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December 13[]

  • Modified {{StandardBioSentence}} to use {{#var:lastteam}}, which is now defined in {{SetPlayerVariables}}. Also added support for "is currently suspended." -- River

December 7[]

  • Added support for showing a player's name in a native language's alphabet to {{StandardBioSentence}}. Modified {{SetPlayerVariables}} accordingly. -- River

November 17[]

  • Changed font size in all match histories to 90%. -- River

November 1[]

  • Added support for inactive players in {{team}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

September 13[]

  • Created {{BlockBoxFlexStart}} for vertical text support in the team roster section of overview pages. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

September 7[]

  • Created {{CurrentRosters}} and {{CurrentRosters/Line}} streamlined inputting roster swap tables. --

August 23[]

  • Created {{PatchSplashTable}} for streamlined splash tables for patch notes. --

August 10[]

  • Created Property:Champ display hp and Property:Champ display hp lvl to accommodate Kled. Created and populated Category:Champion Page Properties. -- River

August 9[]

  • Changed "rsl" to "rightshort" in highlighting brackets. -- River

August 7[]

  • Added three new highlighting brackets - {{5KOTHHL}}, {{8SEBracketHL}}, and {{6SEBracketSFReseedHL}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

July 24[]

  • Modified {{GameSchedule5}}, {{GameSchedule4}}, {{GameSchedule3}}, {{GameSchedule2}}, {{GameScheduleWithStreams}}, and {{GameScheduleTST}} to use Cargo. Moved {{GameSchedule6}} to {{GameScheduleTST}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

July 6[]

  • Created {{Vspace}}, for adding a small vertical space in between a TabsHeader and overview text on tournament pages. -- River

June 16[]

  • Created Form:TeamStats, {{TS}}, and {{TS/Link}}. Created {{TeamStatsQueryLinks}}. Modified {{TeamTabsHeader}} to account for <team>/Statistics to be a page and not a redirect. -- River

June 15[]

  • Created {{MatchRecapS62}} as its own template as opposed to a redirect, including Dragon type totals for each team. -- River
  • Created Category:Scoreboard Dragon Type Properties and contained properties. -- River

June 13[]

  • Modified {{GameSchedule5}}, {{GameSchedule6}}, and {{GameScheduleWithStreams}} to show start time in the user's local time zone instead of EST and also show day of the week, with the date in the user's local time zone. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

June 11[]

  • Created Form:PlayerRecord and {{PR}}. -- River
  • Created {{YearTeamStats}}, {{YearTeamStats2}}, {{YearTeamStats/Line}}, {{YearTeamStats2/Line}}, {{YearTeamStats/Start}}, and {{YearTeamStatsPage}}. Modified {{TeamTabsHeader}} accordingly. -- River

June 10[]

  • Migrated to EsportsWikis.
  • Added a region icon to all match history line templates that span multiple tournaments. -- River
  • Created Category:Statistics Start Templates. -- River

June 1[]

  • Added opacity of 60% to the opposing champion so that the champion that was played is easier to see in {{MatchHistoryLine}}. -- River
  • Created Category:Tournament Scoreboard Concept Categories and several child categories. -- River

May 30[]

  • Created {{MDWTL}} ("Match Details With Time Line"). -- River

May 29[]

May 18[]

  • Created {{DynamicWeekTimeline6}}, {{DynamicWeekTimeline8}}, {{DynamicWeekTimeline10}} with ability to adjust the number of weeks on the fly. --

May 15[]

  • Changed |youtube2= in {{Infobox Player}} and {{Infobox Staff}} to be a channel instead of a second user URL. Updated Form:Infobox Player and {{SetPlayerVariables}} to reflect. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris River
  • Added Vkontakte support to {{Infobox Player}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

May 7[]

  • Minor heading changes to {{TCSBR}}. -- River

May 4[]

  • Made a small update to {{MatchHistoryTeam/Line}} to avoid floating point errors occasionally popping up. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

May 3[]

  • Fixed a bug where {{MatchRecapS6}}, {{MatchRecapS5}}, {{MatchRecapS4}}, and {{MatchRecap}} were saving the "lolvod" variable too late in the code. -- River

April 27[]

  • Updated {{GameSchedule5}} and {{FrontpageResults/Line}} to support a result in which both teams forfeited a match. -- River

April 25[]

  • Continued work adding LCS games-played chart semantics to {{SetPlayerVariables}}. -- River
  • Created {{TSC}}, which will be used in the future with metadata information to categorize tournament concepts more specifically. -- River

April 24[]

  • Adjusted spacing on {{TOCFlat}}. -- River
  • Made {{MatchRecapS6}}, {{MatchRecapS5}}, {{MatchRecapS4}}, and {{MatchRecap}} throw an error when no start time was specified. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

April 21[]

April 14[]

April 13[]

  • Improved {{CPMH}} and {{CPTMH}} using the new player concepts. Created {{CPMH/TournamentStats}}, {{GeneralStatsLine/Heading}}, and {{IndividualPlayerStats/Start/No Labels}}. Deleted {{MHP/Vardefines}} and {{CPMH/Vardefines}}. Made {{MHP}} and {{MatchHistoryPlayer}} use the new player concepts. -- River
  • Updated {{CareerPlayerStats}} and created {{CareerPlayerStats/Link}}. -- River
  • Updated {{PlayerTabsHeader}} to support career statistics pages. -- River

April 11[]

  • The robot apocalypse is begunNunu Bot is enabled, with its first task being to create player statistics concept pages. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris
  • Created {{CareerPlayerStats}} and {{CareerPlayerStats/Line}}. -- River
  • Created Form:CareerPlayerStats and {{CPS}}. -- River

April 9[]

April 8[]

  • Switched the positions of the numbers and player icons in {{MatchHistoryTeam}} and {{MatchHistoryTournament}} to match the order in which those columns appear in the charts. -- River
  • Edited {{MatchHistoryTeam}} and {{MHT2}} to make the tables sortable, but without the sorting icon (in order to save horizontal space). -- River

April 7[]

  • Added current featured game mode to {{Currentdata}} and Project:Free Champ Rotation. -- River
  • Created Form:ChampItemMatchHistory and {{CIMH2}}. -- River

April 6[]

  • Added Match History and VoD links to all remaining Match History and Match History Line templates. -- River

April 5[]

  • Modified {{MatchHistoryTeam}}, {{MatchHistoryTeam/Line}}, {{MHT2}}, and {{MatchHistoryTeam/Line/Text}} to include scoreline numbers and the ability to toggle on/off both the roster and those numbers. Also added match history and VOD links. -- River
  • Uploaded File:Trophy icon small black.png and modified {{Infobox Player}} to use that version of the trophy icon instead of File:Trophy icon small.gif. -- River
  • Updated the tournament Match History templates to match the team templates. -- River

April 4[]

April 3[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{MatchRecapS6}} and {{MatchRecapS5}} that was causing Property:Summary Statslink to not populate in player subobjects. Added Property:Summary VoD as a player property and accordingly modified all scoreboard templates. Added columns for VODs, Match Histories, and CS differential vs opposing laner to {{MatchHistoryPlayer}}, {{MatchHistory/Line}}, {{MHP}}, and {{MatchHistory/Line/Text}}. -- River

March 29[]

  • Made multiple updates to all pages in Category:Match History Templates and Category:Match History Line Templates, including font size changes, globally adding a matchup column, and adding KDA. Created {{MatchHistoryItem/Line}} and {{MatchHistoryGeneral/Player}}. Improved {{CPMH}}, including creating {{GeneralStatsLine}} and {{CountStats3}} in order to show additional stats below the match history part of the query. -- River
  • Continued work on {{TeamStatsTableRow/Totals}}. -- River, DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris
  • Created {{H2NoTOC}}, which uses the style of an h2 heading but doesn't create an actual heading and so will not affect the TOC. -- River

March 28[]

  • Imported {{Heading}} and {{Heading/parse}} from Wikisource. -- River
  • Modified {{Documentation}} so that the "Documentation" header isn't added to table of contents. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

March 27[]

  • Created {{Always1Decimal}}. -- River
  • Created {{TeamStatsTableRow/Totals}}, {{TeamStatsTableRow/Averages}}, and {{TeamStatsTableStart}}. Templates still WIP. -- River

March 25[]

  • Decreased font size of multiple {{MatchHistoryPlayer}} elements to save horizontal space. -- River

March 24[]

  • Repurposed {{CountStatsTeam}} and began working on team statistics page elements. -- River

March 23[]

  • Edited {{Infobox Player}}, {{SetPlayerVariables}}, {{EmptyInfobox}}, and Form:Infobox Player to support league player variables. Pending: Adding SMW support. -- River

March 20[]

  • Replaced {{PerfectLine}} with {{PerfectGame/Line}} and created {{PerfectGames}} so that the list now works with Semantics (possible due to metadata addition). -- River

March 18[]

  • Fixed a bug where {{MatchHistoryChamp}} wasn't properly linking the AD carry-specific query. -- River

March 17[]

  • Created {{MetadataLinksQuery}} and {{MetadataLinksQuery/Line}}. Created {{TournamentChartsCategory/Button}}. -- River
  • Created and populated Category:Region Map Images. -- River
  • Added help hover text on champion portraits to guide users to the champion/player Match History queries in {{MatchHistory/Line}}. -- River

March 16[]

  • Created {{GetScoreboardMetadata}}. Created Property:Metadata sbYear, Property:Metadata sbRegionLevel, Property:Metadata sbRegion, Property:Metadata sbIsQualifier, Property:Metadata sbTournamentLevel, Property:Metadata sbIsOfficial, Property:Metadata TableType, Property:Metadata Pagename, and Property:Metadata Concept and populated Category:Metadata Properties. -- River

March 15[]

  • Created templates {{ScoreboardMetadata/A}} through {{ScoreboardMetadata/Z}} and populated Category:Scoreboard Metadata Templates. Created properties Property:Summary sbIsOfficial, Property:Summary sbYear, Property:Summary sbIsQualifier, Property:Summary sbRegionLevel, Property:Summary sbTournamentLevel, and Property:Summary sbRegion and added values obtained from the metadata template variable definitions to {{MatchRecap}} through {{MatchRecapS6}} and {{MatchRecap/Player}} through {{MatchRecapS6/Player}}. -- River

March 14[]

  • Created {{(!}} and {{!)}} for opening and closing tables within if statements. -- River
  • Created and installed an extension to determine the status of Daylight Savings Time in Australia, the United States, and Europe given an input date. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris
  • Added support for a legend to {{StandingsStart}}. -- River, DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

March 10[]

  • Created {{NPlusOne}} and modified {{TIPS}}, {{IPS}}, and {{IndividualPlayerStats/Start}} to support showing total number of champions played in the title text. -- River
  • Deleted {{Snackbar/TestWin}} in favor of using {{Qualify}} and updated all dependencies. -- River

March 6[]

  • Fixed a bug where {{TCSBR}} was linking to an improper query. Created {{TCSBR/Line}} and removed dependency on {{IPS}}. -- River
  • Created Property:SP Keystone URL and made all Season 6 scoreboards link to the keystone mastery as a 2016 mastery. Updated all Match History and line templates to make keystones link to their pages based on the value of SP Keystone URL. -- River

February 27[]

  • Rewrote {{ExtendedRosterLine}} to support any number of games (for which there is a yes/no template on the wiki). {{ExtendedRosterLine2}} and {{ExtendedRosterLine3}} are now to be deleted. Created {{Y}} and repurposed {{N}}. -- River

February 23[]

  • Added an optional parameter for specifying role to Form:MatchHistoryChampion and {{MHC}}. Added links to role-specific queries to {{MatchHistoryChamp}}. -- River

February 20[]

  • Added a requirement for pages to be in the Main namespace in order to save Semantic data to {{GameSchedule}}, {{GameSchedule2}}, {{GameSchedule3}}, {{GameSchedule4}}, and {{GameSchedule5}}. -- River
  • Added recent results to front page (creating {{Match Results}} and {{FrontpageResults/Line}}). Also moved {{Mrno/sandbox/SemanticTest3}} to {{FrontpageUpcomingMatches/Line}}. -- River

February 18[]

  • Fixed a bug in {{MatchHistoryPlayer}} that was causing the form link to Form:MatchHistoryPlayer queries not to work. -- River
  • Created {{CrossboxSeries}}, {{CrossboxSeriesNoTies}}, and {{CrossboxNoTies}}. Deleted all crossboxes from Category:Crossboxes that can be replaced by one of the new crossbox templates and did that replacement everywhere. -- River

February 15[]

  • Rewrote {{Crossbox}} using loops so that any number of teams is supported. -- River
  • Created Form:CreateTournamentTabs and {{CTT}} for generating wiki code to make tournament tabs. -- River
  • Installed the Loops extension. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

February 13[]

  • Modified all match history pages to include [[Summary SubobjectType::Game]] or [[Summary SubobjectType::Player]] as a condition for the query. -- River

February 10[]

  • Modified {{IPS}} to show the player's team(s) if |query is not defined. Also created CSS class ul.teamsInPlayerStatsList. -- River

February 7[]

  • Modified Form:ChampPlayerMatchHistory to take advantage of the {{MatchHistoryPlayer}} semantics. -- River
  • Modified {{MatchHistory/Line}} to contain links to Form:ChampPlayerMatchHistory queries. -- River
  • Modified {{MHP}} and {{MatchHistoryPlayer}} to work with the above two changes. -- River

February 6[]

  • Created and populated Category:Partial Tournament Scoreboard Concepts. -- River

January 22[]

  • Created {{Region Adjectives}}. -- River

January 21[]

  • Created {{RolePage}}. -- River
  • Added support for residency and two previous residencies to {{Infobox Player}}, {{SetPlayerVariables}}, {{EmptyInfobox}}, and Form:Infobox Player. Created {{CurrentResidentsCategory}}. -- River

January 19[]

  • Created {{Cinavbox/Stats/2016}}, {{ChampNavboxStats/2016}}, and {{ChampStatsPage/2016}}. Switched dependent template for {{ChampStatsPage/2015}} and {{ChampStatsPage/2016}} to {{IndividualChampionStatsForPage}} from {{IndividualChampionStats}} and created that template (the older template is now only used in queries). -- River
  • Created {{MatchRecapS6/Forfeit}}. -- River

January 15[]

  • Created {{KMSQ}} and Form:KeystoneMasteryStatsQuery. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

January 12[]

  • Created Form:MatchHistoryChampion and {{MHC}} and added permalinks for 25, 100, and 200 games to the top of {{MatchHistoryChamp}}. -- River
  • Created Form:MatchHistoryTournament and {{MHT}} and added a permalink for showing text-only charts to the top of {{MatchHistoryTournament}} provided the argument takes the form of |concept=. -- River
  • Created Form:MatchHistoryTeam and {{MHT2}} and added permalinks for 25, 100, 200, and all (999) games to the top of {{MatchHistoryTeam}}. -- River

January 11[]

  • Removed support for the old team history format from {{Infobox Player}} (after removing all instances of it being used). -- River
  • Created Form:MatchHistoryPlayer and {{MHP}} and defaulted {{MatchHistoryPlayer}} to show only 50 games, with permalinks to queries of 25, 100, 200, and all. -- River

January 2[]

  • Created {{IndividualChampionStatsForQuery/End}} and {{IndividualChampionStatsForQuery/Line}} and added links to player/champion/tournament match history links to those templates and to {{IndividualChampionStats/Line}}. -- River
  • Created and populated Category:Statistics Line Templates and Category:Statistics Templates. -- River