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Notability Guidelines[]

Our notability guidelines are now located at /Notability Guidelines.


The goal of our caster pages is to make matches in our database cast by these casters findable. Therefore our notability guidelines are extremely straightforward:

  • The {{CastingHistory}} query for you must return at least 3 distinct rows.

These are just general guidelines, and exceptions for them do exist. If you're unsure if a page qualifies for creation, contact a staff member.

Offseason Roster Changes[]

The following rules govern offseason roster changes, specifically revolving around times the GCD will make large updates due to contract expiration and many players pursue options with other teams, but a significant number of these cases end with the player remaining with the team. The goal is to separate actual news from formalities.

  • If a player makes an announcement they are open to changes, that goes in News only
  • If a player's contract expires, that goes in the team's timeline with the language "contract expires." No other action is triggered by this
  • If a player is removed from GCD and it's not for contract expiration, that goes in News & Team Timeline with the language "is removed from the GCD"
  • If an announcement comes on the same day as one of the above events, the above event is ignored in favor of the announcement
  • If an announcement occurs on a later date, the announcement is also recorded in the team timeline and news
  • If a player joins a new team, or the next season starts, and there was never any announcement of their departure, the date of contract expiration is retroactively used as the previous departure date, even without announcement, and that contract expiration now has the status of announcement

Players Retiring[]

If a player isn't on a team for three full splits in any capacity, we determine them to be retired unless the player has actively announced their intent to return to competitive League of Legends or otherwise communicated that they shouldn't be marked as such. Marking a player as retired both prevents them from showing up in free agent lists and also displays a red bar in their infobox stating they are retired. Of course we also mark players as retired if they announce retirement, but this additional policy is in place because the majority of players don't actively announce their retirements.

Editing Conventions[]


Regardless of time zone in which a tournament or roster change happened, all dates should be input in US Pacific Time (UTC -8). We use the date format of YYYY-MM-DD.

Oxford Comma[]

We use the Oxford comma always: Solo, Apollo, and Hakuho join (comma before "and").

Possessive Apostrophes[]

For plural nouns ending in the letter 's', do not add an 's' after the possessive apostrophe, and teams are considered collective/plural nouns. For singular nouns, do. Caps's departure is confirmed; Hanwha Life Esports' announcement came out on Monday.

Mid-Season Tiebreakers[]

This applies to Timelines and to ongoing leagues' Current Standings tables. Two or more teams are tied if they have equivalent values in the league's primary ranking system. For example, in a league that ranks first by series wins, two teams are tied if they have the same number of series wins. In a league that ranks first by points, two teams are tied if they have the same number of points. We will break ties only if all of the following hold:

  • There is an official standings list available with ties broken AND
  • A tie can be broken base solely on teams' records, without knowing which teams are tied (i.e. we will not break if head-to-head is the second method of ranking).

If a league's timeline was made retroactively, and so a current official schedule is unavailable, we will not break ties. Where possible, a legend will be provided explaining how a particular page's ties are broken.

Conflicts of Interest[]

A conflict of interest arises when a user with an affiliation to the subject of a page that they are editing makes edits to the page that affect the page's neutrality. (For example, if a player incurs a fine, goes to their page, and deletes mention of the fine.)

What to do in the event of a conflict of interest[]

Generally, we do want players and organizations to be involved in the creation and maintenance of their pages -- that's how we get the best information! However, in order to ensure that neutrality is maintained, we request that you work with a staff member when editing your page. This doesn't mean you have to run every single edit by us, but any major changes should be made in consultation with staff. If you make edits that we deem to be overly self-promotional, they will be removed.
Examples where you're welcome to make a change to your page on your own:
  • Editing a neutral piece of information in the trivia section, for example a favorite food.
  • Correcting a grammar mistake.
  • Correcting a factual mistake, such as the date you joined a team.
  • Adding a link to an interview.
Examples where you should work with a staff member:
  • Writing an explanation for the reason that you left a team.
  • As an organization, writing an explanation for the reason that you removed a player from your starting lineup.
  • As a manager, describing the actions you took to bring a team together.

Not sure how to get in touch with our staff? Look here.

Linking to your own content[]

You are welcome to link to your own content where appropriate, but please do not replace existing links or delete content. If you think a piece of content is inappropriate, please contact staff instead of removing it yourself. Here are a few specific times you may wish to link to your own content:
  • VODs: For full game VODs, we link to the VODs that LoLEventVODs uses. If they aren't covering a particular tournament, we will attempt to link to official uploads first. If no such uploads exist, then you may link to your own VODs; however, please keep everything spoiler free. For highlight reels you are always welcome to upload your own content; however, do not replace already-existing highlight clips. If you think the current highlight clips are inadequate for some reason, contact staff.
  • Articles: Our wiki covers history, but we do not provide analysis. For that reason, we try to link to as many articles as we can that cover players, teams, and tournaments. You are welcome to add your own content to these lists, as long as you only add content in places where it's relevant and also follow the proper formatting. What counts as an article? Articles must contain original analysis of some sort - game recaps and news posts are not articles. Game recaps can be added to any of the Match Details pages; if one currently doesn't exist for your tournament, reach out to staff. We will not link to news posts unless they're the primary source (team announcement, player announcement, or first official announcement).
  • Player Content: If you have your own wiki page, you can index your own content in a section on your page called Vlogs, Blogs, and Notable Posts.
  • Quality Control: We reserve the right to remove any self-added content if we believe it to be misleading or of insufficient quality. However, we will only do this in extreme circumstances. As always, if you have any concerns, please reach out to our staff

Requesting deletion of information[]

Want information about yourself or your organization deleted? In general, we want to provide as complete a body of information as we can (and in particular want to avoid coloring history by omitting details that we're aware of), but occasionally we will delete information for you if:
  • You are being harassed due to information about you on our site, and
  • Our site is the primary location that people learned that information.
For example, if our wiki says that your favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla, and people are harassing you for not liking chocolate after discovering this fact on the wiki, we will delete that piece of information.
However, if you were officially disqualified from a tournament, then we would consider the tournament the primary source of that information and keep it up on the wiki. If you have any questions, please reach out to our staff!
One thing we will not do is remove your involvement with an organization if there was a public record of your involvement, or if we learned of your involvement through official channels (e.g. Riot, or both you and the team confirmed to us at an earlier date), even if you request that the information be removed due to a conflict with the organization. We understand and respect the fact that you may not want to have your reputation affected by circumstances outside of your control, and will attempt to clarify the exact nature of your position should it be necessary. Such clarification can include but is not limited to linking to statements from all parties involved in a dispute, adding qualifying terms like "unofficially," and writing a summary of events on either the team page or your own page as we deem appropriate to the situation. We are happy to work with you but cannot rewrite the events of history.
If you are a retired player, and you identify that our wiki is the primary location of information about your competitive career tied to your IRL name, we will remove your name and images of you on request.

Rules for Adding Content[]


  • News articles don't count as content
  • Single-game recaps or single-day recaps don't count; these should go on a Match Details page or otherwise in their own chart
  • Analytical, historical articles are all fine
  • Articles about a player go on the player's page, articles about 2 players go on both players' pages
    • Articles about 3 or more players all on the same team go on the team's page also
  • Articles comparing 2-3 teams go on all teams' pages
    • Beyond that it's a judgment call if an article should go on team pages or league page only, 5+ teams should definitely not go on all teams' pages
    • Power rankings only go on the tournament's page
  • Additionally, articles in any of the above categories that pertain to a specific tournament go on that tournament page too


  • Interviews go on both a tournament page & a player's page
    • If the interview is with 2 players, it goes on both players' pages
    • If the interview is with 3 or more players all on the same team, put it on the team's page as well
  • Interviews with a member of a team's support page go on the team's page if the support staff member doesn't have their own page
    • Otherwise it goes on that person's page


  • If the video is an interview, it goes under Interviews on all pages and not under Videos
  • If the video is part of a series (e.g. Summoning Insight) then it goes on the talk show / series page, but can also go on team/tournament/player pages
  • Highlight reels are separated into their own section on player pages & should not be lumped under a "videos" section

Masks in Player Photos[]

This section pertains to COVID-19/medical masks. Ornamental masks are not allowed in player photos.

  • We do allow photos with masks.
  • However, photos without masks are preferred, and in general we won't update a photo without a mask to one with a mask, though extenuating circumstances may result in exceptions (please contact us if you feel this is necessary).
  • If you are found to have violated a venue's mask mandate or guidelines, or endangered yourself or others around you, for the purposes of a photograph, we will under no circumstances use any media resulting from this incident on the wiki.


  • Infographs go in "additional content" not as article
  • Players are recorded as their "official" starting role going into a match even if they lane swap once ingame.

Inappropriate Usernames[]

In general, if your username fits into one of the below categories we will first ask you if you would like to change username; if so we will change your name for you and you can continue to edit. If we don't receive a reply within a reasonable amount of time then depending on your level of activity we may ban your account in order to avoid having an inappropriate name displayed in edit history. Examples of inappropriate user names include, but are not limited to:

  • Excessive advertisement
  • Advertisement of services that violate Riot's terms of service, such as Elo boosting
  • Racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, etc.
  • Impersonation