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Welcome to the League of Legends esports wiki![]

Gamepedia's esports wikis are a family of competitive gaming resources. This one focuses on League of Legends. We cover players, teams, tournaments, and more! The fact that we are a wiki means that, even though we have a staff, our existence relies on community contributions. That's you! In these pages, we'll guide you through how to get started contributing -- whether you want to help out from time to time, apply to join our staff, or even just learn more about what we cover and how to find it!

What We Do[]

We record, store, and curate information about tournaments, teams, and players. Here's what you can expect to find (and remember always to look for tabs at the tops of pages!):


While we don't record all of this information for every single tournament, you can expect to find it for premier tournaments and some major tournaments.
  • Overview - Tournament structure, Results, Location, Prize Pool, External Links to Content and Information, etc.
  • Picks+Bans - Champion select, in the order it happened.
  • Scoreboards - A copy of the postgame scoreboard, including KDA, CS, Level, Gold (where possible), Items, etc.
  • VODs - In partnership with LoLEventVODs, we are beginning to catalog VODs in spoiler-free charts with links to champion select, game start, and postgame discussion. Highlights included where possible.
  • Infographs - For some tournaments, we will make infographs highlighting stats from various time intervals.
  • Other - for major tournaments, such as Worlds, we will include various other information, such as Travel Info, a Google calendar, or prediction contests.


The amount of information that we have available for players varies a lot, but we try to include the following:
  • Basic info - server, role, competitive team history, etc.
  • Biography - Detail of their personal life and League of Legends career.
  • Trivia - Various facts about the player that don't fit well into a bio.
  • Achievements - Top placings in tournaments.
  • External links - To interviews, AMAs, articles, profiles, etc.
  • Statistics - For players who have played in certain Premier events, we have pages detailing their stats.


Again, the amount of information varies, but we cover:
  • Basic info - region, sponsors, etc.
  • Timeline and roster history.
  • List of achievements.
  • Statistics - We are starting to include pages of team statistics for premier teams.

How can I help?[]

There's several ways you can help us out!

  • Edit and improve pages! Not sure where to start? Start here with our tutorial.
  • Don't feel comfortable editing? Let us know when you find mistakes!
  • Volunteer for us! We have positions open across a wide variety of departments.
  • Follow us on social media! It might not seem like much, but it actually helps us a lot, even if you don't use all of those networks.
  • Tell people about us! A lot of people still don't know that we exist. So if you see a comment somewhere on the Internet of someone wondering where they can find League of Legends competitive info, link them here :)

Site Info[]

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