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December 30[]

December 29[]

December 28[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{Retirement}}m where |unretires=Yes was not setting directions as joins properly. -- River

December 27[]

December 26[]

  • Added support for using the new item framework to {{ScoreboardAbstract}}m. Added support for |patch_sort= when normal patch number doesn't fit the requested format of %d%.%d for sorting (a number, which may be 0, followed by a decimal point followed by a number). -- River
  • Added the rest of the item data to {{Itemnames}}m, though they aren't doing anything until a script is run to delete all of the hard-coded (Legacy) item names entered into scoreboard pages. -- River

December 25[]

  • Added support for patch changes in item names to {{Itemnames}}m and {{Item}}m. So far this is implemented for Stealth Ward and Stealth Ward ( - 5.22). This approach immediately deprecates {{ItemPatch}}m and {{ItemPatchLookup}}m, and they will be deleted after data is fully transferred. -- River

December 24[]

  • Created {{ItemPatch}}m and {{ItemPatchLookup}}m. -- River

December 23[]

December 20[]

December 17[]

December 16[]

December 15[]

  • Updated {{Infobox/Player}}m to process nationality only if it's different from country. -- River

December 9[]

December 4[]

December 2[]

December 1[]


November 30[]

November 29[]

November 27[]

  • Added support for |display= to {{Item}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{Item icon}} to invoke {{Item}}m via {{InstantiateEntity}}m, changing the syntax for a different display to be via |display= instead of |2=. -- River

November 26[]

November 24[]

November 22[]

  • Updated {{Sprite}}m to expect a parameter |idKey= instead of |linkkey= to modify the id key since it wasn't in use anywhere yet and this name makes a lot more sense. -- River
  • Moved all item pages except for Stinger (Item) to locations without (Item). -- River
  • Added support for |display= and |key= to {{Itemnames}}m, {{Item}}m, and {{ItemSprite}}m. -- River
  • Created methods Site.move and Site.delete in river_mwclient. -- River

November 20[]

November 18[]

  • Updated {{InfoboxUtil}}m.statDisplays() not to save any override if the input is unknown (relevant for new items). -- River
  • Fixed an issue in {{Infobox}}m where image captions weren't being appended to the infobox correctly, and clarified naming of printWideRow vs printWideCell. -- River

November 13[]

November 12[]

November 11[]

November 8[]

  • Fixed an issue introduced to {{TeamSchedule}}m where matches with missing game data were causing errors in teams' schedule histories. -- River

November 7[]

  • Updated {{Infobox/Team}}m so that |orgcountry= is used as a fallback to determine the team location category if no |country= is specified. -- River
  • Added support for querying [MatchScheduleGame] to {{TeamSchedule}}m, so that blue and red sides are shown properly in BO1 games. -- River
  • Updated field name parsing in {{CargoUtil}}m so that spaces are allowed before aliases. -- River

November 6[]

  • Fixed an issue where the UCP theme broke some FlaggedRevs styling in MediaWiki:Hydra.css. -- River


October 27[]

October 23[]

October 22[]

  • Updated {{LuaClassSystem}}m; version bumped to 2.1.1. -- AttemptToCallNil
    • __tostring is no longer a disallowed field for classes; appears defining it might have worked all this time (unlike with :new()). -- AttemptToCallNil
  • Updated {{EntityAbstract}}m to define __tostring instead of tostring. -- River
  • Lowercased team string in {{NewsQueryTeam}}m and {{ExternalContentQueryAbstract}}m to fix an issue where Players was a disallowed string in team page names. -- River
  • Deleted {{CargoDeclare/HoldsWorkaround}}m, [HoldsWorkaround], and {{HoldsWorkaround/CargoDec}}. Removed join from {{NewsQueryAbstract}}m. -- River
  • Prohibited esports_cron.standard_name_redirects.py from creating self-redirects. -- River
  • Added support to {{TeamSchedule}}m for displaying results of forfeits properly. -- River
  • Added validation to {{MatchSchedule}}m and {{MatchSchedule/i18n}}m that |team1score= and |team2score= are integers. -- River
  • Created methods patrol, save_with_retry_login, patrol, and patrol_with_retry_login in river_mwclient.wiki_client.py. -- River
  • Fixed low priority redirects join in river_mwclient.esports_lookup_cache.py. -- River
  • Added retry login to esports-wiki-cogs.vodstosb and esports-wiki-cogs.mhtowinners. -- River

October 21[]

  • Created {{HoldsWorkaround/CargoDec}}, {{CargoDeclare/HoldsWorkaround}}m, and [HoldsWorkaround]. Added a join to the table in {{NewsQueryAbstract}}m in an attempt to workaround an issue where Players is a disallowed string in team page names (it didn't work). -- River
  • Updated {{LuaClassSystem}}m; version bumped to 2.1.0. -- AttemptToCallNil
    • LCS now works correctly with the LuaSandbox Scribunto engine in cases where ipairs is used to iterate over an object, and the __ipairs metamethod is defined in the superclass of the object's class. Other metamethods that weren't currently used in this manner might have been fixed as well. Also, this isn't a new problem, but just something made more or less official with the fix: classes should never define custom __index, __call, or __tostring fields. (For the latter, define the tostring method for the class.) -- AttemptToCallNil
    • LCS now exports its previously-internal deepCopy method that clones a value in a LuaClassSystem-aware manner. LCS objects and classes in the value are not reconstructed, but have their references copied, which makes deepCopy, unlike mw.clone, safe to use on tables that contain LCS data. deepCopy also ignores metatables on original tables and so should be safe to use on mw.loadData objects (also unlike mw.clone), but it's not safe to use if mw.clone's metatable behavior is needed for correctness. -- AttemptToCallNil

October 20[]

October 17[]

  • Fixed sb_parser to return game lengths formatted as MM:SS instead of HH:MM:SS. -- River
  • Removed background color on .roster-rumor-tbd from Gadget - standings.css. -- River

October 14[]

  • Added an optional outersep param to {{ArgsUtil}}m for cases when an outer template has a nonstandard separator; this is for use on the COD wiki, but written here for code consistency. -- River

October 10[]

October 7[]

October 2[]

October 1[]


September 30[]

September 29[]

September 28[]

  • Created {{Placement}}m.number(). Updated {{TournamentResults}}m to use it for casting [TournamentResults].Place_Number instead of {{MathUtil}}m.deserialize(), since the latter does not support removing dashes; this fixes a bug with the upcoming UCP migration and must be rolled out to other esports wikis ASAP. -- River

September 26[]

September 21[]

  • Added a variable isdisbanded in {{Infobox/Team}}m. Updated {{TeamMembers}}m not to display any output if this is set to true and no team members are found. -- River
  • Added support in {{Sprite}}m.spriteImage() for |fallback=. Updated {{EntityAbstract}}m and {{Role}}m to use it, stopping the latter from overwriting getSpriteKey, which means that role names no longer need to be in {{Rolenames}}m to have custom icons, only {{RoleSprite}}m. -- River
  • Removed {{EntityAbstract}}m.getSpriteKey() as its own function and moved the code inline into image(). -- River
  • Deleted {{Sprite}}m.spriteImageOrNil() as it was unused. -- River

September 20[]

September 14[]

September 13[]

September 11[]

September 10[]

  • Added a groupBy to {{CastingHistory}}m so that casters who are listed as both play-by-play and color casters in the same series don't have vods duplicated; however, they will only be shown as one of these in the history. -- River

September 8[]

  • Allowed for unknown champions in esports-wiki-cogs.patchupdate for unreleased champions with pages (solves issue with Samira). -- River
  • Fixed an issue where patch was not passed properly sometimes in QQ parser in leaguepedia_sb_parser. -- River

September 6[]

September 4[]

September 2[]

September 1[]

  • Added user-select:none; to .region-icon in Gadget - markupObjects.css. -- River
  • Updated color palette in {{Regionnames}}m. -- pokemonsta433
  • Added a class news-region to the region column in {{NewsQueryFrontpage/Settings}}m. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - news.css so that the region and subject labels are top-aligned in frontpage news. -- River


August 31[]

August 30[]

August 29[]

August 24[]

August 23[]

August 22[]

August 21[]

August 20[]

  • Updated {{CargoUtil}}m so that limit is applied after resolving one-to-many displays. rawlimit can additionally be provided in order to optimize the query. -- River
  • Updated {{CastingHistory}}m so that 10 or 100 series are shown instead of 10 or 100 games in accordance with the above changes. -- River

August 19[]

  • Updated sprite cachebreak cron task to respect the new image URL format post GCS migration. -- River
  • Fixed settings for team text queries in {{MatchHistoryGame/Settings}}m. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{ScoreboardAbstract}}m where Link was always being uppercased due to previous conventions no longer in use. -- River

August 18[]

  • Updated {{MatchDetails}}m to use {{i18nUtil}}m. -- Droonkid
  • Updated and refactored{{LuaClassSystem}}m, incrementing version to 2.0.0. Functionality changes:
    • Removed fallback to self:describe().
    • The is_A function for classes, and the one provided by LCS itself, are gone.
    • LCS now provides the instanceOf(thing, class) function to check whether thing is an instance of class or of one of its superclasses.
    • LCS now provides the xtype(which) function that is like the built-in type, but returns object and class for known LCS objects/classes.
    • LCS now provides the isObject(which) and isClass(which) functions that check whether given values are known LCS objects/classes.
    • LCS now provides debug functions, intended to be used in cases of suspected errors in LCS itself or code that uses LCS.
    • LCS now provides the _VERSION string, currently 2.0.0. -- AttemptToCallNil
  • Created patchupdate championstats in esports-wiki-cogs. -- Droonkid

August 17[]

August 16[]

August 15[]

August 14[]

August 12[]

August 11[]

August 10[]

August 8[]

August 7[]

  • Updated {{CompoundRole}}m.sentence() to handle prepositions better. Updated {{Rolenames}}m to separate out the sentence part from the preposition part. -- River
  • Updated {{Retirement}}m to use sentence instead of rolelc to reflect the {{Rolenames}}m rename. -- River
  • Created {{Role}}m.sentence(). -- River
  • Updated {{Infobox/Player}}m and {{DisambigPage}}m to use {{Role}}m.sentence(). -- River
  • Added support to leaguepedia_sb_parser for live server match histories, including querying [MatchHistoryGame] to determine teams that played. -- River
  • Added support to leaguepedia_sb_parser for not printing None when bans are missing. -- River

August 6[]

August 5[]

  • Updated {{Medal}} to use the same images that the COD wiki uses. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - markupObjects.css to fix an issue where role sprites weren't centered in team lists. -- Kittymmeow
  • Updated {{Rolenames}}m to default to name as its default length instead of store. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in sb_parser where series vs game preference was ignored. -- River
  • Removed unused serialize methods from {{CompoundRole}}m and {{Role}}m. -- River
  • Added override in {{CompoundRole}}m to names() so that prefix is only printed once at the start. -- River

August 4[]

August 3[]

  • Updated {{Bracket}}m to ignore TBD teams when displaying seeds. -- River
  • Added file and filelinked to {{EntityAbstract}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{ChampionFlashcard}}m to use {{CompoundChampion}}m instead of {{Champion}}m to construct its where. Additionally updated it to use {{ChampionClass}}m instead of having a hard-coded link based on the pattern %sSquare.png. -- River
  • Removed unused {{Champion}}m import from {{Infobox/Champion}}m and {{Scoreboard}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{ScoreboardAbstract}}m to use {{ChampionClass}}m and {{CompoundChampion}}m instead of {{Champion}}m and calling {{Sprite}}m directly}}. -- River
  • Updated {{ScoreboardAbstract}}m to store None instead of Loss of Ban. -- River
  • Removed {{ScoreboardAbstract}}m.castForCargo() since only SummonerSpells needs special handling as a table now. -- River
  • Updated {{CompoundEntityAbstract}}m.images() to default to as the separator. -- River
  • Updated {{Infobox/Player}}m, {{MatchListAbstract}}m, and {{StatsUtil}}m to use {{CompoundChampion}}m instead of {{Champion}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{PatchNotesTOC}}m to use {{ChampionClass}}m instead of {{Champion}}m. -- River
  • Updated .markup-object in Gadget - markupObjects.css to be inline-flex instead of flex. -- River
  • Updated {{Ci}} and {{Champion}} to invoke {{InstantiateEntity}}m instead of {{Champion}}m. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{EntityAbstract}}m where get was being called instead of name for the display in flairlinked. -- River
  • Removed the unused first parameter to {{EntityAbstract}}m._link(). -- River
  • Added an override to {{ChampionClass}}m.name() that permits |display= to be specified, for backwards compatibility of {{Ci}} to be preserved. -- River

August 2[]

August 1[]

  • Added traceback displays when uncaught errors occur in sb_parser so silent failures can no longer happen. -- River
  • Removed field for patch from sb_parser and replaced with a query of patch based on provided QQ ID. -- River
  • Updated sb_parser to query tournament based on a [MatchSchedule].QQ field with provided QQ ID or [MatchScheduleGame].MathcHistory field with provided Match History link. This will eventually lead to the removal of |tournament= from {{MatchRecapS8}} altogether. -- River
  • Added instructions to sb_parser. -- River


July 31[]

July 30[]

July 29[]

July 28[]

  • Updated {{Role2}}m.name() to call super() again. Updated {{IntroSentence/Player}}m to call {{MapUtil}}m.copy() instead of {{MapUtil}}m.safe() to make this change safe (haha). -- River
  • Updated {{Bracket}}m and {{OtherNewsDataSources}}m to use {{MapUtil}}m.copy() instead of {{MapUtil}}m.safe(). -- River
  • Deleted {{GroupResultsSection}}m and {{GroupResultsSection}} (unused and unlikely to be used since they don't support tiebreakers). -- River
  • Created {{CargoDeclare/Standings}}m. -- River

July 26[]

July 25[]

July 24[]

  • Added support for showing logs from lol_esports_parser to the user in sb_parser. -- River

July 23[]

  • Fixed an issue in {{EsportsUtil}}m.playerWithRole() where parentheses got dropped for staff role display after the change yesterday. -- River
  • Fixed an issue in {{ExtendedRosterLine}}m where spaces were treated as non-nil entities and displayed with unknown role icon. -- River
  • Deleted {{NewsUtil}}m.roleOrStaffImage() (unused). -- River
  • Removed dependency on {{Role}}m from {{NewsUtil}}m, now using methods on the {{CompoundRole}}m field for everything. -- River
  • Deleted {{EsportsUtil}}m.placeNumber(), {{EsportsUtil}}m.makeLinks(), {{EsportsUtil}}m.concatLinksFromStrings(), {{EsportsUtil}}m.concatLinks(), {{EsportsUtil}}m.ucfirstLink(), and {{EsportsUtil}}m.ucfirstLinks() (all unused). -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{ExpiringContracts}}m where players who had changed name after joining their teams weren't properly supported. Also added support for players without role listed, even though this shouldn't occur ever. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in cron tasks where redirects would be followed even if redirect was due to newly-created redirect rather then page move. -- River

July 22[]

  • Updated {{QueryTeamMembers}}m to write field CompoundRole cast as a CompoundRole. Updated {{OrgNavbox}}m, {{RosterTooltip}}m, and {{GenerateTeamRosterText}}m accordingly. Removed dependency on {{Role}}m from all four modules as needed. -- River
  • Removed unused dependencies on {{ListOfRoles}}m from {{TeamMembersCurrent}}m and {{PlayerCurrentTeam}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{RosterChangeData}}m to use RoleSet fields from {{NewsUtil}}m instead of Role (which are type CompoundRole). Dropped {{Role}}m dependency. -- River
  • Updated {{NewsUtil}}m.addPlayerData() to default role to hold a CompoundRole (the value of RoleSet rather than Role). -- River
  • Updated {{EsportsUtil}}m.playerWithRole() to assume role is a CompoundRole. Removed now-unused dependencies on {{ListOfRoles}}m and {{Role}}m. -- River
  • Removed {{Role}}m dependency from {{ExpiringContracts}}m and replaced with a {{CompoundRole}}m dependency. Added a flair to role display in the query. -- River
  • Updated {{ScoreboardPlayerStats}}m and {{MatchHistoryPlayer}}m to use , as their separator for role, not ;, fixing an accidental regression. -- River
  • Removed most things from {{ListOfRoles}}m since the only part in use is current_rosters_list; for now at least this is staying there since there seems to be no better place to put it. -- River
  • Updated {{RosterRumorPortal}}m to use {{Role2}}m and {{CompoundRole}}m instead of {{Role}}m. -- River
  • Added display of position icons to {{ListOfTeams}}m and removed coaches and trainees. Fixed a bug where roles weren't sorting properly. Removed dependency on {{Role}}m and replaced with {{Role2}}m. -- River

July 21[]

  • Fixed a bug in cron task that wasn't creating tooltips for page moves correctly. -- River
  • Deleted {{CompoundRoleSet}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{FLLinks}}m so that when no |tabs= are supplied, nothing is displayed, instead of showing only the overview page. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{Infobox/Player}}m where players on two or more teams had an empty entry for contract displayed when no contract data was present. -- River
  • Added support for |RxMy_seed_z= in {{Bracket}}m. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in cron task that creates module documentation pages to stop overwriting {{Bracket/i18n/doc}}m with {{BracketDoc}}. -- River
  • Removed field CompoundRole from {{NewsCurrentStatusAbstract}}m and updated {{IntroSentence/Player}}m not to expect field compoundRole. Updated {{PlayerCurrentTeam}}m not to send sub, trainee, or compoundRole and instead encode all of this information in role with type CompoundRole. -- River

July 20[]

  • Updated {{TabsDynamic}}m.tab() to return a single output as a string instead of multiple mw.html objects. -- River
  • Updated {{FeaturedLeaguesForm}}m to call {{TabsDynamic}}m.tab() directly instead of expanding {{TabsDynamic}}; this fixes a bug introduced by the switch to VariablesLua. -- River
  • Updated {{ExtendedRosterLine}}m to use {{Role2}}m instead of {{RoleSprite}}m and {{Role}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{ScoreboardAbstract}}m to use {{Role2}}m instead of {{Role}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{EntityAbstract}}m to tostring() its input so that numbers can be passed (specifically relevant for roles, which often want to pass indices for ingame role positions). -- River
  • Updated {{Infobox/Player}}m, {{IntroSentence/Player}}m, {{PlayerCurrentTeam}}m, {{NewsCurrentStatusAbstract}}m, and {{TeamMembersCurrent}}m to use {{CompoundRole}}m instead of {{Role}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{CompoundRole}}m.names() not to call super. -- River
  • Created {{CompoundEntityAbstract}}m.has() and {{CompoundEntityAbstract}}m.get(). -- River
  • Added an error text to {{TournamentResultsQueryAbstract}}m when event link is missing (this will happen when there's results without an infobox). -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{TournamentResultsQueryAbstract}}m and {{TeamResultsAbstract}}m where the overwriting of Prize as a display field was causing total prize to display as 0. -- River
  • Removed a condition from the query in {{TournamentResultsQueryAbstract}}m that required rosters be present and reordered tables and join to make results without rosters appear. -- River
  • Adjusted the join in {{PlayerResults}}m to accommodate the previous change. -- River
  • Adjusted the where condition in {{OrganizationResults}}m for the same reason. -- River
  • Added an optional override of limit via |limit= to {{TournamentResultsQueryAbstract}}m. -- River

July 19[]

  • Updated new leaguepedia_sb_parser to save user input tournament as |tournament=. -- River
  • Fixed an issue in {{Retirement}}m where [RosterChanges].Roles wasn't being stored. -- River
  • Created reportError() in Gadget - utils.js. Added support for reporting errors with timelines and pick-ban order matching [MatchSchedule] order to Gadget - refreshOverview.js. -- River
  • Updated {{PicksAndBans}}m and {{Rolenames}}m so that a placeholder image is shown for lines without data shown for role yet. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in leaguepedia_sb_parser where teams in the header weren't falling back to the tricode if the abbreviation wasn't recognized (which differed from behavior in the game). -- River
  • Added methods to {{CompoundRole}}m to fetch ingame, staff, etc, each returning {{CompoundRole}}m instances. Updated {{Retirement}}m, {{NewsUtil}}m, {{EsportsUtil}}m, and {{RosterChangeData}}m to use these methods instead. Removed {{CompoundRoleSet}}m requirement from {{CargoUtil/Wiki}}m. -- River

July 18[]

  • Updated {{PlayerResults}}m to set |noredirects=yes automatically for any non-main namespace page. -- River
  • Updated {{DataTabs}}m to support |extra_purges= and Gadget - refreshOverview.js to purge these pages. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in leaguepedia_sb_parser where games with pentakills weren't working. -- River

July 17[]

July 16[]

July 15[]

  • Added a removal of word joiner (u2060) from all template fields to hourly cron tasks. -- River
  • Added data_pages method to river_mwclient.EsportsSite. -- River
  • Added support for having multiple data pages for a single event to MENA scraper. -- River

July 14[]

July 13[]

  • Deleted {{StandingsLine/WLS}}, {{StandingsLine/WTLP}}, and {{StandingsLine/WLP}}. -- River
  • Opened new scoreboard parser for beta testing. Note previous development on this parser is not indexed here, but I've been working on it for the past two weeks. Repos: leaguepedia_sb_parser (parser) and sb_parser (Flask interface). -- River
  • Added support for menascrape to Nami Bot. Similar to scoreboard parser, previous development is not listed here. Repo: toornament-scraper. -- Chorbadji, River

July 12[]

  • Added support for wanplus or wp as a match input to {{MatchDetails}}m. -- River

July 8[]

July 7[]

July 3[]

July 1[]

  • Added support for |orderby=bo2nopoints to {{Timeline}}m to show record including ties. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{EsportsUtil}}m where players without ingame role retiring wouldn't have their names printed because the ingame part was nil. -- River
  • Updated {{Infobox/Champion}}m images to be 120px again. -- River
  • Updated {{ScoreboardAbstract}}m to support having only |link= defined and not |name=. -- River
  • Updated {{Scoreboard}}m.header(), {{ScoreboardAbstract}}m, and {{ScoreboardUtil}}m to automatically compute score based on values of |winner= provided when |team1score= and |team2score= are missing. -- River


June 30[]

  • Slightly refactored {{Standings}}m.sortTeamsByArg() for clarity. -- River

June 29[]

  • Updated Gadget - createPlayer.js to create a tooltip. -- River
  • Began work on new scoreboard parser. -- River

June 27[]

June 25[]

June 23[]

June 22[]

June 21[]

June 20[]

June 19[]

June 18[]

  • Updated {{SentenceUtil}}m and {{RosterChangeData}}m to expect player objects to have Leave and Join values each containing an object with the statuses, roles, etc, for that point in time. -- River
  • Made a few miscellaneous improvements to determining player values in {{NewsUtil}}m. -- River
  • Added support for main_or_acad and trial as a status in {{RosterChangeData/Sentences}}m and {{RosterChangeData}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{NewsUtil}}m to check for |status= being valid and error if it's not. -- River
  • Added support to {{Infobox/Player}}m for showing team icons next to contract dates if the player has contract data and is on a team in more than one org. -- River
  • Updated {{DataTabs}}m to assume that trailing numbers with 3 or 4 digits are part of the event's name rather than indices. -- River
  • Fixed a CSS issue with extended roster lines, updating Gadget - tournamentDisplay.css, Gadget - tournamentDisplay.js, {{ExtendedRosterStart}}m, and {{ExtendedRosterLine}}m. -- Kittymmeow, River
  • Created Form:Contracts and {{EC}}. Added support to {{ExpiringContracts}}m for being queried dynamically. -- River

June 17[]

  • Updated {{CompoundRole}}m and {{CompoundEntityAbstract}}m to have sep as a value of opts instead of its own parameter. Updated {{Retirement}}m and {{TeamMembers}}m accordingly. -- River
  • Updated {{NewsUtil}}m.addPlayerData() to include a modifier in the Roles object. -- River
  • Added a store to Roles from {{NewsUtil}}m.getRCFieldsFromPlayerAndArgs(). -- River

June 16[]

  • Fixed an issue in {{NewsCurrentStatusAbstract}}m where [RosterChanges].Date_Sort was being used instead of [NewsItems].Date_Sort, leading to incorrect ordering of contract information. -- River
  • Made several improvements to {{Role2}}m, {{CompoundRole}}m, and {{CompoundEntityAbstract}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{NewsUtil}}m and {{RosterChangeData}}m to store to [RosterChanges].Roles, RolesIngame, and RolesStaff. -- River
  • Updated {{RosterChangeData}}m and {{RosterChangeData/Sentences}}m to use different preloads for role changes if the player is joining or leaving the ingame part of the organization (as opposed to staff); this will make such changes respected by [TenuresUnbroken] instead of ignored. -- River
  • Updated {{TeamMembers}}m with several changes regarding the display of ingame-and-also-staff players. -- River
  • Updated {{TextUtil}}m.gsplit() to add surrounding whitespace to any separator passed to it. -- River
  • Updated {{CargoUtil}}m and {{CargoUtil/Wiki}}m to have some preliminary support for being sent objectTypes in addition to types. -- River
  • Removed placement display from {{Infobox/Tournament}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{SentenceUtil}}m.playersPossessive() to respect the last character of a staff role name if such exists, instead of using the player's name's last character. -- River

June 15[]

  • Updated preloads gcd_from_academy and gcd_from_main to respect |rejoin=Yes. -- River
  • Updated {{Role2}}m, {{EntityAbstract}}m, {{CompoundEntityAbstract}}m, and {{CompoundRole}}m to use is_nil. -- River
  • Updated {{NewsUtil}}m.getPlayersFromArg() to write a parameter RoleSortNumber. -- River
  • Updated {{ContractData}}m to sort players by role. -- River

June 14[]

June 13[]

  • Updated {{EntityAbstract}}m and {{Role2}}m to support adding a class to role sprites with trainee/sub status. -- River
  • Added css to Gadget - sprite.css overlaying a T or S when a role sprite is a trainee or sub. -- Kittymmeow
  • Updated {{Retirement}}m to take advantage of the new role icon support. -- River
  • Updated {{Retirement}}m to accept |new_role= instead of |newrole=. -- River
  • Removed support for |checkboxSharesRole= from Form:Infobox Player and {{Infobox/Player}}m. -- River
  • Created {{TextUtil}}m.fileLink(). -- River
  • Updated {{MatchDetails}}m to support [MatchSchedule].Team1Poster and [MatchSchedule].Team2Poster. -- River
  • Updated {{IntroSentence/Player}}m to print the word "retired" if a player is retired. Updated {{Infobox/Player}}m to provide the retired flag for this purpose. -- River

June 12[]

  • Updated Gadget - titleButtons.css to apply a display:none; to the staging wiki link. -- River
  • Created Gadget - titleExtraButtons.css to unhide extra buttons that are default hidden by Gadget - titleButtons.css. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - interface.css to make the display:none; of .logged-in-link be !important, since the display changes for logged-in users need to happen on hover of parent containers, and this is too hard to individually override for logged-out users. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - loggedInLinks.js to remove .logged-in-link from the containing element, to work around the above change.
  • Deleted Gadget - loggedInLinks.css as it's no longer needed. -- River
  • Fixed two issues related to statuses behaving improperly in player-team histories: In {{PlayerTeamHistoryEmbeddedAbstract}}m, changed a check for row.Status to row.StatusJoin. Additionally, in {{PlayerTeamHistoryAbstract}}m, added Status as a check for matching do determine whether two rows are identical in h.teamsWhenAreIdentical(). -- River
  • Additionally fixed a similar issue where TeamDisplay was being given a value of Team instead of TeamJoin. -- River

June 11[]

June 10[]

  • Deleted Cargo logentry i18n messages, per CustomLogs update being live now. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - refreshOverview.js to set cursor:wait; while it's running. (Does not apply to any version of RO that has a loading circle embedded into the page while it runs.) -- River
  • Removed help text from {{MatchList}}m for the timezone toggle. -- River

June 9[]

  • Updated {{RosterChangeData}}m to sort first by role then by player name alphabetically, instead of just by role. -- River
  • Adjusted tab-size for the module namespace in Gadget - interface.css. -- River
  • Updated CustomLogs not to overwrite existing i18n entries for other log types. -- River
  • Opened a pull request to HighlightLinksInCategory to follow redirects when applying class names to links. -- River

June 8[]

June 7[]

  • Added a helpful error message to {{UserPredictionsLeaderboard}}m if a page is saved without a user value. -- River
  • Fixed an issue in {{TeamMembers}}m where lines were being sorted according to players' names at time of join instead of time of leave. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - misc.css to show .no-subpage in italic instead of green. -- River

June 6[]

June 5[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{QueryTeamMembers}}m where queries from [ListplayerCurrent] were in reverse alphabetical order. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{TeamSchedule}}m where the inclusion of team redirects was causing some incorrect results to fix. -- River
  • Renamed classes .standings-mhside0 to .standings-mhside1 and .standings-mhside1 to .standings-mhside2 in {{TeamSchedule}}m and Gadget - standings.css. -- River

June 3[]

June 2[]

June 1[]

  • Renamed {{GroupedRosterChangesAbstract}}m.markLineAsUnwanted() to isLineWanted and inverted condition on checking it. -- River
  • Added support for |changed_on_team_rename=Yes to {{RCPlayer}} and {{NewsUtil}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{TeamRename}}m and {{RosterChangeData}}m to respect |changed_on_team_rename=Yes and not store an incorrect one-day-long tenure. -- River


May 31[]

  • Fixed an issue in {{LeaguesNavbox}}m where items weren't sorting properly since the rewrite of the query. -- River
  • Updated {{NewsUtil}}m to store a different format of primary key for roster changes to [RosterChanges].RosterChangeId. Rebuilt [RosterChanges] and blank edited all player and team pages as needed. This change allows data pages to be split up by day instead of week dynamically without modifying any primary keys. -- River

May 30[]

May 28[]

  • Fixed an issue in {{TeamMembers}}m where players with a stylized name with special characters and identical page name except without special characters weren't having information pulled properly. -- River
  • Updated {{QueryTeamMembers}}m to supply NameFull from [Players] and {{GenerateTeamRosterText}}m to use this version of name. -- River

May 27[]

  • Added class .team-members-expired in Gadget - playerTeamDisplay.css and updated {{TeamMembers}}m to display it if a contract is expired. -- River
  • Created {{TableUtil}}m.mergeAndConcat() to concat conflicts in the tables instead of overwriting one. -- River
  • Updated {{HtmlUtil}}m.printRowByList() to use {{TableUtil}}m.mergeAndConcat() instead of merge for fetching class names to add. -- River
  • Changed {{Retirement}}m to print rolelc in its sentence instead of store. -- River
  • Updated PageModifier and TemplateModifier in river_mwclient. Updated several modules in esports_cron accordingly. -- River
  • Removed all support for |checkboxIsPersonality= from {{Infobox/Player}}m. -- River

May 26[]

  • Fixed three related issues in {{PlayerTeamHistoryAbstract}}m where populating contracts wasn't working properly with teams that renamed with redirects. Added several comments. -- River

May 25[]

  • Refactored Gadget - moveToUser.js. Updated it to leave behind and then delete a redirect, to workaround a FlaggedRevs bug where pages that are moved from a FR namespace to a non-FR namespace are made unchecked. Added support for deleting detected subpages (Tournament Results, Schedule History, and Tooltip). -- River

May 24[]

May 23[]

May 22[]

  • Created styles for .infobox-low-content in Gadget - interface.css. -- River
  • Added support to {{Infobox/Player}}m and {{Infobox Player}} for applying different styles when |noteamhist=No is specified. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{Champion Skins Navbox}} where images were linking to the wrong targets sometimes. -- River
  • Updated {{Infobox/Player}}m and {{PlayerResults}}m to support the variable isLowContent, to suppress the filter in the latter if the former is set to Yes via |noteamhist=Yes. -- River
  • Updated {{PlayerTimelineSection}}m to print a sentence if isLowContent is set to Yes. -- River

May 21[]

May 20[]

  • Changed SisterTeam in {{RosterChangeData}}m to allow usage in both pre and post. -- Ragaga
  • Added |to_sister= sentence in {{RosterChangeData/Sentences}}m. -- Ragaga
  • Updated {{Standings}}m to print regions even if no games have been played yet, if applicable. -- River
  • Removed support for |link= from {{TeamRoster/Line}} and {{TeamRoster}}m. -- River
  • Removed support for |link= from {{ExtendedRosterLine}}. -- River

May 19[]

  • Fixed a bug in Gadget - toggles.js where height wasn't being set properly when there was no containing element for a popup. -- River

May 18[]

May 16[]

May 15[]

May 14[]

  • Updated {{NewsUtil}}m to print a linked subject for each sentence in data pages, in order to populate these data pages into subjects' WLH. -- River

May 13[]

  • Moderately refactored {{OrgNavbox}}m. -- River
  • Added a display of player role to {{OrgNavbox}}m. -- River

May 10[]

May 9[]

May 8[]

  • Updated {{TeamPLHQuery/i18n}}m to say that playoff games are not included. -- River
  • Updated {{TournamentPlayerInformation}}m to have an i18n file and use {{HtmlUtil}}m.printHeaderFromI18n() instead of a custom heading printing function. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{PlayerResults1v1}}m that was not displaying results on /Tournament Results subpages. -- River
  • Updated {{PlayerResults1v1}}m, {{MVPStandings}}m, {{ExpiringContracts}}m, and {{RosterTooltip}}m to have i18n files and use more standard {{HtmlUtil}}m functions. -- River
  • Updated {{HtmlUtil}}m.printHeaderFromI18n() to return the created row. -- River
  • Updated {{Player}}m to find the first name and last name at the same time, for a (very) small performance increase. -- River
  • Updated {{CastingHistory}}m to use oneToMany in its query instead of calculating grouped series together. Removed dependency on {{HtmlUtil}}m.printRowsByListInDict(). -- River
  • Updated {{CurrentTournaments}}m to create an array instead of a dictionary, thus eliminating the need for {{HtmlUtil}}m.printRowsByListInDict(). -- River
  • Deleted {{HtmlUtil}}m.printRowsByListInDict(). -- River
  • Moved {{HtmlUtil}}m.teamsVsAlignStr(), {{HtmlUtil}}m.teamsVsAlign(), and {{HtmlUtil}}m.printHeader() into {{GameSchedule}}m since that's the only module still using them, and deleted all three from {{HtmlUtil}}m. -- River
  • Removed {{HtmlUtil}}m.span() dependency from {{NewsUtil}}m because that's just ridiculous. Deleted it from {{HtmlUtil}}m. -- River

May 7[]

May 5[]

  • Updated {{IntroSentence/Player}}m not to print any predicate if no team history is available. -- River
  • Updated {{Retirement}}m to error if free agent is provided to |team=. -- River
  • Updated MediaWiki:Common.js so that TippingOver tooltips are hidden for all edit links, instead of based on the title of the page. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{Retirement}}m where joins were stored when |newrole= was empty. -- River
  • Corrected a typo in Gadget - popupDisambigs.css that was interfering with popup disambig links being positioned correctly. -- River
  • Removed override on disambig popups in standard bio sentences from Gadget - popupDisambigs.css. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - popupDisambigs.js to remove title attributes on links (since tooltips are displayed) and also to fetch disambig based on parent link's title attribute instead of its html. -- River
  • Created {{CategoryGallery}}m and {{CategoryGallery}}. -- River

May 4[]

May 3[]

  • Updated {{Infobox/Player}}m to store to [Players].Image without any underscores present in the field, to support being joined to [_pageData]._pageTitle. -- River
  • Added support to {{PlayerTooltip}}m for players with new roster changes enabled showing multiple teams. -- River

May 2[]

  • Updated Gadget - popupDisambigs.css and Gadget - popupDisambigs.js to avoid a negative margin on disambiguations. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - popupDisambigs.js to include TippingOver logic and to call this extension after running. -- River
  • Enabled TippingOver in Data, Predictions, and Self namespaces. -- River

May 1[]

  • Deleted {{CompoundRolePrinter}}m and merged code into {{CompoundRole}}m. -- River
  • Created {{CompoundEntityAbstract}}m and updated {{CompoundRole}}m to subclass it. -- River
  • Deleted {{CompoundEntityPrinterAbstract}}m and merged code into {{CompoundEntityAbstract}}m. -- River
  • Deleted {{EntityPrinterAbstract}}m and merged code into {{EntityAbstract}}m. -- River
  • Deleted {{RolePrinter}}m and merged code into {{Role2}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{EsportsUtil}}m and {{Retirement}}m to reflect the above changes. -- River
  • Updated {{ContractData}}m to support |transfer=yes to adjust the language in the sentence to say the contract was transferred. This does not affect the store (except for, of course, the stored sentence itself). -- River
  • Updated {{Player}}m to respect |link=false. -- River
  • Updated gcd_scrape.py to touch each page after saving, in an attempt to fix the bug where pages are incorrectly showing up as having diffs from the previous day. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{Bracket}}m where toggles weren't showing. -- River
  • Removed unnecessary imports from {{PlayerCurrentTeam}}m. -- River
  • Deleted {{PrintParsedText}}m. -- River
  • Created {{CargoUtil/Wiki}}m and added a call its castField to {{CargoUtil}}m.castField(). -- River


April 30[]

  • Updated {{CurrentRostersPortal}}m to ignore trainees. -- River
  • Refactored portions of {{Bracket}}m. Added support for |RXMY_bestof= and |show_bestof=. -- River
  • Updated {{Standings}}m so that if |ff=both and |winner=0 in {{MatchSchedule}}, then a loss will be recorded for both teams. -- River

April 28[]

  • Created {{Team}}m.linkifexists(). -- River
  • Updated {{JsonEncode}}m and {{JsonEncode}} so that the names pattern in the file name is provided by the template, not the module. -- River
  • Added support for a type unicode_lowercase to {{CargoUtil}}m. -- River
  • Created {{EntityAbstract}}m, {{EntityPrinterAbstract}}m, {{CompoundEntityPrinterAbstract}}m, {{Role2}}m, {{RolePrinter}}m, {{CompoundRole}}m, and {{CompoundRolePrinter}}m. Updated {{Retirement}}m and {{EsportsUtil}}m to use these. -- River

April 26[]

  • Fixed an issue in {{SpoilerFreeSchedule}}m where empty VODs were displaying instead of stream link for upcoming games. -- River

April 25[]

  • Updated {{MVPStandings}}m not to require any |queryfrom= and instead show totals of both game and match MVPs. -- River
  • Created Form:CastingHistory and {{CH}}. Updated {{CastingHistory}}m to link to a query. -- River
  • Removed unused public functions from {{FormUtil}}m. -- River

April 24[]

April 23[]

April 22[]

April 20[]

April 19[]

April 18[]

  • Added support in {{ScoreboardAbstract}}m for storing multiple pentakills if multiple pentakill vods are provided. -- River

April 16[]

April 14[]

April 11[]

  • Updated {{Timeline}}m to support |pointadjust= and |starting_week=. -- River
  • Updated {{League}} to invoke {{Sprite}}m using {{LeagueSprite}}m. -- River
  • Changed all occurrences of {{LeagueIconSmall}} to {{League}} and deleted the former. -- River
  • Created {{WeeklyDataPages}}m and added a call to it to {{RosterChangeData}}m.date(). -- River
  • Updated {{GetEventPageInfo}}m to support an attribute data-has-participants-datapage and be able to extend to additional similar attributes more easily in the future. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - titleButtons.js and Gadget - dataButtons.js to support the new data-has-participants-datapage attribute. Adjusted display text for viewing data to say create data if no data page exists yet. -- River

April 9[]

  • Fixed an issue in {{PlayerStatsTrivia}} where an empty result could cause display of an unintended blank line. -- River
  • Deleted {{ChampionSkinsLine}} and {{ChampionSkinsStart}}. -- River

April 5[]

April 2[]

  • Added a human-readable error to {{PredictionsUtil}}m in some cases. -- River

April 1[]

  • Updated Gadget - apiUtils.js so that blankEdit doesn't save a nonexistent page. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - refreshOverview.js and {{NewsUtil}}m to blank edit player pages prior to purging all pages. -- River


March 29[]

March 27[]

  • Deleted {{SkinAssets/CargoDec}}, [SkinAssets], and {{CargoDeclare/SkinAssets}}m. -- River

March 26[]

March 24[]

March 23[]

March 22[]

March 20[]

March 19[]

  • Fixed an issue in {{PlayerTeamHistoryAbstract}}m where residency and name changes were being improperly recorded for current teams. -- River
  • Added cache support to river_mwclient. Removed all leaguepedia_validation dependencies from utils; this repo will be abandoned now. -- River

March 18[]

March 17[]

March 13[]

  • Updated {{CargoUtil}}m's one-to-many support to better support relations where multiple fields are desired. Updated {{SpoilerFreeSchedule}}m and {{ListOfTeams}}m accordingly. -- River
  • Updated {{TeamMembers}}m to join to a single copy of [TenuresUnbroken] and parse all the one-to-many results to display correct information even when a player is currently on the team and had a status change. -- River
  • Updated {{NewsUtil}}m.team(), {{NewsUtil}}m.tournament(), and {{NewsUtil}}m.player() to support having {{RCPlayer}} used in |player= or |players= (though use is not mandatory). -- River
  • Deleted {{NewsUtil}}m.line() as it was unused. -- River

March 12[]

March 11[]

  • Created Gadget - editorTools.css.
  • Updated {{TeamMembers}}m to show a refresh button to blank edit player page and then purge team page cache next to each player. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{PlayerTeamHistoryCompact}}m where status changes weren't being properly reflected. -- River

March 10[]

March 9[]

March 8[]

March 6[]

March 5[]

March 4[]

March 2[]

March 1[]


February 29[]

  • Adjusted {{PlayerTeamHistoryCompact}}m to ignore only the leaves of any preloads that change role or role modifier. -- River

February 28[]

February 25[]

February 24[]

February 23[]

  • Rewrote river_mwclient. Updated all files in leaguepedia_util. Removed the old_and_temp_scratch folder from the latter and created a new repo called leaguepedia_archive. -- River

February 19[]

February 18[]

February 17[]

  • Added pop-up sentence display to {{TeamMembers}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{RosterChangePortal}}m to show pop-up sentences along with references. -- River
  • Created {{NewsUtil}}m.getSentenceAndRefDisplay(). -- River

February 14[]

  • Created {{DataUtil}}m.
  • Updated {{TeamMembers}}m not to display any empty columns. -- River
  • Created {{TableUtil}}m.arrayHash(). -- River
  • Created {{ArgsUtil}}m.require(). -- River
  • Updated {{TeamMembers}}m to show references next to dates. -- River

February 13[]

  • Created {{HtmlUtil}}m.span() and deleted {{HtmlUtil}}m.makeNodeFromWikitext(). Removed dependency on the latter from {{FrontpageMatches}}m. -- River
  • Added support to {{ToggleUtil}}m's option from list code to save settings keyed by a string so that a toggle can be more freely used without requiring cumbersome parameter passing. -- River
  • Added a date toggle to {{NewsUtil}}m between approximate and exact. -- River
  • Added date toggle buttons to {{PlayerTimelineSection}}m and {{TeamMembers}}m. -- River
  • Removed top margins from tables that now have toggle buttons above them from Gadget - playerTeamDisplay.css and Gadget - news.css. -- River

February 12[]

February 11[]

  • Fixed an issue in {{TeamMembers}}m where the most recent name a player had while on the team wasn't always shown. -- River

February 10[]

February 9[]

  • Fixed a bug in weekly_utils.py where in Python 8, some regular expressions were unintentionally being successfully matched to whitespace-only strings and causing problematic replacements. -- River

February 8[]

  • Made redirects.py and vodstosb.py available via Nami Bot. -- River

February 7[]

  • Migrated cron tasks and Nami Bot from a CentOS machine to Ubuntu. -- River
  • Updated Nami Bot's RED version to 3.3 (required Python upgrade to 3.8 as well). -- River

February 5[]

February 4[]

February 3[]

  • Fixed several issues in Gadget - toggles.js with popup content positioning inside of content areas smaller than the entire window. -- River
  • Added support for .popup-window-container to be specified on an element to make popup content constrain to its area. -- River
  • Added support for offsetting vertically depending on container space for popups, instead of only horizontal offsetting. -- River
  • Updated {{PopupButton}}m.standings() to depend on {{ToggleUtil}}m instead of using a custom solution. -- River
  • Deleted Gadget - tournamentTeamHistory.js. -- River
  • Globally removed support for .popup-right. -- River
  • Created esportswikis_editing Python package and updated several scripts to depend on it. -- River

February 2[]

February 1[]

  • Added fields [ScoreboardTeam].OverviewPage and [ScoreboardTeam].StatsPage to {{CargoDeclare/ScoreboardTeam}}m. -- River
  • Updated yearly_stats_pages.py to create team pages as well as player pages. -- River
  • Updated {{ScoreboardPlayerStats}}m to join [TeamRedirects] in its query to enable multiple team redirects to be queried at once. -- River
  • Moved {{YearTeamStats}} to {{TeamYearStats}}. -- River


January 31[]

  • Updated Gadget - teamHighlight.js so that multiple-row hovers respect table boundaries. -- River
  • Refactored 1-minute and 15-minute-interval cron tasks, including increasing the frequence of namespace patrolling to once per minute (was once per five minutes). -- River
  • Created {{CargoDeclare/ScoreboardTeam}}m and {{ScoreboardTeam/CargoDec}}. Added a store to [ScoreboardTeam] to {{Scoreboard}}m. -- River

January 26[]

January 19[]

  • Removed Cargo storage from {{NewsItem}}m, fixing a bug where everything using this module was broken. -- River

January 18[]

  • Updated {{MatchHistoryGame}}m to have flexibility in what field is set as the record type in the not-null check. -- River

January 16[]

  • Updated Gadget - refreshOverview.js to fix any incorrect pick-ban results instead of ignoring all games with winners already entered. -- River
  • Updated {{TeamPLHQuery}}m so that split names link to their overview pages. -- River
  • Added spoiler-free vod links to {{SpoilerFreeSchedule}}m. -- River
  • Created {{TextUtil}}m.ambiguousLink() to create internal links styled like external links (.plainlinks can be used for the inverse situation). -- River
  • Created Gadget - utils.js and Gadget - utils.css as part of Gadget - apiUtils. -- River
  • Created Gadget - refreshPlayerPagesForStats.js as part of Gadget - refreshOverview. -- River
  • Added a button to {{OverallPlayerStats}} to trigger a blank edit of all player pages followed by purge of all team pages to update player league participation values. -- River
  • Moved window functions from MediaWiki:common.js to Gadget - utils.js. -- River
  • Replaced the spinner functions in Gadget - predictions.js with generic functions in Gadget - utils.js. Moved css to Gadget - utils.css. -- River
  • Added a generic button class .clickme to Gadget - interface.css. -- River

January 15[]

  • Moved weekly_utils_main.py to run on cron on a remote server instead of Windows Task Scheduler locally to attempt to address recent inconsistencies. -- River

January 14[]

January 13[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{Infobox}}m where lowercasing wasn't taking into account namespace (a problem in the Self namespace). -- River
  • Fixed an issue in {{Retirement}}m where |status= was not being considered, making it impossible to notice the retirement of inactive players. -- River

January 11[]

January 10[]

  • Fixed an issue in Gadget - interface.css where the sidebar wasn't resizing properly when windows were dynamically resized. -- Kittymmeow

January 9[]

  • Changed [RosterChanges].RosterChangeId to store Page_Player_Team_i where i is an index of Player_Team in Page. This fixes an issue before where [Tenures] could be storing an outdated roster change index, because if a player's index changes that player will have had data added or removed, and so will have been blank edited already as part of the RefreshOverview. -- River
  • Created {{NewsUtil}}m.storeRosterChangesRow() and updated {{RosterChangeData}}m, {{TeamRename}}m, and {{Retirement}}m to use this as a wrapper for {{CargoUtil}}m.store() for [RosterChanges]. -- River
  • Deleted {{CargoDeclare/News}}m, {{News/CargoDec}}, and [News]. Updated {{NewsTeam}}m and {{NewsTournament}}m to no longer attach it. -- River

January 8[]

  • Created {{NewsCurrentStatusAbstract}}m and updated {{PlayerCurrentTeam}}m to subclass it. -- River
  • Updated {{GCDBackupOverview}} to have limit 500 and check IsNew="1" instead of "Yes". -- River
  • Created {{TeamMembersCurrent}}m, but this will probably not be used in static pages because it's too hard to determine contract expiration and residency; instead, this will be used solely for historical lookup requests and {{TeamMembers}}m will be used for both current and former players. -- River
  • Added [StandingsArgs].IsOver to {{CargoDeclare/StandingsArgs}}m. Updated {{Standings}}m to populate it. -- River
  • Updated {{NewsUtil}}m and Gadget - refreshOverview.js so that the team of a roster change is sent as |custom-2= in CustomLogs. Updated discord_webhook_recentchanges.py to print team name if available. -- River

January 7[]

January 6[]

  • Updated Gadget - titleButtons.js to check if the current URL is on live or staging, and redirect based on that, so that the same gadget can be used on both wikis. -- River
  • Recreated GCD backup script as gcd_scrape.py but did not deploy yet. -- River

January 5[]

January 4[]

January 3[]

  • Updated {{Infobox Player}} to default to |TOCLimit=2 if none is specified. -- River
  • Added a condition to {{NewsQueryPlayer}}m that [NewsItems].ExcludePlayerNews not be true. -- River
  • Updated {{Legend}}m to have a dependency on {{ToggleUtil}}m.popupButton() instead of assigning any generic classes directly. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - dataPages.css to hide news refresh overview buttons in preview and edit actions. -- River
  • Updated {{RosterChangeData}}m to delegate printing date of |contract_expire= to {{TimeUtil}}m.strToDateStrFuzzy(), adding support for specifying month and year but not day. -- River

January 2[]

  • Created {{ToggleUtil}}m.popupButtonLazy(). -- River
  • Updated {{PopupButton}}m.tth() to use the new popups in Gadget - toggles.js instead of the custom code in Gadget - tournamentTeamHistory.js. Added necessary styling to Gadget - tournamentTeamHistory.css. -- River

January 1[]