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December 31[]

  • Replaced {{ExtendedRosterLine}} with {{ExtendedRosterLine2}}'s code (it was a redirect to the latter before) and deleted {{ExtendedRosterline2}}. -- River
  • Added support for a |link= argument to {{ExtendedRosterLine}}, updated all current instances of the template, and removed support for using {{!}} in the player field. This standardizes roster input with {{TeamRoster/Simple}}. -- River
  • Added support for a |link= argument to {{Bl}} and removed support for {{!}} in the first argument working (the template always supported having a 2nd argument as a different display from the first argument). -- River
  • Removed the {{bl}} call from {{1v1Scoreboard}}. Changed winner from blue or red to 1 or 2. Added support for |link1= and |link2= to {{1v1ScoreboardStart}}, {{1v1ScoreboardStart/Teams}}, and {{PlayersVsAlign}}, removing support for {{!}} as well. Deleted {{SoloKingMatchGame}} and {{SoloKingMatchStart}}. Updated {{1v1ScoreboardStart/Teams}} to pass {{{3|}}} (e.g. |onlyimagelinked) instead of |no-link= to {{Team}}. -- River
  • Removed {{Team-stub}} and {{Tournament-stub}} from all pages. -- River

December 30[]

  • Deleted {{Teamnames}} and all child templates along with Category:Teamnames Templates. Updated documentation to reflect {{Teamnames}}m existing. -- River
  • Deleted Category:Team Icon and added all images to Category:Team Logo Stds. -- River

December 29[]

  • Updated {{CargoConcept/PlayerNames}} to add both cases for the first letter of an input automatically instead of requiring both cases to be added as separate arguments. Updated all Cargo Concepts not to have duplicates entered. -- River
  • Modified {{DisambigPage}} to allow for not having any role defined if |playerNisSubstitute is defined. -- River
  • Removed checkboxIsLowercase from Form:Infobox Player and {{Infobox Player}}. The latter will now check if the |id= starts with a lowercase character. Additionally removed some SMW definitions that weren't being used in {{Infobox Player}} and cleaned up some category definitions. -- River
  • Added a conversion to first-letter uppercase in {{DisambigPage}} before querying [CCPlayerNames]. -- River
  • Added a Cargo declaration to {{Infobox League}} but didn't create table or store anything yet. -- River

December 28[]

  • Changed {{OverallPlayerStats/Line}}, {{IndividualChampionStats/Line}}, all templates in Category:Timelines, all templates in Category:Crossboxes, {{RosterRumorLine}}, {{News Logo}}, {{PentakillLine}}, {{TeamPositionChampionSwap}}, and {{PentakillLine/FromQuery}} to use onlyimagelinked instead of |no-link=true. Changed {{RosterChangePos}} and {{RosterSwapLegend}} to use onlyimage instead of |no-link=true. -- River
  • Removed support for |no-link= as an argument of {{Team}} / {{Team}}m after doing the above and cleaning all uses of it directly in wiki pages. -- River
  • Replaced the if / else if / else in {{Team}}m that picked style with a lookup table. -- River
  • Updated {{CurrentLeagueParticipantNavbox}} to call {{team}} directly and deleted {{CurrentLeagueParticipantNavbox/Team}}; also changed the display format to be |teammediumlinked. -- River

December 27[]

  • Removed . from the name of the subobject in {{Listplayer/Current}}. -- River
  • Fixed the separator showing up as a comma in {{PortalTeamDisplay}}. -- River

December 26[]

  • Defaulted {{TeamRoster/Simple}} to use |teammediumlinked unless a |display= is specified. -- River
  • Added |rightmediumlinked as an optional argument in {{team}}/{{team}}m. Updated {{Infobox Player}} and {{Infobox League}} to use this style of team name in team history / results. -- River
  • Defaulted {{TOCFlat}} to have |margin-bot=0px if the pagename ends in /Team Rosters. -- River

December 25[]

  • Created {{Redirect}}m, {{Redirect}}, and [redirect]. Added {{redirect}} to all existing redirects on the wiki. -- Slokh, River
  • Created {{TeamRegionCategory/Line}} and added roster to the chart. Pending: Make this pretty and put it live. -- River
  • Added collegiate as an option for the |special= variable in {{Infobox Team}}. -- River

December 24[]

  • Fixed a bug where {{Infobox Team}} wasn't setting any teams in [InfoboxTeam] as disbanded. -- River
  • Removed InfoboxTeam_ prefix from all [InfoboxTeam] properties and changed all -s to _s. -- River
  • Created {{TeamRegionCategory}}, but putting this live is delayed until Cargo is updating properly. -- River
  • Removed ListplayerCurrent_ prefix from all [ListplayerCurrent] properties and changed all -s to _s. -- River

December 23[]

  • Added |group by=_pageName to all queries that use the [InfoboxPlayer] table. -- River

December 22[]

  • Replaced |isdisbanded=true with |isdisbanded=yes in {{Infobox Team}} both to allow for the possibility of a team page form and also to streamline with other style guidelines.
  • Put the Cargo code for {{DisambigPage}} live. -- River
  • Moved all team logo stds to <teamLink>logo std.png. Updated {{Team}}m to look for files at this location. -- Pcj, River
  • Changed the view and edit links in {{OrgNavbox}} to link to the appropriate CargoConcept instead of to the template itself, provided a CargoConcept exists for the team. -- River
  • Added support for the special case of Enchantments to allow for the correct image to be shown in {{MatchHistoryItem}}. -- River

December 21[]

  • Moved {{PlayerDisambig}} to {{DisambigPage}}. -- River
  • Modified {{CargoConcept/PlayerNames}} to remove leading comma from the NameList property. -- Pcj

December 20[]

  • Moved {{TeamRoster/Simple2}} to {{TeamRoster/Simple}} since all occurrences of the latter have already been updated. Updated all links to link to the new version of {{TeamRoster/Simple}} and deleted {{TeamRoster/Simple2}}. -- River

December 19[]

  • Created {{CurrentLeagueParticipantNavbox}}, {{CurrentLeagueParticipantNavbox/LeagueInfo}}, and {{CurrentLeagueParticipantNavbox/Team}}. -- River
  • Deleted Category:GameSchedule Properties and its contents (properties for {{GameSchedule5}} etc before the switch to Cargo). -- River
  • Ran a bot to update all Player Names Cargo Concepts to include capital and lowercase versions of the page name & all redirects to it for all players. -- Pcj

December 18[]

  • Added a field |comment= in {{listplayer}} and {{listplayersp}} that will optionally display text after a team icon in the |newteam= cell (specifically intended for a player changing esports titles but remaining with the organization). -- River
  • Fixed a bug where {{Team}}m wasn't defining a default medium variable if a team wasn't listed in {{Teamnames}}m. Added support for |mediumplainlinked to display the medium name of a team linking to the teamlink. Updated {{OrgNavbox}} to use this call instead of the variables defined inside of {{Team}}m. -- River
  • Moved {{CargoDef/TournamentRosters}} to {{TournamentRosters/CargoDec}}. Removed the TournamentRosters_ prefix from all fields in [TournamentRosters]. -- River
  • Created {{CargoConcept/CurrentLeagues}} and [CurrentLeagues]. -- River

December 17[]

  • Added properties Team2, Team2-Markup, Askfm-Linked, and RoleLast to [InfoboxPlayer]. Removed FavChamp1,FavChamp2, and FavChamp3 and replaced with FavChamps and FavChamps-Markup. -- River
  • Removed InfoboxPlayer_ prefix from [InfoboxPlayer] fields and CCPlayerNames_ prefix from [CCPlayerNames]. -- River
  • Updated {{PlayerDisambig}} to use Cargo queries from {{Infobox Player}} instead of SMW, but these changes won't be put live until all players with pages have Player Names Cargo Concepts. -- River

December 16[]

  • Added support in {{Team}}m for |size= when using |rightshortlinked with {{team}}. Also added support for {{team|Free Agent|rightshortlinked}}. -- River
  • Updated {{GameSchedule2}}, {{GameSchedule3}}, {{GameSchedule4}}, {{GameSchedule5}}, {{GameScheduleTST}}, and {{GameScheduleWithStreams}} to store |teamlinkname instead of |teamname. -- River

December 15[]

December 14[]

  • Added argument |special= to {{Infobox Team}}. Currently supports values of iesf and allstar and serves the purpose of suppressing organization navbox as well as adding page to a category, but usage can be flexible. -- River
  • Moved {{News/CargoDef}} to {{News/CargoDec}} and created [News]. Added property News-FullLine. -- River

December 13[]

  • Created {{OrgNavbox/TeamPageEnd}} and replaced all individual roster navbox templates with it. -- River
  • Deleted {{AutoNavbox}}, {{SetPlayerVariables}}, {{EmptyInfobox}}, {{PlayerlistInfo}}, {{AutoNavboxTeam}}, {{Roster Navbox}}, {{Roster Navbox/Team}}, {{RosterNavbox/Team2}}, and Roster Navbox Template. -- River

December 12[]

  • Moved {{RosterNavbox}} to {{OrgNavbox}}, {{RosterNavbox/OtherLine}} to {{OrgNavbox/ActiveRoster}}, and {{RosterNavbox/OtherStart}} to {{OrgNavbox/OtherTeamsHeading}}. Deleted {{RosterNavbox/OtherEnd}} and incorporated code into parent template. Also moved {{RosterNavbox/OtherLine/Item}} to {{CargoFormat/LinkedList}}. Finished writing {{OrgNavbox}} and updated {{Infobox Team}} to link to this template instead of the existing roster navboxes. Additionally updated categories and adjusted vertical whitespace in {{Infobox Team}}. -- River
  • Added property ListplayerCurrent_N to [ListplayerCurrent] for sorting roster navboxes. -- River
  • Created {{OrgNavbox/PlayerPageEnd}} and replaced {{AutoNavbox}} with it on player pages. -- River

December 10[]

  • Created {{RosterNavbox}}. Template is still a WIP until [CCSisterTeams] is working properly. -- River

December 9[]

  • Created {{RegionImage}} so that we don't have to hard code news label image locations anymore. -- River
  • Created {{News/CargoDef}} and updated {{NewsTournament}} and {{NewsTeam}} to use Cargo, though the table is not created yet. -- River

December 8[]

  • Created {{RosterNavbox/OtherLine}}, {{RosterNavbox/OtherStart}}, and {{RosterNavbox/OtherLine}}, in preparation for automated roster navboxes. Ran into Cargo issues that prohibited progression with this project for now. -- River

December 7[]

  • Added a limit of 1 and empty no results text to the cargo query in {{MatchHistoryPlayer}} that generates the player name, in case of Cargo table entry duplication. -- River
  • Created {{CargoConcept/SisterTeams}} and [CCSisterTeams]. -- River
  • Updated {{Infobox Team}} to rely on Sister Teams Cargo Concepts instead of manual input for active & inactive teams under the same organization. Created {{Infobox Team/SisterTeams}}. -- River
  • Added an empty |default= to the lowercase Cargo query in {{PlayerTabsHeader}}. -- River

December 6[]

  • Updated {{MatchHistoryPlayer}}, {{MatchHistoryChamp}}, {{MatchHistoryItem}}, etc. to have sortable arrows on the line below column names, use a smaller font size in all fields, and have shorter link displays in order to decrease horizontal space taken up. -- River
  • Added the ability to toggle show/hide bans in {{MatchHistoryTournament}}. -- River
  • Added a field for number of games to show to {{THTH}}. -- River
  • Removed |analysts=, |coaches=, |manager=, and |captain= from {{Infobox Team}}. Added |owner= and |headcoach=.

December 4[]

  • Added support for {{MatchHistoryPlayer}} to look up whether a player's name is lowercase or not for its display from [InfoboxPlayer]. -- River
  • Created {{MatchRecapS8}}, {{MatchRecapS8/Player}}, and {{MatchRecapS8/Header}}, a temporary solution until Chris can implement this in Lua. Also created Property:SP Secondary. -- River

December 3[]

  • Updated {{YearTeamStats2}} and {{TeamStatsQueryLinks}} to use teamlinkname. -- River
  • Updated {{TeamStatsQueryLinks}} to use property Summary sbSeasonYear. -- River
  • Added support for not having any player listed to {{PlayerDisambig}}. Pending: Move this page because this name doesn't make sense anymore. [Update December 21 - template has been moved to {{DisambigPage}}.] Also changed language slightly. -- River
  • Updated {{PentakillLine}} to store teamlinkname instead of teamname. -- River
  • Fixed a bug where {{LanguageTabs}}'s variables were overlapping with those of {{PlayerTabsHeader}}. -- River
  • Created {{AutoNavboxTeam}}, but this will probably be deleted or significantly rewritten soonTM when we make navboxes automatically update through Cargo. [Update December 13 - this is now deleted.] -- River
  • Updated {{PlayerDisambig}} to match InfoboxTeam_Pagename instead of InfoboxTeam_Name. -- River
  • Replaced File:Logo.jpg with File:Unknown Infobox Image - Player.png, File:Unknown Infobox Image - Team.png, and File:Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png. -- River

December 2[]

  • Updated {{TeamRoster/Simple}}, {{Roster Navbox}}, {{AutoNavbox}}, and {{StandardBioSentence}} to use teamlinkname, calling the variable teamStr from {{Infobox Player}} instead of team as appropriate. -- River
  • Created {{TournamentResultsLine}} and {{TournamentResultsStart}}. Templates are a WIP. -- River

December 1[]

  • Added a field for team Discord to {{Infobox Team}} and [InfoboxTeam]. -- River
  • Updated {{MatchRecapS6}} etc. to use teamlinkname instead of teamname both in SMW storage and also as an argument for {{TeamImage}}. -- River

November 30[]

  • Put Cargo declarations live in {{TeamRoster/Simple2}}. -- River
  • Changed {{TeamRoster/Simple}} to look up a team link variable instead of team name in {{TeamImage}}. -- River
  • Added Cargo properties InfoboxPlayer_Residency-Markup and InfoboxPlayer_Facebook-Linked to [InfoboxPlayer] and fixed a bug with InfoboxPlayer_IsPersonality not working. -- River

November 28[]

November 26[]

November 25[]

  • Created {{CargoConcept/RegionMetadata}} and created and populated Category:Region Metadata Cargo Concepts. -- River

November 23[]

November 21[]

November 20[]

  • Added support for |margin-top= to {{TOCFlat}}. Created {{TOCFlatConditional}} and added it to {{PlayerTabsHeader}} for yearly stats pages. -- River

November 19[]

  • Created {{CorrespondingPageBox}}. -- River
  • Moved the lowercase player property into {{Infobox Player}} from {{Lowercase}}. -- River
  • Created {{PlayerTabsHeader/Lowercase}} and added support for automating lowercase titles for player subpages in {{PlayerTabsHeader}}. -- River

November 18[]

  • Fixed a bug with {{Lowercase}} not working properly with {{Infobox Player}}. -- River
  • Created {{vspace2}} and {{vspace3}}. Switched over all Tournament Tabs to use {{vspace2}} instead of a <br> between navbox and first row of tabs. -- River

November 17[]

November 15[]

November 10[]

  • Created {{PlayerPageStart}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

November 7[]

  • Deleted {{Infobox Champ}} and moved back to using {{Infobox Champion}}. -- River

November 3[]

  • Moved {{CargoConcept/TournamentGames}} to {{CargoConcept/TournamentScoreboards}}. -- River

November 2[]

  • Created {{CargoConcept/TournamentGames}} and {{CargoConcept/PlayerNames}} as well as associated Cargo tables [CCTournament] & [CCPlayer]. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris, River

October 28[]

October 27[]

October 25[]

  • Created {{RolePreposition}} which determines whether "for" or "of" should be used to describe someone's position on a team. -- River
  • Added a pagename list to Maintenance:Player Disambiguations and created {{DisambiguationChart/Player/Pagename}} and {{DisambiguationChart/Player/Pagename/Line}}. -- River

October 24[]

  • Created Maintenance:Player Disambiguations, {{DisambiguationChart/Player/Region}}, and {{DisambiguationChart/Player/Region/Line}}. -- River

October 22[]

  • Added Cargo declarations to {{Infobox Team}}. Decided on global convention of TableName_PropertyName for Cargo properties. -- River
  • Added preliminary support for teams to {{PlayerDisambig}}. Created {{DisambigPage/TeamVardefines}}, in preparation for these templates changing names once more types of disambiguations are fully supported. Renamed player cargo declarations in keeping with the above standard. -- River

October 17[]

  • Removed unused SMW from {{GameSchedule2}}, {{GameSchedule3}}, {{GameSchedule4}}, {{GameSchedule5}}, and a few others. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

October 8[]

October 7[]

  • Finished adding complete SMW support for players to {{PlayerDisambig}}. Added Property:Player-IsLowercase, currently defined in {{lowercase}} but should be moved to {{Infobox Player}}. -- River

October 5[]

October 3[]

  • Created Property:Player-IsSubstitute. -- River

September 25[]

  • Moved {{localisation}} to {{localization}}. -- River

September 22[]

  • Replaced {{ci}} and {{ci inv}} code with an invoke of {{Champion}}m. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

September 19[]

September 14[]

  • Created Property:Player-Team-Last-String and Property:Player-Position-Last. -- River

September 7[]

September 6[]

  • Added support for |name-width=, |role-width=, and |id-width= in {{ExtendedRosterStart2}}. -- River

September 2[]

  • Created {{StandingsLine/GWLP}}. Deleted {{StandingsLine/WLSP}}. -- Ragaga

August 29[]

  • Created {{ExtendedRosterLine2}} and {{ExtendedRosterLine2/Cell}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

August 26[]

  • Moved {{PerfectGame/Line}} to {{PerfectGames/Line}}. -- River

August 23[]

  • Edited {{ExtendedRosterStart2}} to use a loop & also support |team= in addition to |name= with default size = 50px. -- River

April 25[]

  • Created {{TeamRoster/Simple2}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris, River

April 13[]

April 11[]

  • Added additional league support to Form:Infobox Player and {{EmptyInfobox}}. -- River
  • Added a link to yearly stats query to {{PlayerTabsHeader}} for yearly stats pages. -- River

April 4[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{MatchHistoryPlayer}} that was causing a space to show between player's name and apostrophe. -- River

March 25[]

March 21[]

  • Created PlayerPages Extension so that admins and watchers can automatically create Match History, Statistics Overview and Player Concept for players that don't have them yet. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

March 13[]

  • Removed the link to pick/ban order from {{MatchRecapS7}} and {{MatchRecapS7NoKeystones}}. -- River

March 11[]

March 9[]

  • Updated {{StandardBioSentence}} to take into account the substitute & role share check boxes for former roles. -- River

March 7[]

  • Added a "totals" line to {{IndividualPlayerStats/End}}, distinguishing between averages and totals. -- River

February 28[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{TS}} where filtering wasn't behaving properly. -- River

February 17[]

  • Changed {{News Logo}} to properly use teamLink and not teamLong of {{Team}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

February 17[]

  • Created {{TSC/PB}} and began populating Category:Tournament Pick-Ban Concepts. -- River
  • Created PicksAndBansMatchHistory and {{PBMHT}}. -- River

February 16[]

February 14[]

  • Updated {{MatchHistoryPlayer}} and {{MatchHistoryChamp}} to support sides. -- River
  • Created {{fl}} and {{ql}} to directly link to forms and query forms -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

February 10[]

February 9[]

  • Created {{Region}}. -- River
  • Added Quarterfinal and Group Stage medals to {{Medal}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

February 8[]

  • Updated {{Infobox Team}} to have icons for Social Media and Links and added support for VKontakte, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitch Teams. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

January 22[]

January 7[]

  • Removed top league placement from {{Infobox Player}} and dependent templates and forms. -- River

January 3[]

  • Created {{CrossWikiSwitch}} -- River

January 2[]

  • Modified {{CurrentRosters/Line}} to allow players to occupy several rows and more streamlining. --