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Roster Changes[]

These are the steps that you should take to fully update our wiki in the case of a roster change.

  1. News Data Page:
    • Add a line for the change.
    • Run RefreshOverview (the little refresh button next to the row in the table).
  2. Player Page:
    • The player's team history will automatically update once RefreshOverview is ran on the News Data Page.
    • Optional - Update the player's bio. Include relevant information related to the roster change (for example, if player A is added to the roster of team X because player B was dropped from the starting lineup, you would mention player B in player A's bio). This isn't required especially if your're not a native English speaker, but it is encouraged.
    • If Applicable - Update the player's social media links.
    • If Applicable - Update the player's stream link.
    • If Applicable - Update the player's list of alternate IDs.
  3. Team Page:
    • The team's roster and timeline will automatically update once RefreshOverview is ran on the News Data Page.
  4. Former Team Page:
    • If the player is currently a free agent (i.e. the player leaving edit was already completed):
      • The player's Next Team will automatically update once RefreshOverview is ran on the News Data Page.
    • If this is a direct move from one team to another:
      • Add an additional line for them leaving the old team.

Tournament Coverage[]

Start of Game[]

  1. Add casters to Data page, as well as side selection if applicable
  2. Press Refresh Overview
  3. Picks and Bans
  4. Team Rosters

End of Game[]

  1. Add results to Data page
  2. Add MVP or Player of the Game if relevant
  3. Add the Riot/QQ match history to the Data page if applicable
  4. Create the scoreboard if match history page exists
  5. Press Refresh Overview

When Possible[]

  1. Add the VOD or VODs in 2 places (sorry):
    • Data page
    • Scoreboard

Tournament Ends[]

  1. Portal:
  2. Player Page:
    • If the tournament was relatively major in the player's career thus far, write a line about it in their biography.

Tournament Page Creation[]

  1. Tournament Page:
    • Create it using the tournament page prefill.

Team Formation[]

These are the steps you should take to fully update our wiki when a new team is created (or when you are creating a page for a team that we did not yet have a page for).

  1. Check to see if the team meets our notability guidelines.
  2. Team page:
    • If it does, create the page for the team using the team template.
    • Create all relevant redirects (e.g. TSM to Team SoloMid)
  3. Teamnames:
    • Add the team name/names and other properties to Data:Teamnames (see documentation at Help:Setting Up Teams for more information).
    • If you would like to use the same short name that another team had in the past, do not use the short name as an input, but it's fine for two teams to have the same output short name.
  4. Images:
    • Upload a 60-pixel-wide, 25-pixel-tall, transparent-background .png image at [name of team page]logo std.png (for example Team SoloMidlogo std.png).
      • If you don't have an image available, make a redirect from this location to File:Logo std.png
    • Upload a square dimension, transparent-background .png image at [name of team page]logo square.png (for example Team SoloMidlogo square.png).
      • Again if you don't have an image available, make a redirect from this location to Logo square.png.
    • If this team is the sister team of a team that already has logos uploaded, and the images are identical, make redirects from the new team's filenames to the existing filenames instead. Make sure you don't make double redirects.
    • See Help:Setting Up Teams for more information.
  5. Sister Teams:
    • If this is a sister team to an existing team, create or modify Data:SisterTeams using the main team's link, (e.g. create or modify Data:SisterTeams/TSM if you were creating TSM Academy), you can click on Insert SisterTeams to insert the corresponding template.
  6. Other:
    • Follow the guidelines in the roster changes section for updating player pages reflecting their joining the team.
    • If the team was just formed, created a front-page news item about the formation.

Team Disbanding[]

These are the steps you should take to fully update our wiki when a team is disbanded.

  1. Add the argument |isdisbanded=yes in the infobox (or |isrenamed= or |neworg= as appropriate).
  2. Add a timeline entry with reference (if possible).
  3. Update the text in the team's history biography if applicable and you are comfortable writing in English.
  4. Update the introductory sentence ("Team SoloMid is a North American team" to "Team SoloMid was previously a North American team).
  5. Follow the guidelines in the roster changes section for updating player pages reflecting their leaving the team.
  6. Update the front-page news.
  7. If this was the sister team of another team, update the CargoConcept to move this team to inactive. If you're not sure what to do about this, join our Discord server and we can help you.

Making a New Player Page[]

  1. Player Page:
    • Make the player page.
    • Next to the edit with form button, open the 3-dot menu, and click !Create Player to create necessary subpages.

Player Namechanges[]

  1. Team Page:
    • Change the player's name in the team's starting roster & navbox
    • Write in the team's timeline that the player namechanged (this is new as of 2016)
  2. Player Page:
    • Move the player's page to the new URL. Move all subpages and leave behind a redirect.
    • Update the infobox to state the player's new ingame name.
    • Add the player's old IGN to the list of alternate IDs.
    • Write a line in the biography about the switch.
    • Change the introduction and the first line of the biography if it doesn't use {{StandardBioSentence}}, where the player's name is in quotes in the middle of their IRL name. Do not change the name anywhere else in the biography.
  3. Player Subpages:
    • Move them if you forgot to check "include subpages" when you moved the main page.
    • Change the argument of the match history and career stats pages to be the new name. Move, but otherwise do not edit yearly stats pages since these must match the scoreboard names.
    • If {{lowercase}} applies, add or remove this to each subpage.
  4. Double Redirects:

Champion Release (to the PBE)[]

These are the steps you should take to fully update our wiki when a new champion is released to the PBE.

  1. Create a new champion page using this template as a rough guide.
  2. Upload all necessary images in .png format, making sure to include {{Fairuse}} in the description. Images include:
    • Skill icons (naming convention: "Power Chord.png")
    • Splash art (naming convention: "Sona Splash 0.png")
    • Thumbnail (naming convention: "SonaSquare.png") -- if not available, use our placeholder.
  3. Add to Module:Championnames

Region Creation or Removal[]

It's January 1st[]


Similar to setting up a team, a few steps are required for Tournaments and Leagues to have their logos show up in every places on the wiki.

Tournament Page[]

Adding a logo to the tournament's own page is the simplest part of this entire operation but in case you need a reminder, here's how it's done:

  • Upload the Tournament's logo under a recognizable name (Ex: LCS 2020 logo.png) and preferably in a transparent format (.png!).
    • This logo is not required to be square like for teams logos although it is generally prefered.
  • Add it onto the desired page by adding |image=LCS 2020 logo.png in the tournament's infobox (after {{Infobox Tournament).

Preparing your logo and setting up a Leaguenames entry[]

To properly add a logo to the results and frontpage, a few more steps are needed.

  1. Prepare the tournament's logo
    • Make sure the logo is transparent
    • Optional: Try to downsize it to around 25x25px as the sprite editing (more on that later!) integrated downsizing tool can sometime mess up upon trying to lower a big logo's size.
    • Make sure that the logo you're about to upload is square
  2. Add an entry to {{Leaguenames}}m
    • To facilitate your way to adding this entry here's how every parameters work
      • The first parameter entered (Found in Brackets []) is the name of the tournament that will be used everywhere on the wiki to link a tournament's page to its {{Leaguenames}}m entry.
      • The second argument in the first line is used to link the additional it to the second line, it has to be the same as the final bracketed [] parameter!
        • To quickly recapitulate on this, this means for example that you'll be able to use either "LEC" or "League of Legends European Championship" anywhere (where applicable) on the wiki to fetch the correct entry later!
      • The unique parameter is used to link the entry to the League Sprite (See next step!). For the sake of simplicity you should keep it the same as the main bracketed parameter.
      • The link = "" parameter, although mostly defunct by now, can be linked to the tournament's page title, for example link = "LPL/2020 Season/Spring Season". You can input caps here!
      • The long = "" and short = "" parameters are mostly self explanatory and represent the tournament's full name and shortname. You can input caps here!
      • The image = "" parameter, similar to the link parameter, is practically defunct by now and can be completely ignored although it is better to input the tournament's file name in case we ever need it again, who knows! (Ex: |image=LCS 2020 logo.png)
      • Finally I decided to add a little note in case you ever come across something like class = "black". The TLDR is that you can ignore this as it is no longer used and is now directly handled in the Sprite Editing section.

["lec"] = "league of legends european championship",
["league of legends european championship"] = { unique = "league of legends european championship", link = "LoL European Championship", long = "LoL European Championship", short = "LEC", image = "LEC logo small.png", class = "black" },

If you followed all the steps you should now have a working {{Leaguenames}}m entry that is ready for usage! As you'll see in our next step though, it now needs an image linked to it (Ignore the image = "" argument! This one is defunct and nothing will show up if you do not set up the last step!). Make sure to submit a summary to your edit when you're done with the {{Leaguenames}}m!

Sprite Editing[]

Phew! Now that we're done with the first step here we are with the infamous League Sprite referenced a few times earlier in this tutorial. For this to work, you will first have to make sure that your have turned on Sprite Editing in your preferences (Preferences>>Gadgets>>Enable the sprite editor)!

  • Go to Maintenance:LeagueSprite and click the "Edit Sprite" button, BE CAREFUL NOT TO PRESS THE STANDARD EDIT BUTTON!
  • Click "New Image" and select the file you have prepared earlier (Which is transparent and hopefully in 50x50px or similar resolution!)
  • Now you will have to make sure to rename the file to have the same name as the unique parameter that was set up in the previous step!
    • Additionally, if this is not done in lower-cases none of this will work!
  • If the league's logo is either fully black or very dark, make sure to go in the "tools" drop down menu and select the appropriate tag before clicking on the name of the logo you've just added!
    • This is of course only useful to dark mode users but every single one of them will be very thankful if you take the time to do this <3
  • That's it! Click "Save", input a summary, and save again!

It wasn't that hard was it? Once you do it a few times you'll quickly realize that it is like riding a bike, you'll never forget it!

Linking those entries to a tournament (AKA making sure that everything you did will indeed be useful and you didn't waste your time)[]

So, while the {{Leaguenames}}m is linked to the sprite with its unique parameter, the rest of the wiki is linked to it through the bracketed text explained earlier! In order to link a tournament to its entry you may use two different ways:

  • Enter a very simple |league=lec in the infobox of the tournament (Like adding a tournament's image!)
  • Set up the tournament's entire CM data which looks like this (I recommend using the 1st method if you are not experienced):

|CM_StandardName=LEC 2020 Spring








And that's pretty much it! If you have any questions or any suggestions on how to improve these procedures feel free to send me a message either on Discord or on my profile JaxSquare Ragaga!