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This page contains a partial list of module, template, category, and form edits made on the wiki. It's not a complete list - for example, navbox template creations, additions of teams to {{Teamnames}}m, and minor category creations such as adding a new country of birth category will not be included, as these only expand on existing framework. The goal is to include a complete list of framework modifications that may be relevant to editors and major feature additions (that require usage of framework elements like the above) that may be relevant to users. If you have questions about any of the changes, please contact the person or people listed as having made that change. Note that this page only chronicles changes on Leaguepedia, and not on any of the other esports wikis, with the sole exception of global CSS changes on the commons esports wiki.


October 24[]

October 21[]

  • Added |stadium= as a parameter in {{Infobox/Team}}m. -- River

October 20[]

October 19[]

October 18[]

October 13[]

October 11[]

October 9[]

  • Updated css in Gadget - tabs.css to further remove the horizontal blue line for active tabs. -- River
  • Pushed a fix for sticky elements to be sticky in Gadget - desktop.css. -- River

October 7[]

  • Reduced margins above and below h3 and h4 elements in some circumstances in Gadget - interface.css. -- River


September 20[]

September 12[]

  • Enabled FlaggedRevs in the Help namespace. -- River

September 11[]

September 10[]

  • Made {{CharInserts}}m return an empty comment if it was otherwise returning a nil value, to fix an issue where unnecessary p elements were being inserted in FandomDesktop. -- River
  • Adjusted margins in Gadget - interface.css after fixes were deployed to FandomDesktop from previous margin changes. -- River

September 8[]

September 4[]

September 2[]

  • Deleted namespaces Acs and Acs metadata. -- River
  • Fixed an issue in leaguepedia_sb_parser where teams in {{Scoreboard/Header}} were ordered based on the last game of a series instead of the first. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in leaguepedia_sb_parser where elemental drakes were mistakenly including souls as well. -- River

September 1[]

  • Created namespaces V4 data and V4 metadata; these will replace Acs and Acs metadata, respectively. -- River
  • Updated leaguepedia_util.acs_backup.py to write to the new namespaces. -- River
  • Wrote small scripts to move all existing pages to the new namespaces. -- River
  • Resized Nami's droplet to 2GB of RAM up from 1GB. -- River
  • Fixed styles in preview action in Gadget - interface.css. -- River
  • Fixed an extra margin in both edit & preview action in Gadget - interface.css. -- River


August 31[]

  • Fixed an issue with flat TOCs having a max width in Gadget - interface.css. -- River
  • Fixed a bug where Gadget - refreshOverview.js wasn't properly removing extra games. -- River
  • Created Form:GamhHelpMe and {{Ghm}}. -- River
  • Fixed a selector for the padding at the top of the edit window since div#content seems to be gone. -- River

August 30[]

August 28[]

August 26[]

  • Created namespaces Acs and Acs_metadata. -- River
  • Added json styling from hydradark to MediaWiki:Fandomdesktop.css. -- River
  • Changed content models of namespace Backup to text and namespace Acs to json. -- River
  • Updated gcd_scrape.gcd_scrape.py to work with the Google spreadsheets v4 API. -- River

August 25[]

  • Deployed scoreboard parser updates. -- River

August 24[]

August 21[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{TournamentResultsQueryAbstract}}m where the intro was being created after the output and so the template reload wasn't working. A rewrite of {{Reload}}m to be a class with state needs to happen so this isn't order-sensitive. -- River

August 20[]

  • Fixed an issue in leaguepedia_sb_parser where LPL & LDL games couldn't be parsed because some runes were present but not all. -- River
  • Adjusted the width of #pbh-setcolor-box to 20px instead of 13, per user feedback. -- River
  • Fixed the height above the #pbh-setcolor-box to respect the height of the global nav variable. -- River
  • Added styles for code elements to Gadget - interface.css. -- River
  • Changed the display text color back to var(--body-text-color). -- River
  • Added a temporary rule to make all user profile links display as var(--link) regardless of whether they have the new class or not. -- River
  • Fixed styling of zebra table headers on mobile skin in Gadget - interface.css. -- River
  • Adjusted width of .player-team-history-edit in Gadget - rosterswapPortal.css to account for the bigger font in FandomDesktop. -- River

August 19[]

August 18[]

August 15[]

  • Added a white-space:nowrap; to Gadget - brackets.css to fix an issue with bracket lines at some specific resolutions at non-standard zooms in Chrome. -- River

August 14[]

  • Rewrote leaguepedia_util.gcd_scrape.py to be async for querying the GCD and also to retry several more times before giving up. -- River
  • Updated leaguepedia_util.disambig_creation.py to use `site` methods instead of `page`. -- River

August 13[]

  • Updated {{UpcomingMatches}}m to query for LeagueIconKey to show manually specified icons. -- Jibril

August 12[]

  • Fixed the top margin in edit mode on FandomDesktop. -- River
  • Created moveToPViews in Gadget - utils.js. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - refreshOverview.js to use moveToPViews instead of having the behavior built in. -- River
  • Added a call to moveToPViews to Gadget - refreshTeamnameLuaCache.js. -- River
  • Added some CSS rules to Gadget - utils.css to accommodate having items moved into p-views. -- River

August 10[]

  • Created bo1winspoints as its own column preload in {{Standings}}m and recordwithrealpoints its own sortmethod in contrast to recordwithpoints, which uses tiebreaker points. Implemented this sortmethtod in {{TournamentUtil}}m. -- River

August 9[]

  • Adjusted the loading text in Gadget - patrolAll.js. -- River

August 8[]

  • Updated the search part of Gadget - copyCategoryMembers.js to work on UCP. Added support for copying titles from Special:RecentChanges and also user contributions. -- River
  • Updated {{MatchesUtil}}m so that if there are two consecutive days of play, both days will be expanded as |This= on the earlier one. -- River

August 6[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{RunesQuery}}m where a gsub param was falling through to extLink and overwriting default behavior. -- River
  • Updated {{RunesQuery}}m to link to player pages. -- River
  • Updated Widget:RuneToggles to look for Bot as a class name instead of ADC because that's what the new query uses. -- River
  • Updated {{RunesLine}} and {{RunesLine2019}} to use Bot instead of ADC as a class name; the other roles are unchanged. -- River
  • Added preload bo1winspoints to {{Standings}}m for LDL. -- River

August 5[]

  • Fixed the styling of page history in Gadget - interface.css and Gadget - variablesGlobal.css. -- River
  • Stopped leaguepedia_util.scrape_runes.py from updating pages that call {{RunesQueryTournament}}. -- River
  • Fixed bug in {{RunesQuery}}m: If current name is "Runes", then it is 1 (we insist); this handles the situations where there might not be a dedicated row of runes. -- DJSonaSquare.png BryghtShadow
  • Fixed a style rule for border colors in Gadget - interface.css for FandomDesktop. -- River
  • Re-added abstract method :getSpriteKey() to {{EntityAbstract}}m in order to support roles on the Call of Duty wiki. Included a comment explaining the reason for the function. -- River

August 4[]

August 2[]

  • Updated .topschedule to only have overflow-x: auto instead of all overflow: auto to prohibit vertical scrollbars in FandomDesktop. -- River
  • Updated .player-tooltip-team to be display:inline-flex; with flex-direction:column; and removed the <br> from {{PlayerTooltip}}m so that there's no extra vertical space in FandomDesktop. -- River
  • Added dark theming for Cargo tables to MediaWiki:Fandomdesktop.css. -- River
  • Fixed the styling of pre backgrounds in FandomDesktop by adding a variable in Gadget - variablesGlobal.css and setting it in Gadget - interface.css. -- River
  • Added Monokai syntax highlighting to MediaWiki:Fandomdesktop.css. -- River
  • Created Maintenance:Disambiguations with tooltips. -- River

August 1[]

  • Updated {{MatchInterviewQuery}}m to show at least one row per match instead of grouping only according to interview links; the former method was a problem if there were null entries because Cargo stores empty strings not nulls. -- River


July 30[]

July 26[]

July 23[]

  • Fixed the style of the save button in FandomDesktop in Gadget - interface.css. -- River

July 17[]

  • Renamed {{MapUtil}}m.rowBlobInPlace() to {{MapUtil}}m.unorderedDictRowsInPlace() and removed an unwanted side effect. Updated {{TeamMembers}}m accordingly. -- River

July 13[]

July 7[]

  • Fixed a bug in esports_cron.tournaments_purge_ro where sometimes an expected parameter was unavailable. -- River

July 6[]

  • Fixed an issue in {{Crossbox}}m where |tiebreakers= wasn't working properly. -- River


June 29[]

June 28[]

June 27[]

  • Updated leaguepedia_util.disambig_creation.py to update {{ExtendedRoster/Line}}. -- River
  • Deleted {{ExtendedRosterEnd}}, {{ExtendedRosterStart}}, and {{ExtendedRosterLine}}. -- River

June 23[]

June 22[]

June 20[]

June 19[]

June 18[]

June 17[]

June 16[]

June 15[]

June 14[]

  • Fixed a remaining instance of esports-wiki-cogs not yet using mwrogue. -- River
  • Updated toornament-scraper to use mwrogue instead of river_mwclient. -- River
  • Fixed a bug with re-ordering totals based on manual offsets in week 1 in {{Timeline}}m. -- River

June 12[]

June 11[]

  • Added support to {{Crossbox}}m for querying and displaying data from multiple tournaments at the same time. -- River

June 10[]

June 9[]

June 5[]

  • Increased the number of rounds supported by Gadget - brackets.css from 10 to 15. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in esports_cron with the new user redirects script where the task could fail due to case-sensitivity issues. -- River
  • Added a line break to {{MSHash}}. -- River

June 3[]

  • Added Category:SelfPlayers to {{Infobox/Player}}m when players are in the Self namespace. Overwrote parent method getSettings so that categories can be set for all namespaces within the module. -- River
  • Created a Highlight Links in Category rule for Category:SelfPlayers in LocalSettings. -- River
  • Added a task in esports_cron to periodically delete redirects from main namespace to user namespace. -- River

June 2[]


May 26[]

May 24[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{TournamentResults}}m where prizes entered as percentages weren't stored in Cargo properly. -- River
  • Added a join to [TeamRedirects] in {{DisambigPage}}m. -- River
  • Created {{TableUtil}}m.uniqueArray(). -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{TableUtil}}m.removeValueFromArray() where the function didn't work. -- River

May 19[]

May 18[]

  • Updated redirect handling in esports_cron.yearly_stats_pages.py again, this time removing any redirect checks from the query and instead doing the check afterwards; this brute-force approach should just work. -- River
  • Added some header styles to Gadget - desktop.css. -- River

May 17[]

  • Added a SimplePage class to mwcleric and support for fetching multiple simple pages from the api in batch queries. -- River
  • Added search support to mwcleric.fandom_client.py using simple page batch fetch for the api fetch. -- River
  • Fixed redirect handling for teams in esports_cron.yearly_stats_pages.py. -- River
  • Removed any uses of ExtendedPage from esports_cron.yearly_stats_pages.py, as all properties here are now built into mwclient.page.Page. -- River
  • Deleted ExtendedPage from mwcleric. -- River

May 9[]

  • Updated {{MatchListAbstract}}m and {{MatchesUtil}}m to support comma-separated lists of |This= to focus more than one tab open at a time. -- River

May 8[]

  • Updated {{MatchListAbstract}}m to use wikitable2 instead of wikitable. -- River
  • Added a margin style to .matchlist. -- River
  • Added class .hoverable-rows to {{MatchInterviewQuery}}m and changed .wikitable to .wikitable2. -- River

May 7[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{Navbox}} that was causing view and edit buttons to be unclickable in plain navboxes. -- River
  • Updated {{EsportsUtil}}m.playerLinked() to print None instead of N/A if the input is <ocde>N/A. -- River
  • Created {{EsportsUtil}}m.playerIsNone(). -- River
  • Updated Gadget - playerTeamDisplay.css to include a style for .player-none in addition to .newteam-none. -- River
  • Updated {{MatchDetails}}m to print a greyed-out N/A for confirmed-empty MVPs. -- River

May 4[]


April 30[]

  • Updated {{Standings}}m so that when |dqteams= is specified along with |useasresults=yes, these teams will be marked as disqualified in their [TournamentResults] values. -- River
  • Added %s to the display of omnivamp, physvamp, spellvamp, and crit in {{Infobox/Item}}m and added casting to inputs for these parameters removing user-added %s. -- River
  • Changed type of [ExternalContent].Title from String to Text to accommodate longer titles, since an index is probably not needed for this field. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{PlayerCurrentTeam}}m where null information could be sent as the player's last team information if a residency change or contract change happened more recently than a roster change, leading to incomplete intro sentences for former players with residency changes following their departure from teams. -- River
  • Updated the expected syntax of the union param in {{CargoUtil}}m.queryAndCast() and log to require only one level of nesting. Updated {{PlayerCurrentTeam}}m and {{MatchInterviewQuery}}m accordingly. -- River
  • Updated {{Bracket}}m so that a manual BYE parameter cannot have a different score displayed, particularly relevant when two teams both forfeit a match. -- River
  • Updated {{DisambigPage}}m and {{DisambigPage/i18n}}m to display personality instead of player for player pages that are personalities. -- River
  • Added a column show-hide display to {{PickBanHistory}}m. -- River

April 29[]

April 27[]

  • Fixed a bug with restoring backups in mwrogue. -- River
  • Fixed an issue with the deployment of the updated {{Retirement}} templates, tanking advantage of the backups. -- River
  • Fixed some remaining issues in {{Retirement}}m to support the new format. -- River
  • Ran a final script to remove old unneeded parameters from {{Retirement}}. -- River

April 26[]

  • Ran phase 3 of migrating {{Retirement}} to the new format. -- Jibril

April 25[]

  • Added support for |excludeteams= to {{Standings}}m. -- River
  • Created namespace Backup. -- River
  • Wrote support for backing up templates in the Backup namespace in mwrogue. -- River
  • Ran a backup script of all {{Retirement}} templates before moving onto the next phase of the three-part migration. -- River
  • Ran phase 2 of migrating {{Retirement}} to the new format. -- Jibril

April 24[]

  • Added a template deletion method to mwcleric.template_modifier.py. -- River

April 22[]

  • Created an initial version of Gadget - desktop.css. -- River

April 20[]

April 19[]

  • Added a transclusion of {{RosterChanges/CargoAttach}} to {{TeamRoster}} if (and only if) |is_pickup= is specified. -- River
  • Updated {{Retirement}}m to use {{RCPlayer}}. -- River
  • Ran phase 1 of a three-part migration to update all occurrences of {{Retirement}} to be compatible with the new module. -- Jibril
  • Removed all api_high_limits code from mwcleric, as the cargoquery action provides the limit along with a query when max is used and so this is unnecessary. -- River

April 17[]

  • Added support for interactive login and changed the credentials file storage to a json instead of individual text files in mwcleric. -- River

April 11[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{Infobox/Champion}}m where |ddragon_key= was accidentally mandatory. -- River
  • Added an error display with the name of the player page when there was no [PlayerRedirects] entry due to a missing blank edit in {{TeamMembers}}m and {{TeamMembers/i18n}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{TeamPlayerLeagueHistory}} not to work outside of the main namespace, and to print a message saying so when it's called in other namespaces. -- River
  • Deleted {{GameSchedule/NoTeams}}, {{GameSchedule}}, and {{GameSchedule}}m. -- River

April 10[]

  • Fixed a bug in Gadget - brackets.css that was interfering with brackets on the front page sometimes. -- River

April 4[]

April 3[]

  • Updated {{Infobox/Team}}m so that disbanded teams won't show automated roster photos. Added support for |suppress_roster_photo=. -- River
  • Deleted {{TeamMembersCurrent}}m; this will never be used. -- River
  • Deleted {{NewsCurrentStatusAbstract}}m, which is now no longer in use. -- River

April 2[]

  • Created mwrogue. -- River
  • Removed all esports-specific code from mwcleric. -- River

April 1[]


March 31[]

  • Added auto-deletion of pick-ban history pages when using the !Move To User gadget. -- Ragaga

March 30[]

  • Added more preloads for maintaining contract data in {{PlayerCurrentTeam}}m. -- Thrust216
  • Updated {{PlayerCurrentTeam}}m to use a union of three separate queries to improve performance. -- River
  • Added support for a union construction to {{CargoUtil}}m. -- River

March 28[]

  • Fixed an ordering issue in {{PickBanHistory}}m. -- TbHaitham‎
  • Fixed a bug in {{TeamSchedule}}m where BO1s in which teams switched sides and one team lacked a page would display the incorrect winner. -- River

March 27[]

March 25[]

  • Fixed a bug in esports_cron.yearly_stats_pages.py where the wrong key was being looked up to check if a team stats page was a redirect. -- River

March 24[]

March 23[]

  • Deleted {{PickBanHistoryPretty/Tournament}}m, {{PickBanHistoryText/Tournament}}m, {{PickBanHistoryText/Team}}m, and {{PickBanHistoryPretty/Team}}m. -- River
  • Deleted {{PickBanHistoryPrettyAbstract}}m and {{PickBanHistoryTextAbstract}}m. -- River
  • Created Category:Pick-Ban History Modules. -- River

March 22[]

March 21[]

  • Updated leaguepedia_util.scrape_runes.py so that a page with a tabs header and no other content won't cause a crash. -- River
  • Repopulated Category:Query Templates. -- River
  • Deleted {{cc}}. -- River
  • Moved {{Bracket}}m error messages to {{Bracket/i18n}}m. Added an error when tab is not defined in a row (this should only occur in the event of corrupted data that requires a table rebuild, however). -- River
  • Refactored {{PickBanHistoryAbstract}}m and created {{PickBanHistoryPrettyAbstract}}m, {{PickBanHistoryTextAbstract}}m, and {{PickBanHistoryQueryAbstract}}m. -- River

March 19[]

March 18[]

March 17[]

  • Added support for \s to display a space in the |one_to_many_sep= in {{CargoQuery}}m. -- River

March 16[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{MatchDayLookup}}m where the number type was given to the wrong Cargo parameter, stopping any days from being displayed. -- River

March 15[]

Match 14[]

March 13[]

March 8[]

March 4[]

  • Updated Gadget - extensionStyles.css to fix some FlaggedRevs styles that were broken in a recent deploy. -- River


February 28[]

  • Updated the list of wikis at Gadget - syncPages.js. -- River

February 25[]

February 24[]

  • Fixed the sort by clause for the query in {{PlayerTooltip}}m to consider manual sort dates for player images correctly. -- Jibril
  • Created Gadget - mobile.css. -- River
  • Created MediaWiki:FandomMobile.js and added fixes to image toggles in the mobile skin there. -- River

February 23[]

  • Added a script to esports_cron to create redirects with missing parenthesis. -- Jibril

February 21[]

February 19[]

February 16[]

February 15[]

  • Added a new command to list valid inputs to esports-wiki-cogs.matchscheduleparser. -- Jibril

February 12[]

  • Fixed an issue in esports-wiki-cogs.matchscheduleparser where the bot wasn't able to create and send the text file to the user. -- Jibril
  • Updated commands in esports-wiki-cogs.matchscheduleparser to be case insensitive. -- Jibril

February 11[]

February 10[]

  • Updated {{MatchListAbstract}}m to allow for better customization of {{AutoMatches}}. No functional change should occur. This change was initially written on the Valorant wiki. -- Bruno Blanes

February 9[]

February 8[]

  • Fixed an issue in {{PlayerCurrentTeam}}m where contracts weren't being reset on team leave. This patch takes into account sister teams, using a different and less complex approach from that of {{PlayerTeamHistoryAbstract}}m. -- River

February 7[]

  • Adjusted the styles of .navbar in Gadget - interface.css and updated {{Navbox}} so that navboxes always have this CSS applied. This change was initially written on the Valorant wiki. -- River

February 6[]

February 5[]

February 4[]


January 24[]

January 23[]

January 22[]

  • Updated leaguepedia_sb_parser to remove Hanzi characters from team names in the QQ (Chinese server) parser before stripping them out of player names. -- River
  • Added support in river_mwclient for specifying https or http at the start of URLs in WikiClient classes. -- River
  • Added method touch_title() to WikiClient in river_mwclient. -- River

January 13[]

  • Added namespace 10012 (Tooltip) to $wgFlaggedRevsNamespaces. -- River

January 12[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{RosterChangeData}}m where the preload gcd_join_main_or_acad was attempting to get the Status from the wrong place. Additionally fixed a bug in {{RosterChangeData/Sentences}}m where the wrong name of the preload (gcd_main_or_acad) was being sorted. -- River

January 11[]

January 10[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{TeamMembers}}m where players were being sorted by entire role instead of just ingame role. -- River
  • Updated river-wiki-cogs to send a friendlier message on ReadTimeout exceptions. -- River

January 3[]

January 2[]

  • Added a check of existence of teams.resPrevList in {{Infobox/Player}}m prior to checking for its length. -- River