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What are user classes?[]

User classes are groups of users with different levels of permissions. For example, if you are in the Editor user class, your page edits do not need to be approved before they go live. Users can belong to multiple user classes. Each user class gives its own set of permissions. This page contains an overview of what user classes have the permissions to do what.

What user classes do we have?[]


Bureaucrats are all part of management. Bureaucrats can:
  • Change user permissions


Also known as sysops. Administrator privileges are given to some staff members and a few select community members who are well-known to the staff. Administrators can:
  • Protect and unprotect pages
  • Edit protected pages
  • Approve page edits
  • Move pages to a new URL
  • Delete and undelete pages
  • Block or unblock a user by IP address

Autoconfirmed User[]

Autoconfirmed users are members of the user class that have had their account exist for a certain amount of time and have also made a certain number of edits. It is granted automatically and does not give any permissions.

Autochecked User[]

This membership can be given by administrators and bureaucrats to rarely but regularly active users.
  • Have one's own edits automatically marked as patrolled (autopatrol).


The "bots" user class is for accounts that are automated scripts.


Editor privileges are given to all staff and to community members who consistently make constructive edits to the wiki. Editors can:
  • Make page edits without needing approval from an administrator.
  • Create pages without needing approval from an administrator.


The user class is the default class that you are in once you've made an account. Users can:
  • Edit pages
  • Create pages
However, by default any changes made by a user must be approved by an administrator before it goes live.

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