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December 31[]

  • Added support for a |date= argument to {{MatchMaps}}. -- River

December 29[]

  • Added keystone masteries to all relevant match history templates & changed summoner spell display to use Property:SP Summonerspell 1 and Property:SP Summonerspell 2 instead of Property:SP Summonerspell. -- River

December 27[]

  • Created {{CPTMH}} and Form:ChampPlayerTournamentMatchHistory and added support for dynamic queries to it to {{IndividualPlayerStats/Line}} and {{TIPS}}. -- River

December 26[]

  • Removed the player's name from the player page display in {{PentakillLine}} and {{PlayerPentakills}}. -- River
  • Moved {{CrossboxBO3NoTies}}, {{Crossbox12BO3}}, and {{CrossboxBO3}} to standardize naming conventions. February 18, 2016 update - these templates have now all been replaced with {{Crossbox}}, {{CrossboxSeries}}, {{CrossboxSeriesNoTies}}, and {{CrossboxNoTies}}. -- River

December 25[]

December 23[]

  • Created {{IPS}}, a new version of {{IndividualPlayerStats}}. -- River

December 21[]

December 16[]

  • Created {{16SEBracketHL}} and {{32SEBracketHL}}, which have collapsible columns and highlight-on-hover but do not have Match Info (to speed up page load time). -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

December 14[]

  • Created {{StandingsStart}}, {{StandingsLine/WL}}, {{StandingsLine/WLS}}, {{StandingsLine/WTL}}, {{StandingsLine/WTLP}}, {{StandingsLine/WLP}}, and {{StandingsEnd}}. -- River

December 13[]

  • Created {{OB}} and {{CB}} (Open Bracket and Closed Bracket). -- River

December 11[]

  • Created {{MatchRecapS6/Header}}, {{MatchRecapS6}}, and {{MatchRecapS6/Player}}, which add Keystone Mastery display. -- River

December 7[]

December 6[]

  • Created {{Infobox Player/RoleImages}} and added previous role support to {{Infobox Player}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris
  • Added a link to current stats page to {{IndividualPlayerStats/Current}}. -- River

December 5[]

December 2[]

December 1[]

November 30[]

November 21[]

  • Changed the display in the social media and links section to icons; also created and uploaded all relevant icons into Category:Infobox Player Icons. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris
  • Created {{6SEBracketMatchInfo}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris
  • Created Form:TournamentIndividualChampionStats and {{TICS}} and added query permalinks to {{OverallChampionStats}}. -- River

November 19[]

  • Created Form:TournamentIndividualPlayerStats and {{TIPS}} and added query permalinks to {{OverallPlayerStats}}. -- River
  • Created {{Showmatch}} and documentation. -- River

November 18[]

  • Created Form:TournamentChampPlayerMatchHistory and {{TCPMH}} (will be used with forms made later). January 1, 2016 update - these templates have now been deleted. Please use {{CPTMH}} and Form:ChampPlayerTournamentMatchHistory. -- River

November 17[]

  • Created {{TPSBR}} and Form:TournamentChampionStatsByRole along with {{RoleStatsByPlayer}}, {{RoleStatsByPlayer/Start}}, {{RoleStatsByPlayer/Line}}, and {{RoleStatsByPlayer/End}}. Modified {{OverallPlayerStats}} to show permalinks when the |concept= argument is used. -- River

November 13[]

  • Moved Category:Property Group Categories to Category:Property Categories. Created and populated Category:Scoreboard Game Properties, Category:Scoreboard Player Properties, and Category:Player Page Properties. -- River

November 12[]

  • Modified Project:Free Champ Rotation and {{Currentdata}} to accept 8 skins on sale at the same time. -- River

November 11[]

  • Created a more user-friendly page setup for Project:Featured Leagues and that includes a subpage for each tournament and a form to set up tabs. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

November 9[]

  • Created {{MatchHistoryPlayer}} which includes semantic support. Created supporting properties and Category:Match History Player Name Properties. -- River
  • Created Category:Property Group Categories as a way to see what properties are available for certain types of queries. Population pending. -- River

November 5[]

November 3[]

  • Created {{8SEBracket/HTC Ascension}} (Note: Has since been moved to {{8SEBracket/Cascading Seeds}}) -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

October 28[]

  • Created {{PortalTeamDisplay/Button‎‎}} (pending more rosters being updated for implementation). -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris
  • Created {{Roster Navbox/Team2}} and modified {{Roster Navbox}} to show only one line per team when an organization has multiple teams. -- River
  • Created {{DevBlogAttribution}} to show who did what on this page. -- River

October 27[]

October 24[]

  • Added winrate to {{Crossbox7Region}}. -- River

October 23[]

  • Modified Form:Infobox Player to be more compact. -- River
  • Created and populated Category:Region Icons. -- River

October 21[]

October 18[]

  • Created {{ChampNavboxStats/2015}} and child template {{Cinavbox/Stats/2015}} and added to {{ChampStatsPage/2015}}. -- River

October 17[]

  • Created {{CountStats/Individual}}, {{IndividualChampionStats/Line}}, {{IndividualChampionStats}}, and {{ChampStatsPage/2015}} and implemented for all champions (2015 only). Created Category:Statistics Pages and child Category:Champion Statistics Pages. -- River
  • Created {{PlayerCountryCategoryPage}} and implemented; switched parent category for player country categories to Category:Player Country Categories. -- River
  • Added Africa as a region in {{RegionAbbreviations}}; also added labels in comments to that template for easier usage. -- River

October 16[]

  • Added number of players that played that champion to {{OverallChampionStats/Line}}, {{OverallChampionStats/Start}}, and {{CountStats2}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris
  • Updated/fixed {{8SEBracketMatchInfo}}. (Other match info brackets will be updated soon.) -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris
  • Added current residency field to {{Listplayer}} and {{ListplayerLCS}}. Created {{Listplayer/Start}} for use with both templates. -- River

October 9[]

October 3[]

  • Created {{Crossbox7Region}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

October 1[]

September 29[]

  • Added total champions played to {{OverallPlayerStats}}, {{OverallPlayerStats/Start}}, {{OverallPlayerStats/Line}}. -- River

September 27[]

September 17[]

  • Created {{UnderConstruction}} for unfinished pages and articles. -- tmv23

September 2[]

  • Created {{IndividualPlayerStats/Mini}} and supporting templates in order to have narrower tables on player overview pages so that stats charts don't overlap infoboxes. -- River

August 30[]

  • Wrote guidelines for standardized concept naming. -- River
  • Added a visible patch number to {{MatchRecapS5}}. -- River

August 27[]

  • Added top 3 most-played champions to {{OverallPlayerStats}} and dependent templates. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

August 26[]

  • Created {{CountStats}}, {{OverallPlayerStats/Line}}, {{OverallPlayerStats/End}}, {{OverallPlayerStats/Start}}, and their parent template, {{OverallPlayerStats}}. -- River
  • Created {{PentakillLine}}. Pending: Adding semantics. -- River

August 24[]

  • Added a roster navbox transclusion at the top of {{Infobox Team}}, assuming it exists and the team isn't disbanded. -- River

August 23[]

August 20[]

  • Added several new fields to {{OverallChampionStats}}, including Gold, GPM, KPAR, KS, and GS. -- River
  • Created Property:Summary Patch and added to {{MatchRecapS5}} and {{MatchRecapS5/Player}}. -- River

August 19[]

  • Cleaned up {{MatchRecap}} to bring it in line with the more compact style of {{MatchRecapS4}} and {{MatchRecapS5}}. -- River

August 18[]

  • Added Property:Summary SubobjectType, Property:Summary Gamelength Number, and Property:SP Team Gold and assigned values within {{MatchRecap}}, {{MatchRecapS4}}, {{MatchRecapS5}}, {{MatchRecap/Player}}, {{MatchRecapS4/Player}}, and {{MatchRecapS5/Player}} where relevant. -- River
  • Created {{CountStats2}} (ported from SMITE wiki). -- River
  • Created {{2015KoreaChampionshipPointCalculator}} and Form:2015KoreaChampionshipPointCalculator. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

August 16[]

  • Changed default value of Property:SP Link to be equal to the value of Property:SP Name instead of blank. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

August 12[]

July 29[]

  • Created {{2015LCSNASummerPlayoffsTiebreaker}}, {{2015LCSEUSummerPlayoffsTiebreaker}}, Form:2015LCSEUSummerPlayoffsTiebreaker, and Form:2015LCSNASummerPlayoffsTiebreaker. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

July 21[]

  • Created {{2015LCSNASummerTiebreaker}}, {{2015LCSNASummerTiebreaker}}, Form:2015LCSEUSummerTiebreaker, and Form:2015LCSEUSummerTiebreaker. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

July 19[]

July 18[]

  • Removed Property:Summary Dst from {{MatchRecapS4}} in order to fix a SMW bug. {{MatchHistoryRecord/Length/Line}} modified accordingly. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

July 12[]

July 11[]

  • Added option to have a different link to the team page instead of the teamname in {{Team}} through adding a variable in {{Teamnames}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

July 10[]

July 9[]

July 6[]

  • Created Property:SP LinkedPlayer and added it to {{MatchRecap/Player}}, {{MatchRecapS4/Player}}, and {{MatchRecapS5/Player}}. This will help to fix the issue where team match histories are linking to disambiguation pages. -- River

July 5[]

  • Added {{ChromaBox}} and modified {{Infobox Champ}} to display legacy skins in italics, "special" skins in strikeout, and show a reason for being special. Also added the ability to specify energy values instead of mana values; energy values are not added to semantics in any way currently. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris, River

July 2[]

  • Modified {{Pc}} to include an {{anchor}} and created {{PTOCI}} to create icons for a Table of Contents at the top of Patch pages. (Example) -- River

July 1[]

  • Front page width adjusted to display better on lower-resolution monitors (down to 1280px wide) -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris
  • Created {{Infobox Champ}} to replace {{Infobox Champion}} on champion pages. Pending: A non-SMW champion infobox to allow for Twisted Treeline and Dominion infoboxes. -- River
  • {{MatchList2/Button}} now also works with {{MatchList}} as well as with {{MatchList}}. -- DefinitelyNotBlitzcrankSquare.png Chris

June 30[]