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  • 1st place team of the Split 2 will automatically qualify (AQ) for Grand Final as the first seed.
  • 2nd to 4th that has accrued the most points throughout the season other than the Split 2 winner will also qualify for Grand Final as the second seed.
    • If a team finishes in promotion positions in the Split 2, all points obtained in the Split 1 will be forefeited.


SeedTeamSplit 1Split 2Total
1K1ck eSports Clublogo stdK1CK eSports Club70AQAQ
2For The Win Esportslogo stdFor The Win9090180
3Doxa Gaminglogo stdDoxa Gaming5070120
4EGN Esportslogo stdEGN Esports1203050
5XD Prinforlogo stdXD Prinfor1302050
6Why eSportslogo stdWhy eSports02020
7Exceed 9K eSportslogo stdExceed 9K eSportsN/A00
8Boavista FClogo stdBoavista FCN/A00
9Grow uP eSportslogo stdGrow uP eSports0N/A0
10Exotic Island Gaminglogo stdExotic Island Gaming220N/A0
Point Distribution
Place Split 1 Split 2
1 90 AQ
2 70 90
3 50 70
4 30 40
5-6 20 20
7-8 0 0
1 Electronik Generation qualified for Grand Final due to having the better overall positions across both splits than XD Prinfor.
2 Exotic Island Gaming lost their points after Boavista FC acquired their LPLOL spot.

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