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December 30[edit]

  • Updated {{StoreRedirects}}m not to attempt to lowercase anything before storing, to fix a bug with Lua's new case handling of special characters. -- River

December 29[edit]

December 28[edit]

December 27[edit]

  • Updated scrape_runes.py to submit a cookie to the needed endpoint to be able to retrieve data. -- River

December 23[edit]

  • Began preparing to further subclass {{PlayerTeamHistory}}m for a pop-up team history dialog next to players on team roster lists. -- River

December 22[edit]

December 16[edit]

December 15[edit]

December 14[edit]

December 13[edit]

December 12[edit]

December 11[edit]

  • Fixed an issue in {{PlayerResults}}m where names with special characters weren't bolding properly. -- River

December 10[edit]

December 9[edit]

December 8[edit]

  • Renamed NewsID to NewsId in every applicable table. Updated all applicable modules as needed. -- River

December 7[edit]

December 6[edit]

December 5[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in {{Infobox/TeamHist}}m where substitute and trainee information was not being stored along with the rest of the last data. Updated {{IntroSentence/Player}}m to look for sub instead of substitute. -- River
  • Updated {{CargoDeclare/RosterRumors}}m to have field [RosterRumors].SourceAuthors as type List (,) of String instead of SourceAuthor as type String. Updated {{RosterRumorPortal}}m to print this field with line breaks separating different authors, and to query with an "or" if multiple authors are listed. Updated {{RosterRumorData}}m to store to this field. -- River
  • Updated {{MatchDetails}}m to print players' names if applicable for 1v1 matches. -- River

December 4[edit]

December 3[edit]

December 2[edit]

December 1[edit]


November 30[edit]

November 28[edit]

November 27[edit]

November 26[edit]

November 24[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in {{IntroSentence/Player}}m where current status on a team was determined only by the most recent team in team history and not also by the presence of a current team; this was a problem when the current team was not the most recently-joined team. -- River

November 23[edit]

November 22[edit]

November 21[edit]

November 20[edit]

November 19[edit]

November 18[edit]

November 17[edit]

November 16[edit]

November 15[edit]

November 14[edit]

November 13[edit]

November 9[edit]

November 8[edit]

November 7[edit]

November 6[edit]

November 5[edit]

  • Added support to {{Role}}m for |title= and |default= to overwrite normal behavior. -- River
  • Created {{NewsUtil}}m.roleOrStaffImage(). -- River
  • Updated {{NewsQueryTeam}}m to print pop-up references instead of normal references if |debug=true. -- River
  • Fixed a bug where links weren't being added properly to {{NewsQueryAbstract}}m in debug mode. -- River
  • Updated {{Role}}m to expect |skipdefault= instead of |allowdefault= to share syntax with {{ArgsUtil}}m.lookupVars(). Updated {{Listplayer}} accordingly. -- River

November 4[edit]

November 3[edit]

  • Added support for |order= rearranging sentences within a news item instead of only players within a sentence. -- River

November 2[edit]

November 1[edit]

  • Created {{Role}}m.medium() which will include sub/trainee status in contrast to {{Role}}m.mediumname(). Updated {{RosterChangePortal}}m to use this display when players switch position. -- River


October 31[edit]

October 30[edit]

October 29[edit]

October 28[edit]

October 27[edit]

October 26[edit]

October 25[edit]

October 24[edit]

October 23[edit]

October 22[edit]

October 21[edit]

October 20[edit]

October 19[edit]

  • Updated yearly_stags_pages.py to report an error if a year isn't included in a player's stats page link. -- River
  • Deleted {{Vspace}}. -- River

October 18[edit]

October 17[edit]

October 16[edit]

October 15[edit]

October 14[edit]

October 13[edit]

October 12[edit]

October 11[edit]

October 10[edit]

October 9[edit]

October 8[edit]

October 7[edit]

October 6[edit]

October 5[edit]

October 4[edit]

October 3[edit]

October 2[edit]


September 23[edit]

  • Updated {{ExternalContent}}m to support multiple tournaments being listed. -- River
  • Updated Gadget - templateReload.js to fire wikipage.content after replacing the element. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in {{Standings}}m where |finalplaces= being specified caused problems with |finalorder='s ordering being respected. -- River

September 22[edit]

  • Added support for automatically renaming fields if they are specified with a table prefix in {{CargoUtil}}m, unless they are already being renamed by the caller. -- River
  • Removed several unused functions from {{CargoUtil}}m. -- River

September 21[edit]

September 20[edit]

September 19[edit]

September 18[edit]

  • Updated {{CurrentLeagueParticipantNavbox}}m to check for upcoming matches before returning an empty string instead of requiring current events table events to print a navbox. -- River

September 13[edit]

September 12[edit]

September 10[edit]

September 8[edit]

September 5[edit]

  • Updated {{i18nUtil}}m.default() to be able to access string.format. -- River

September 4[edit]

  • Renamed functions in {{HTMLUtil}}m to start with print that previously (and now incorrectly) started with make prior to determining standardized naming conventions. Updated many modules accordingly. -- River
  • Created {{RosterChangeData/Sentences}}m. -- River
  • Continued work on {{RosterChangeData}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{ArgsUtil}}m.splitArgs() so that if an arg is empty or nil it will return nil, to allow for a built-in separator in {{RCInfo}}. -- River

September 1[edit]


August 30[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in {{TabsDynamic}}m where multiple MediaWiki tabs weren't displaying properly on pages if {{TD/Tab}} was used. -- River

August 27[edit]

August 26[edit]

August 24[edit]

August 23[edit]

August 22[edit]

  • Created yearly_stats_pages.py and added as a once-daily cron task. -- River

August 17[edit]

  • Updated {{CircuitPoints}}m to support displaying regional seed in the totals column. -- River
  • Separated patrolling of user pages and predictions pages from the rest of daily_utils.py. -- River

August 16[edit]

August 15[edit]

August 14[edit]

August 11[edit]

August 10[edit]

August 9[edit]

  • Added patch toggle support to {{GameUtil}}m and {{MatchList}}m via onMatchListPrintTogglesEnd. -- River
  • Added support for a showall argument in {{ToggleUtil}}m.oflCellClasses(). -- River

August 8[edit]

August 7[edit]

August 6[edit]

August 5[edit]

August 4[edit]

August 3[edit]

August 2[edit]

August 1[edit]


July 31[edit]

July 30[edit]

July 29[edit]

July 28[edit]

July 27[edit]

  • Updated {{PlayerPentakills}}m to print a heading iff there are rows to return. Added an automatic call to this template on every player in the trivia section. -- River

July 26[edit]

July 24[edit]

July 23[edit]

July 22[edit]

July 21[edit]

July 20[edit]

July 19[edit]

July 18[edit]

July 17[edit]

July 16[edit]

July 15[edit]

July 13[edit]

July 12[edit]

July 11[edit]

July 10[edit]

July 9[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in {{ExternalContentQuery}}m where sentence was parsing incorrectly if Publication was undefined. -- River
  • Updated match_schedule_hash.py to take IntiialPageAndTab into account. -- River
  • Created [MatchSchedule].InitialPageAndTab. -- River
  • Updated {{Timeline}}m to ignore tiebreaker matches. -- River

July 8[edit]

  • Updated {{Timeline}}m to add classes to rows at transitions from > .500 to .500 and from .500 to below .500 records. -- River
  • Updated {{Timeline}}m to ignore any TBD team. -- River
  • Updated daily maintenance task to place |initialorder= before |team1= in {{MatchSchedule}} instead of at the end. -- River

July 7[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in {{MatchSchedule}}m where InterviewWith wasn't displaying in the table even though it was storing properly. -- River

July 6[edit]

  • Updated match_schedule_hash.py not to throw errors when teams are changed from TBD. -- River
  • Updated {{TableUtil}}m.mapRowsInPlace() to add row.index to each row. -- River
  • Updated {{CargoUtil}}m.cast() to add row.index to each row. -- River

July 5[edit]

  • Refactored row display in {{PickBanHistory}}m and added classes to show dividers between columns of bans and picks. -- River
  • Updated {{EsportsUtil}}m to return nil when creating player links and to escape underscores and repeated spaces in player links. -- River

July 3[edit]

  • Fixed an issue in {{Standings}}m where Cargo couldn't be stored from manually-curated standings. -- River

July 2[edit]

July 1[edit]


June 30[edit]

June 29[edit]

June 28[edit]

June 27[edit]

June 26[edit]

June 25[edit]

June 24[edit]

June 23[edit]

June 21[edit]

June 20[edit]

June 19[edit]

June 17[edit]

June 16[edit]

June 15[edit]

June 14[edit]

June 13[edit]

June 12[edit]

June 11[edit]

June 10[edit]

June 9[edit]

June 8[edit]

June 7[edit]

June 6[edit]

June 5[edit]

June 4[edit]

June 3[edit]

June 2[edit]

June 1[edit]


May 31[edit]

  • Created {{SpriteDoc}}m and removed sprite documentation from {{Sprite}}m. Updated template documentation pages as needed. -- River
  • Updated {{Sprite}}m.spriteImageOrNil() and added a dependency to it to {{Team}}m. -- River
  • Updated {{PlayerPageRedirects}} to have significantly less verbose text. -- River

May 30[edit]

May 29[edit]

May 28[edit]

May 27[edit]

May 26[edit]

May 25[edit]

May 24[edit]

May 23[edit]

May 22[edit]

May 21[edit]

May 20[edit]

May 19[edit]

May 18[edit]

May 17[edit]

May 16[edit]

May 15[edit]

May 14[edit]

May 12[edit]

May 11[edit]

May 10[edit]

May 9[edit]

May 8[edit]

May 7[edit]

May 5[edit]

May 4[edit]

May 3[edit]

May 2[edit]

May 1[edit]


April 30[edit]

Created {{I18nModule}} and {{i18nmod}}. -- River

April 29[edit]

April 28[edit]

April 27[edit]

  • Renamed {{TextUtil}}m.splitForce() back to {{TextUtil}}m.split(). Renamed {{TextUtil}}m.split() to {{TextUtil}}m.splitNonempty(). -- River
  • Updated {{VarsUtil}}m.logObject() to convert all values to string before appending them to the output variable. -- River
  • Fixed a bug with {{PortalCurrentRosters}}m where lines without a single player in them were displaying incorrectly. -- River

April 26[edit]

April 25[edit]

April 24[edit]

  • Updated {{TopSchedule}}m not to include any games that already have results (specifically applies to games that are canceled ahead of their scheduled start time). -- River
  • Updated the grouping in {{TopSchedule}}m to start at 3 if teams are known (previously was 2) but remain at 2 if teams are unknown. -- River
  • Cleaned up Gadget - flairs.css. -- River

April 23[edit]

April 19[edit]

  • Updated {{EsportsUtil}}m.addTeamHighlighter() not to print anything if "TBD" is passed to it. -- River

April 18[edit]

April 17[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in {{TopSchedule}}m where too many results were being grouped together in the query. -- River

April 16[edit]

  • Fixed an issue in {{PatchNotesTOC}}m where items were linking to the prefixed location while the anchors are just the name of the item. -- River

April 15[edit]

April 14[edit]

April 13[edit]

April 11[edit]

April 10[edit]

  • Added .md-table to the table output by {{AutoMatchDetails}}m and nowrap for it to Gadget - tournamentDisplay.css. -- River
  • Moved CargoConcept:CurrentLeagues to Metadata:CurrentLeagues. -- River
  • Added .infobox-image to the image row in {{Infobox}}m; renamed some functions in keeping with current style conventions. -- River
  • Added input validation to {{MatchSchedule}}m on the match score equaling the net result of the game scores when a |winner= is defined for the match. If no winner is defined, instead of attempting to validate it will ignore match score altogether and store the cumulative game score. |ignorewarnings= can be used to suppress the param validation and should be used if a game was played without sides known or there was a pre-series game advantage. -- River
  • Deleted remaining distribution templates other than {{Distribution}}. -- River

April 9[edit]

April 8[edit]

April 3[edit]

  • Added support for |basepage= to {{TabsHeader}} via {{TabsHeader}}m as well as a fallback display of i if no display is given (only possible to happen when |basepage= is used because otherwise the link is itself the fallback). -- River

April 2[edit]

  • Added a temporary patch display to {{Scoreboard}}m. -- River
  • Fixed an issue where .side-red was not added to the right cell in the heading row in {{Scoreboard}}m. -- River

April 1[edit]


March 31[edit]

March 30[edit]

March 29[edit]

March 28[edit]

March 27[edit]

March 26[edit]

  • Improved CSS in Gadget - skinToggle.css. -- Kittymmeow
  • Upadted Gadget - skinToggle.js to support previewing skins when logged out. -- River
  • Updated {{Scoreboard}}m so that a winner is no longer required. -- River
  • Updated {{PlayerGamesConcept}} to uppercase-first-letter all links. -- River
  • Wrote and ran a script to remove now-duplicated entries from player games concepts. -- River
  • Updated {{IPS}} to query based on a Player Games Concept based on an optional |link= input or the current page's title root instead of inputs. -- River
  • Updated {{IndividualPlayerStats/Line}} to link to a {{CPTMH}} query using the link parameter. Updated {{CPTMH}} to {{#follow: its input link and query a concept. -- River
  • Fixed a bug in Gadget - createPlayer.js where return values were set up incorrectly and so the "Done" confirmation was printing too early. -- River
  • Fixed an issue in {{Scoreboard}}m where team gold wasn't saving the SMW-template-compatible number of 1/1000 the actual value. -- River
  • Added support for making Concept pages along with all scoreboard pages to the tournament function in Gadget - createPlayer.js. -- River
  • Updated {{RumoredRostersFranchise}}, {{CurrentRostersFranchise/RosterNoCoaches}}, and {{RumoredRosters}} not to use any inline colors. -- River
  • Added support for games that were forfeited games to {{Scoreboard}}m via |notplayed=Forfeit or |notplayed=Disqualified, with additional support for |reason=. -- River

March 25[edit]

March 24[edit]

March 23[edit]

March 22[edit]

March 21[edit]

March 20[edit]

March 19[edit]

  • Updated Gadget - standings.css not to use any !importants and instead redefine variables. -- River
  • Renamed .standings-incompleteinfo to .standings-incomplete and changed the color to bright yellow. -- River
  • Replaced a large amount of CSS in MediaWiki:Common.css. -- Kittymmeow
  • Added .newteam-none to commons - global.css. Updated {{None}} to use the class instead of inline styles. -- River

March 18[edit]

March 17[edit]

  • Updated class names in {{PicksAndBans}}m to be shorter to avoid reaching transclusion limits in LDL pages. Moved css to Gadget - tournamentDisplay.css. -- River
  • Added support for |initround= in {{Bracket}}m to initially show a round later than the first when toggles are available. Slightly refactored toggling code. -- River

March 16[edit]

March 15[edit]

March 14[edit]

March 13[edit]