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This page contains a partial list of module, template, category, and form edits made on the wiki. It's not a complete list - for example, navbox template creations, additions of teams to {{Teamnames}}m, and minor category creations such as adding a new country of birth category will not be included, as these only expand on existing framework. The goal is to include a complete list of framework modifications that may be relevant to editors and major feature additions (that require usage of framework elements like the above) that may be relevant to users. If you have questions about any of the changes, please contact the person or people listed as having made that change. Note that this page only chronicles changes on Leaguepedia, and not on any of the other esports wikis, with the sole exception of global CSS changes on the commons esports wiki.


April 11[edit]

April 10[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in Gadget - brackets.css that was interfering with brackets on the front page sometimes. -- River

April 4[edit]

April 3[edit]

April 1[edit]


March 31[edit]

March 30[edit]

March 28[edit]

March 25[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in esports_cron.yearly_stats_pages.py where the wrong key was being looked up to check if a team stats page was a redirect. -- River

March 24[edit]

March 23[edit]

March 22[edit]

March 21[edit]

March 19[edit]

March 18[edit]

March 17[edit]

  • Added support for \s to display a space in the |one_to_many_sep= in {{CargoQuery}}m. -- River

March 16[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in {{MatchDayLookup}}m where the number type was given to the wrong Cargo parameter, stopping any days from being displayed. -- River

March 15[edit]

Match 14[edit]

March 13[edit]

March 8[edit]

March 4[edit]


February 28[edit]

February 25[edit]

February 24[edit]

February 23[edit]

February 21[edit]

February 19[edit]

February 16[edit]

February 15[edit]

February 12[edit]

February 11[edit]

February 10[edit]

February 9[edit]

February 8[edit]

February 7[edit]

  • Adjusted the styles of .navbar in Gadget - interface.css and updated {{Navbox}} so that navboxes always have this CSS applied. This change was initially written on the Valorant wiki. -- River

February 6[edit]

February 5[edit]

February 4[edit]


January 24[edit]

January 23[edit]

January 22[edit]

  • Updated leaguepedia_sb_parser to remove Hanzi characters from team names in the QQ (Chinese server) parser before stripping them out of player names. -- River
  • Added support in river_mwclient for specifying https or http at the start of URLs in WikiClient classes. -- River
  • Added method touch_title() to WikiClient in river_mwclient. -- River

January 13[edit]

  • Added namespace 10012 (Tooltip) to $wgFlaggedRevsNamespaces. -- River

January 12[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in {{RosterChangeData}}m where the preload gcd_join_main_or_acad was attempting to get the Status from the wrong place. Additionally fixed a bug in {{RosterChangeData/Sentences}}m where the wrong name of the preload (gcd_main_or_acad) was being sorted. -- River

January 11[edit]

January 10[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in {{TeamMembers}}m where players were being sorted by entire role instead of just ingame role. -- River
  • Updated river-wiki-cogs to send a friendlier message on ReadTimeout exceptions. -- River

January 3[edit]

January 2[edit]

  • Added a check of existence of teams.resPrevList in {{Infobox/Player}}m prior to checking for its length. -- River