL, PlacementIcon2.pngFnaticRC, PlacementIcon3.pngTCM Gaming and PlacementIcon4.pngexHCL Gaming in RaidCall PLAY Cup 2.
Entenzwerg joins Millenium.
  • May 30
RaidbawZ leaves mTw.EU.
PlacementIcon1.pngCounter Logic Gaming Black and PlacementIcon2.pngLzuruha Gaming in National ESL Premier League Season 3.
  • May 29
PlacementIcon1.pngTaipei Assassins and PlacementIcon2.pngWorld Elite in Go4LoL Pro Asia Season 1.
PlacementIcon1.pngAbsolute Legends and PlacementIcon2.pngSypher in CDiscount Cup 3.
BarbeQ leaves x6tence.
  • May 28
PlacementIcon1.pngTeam SoloMid, PlacementIcon2.pngTeam Dynamic, and PlacementIcon3.pngCounter Logic Gaming Prime in Solomid NA Tournament Circuit.
  • May 25
Locodoco leaves MiG Frost.
Orbit Gaming acquire Nientonsoh, Hai L9, Yazuki, and Nubbypoohbear from nFear Gaming.
  • May 24
shacol0l leaves Millenium.
Pecko, LongPanda, Kkinsh, emboob, and Eryuk form the new CJ Entus team.
Fine joins StarTale.
PlacementIcon1.pngx6tence and PlacementIcon2.pngMoscow Five at ESL Major Series Season IX
  • May 23
Patch v1.0.0.140 released.
FnaticRC picks up Pheilox as their sixth player.
  • May 21
Sequential Gaming forms a European team, Sequential Gaming.EU, with Dexterus, Sneaky, Wahabin, MeWantUCookies and Tardocious.
Team Acer forms a second European team, Team Acer.PL, with Overpow, DOTA PRO, 760, Xaxus and eRot1c
Counter Logic Gaming forms a second North American team, Counter Logic Gaming Black, with Sycho Sid, LiNk, Zuna, Hoodstomp, and BloodWater.
  • May 20
PlacementIcon1.pngAbsolute Legends in 4Players.de All or Nothing 3
  • May 19
PlacementIcon1.pngMiG Blaze, PlacementIcon2.pngMiG Frost, PlacementIcon3.pngTeam OP, and PlacementIcon4.pngXenics Storm at Azubu The Champions Spring 2012
Dignitas replaces Voyboy with Crumbzz from Team Curse.
Team Curse replaces Crumbzz with saintvicious from Counter Logic Gaming.
Counter Logic Gaming replaces saintvicious with Voyboy from Dignitas.
  • May 17
nRated and YellOwStaR leave Against All Authority.
exHCL Gaming replaces ArQuel with Kikis from Sypher.
4Kings pick up YamatoCannon from Western Wolves.
  • May 16
Monomaniac acquires DontMashMe, Patoy, I Got a, Jintae, and Naryt from Choppa In Da Car
LowLandLions acquires Foton while Sneaky becomes substitute.
PlacementIcon1.pngCounter Logic Gaming EU, PlacementIcon2.pngMoscow Five and PlacementIcon3.pngagainst All authority in Corsair Vengeance Cup
  • May 14
PlacementIcon1.pngNatus Vincere, PlacementIcon2.pngCounter Logic Gaming EU, and PlacementIcon3.pngTeam SoloMid at Solomid EU Tournament Circuit.
  • May 13
Mistral eSports reforms with Mopsio, PlasticWorld, Delz0r, Almuagin, and Leonn.
  • May 12
Natus Vincere replaces Araneae with Kottenx from Teamless.
  • May 10
3DMAX reforms with Warhunter, Dragasath, PlagiaT, Snake, and Lizardsking.
TCM Gaming replaces Janitin and Inkki with Kungen and Uberrior.
  • May 8
  • May 7
a Lilac, Paragon, MidKing, Tatu, and Ring Troll form the new Incredible Miracle team.
MVP forms three teams; MVP Red, MVP White, and MVP Blue.
pHeoz, Arcagød, shacol0l, Dax, and Naijik form the new Millenium roster.
PlacementIcon1.pngWinFakt, PlacementIcon2.png4Kings, and PlacementIcon3.pngLowLandLions at Insomnia45 LAN.
  • May 6
ESC Gaming replaces Luke and ps1ch0 with Humpen and GibPfötchen from n!faculty.
  • May 5
PlacementIcon1.pngTaipei Assassins, PlacementIcon2.pngSingapore Sentinels, and PlacementIcon3.pngSaigon Jokers at Garena Premier League Opening Event.
  • May 2
mTw.NA replaces Zuna with Muffinqt.
  • May 1
Patch v1.0.0.139 released.
PlacementIcon1.pngTeam Dynamic, PlacementIcon2.pngOrbit Gaming, PlacementIcon3.png4Not.Fire, and PlacementIcon4.pngTeam Curse in CSN playLEGENDS Finals.