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December 30[]

  • Updated {{StoreRedirects}}m not to attempt to lowercase anything before storing, to fix a bug with Lua's new case handling of special characters. -- River

December 29[]

  • Reorganized code between {{Infobox Player}} and {{PlayerPageStart}}, so that |text= from the latter can be passed to the former. -- River

December 28[]

  • Created {{NewsData}}m.player() and {{NewsFree/Player}}. Updated {{NewsQueryAbstract}}m to support player display. Updated Gadget - news.css as needed. -- River
  • Switched Gadget - topSchedule.js to rely on pages created by Extension:HeaderFooter instead of using an api query. Created the pages necessary for this to happen. Updated {{TopSchedule}}m as needed. -- River
  • Updated {{Infobox/Player}}m so that age is not displayed if a player has |died= specified. -- River
  • Added support to {{Infobox Player}} for passing values to {{PlayerPageStart}} so that the two templates can be combined later. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in Gadget - teamHighlight.js where having a hook re-fired was adding duplicate event listeners. -- River
  • Removed {{PlayerPageStart}} from Form:Infobox Player. -- River
  • Added support to {{TimeUtil}}m.age() to use a date other than now as the ending date (for players who are deceased). -- River
  • Added support to {{InfoboxUtil}}m.makeBday() to show a line for a death instead. -- River
  • Updated {{Infobox/Player}}m to include a line with death date and age if |died= is specified as a date. -- River

December 27[]

  • Updated scrape_runes.py to submit a cookie to the needed endpoint to be able to retrieve data. -- River

December 23[]

  • Began preparing to further subclass {{PlayerTeamHistory}}m for a pop-up team history dialog next to players on team roster lists. -- River

December 22[]

December 16[]

December 15[]

December 14[]

  • Created {{PlayerPageEnd}}m. Updated {{PlayerPageEnd}} to use this instead of depending on the Arrays extension. Deleted {{PlayerPageRedirects}}. -- River

December 13[]

  • Added support to {{TeamMembers}}m for querying [Tenures]. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - skinToggle.js to temporarily apply Hydra and Hydradark classes on hover. -- River
  • Added support to {{HtmlUtil}}m for accepting values of classes and attrs in some contexts. -- River

December 12[]

December 11[]

  • Fixed an issue in {{PlayerResults}}m where names with special characters weren't bolding properly. -- River

December 10[]

  • Fixed a bug with focusing tabs properly in {{FeaturedLeagues}}m. -- River
  • Adjusted display in {{TimedeltaAbstract}}m to treat consecutive years with unknown months the same as a single year with unknown months. -- River
  • Updated {{NewsQueryAbstract}}m to print the full name of the page when debug is set. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{Infobox/Champion}}m where {{NewsUtil}}m.setId() wasn't being called. -- River

December 9[]

December 8[]

  • Renamed NewsID to NewsId in every applicable table. Updated all applicable modules as needed. -- River

December 7[]

December 6[]

December 5[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{Infobox/TeamHist}}m where substitute and trainee information was not being stored along with the rest of the last data. Updated {{IntroSentence/Player}}m to look for sub instead of substitute. -- River
  • Updated {{CargoDeclare/RosterRumors}}m to have field [RosterRumors].SourceAuthors as type List (,) of String instead of SourceAuthor as type String. Updated {{RosterRumorPortal}}m to print this field with line breaks separating different authors, and to query with an "or" if multiple authors are listed. Updated {{RosterRumorData}}m to store to this field. -- River
  • Updated {{MatchDetails}}m to print players' names if applicable for 1v1 matches. -- River

December 4[]

December 3[]

December 2[]

  • Streamlined of handling legacy current team support (from args) with that from new roster changes in {{Infobox/Player}}m. -- River
  • Deleted [DisambiguationsPlayer], {{CargoDeclare/DisambiguationsPlayer}}m, and {{DisambiguationsPlayer/CargoDec}}. Removed supporting code from {{DisambigPage}}m. -- River
  • Slightly reorganized functions in Gadget - createPlayer.js. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - createPlayer.js so that parameters in the tabs template at the start of the page are ignored by the parser. -- River
  • Added status column to {{PlayerTeamHistory}}m. -- River
  • Added support for half-ignored (only leave or only join part) to {{NewsUtil}}m.getExcludedPreloadsWhereCondition() and updated {{RosterChangePortal}}m to take advantage of it. -- River
  • Created {{TimedeltaUtil}}m. -- River

December 1[]


November 30[]

November 28[]

November 27[]

November 26[]

  • Deleted {{PlayerNews}}. -- FigoHSV

November 24[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{IntroSentence/Player}}m where current status on a team was determined only by the most recent team in team history and not also by the presence of a current team; this was a problem when the current team was not the most recently-joined team. -- River

November 23[]

November 22[]

November 21[]

November 20[]

November 19[]

  • Added fields IsSubStart, IsSubEnd, IsTraineeStart, and IsTraineeEnd to {{CargoDeclare/RosterRumors}}m and support for them to {{RosterRumorData}}m and {{RosterRumorPortal}}m. -- River
  • Added support for fields |remain_for= and |remain_for_link=} to {{RCPlayer}} and {{NewsUtil}}m. -- River
  • Added fields [RosterChanges].IsSubStart etc and [RosterChanges].PreloadSortNumber to {{CargoDeclare/RosterChanges}}m. -- River
  • Deleted {{RosterRumorEnd2}}. -- River
  • Created {{RosterSwapsIntro}}. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{Infobox/Player}}m where players with multiple listed nationalities were storing incorrectly. -- River
  • Updated {{TournamentList}}m to order secondarily by split number and then IsPlayoffs after date, to properly sort upcoming events with unknown date. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - refreshOverview.js so that roster change RO purges both the current rosters tab and the changes tab for any portal selected, instead of only the changes tab. -- River

November 18[]

November 17[]

November 16[]

  • Added a warning to {{TournamentTabs}} when it's transcluded in the template namespace. -- River
  • Updated {{RosterRumorPortal}} to support |tournaments= for ERL pages. -- River

November 15[]

November 14[]

November 13[]

November 9[]

  • Created {{GroupResultsSection}}m and {{GroupResultsSection}}. -- River

November 8[]

  • Added support for automated team and role querying to {{Infobox/Team}}m. -- River

November 7[]

November 6[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{OrderedDict}}m where the removeKey method wasn't updating the hash for values later than the removed key. -- River
  • Created {{PlayerCurrentTeam}}m. -- River

November 5[]

  • Added support to {{Role}}m for |title= and |default= to overwrite normal behavior. -- River
  • Created {{NewsUtil}}m.roleOrStaffImage(). -- River
  • Updated {{NewsQueryTeam}}m to print pop-up references instead of normal references if |debug=true. -- River
  • Fixed a bug where links weren't being added properly to {{NewsQueryAbstract}}m in debug mode. -- River
  • Updated {{Role}}m to expect |skipdefault= instead of |allowdefault= to share syntax with {{ArgsUtil}}m.lookupVars(). Updated {{Listplayer}} accordingly. -- River

November 4[]

November 3[]

  • Added support for |order= rearranging sentences within a news item instead of only players within a sentence. -- River

November 2[]

November 1[]

  • Created {{Role}}m.medium() which will include sub/trainee status in contrast to {{Role}}m.mediumname(). Updated {{RosterChangePortal}}m to use this display when players switch position. -- River


October 31[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{ScoreboardPlayerStats}}m where list of unique games was accumulating on a page. -- River
  • Added support for displaying retired players as such in {{RosterChangePortal}}m. -- River

October 30[]

October 29[]

  • Created {{TitleUtil}}m.lowercase(). -- River
  • Refactored {{SubpageTabs}}m, {{SubpageAfter}}m, and {{SubpageNavbox}}m slightly. -- River
  • Fixed a bug where tabs were printed by {{SubpageTabs}}m even when there were no subpages present, which was introduced during the change from DPL to Cargo. -- River
  • Updated {{ScoreboardPlayerStats}}m to count the exact right number of games in any context and removed the notice that it might sometimes be incorrect. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{ScoreboardPlayerStats}}m where the ChampionsByTournament preload wasn't printing region when a champion had only bans and no picks. -- River
  • Updated {{ScoreboardPlayerStats}}m to use {{Class}}m. -- River
  • Created Gadget - news.css. -- River
  • Added support for bolding player joins to {{RosterChangeData}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{RosterChangeData}}m so that |move_type= still respects a GCD source. -- River
  • Updated {{CurrentRostersPortal}}m to exclude fields with [NewsItems].ExcludePortal set to true. -- River

October 28[]

October 27[]

October 26[]

October 25[]

October 24[]

October 23[]

October 22[]

October 21[]

October 20[]

  • Created {{MapUtil}}m.arrayInPlaceAndMerge(). -- River
  • Updated {{MatchDetails}}m to use new return table keys from {{ToggleUtil}}m.popupButton() and deleted the deprecated and now-unused old keys from the latter. -- River
  • Created {{CargoUtil}}m.getOrderedDict(). -- River
  • Updated orderBy params in {{NewsQueryAbstract}}m, {{NewsQueryTeam}}m, and {{NewsQueryPlayer}}m to respect entered order over approximate date order. -- River

October 19[]

  • Updated yearly_stags_pages.py to report an error if a year isn't included in a player's stats page link. -- River
  • Deleted {{Vspace}}. -- River

October 18[]

  • Updated {{NewsQueryTeam}}m to use page title for the team if no arg is provided. -- River
  • Updated {{TeamMedia}} not to do anything outside of main namespace. -- River
  • Created {{PlayerNews}} and {{NewsQueryPlayer}}m. -- River
  • Created {{EsportsUtil}}m.boldLinksToThisPlayer(). -- River
  • Updated css for roles in news tables and lists. -- Kittymmeow, River
  • Moved {{ExternalContentQueryBase}}m to {{ExternalContentQueryAbstract}}m and updated {{ExternalContentQuery}}m accordingly. -- River
  • Fixed an issue in {{StandardBioSentence}} where free text was printed after disambiguation notices. -- River

October 17[]

  • Updated all modules that still transcluded {{ProcessArgs}}m to use {{ArgsUtil}}m instead. Deleted {{ProcessArgs}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{Source}} to support storing GCD before and after links. Updated {{RosterChangeData}}m accordingly. Updated {{SourceUtil}}m to support processing GCD data. -- River
  • Added support for showing region icons next to team names in {{Standings}}m for international tournaments. -- River

October 16[]

  • Added un-retiring support to {{Retirement}}m. -- River
  • Added support for a second parameter to {{TextUtil}}m.possessive() without any markup to check if the last letter is s. -- River
  • Updated {{Source}} to provide a unique |name= if none is specified. -- River
  • Added [PlayerDisambigs].ID to {{CargoDeclare/PlayerDisambigs}}m and support for it to {{DisambigPage}}m. -- River
  • Created {{SentenceUtil}}m and moved functions from {{TextUtil}}m and {{NewsUtil}}m there; updated news modules accordingly. -- River
  • Added support for linking to disambiguation pages to {{StandardBioSentence}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{i18nUtil}}m.initGlobalFromFile() so that if an i18n table already exists, the new entries get added to it instead of overwriting the table completely. -- River
  • Renamed {{i18nUtil}}m.initGlobalFromFile() to {{i18nUtil}}m.init(). -- River
  • Created {{i18nUtil}}m.initAndClear(). -- River

October 15[]

October 14[]

  • Updated {{Role}}m not to error on unspecified roles in sortnumber. -- River
  • Added support for social media links in {{Infobox/Tournament}}m. -- River

October 13[]

October 12[]

October 11[]

October 10[]

October 9[]

October 8[]

October 7[]

October 6[]

October 5[]

  • Removed problematic extra whitespace from {{Infobox Ability Toggle}}. -- River
  • Deleted {{NewsQuery/Table}}m and {{NewsQuery/Settings}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{TeamRoster}}m so that player links are no longer uppercased. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{OrgNavbox}}m where sometimes org navboxes weren't showing for disabanded teams. -- River
  • Removed the HOLDS from {{PlayerResults}}m and replaced with an explicit join. -- River
  • Removed fields Roster and Roster_Linked from [TournamentResults] and {{CargoDeclare/TournamentResults}}m. Updated {{PlayerResults}}m to use {{EsportsUtil}}m.playerDisplay() to print player names instead. -- River

October 4[]

October 3[]

October 2[]


September 23[]

  • Updated {{ExternalContent}}m to support multiple tournaments being listed. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - templateReload.js to fire wikipage.content after replacing the element. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{Standings}}m where |finalplaces= being specified caused problems with |finalorder='s ordering being respected. -- River

September 22[]

  • Added support for automatically renaming fields if they are specified with a table prefix in {{CargoUtil}}m, unless they are already being renamed by the caller. -- River
  • Removed several unused functions from {{CargoUtil}}m. -- River

September 21[]

September 20[]

September 19[]

September 18[]

  • Updated {{CurrentLeagueParticipantNavbox}}m to check for upcoming matches before returning an empty string instead of requiring current events table events to print a navbox. -- River

September 13[]

September 12[]

  • Updated {{CharInserts}}m to have loading text so that the display doesn't jerk down after JS is loaded. -- River
  • Added fields to [RosterChanges]. -- River
  • Continued work on {{RosterChangeData}}m, including adding GCD support. -- River
  • Updated {{ScoreboardPlayerStats}}m to support column header attributes. Replaced the printed k after gold with an ::after on .gold-as-thousands. -- River

September 10[]

September 8[]

September 5[]

  • Updated {{i18nUtil}}m.default() to be able to access string.format. -- River

September 4[]

  • Renamed functions in {{HTMLUtil}}m to start with print that previously (and now incorrectly) started with make prior to determining standardized naming conventions. Updated many modules accordingly. -- River
  • Created {{RosterChangeData/Sentences}}m. -- River
  • Continued work on {{RosterChangeData}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{ArgsUtil}}m.splitArgs() so that if an arg is empty or nil it will return nil, to allow for a built-in separator in {{RCInfo}}. -- River

September 1[]


August 30[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{TabsDynamic}}m where multiple MediaWiki tabs weren't displaying properly on pages if {{TD/Tab}} was used. -- River

August 27[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{PentakillLine}}m where [Pentakills].TeamVs wasn't storing. -- River
  • Rewrote content_data_pages.py with generality. -- River
  • Created {{FrameUtil}}m. -- River

August 26[]

August 24[]

  • Added field [MatchScheduleGame].WrittenSummary. -- River
  • Adjusted classes related to popup buttons. -- River
  • Added support for summary display to {{MatchDetails}}m. -- River
  • Created {{ToggleUtil}}m.popupButton(). -- River
  • Updated Gadget - toggles.js to support positioning pop-up content away from the edge of the window. -- River
  • Created {{Ca}}. -- River

August 23[]

August 22[]

  • Created yearly_stats_pages.py and added as a once-daily cron task. -- River

August 17[]

  • Updated {{CircuitPoints}}m to support displaying regional seed in the totals column. -- River
  • Separated patrolling of user pages and predictions pages from the rest of daily_utils.py. -- River

August 16[]

  • Created [SkinAssets], {{SkinAssets/CargoDec}}, and {{CargoDeclare/SkinAssets}}m. Created {{Champion Skins Navbox}} and {{ChampionSkinPage}}. -- River
  • Fixed indexing of tabs, games, and matches in {{Scoreboard}}m. -- River

August 15[]

  • Added [ScoreboardGame].ScoreboardID_Wiki and [ScoreboardGame].ScoreboardID_Riot to {{CargoDeclare/ScoreboardGame}}m. -- River
  • Updated code in {{Scoreboard}}m to allow for section buttons to be displayed. -- River
  • Added a variable write in {{TabsHeader}}m to store the name of the last focused tab for use with scoreboards. -- River
  • Added support for writing to [ScoreboardGame].ScoreboardID_Wiki to {{Scoreboard}}m. Also added dependencies on {{TextUtil}}m.intLink(). -- River
  • Updated {{PicksAndBans}}m to use {{ToggleUtil}}m.prepDataByWeekAndGame(). -- River

August 14[]

August 11[]

August 10[]

August 9[]

  • Added patch toggle support to {{GameUtil}}m and {{MatchList}}m via onMatchListPrintTogglesEnd. -- River
  • Added support for a showall argument in {{ToggleUtil}}m.oflCellClasses(). -- River

August 8[]

August 7[]

August 6[]

August 5[]

  • Added a store to [MatchSchedule]'s patch variables. Added field [MatchSchedule].PatchFootnote. -- River
  • Created {{Hook}}m. -- River
  • Added patch display to {{MatchList}}m via {{GameUtil}}m using {{Hook}}m (to avoid other wikis having this problematic dependency). Created {{GameUtil}}m.linkPatch(). -- River

August 4[]

August 3[]

  • Replaced all uses of {{MatchList2}} and {{MatchMaps2}} with {{MatchList}} and {{MatchMaps}} and deleted the former two templates. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{CastingHistory}}m where matches that were in progress were causing errors. -- River
  • Created {{TimeUtil}}m.addTimezonesToRowFromUTC(). Added support for entering UTC as a time zone to {{TimeUtil}}m.getTimezones(). Made seconds optional to provide in {{TimeUtil}}m.strToTimeStr().
  • Removed query of PST, CET, and KST times from {{MatchSchedule}}m and {{SpoilerFreeSchedule}}m, adding fields [MatchSchedule].DST and [MatchSchedule].HasTime instead. -- River
  • Removed PST, CET, and KST times from {{CargoDeclare/MatchSchedule}}m. Added fields Patch, Hotfix, and Disabled. -- River

August 2[]

August 1[]

  • Added |type=styles to most CSS gadgets and reorganized gadgets around allowing this. -- River
  • Removed {{OrgNavbox/PlayerPageEnd}} and {{OrgNavbox/TeamPageEnd}} from all pages and deleted both templates. -- River


July 31[]

July 30[]

July 29[]

July 28[]

July 27[]

  • Updated {{PlayerPentakills}}m to print a heading iff there are rows to return. Added an automatic call to this template on every player in the trivia section. -- River

July 26[]

July 24[]

July 23[]

July 22[]

  • Updated {{PlayerResults}}m and {{TeamResults}}m to have forced non-wrapping date and place columns. -- River
  • Renamed {{TeamPlayerLeagueHistoryQuery}}m to {{TeamPLHQuery}}m. -- River

July 21[]

  • Updated logic for automatically creating documentation and tooltip pages in weekly_utils.py. Added support for adding documentation for Cargo Declaration modules. -- River
  • Updated {{TournamentList}}m to use {{LeagueSprite}}m instead of {{League}}m. -- River
  • Created {{TitleUtil}}m.escape() and added an escape to {{TitleUtil}}m.target() before returning a page. -- River
  • Updated {{EsportsUtil}}m.KDA() not to require non-empty entries. -- River
  • Created {{PentakillLine}}m and replaced {{PentakillLine}} with an invoke of it. -- River
  • Created {{CastingHistory}}m and {{CastingHistory}}. Added support for /Casting History subpages to {{SubpageSettings}}m. -- River

July 20[]

July 19[]

July 18[]

July 17[]

July 16[]

  • Removed support for |max= in {{TableUtil}}m and updated {{TournamentList}}m, {{MatchHistoryPlayer}}m, and {{TournamentResults}}m accordingly. -- River
  • Created {{TeamMedia}}. -- River
  • Deleted Category:LCS Player Participation Templates and Category:Combined Team Logo Stds along with all contents of both. -- River
  • Renamed {{EsportsUtil}}m.teamAndPlayer() to {{EsportsUtil}}m.playerMarkup(). Also created flagPlayerMandatory, teamPlayerMandatory, and teamFlagPlayerMandatory for versions of this display where certain parameters are required. -- River
  • Updated {{PickBanHistory}}m not to error on missing data in text-only queries and instead print MISSING DATA. -- River

July 15[]

July 13[]

July 12[]

July 11[]

  • Created {{LeagueTable}} and continued work on {{TournamentList}}m. -- River

July 10[]

July 9[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{ExternalContentQuery}}m where sentence was parsing incorrectly if Publication was undefined. -- River
  • Updated match_schedule_hash.py to take IntiialPageAndTab into account. -- River
  • Created [MatchSchedule].InitialPageAndTab. -- River
  • Updated {{Timeline}}m to ignore tiebreaker matches. -- River

July 8[]

  • Updated {{Timeline}}m to add classes to rows at transitions from > .500 to .500 and from .500 to below .500 records. -- River
  • Updated {{Timeline}}m to ignore any TBD team. -- River
  • Updated daily maintenance task to place |initialorder= before |team1= in {{MatchSchedule}} instead of at the end. -- River

July 7[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{MatchSchedule}}m where InterviewWith wasn't displaying in the table even though it was storing properly. -- River

July 6[]

  • Updated match_schedule_hash.py not to throw errors when teams are changed from TBD. -- River
  • Updated {{TableUtil}}m.mapRowsInPlace() to add row.index to each row. -- River
  • Updated {{CargoUtil}}m.cast() to add row.index to each row. -- River

July 5[]

  • Refactored row display in {{PickBanHistory}}m and added classes to show dividers between columns of bans and picks. -- River
  • Updated {{EsportsUtil}}m to return nil when creating player links and to escape underscores and repeated spaces in player links. -- River

July 3[]

  • Fixed an issue in {{Standings}}m where Cargo couldn't be stored from manually-curated standings. -- River

July 2[]

July 1[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{TabsDynamic}}m where |This= wasn't converted to number. -- River
  • Added support for |This= to {{ExternalContentQuery}}m. -- River
  • Added support for parameters coming from MediaWiki to {{TabsDynamic}}m and replaced {{TabsDynamic}} with an invoke of it. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{TableUtil}}m.interlace(). -- River
  • Added support for {{TDRight}} in {{TabsDynamic}}m and replaced {{TDRight}} with an invoke of it. -- River
  • Deleted {{(}}, {{)}}, {{Box2}}, and several templates previously used by {{TD}} and/or {{TDRight}}. -- River


June 30[]

June 29[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{MatchHistoryPlayer}}m where i18n wasn't initialized early enough. -- River
  • Updated tournament display in {{NewsItem}}m. -- River
  • Adjusted css of tournament icons in news in commons - global.css. -- River

June 28[]

  • Updated Gadget - toggle.js to require ._tog_object on a class for every toggler and toggled item, and removed elem as a variable to fix a bug. -- River
  • Created {{InformationToggle}} and {{ParticipantToggle}}. -- River

June 27[]

June 26[]

June 25[]

June 24[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{TournamentResults}}m where rowspan for places was broken from yesterday's changes. -- River

June 23[]

  • Added support for showing current streak to {{Standings}}m. -- River
  • Created {{TournamentResults/i18n}}m and added i18n support in {{TournamentResults}}m. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{TeamResults}}m where nonlocal currencies weren't being printed. -- River
  • Updated {{TournamentResults}}m so that prizes in non-local currencies are displayed as options to toggle to instead of in their own separate columns. -- River

June 21[]

June 20[]

June 19[]

June 17[]

June 16[]

June 15[]

June 14[]

June 13[]

June 12[]

  • Changed player intro sentence wordings in {{StandardBioSentence}}m and {{Rolenames}}m. -- Fowler

June 11[]

June 10[]

  • Replaced [TournamentResults].Place-Number with [TournamentResults].Place_Number and removed TeamLink (was already identical to Team). Added OverviewPage (identical to _pageName currently). Updated storing templates and {{PlayerResults}}m accordingly. -- River

June 9[]

  • Created an abuse filter to block edits with the summary this is staging. -- River
  • Created {{UserPredictionsUser}}m, {{UserPredictionsUser}}, and supporting JS and utility functions. -- River
  • Created {{MatchesUtil}}m and removed all predictions classes from {{MatchList}}m (predictions totals and the launch predictions button are still there). -- River

June 8[]

June 7[]

June 6[]

June 5[]

  • Updated {{UserPredictionsLeaderboard}}m to sort predictions based on recalculated numbers instead of relying on stored Cargo. -- River
  • Created all external content pages in the Data namespace for 2011-2019. -- River
  • Created {{ContentLineOld}}. -- River

June 4[]

June 3[]

June 2[]

June 1[]

  • Rolled back team sprite update to {{Team}}m. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{FeaturedLeagues}}m where an extra toggler had the lazy toggler class which caused pages to be problematically reloaded. -- River
  • Added nationality as valid input for each country to {{Countrynames}}m. -- River
  • Added some error checking for link existing to {{ScoreboardPlayerStats}}m. -- River
  • Added internationalization to {{UserPredictionsLeaderboard}}m. -- Firebearry
  • Fixed a bug in {{MatchHistoryGame}}m where bans from red side teams weren't being included. -- River
  • Deleted {{Color}}m. -- River


May 31[]

  • Created {{SpriteDoc}}m and removed sprite documentation from {{Sprite}}m. Updated template documentation pages as needed. -- River
  • Updated {{Sprite}}m.spriteImageOrNil() and added a dependency to it to {{Team}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{PlayerPageRedirects}} to have significantly less verbose text. -- River

May 30[]

May 29[]

May 28[]

  • Updated {{TableUtil}}m.slice() to accept negative indices. -- River
  • Updated {{TitleUtil}}m.titleparts() to accept negative indices. -- River
  • Created {{TitleUtil}}m.titleslice(). -- River
  • Created {{UserPredictions}}m. -- River

May 27[]

May 26[]

May 25[]

May 24[]

May 23[]

May 22[]

  • Recreated [InfoboxPlayer] with a field for Nationality and updated {{Infobox/Player}}m to store to it. -- River
  • Created {{MatchHIstoryGame/Settings}}m. -- River

May 21[]

May 20[]

May 19[]

May 18[]

May 17[]

  • Created {{GameUtil}}m. Updated {{TeamRoster}}m to use it instead of having its own constant NUMBER_OF_PLAYERS_PER_GAME. -- River
  • Minor updates to {{FormUtil}}m. -- River
  • Deleted {{TournamentStatistics}}m, {{TSHelper}}m, and {{MatchHistory}}m. -- River

May 16[]

May 15[]

May 14[]

  • Added support for showing a query with losses only to {{PlayerPentakills}}m. -- River
  • Deleted {{HTMLUtil}}m.printRowsByArray(). -- River

May 12[]

  • Following all errors from {{TeamRoster}} replacement being resolved, updated {{TeamRoster}} to invoke {{TeamRoster2}}m and replaced {{TeamRosterNew}} with {{TeamRoster}}. Replaced {{TeamRoster}}m with the contents of {{TeamRoster2}}m. Deleted {{TeamRosterNew}} and {{TeamRoster2}}m. -- River
  • Created {{Stream}}m and replaced {{Stream}} with an invoke of it, adding support for multiple flags being displayed. -- River
  • Ran flag_template_fixes.py to add standalone flag templates into the stream template. -- River
  • Created {{Player}}m and replaced {{Player}} with an invoke of it. -- River

May 11[]

  • Updated {{Flag}}, {{TeamRoster}}m, and {{ExtendedRosterLine}}m to use {{FlagSprite}}m instead of {{Flagnames}}m and individual files. -- River
  • Deleted {{Flagnames}}m. -- River
  • Rewrote {{TeamRoster}}m as {{TeamRoster2}}m, invoked by {{TeamRosterNew}}, and created {{TeamRoster/Line}}. Replaced all uses of {{TeamRoster}} with {{TeamRosterNew}}. -- River

May 10[]

  • Refactored {{Distribution}}m and added better support for |format=. -- River
  • Updated {{StandingsStart}} to include .standings on its table. -- River
  • Updated {{StandingsLine/WLS}}, {{StandingsLine/WL}}, {{StandingsLine/WTLP}}, and {{StandingsLine/WLP}} not to use th cells and to have the right classes for place and team name. -- River
  • Created {{FlagSprite}}m along with supporting template and CSS on the Commons wiki. -- River

May 9[]

  • Created {{Languagenames}}m. -- River
  • Created {{Language}} as a placeholder. -- River
  • Created {{Orgnames}}m, {{OrgLookups}}m, and {{Stream}}. Ran a script to update most hard-coded occurrences of {{flag}} followed by a stream link with {{Stream}}. -- River
  • Added support for |nationality= to {{Infobox/Player}}m and {{Infobox/Player/i18n}}m. -- River
  • Created {{RosterLineOld}} and replaced team rosters that were putting flags and players directly into wikitext tables without a template with it. -- River

May 8[]

May 7[]

May 5[]

May 4[]

  • Added i18n support to the rest of the infobox modules except for the ones using stat icons. -- River
  • Created {{StatSprite}}m and {{StatSprite}}. -- River
  • Created {{StatClass}}m. -- River
  • Continued work on {{MarkupObjectClass}}m. -- River

May 3[]

May 2[]

May 1[]


April 30[]

Created {{I18nModule}} and {{i18nmod}}. -- River

April 29[]

April 28[]

April 27[]

  • Renamed {{TextUtil}}m.splitForce() back to {{TextUtil}}m.split(). Renamed {{TextUtil}}m.split() to {{TextUtil}}m.splitNonempty(). -- River
  • Updated {{VarsUtil}}m.logObject() to convert all values to string before appending them to the output variable. -- River
  • Fixed a bug with {{PortalCurrentRosters}}m where lines without a single player in them were displaying incorrectly. -- River

April 26[]

April 25[]

April 24[]

  • Updated {{TopSchedule}}m not to include any games that already have results (specifically applies to games that are canceled ahead of their scheduled start time). -- River
  • Updated the grouping in {{TopSchedule}}m to start at 3 if teams are known (previously was 2) but remain at 2 if teams are unknown. -- River
  • Cleaned up Gadget - flairs.css. -- River

April 23[]

  • Created {{HTMLUtil}}m.headerFromI18n(). -- River

April 19[]

  • Updated {{EsportsUtil}}m.addTeamHighlighter() not to print anything if "TBD" is passed to it. -- River

April 18[]

April 17[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{TopSchedule}}m where too many results were being grouped together in the query. -- River

April 16[]

  • Fixed an issue in {{PatchNotesTOC}}m where items were linking to the prefixed location while the anchors are just the name of the item. -- River

April 15[]

April 14[]

  • Renamed {{TimeUtil}}m.isInFutureDate() to {{TimeUtil}}m.dateIsInFuture() and created {{TimeUtil}}m.dateIsInFutureOrNow(). Updated {{CurrentTournaments}}m to use {{TimeUtil}}m.dateIsInFutureOrNow(). -- River
  • Added support for disqualifications to {{Placement}}m and Gadget - standings.css. -- River
  • Renamed extendedscore to extendedseries in {{Bracket}}m. -- River
  • Refactored {{TopSchedule}}m and updated it to combine events with multiple matches starting at the same time to group together, even if different teams are entered, and display the total number of matches taking place at that time instead of a matchup. -- River
  • Renamed {{TextUtil}}m.printIntLink() to {{TextUtil}}m.intLink(), {{TextUtil}}m.printExtLink() to {{TextUtil}}m.extLink(), and {{TextUtil}}m.printLink() to {{TextUtil}}m.link(). Created {{TextUtil}}m.linkOrText(), {{TextUtil}}m.intLinkOrText(), and {{TextUtil}}m.extLinkOrText(). -- River

April 13[]

  • Added support for Facebook Gaming and NimoTV to {{Infobox/Social}}m. -- River

April 11[]

  • Fixed an issue in {{IndividualPlayerStats/Start}} with arrows collapsing. -- River, Kittymmeow

April 10[]

  • Added .md-table to the table output by {{AutoMatchDetails}}m and nowrap for it to Gadget - tournamentDisplay.css. -- River
  • Moved CargoConcept:CurrentLeagues to Metadata:CurrentLeagues. -- River
  • Added .infobox-image to the image row in {{Infobox}}m; renamed some functions in keeping with current style conventions. -- River
  • Added input validation to {{MatchSchedule}}m on the match score equaling the net result of the game scores when a |winner= is defined for the match. If no winner is defined, instead of attempting to validate it will ignore match score altogether and store the cumulative game score. |ignorewarnings= can be used to suppress the param validation and should be used if a game was played without sides known or there was a pre-series game advantage. -- River
  • Deleted remaining distribution templates other than {{Distribution}}. -- River

April 9[]

April 8[]

  • Updated {{MatchHistoryChamp/Line/Text}} to print the full link to a match history in plaintext instead of being linked text. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in disambiguation creation script where sometimes names weren't being written to Gadget - highlightDisambigs.css. -- River

April 3[]

  • Added support for |basepage= to {{TabsHeader}} via {{TabsHeader}}m as well as a fallback display of i if no display is given (only possible to happen when |basepage= is used because otherwise the link is itself the fallback). -- River

April 2[]

  • Added a temporary patch display to {{Scoreboard}}m. -- River
  • Fixed an issue where .side-red was not added to the right cell in the heading row in {{Scoreboard}}m. -- River

April 1[]


March 31[]

March 30[]

  • Readded support for |link= to {{League}}m. -- River

March 29[]

March 28[]

  • Deleted {{Leaguestyles}}m. -- River
  • Added support for |regionN= to {{Crossbox}}m.fromArgs(). Additionally added a percentage winrate display to every crossbox. -- River
  • Created Gadget - filterTournamentResults.js and Widget:FilterTournamentResults. Added support for these to {{PlayerResults}}m when |show=everything. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - brackets.css and {{Bracket}}m to have a variable for height that can be set to 1em on the front page. -- Kittymmeow
  • Deleted {{Crossbox6Region}} and {{Crossbox7Region}}. -- River
  • Created {{Bgcolor}}. -- River

March 27[]

  • Created Gadget - titleButtons.js, Gadget - titleButtons.css, and Gadget - titleButtons. -- River
  • Renamed Gadget - editData.js to Gadget - refreshOverview.js and removed title buttons from it. -- River
  • Renamed Gadget - editData.css to Gadget - dataButtons.css and created Gadget - dataButtons.js with the data buttons from Gadget - editData.js but not the copy-paste buttons from Gadget - titleButtons.js. -- River
  • Deleted {{MatchRecapS6/Header}}, {{MatchRecapS4/Header}}, and {{MatchRecapS5NoSMW/Forfeit}}. The only remaining MatchRecap templates remaining are now the Ultimate Bravery ones, which are only used on one page. -- River
  • Updated visual styling of the sidebar button in Gadget - skinToggle.css. -- Kittymmeow
  • Fixed an issue in {{GetSubSubpageList}}m where output wasn't compatible with createTournament for events without scoreboard subtabs. -- River
  • Added support for dark & black classes on square logos in {{Team}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{League}}m not to use {{Leaguestyles}}m anymore. Added support for black and dark as classes in {{Leaguenames}}m. Renamed rightshortdiv60linked to newsitem. Updated {{TeamResults}}m, {{PlayerResults}}m, {{CurrentTournaments}}m, and {{NewsItem}}m accordingly. -- River
  • Updated {{LeagueIconSmall}} to call {{League}}m.main() instead of {{League}}m.league(). -- River
  • Updated {{PickBanHistory}}m to error only in text-only queries, and not in standard pages. --