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April 2012
  • April 30
Ordinance Gaming replaces PhantomL0rd with SnEaKyCaStRoO
PlacementIcon1.pngMoscow Five, PlacementIcon2.pngSypher, and PlacementIcon3.pngagainst All authority in Absolute Pro League: April
PlacementIcon1.pngWorld Elite, PlacementIcon2.pngTaipei Assassins, and PlacementIcon3.pngEHome at NVIDIA Game Festival 2012
  • April 29
PlacementIcon1.pngn!faculty, PlacementIcon2.pngLogix, PlacementIcon3.pngmTw.EU, and PlacementIcon4.pngPeculiar in ESL Pro Series Germany Spring 2012
  • April 27
Sypher pick up hyrqBot
  • April 26
Muffinqt officially resigns from v8 Esports on State of the League #31
  • April 24
Team Dynamic acquires roster of NintendudeX, Pixel3, MrParadoXical, zig, and ZionSpartan from Monomaniac
Epik Gamer replaces Westrice with wingsofdeathx from Dignitas
  • April 23
Absolute Legends picks up YoungBuck from LowLandLions
  • April 22
Dan Dinh becomes coach of 4Not.Fire
4Not.Fire replaces Dan Dinh, Kramer121, DrTrevor with TakashiX from v8 Esports along with free agents OneBadBrad and Zekent
  • April 20
Eclypsia pick up ImSoFresh from Sypher
  • April 18
Absolute Legends acquires North American roster of Jpak, nothinghere, Onionbagel, Kenikth, and aZu from Jpak and friends
Angush leaves Absolute Legends
Against All Authority replaces MoMa with amt2k from Eclypsia
  • April 17
Team Acer replace DEATHMACHINELOL and Adren4lin with fruity and pyri
  • April 16
Eclypsia pick up amt2k, freddy122, and havoc24
creaton leaves exHCL Gaming
  • April 15
Orbit Gaming acquires roster of YoDa, LiNk, Vech, LemonNation, and Hoodstomp from HOODSTOMPGRAVESGG
  • April 14
ESC Gaming replaces AwPg and Play int its ok with NoEqual and Xymii. Also Bamboocha leaves the team
  • April 13
Epik Gamer replaces ClakeyD with UnstoppableX and adds Aphromoo
vVv Gaming acquires roster of Tsunamiie, SKiLLY, RoshanNOW, tRiDream, AltecX from Team Wish
Western Wolves pick up DEATHMACHINELOL, XL Bjergsen, and Lilac
  • April 12
Dignitas pick up wingsofdeathx as backup for EPS
  • April 11
Teamless picks up Tabzz, Metalx, and LoordN from Western Wolves
  • April 9
PlacementIcon1.pngSypher, PlacementIcon2.pngAbsolute Legends and PlacementIcon3.pngCounter Logic Gaming EU at Gamers Assembly 2012
  • April 8
PlacementIcon1.pngTeam SoloMid, PlacementIcon2.pngCounter Logic Gaming, PlacementIcon3.pngDignitas and PlacementIcon4.pngMonomaniac at IPL4
  • April 7
PlacementIcon1.pngLiNK Gaming, PlacementIcon2.pngTeam FragZone and PlacementIcon3.pngInternational Lunatics at Copenhagen Games 2012
HCL Gaming roster leaves organization and forms exHCL Gaming
  • April 6-8th
DontMashMe subs for Epik Gamer at IPL4
  • April 5
Sypher picks up ImSoFresh
  • April 4
PlacementIcon1.pngCounter Logic Gaming EU, PlacementIcon2.pngFnaticRC and PlacementIcon3.pngMeet Your Makers at RaidCall PLAY Cup 1
  • April 2
HCL Gaming picks up Puki style
  • April 1
PlacementIcon1.pngTeam SoloMid, PlacementIcon2.png4Not.Fire and PlacementIcon3.pngjpak and friends at Leaguecraft ggClassic
PlacementIcon1.pngCounter Logic Gaming EU, PlacementIcon2.pngAgainst All Authority and PlacementIcon3.pngAbsolute Legends at Absolute Pro League: March
Eclypsia picks up Skyyart from Sypher and ShLaYa