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  • The team that has accrued the most championship points throughout the 2015 Season will qualify for the Worlds Main Event as the first seed.
  • The second and third seed will be determined at the Regional Finals.
    • 2nd to 5th ranked (with AQ included as the 1st team) teams in LPL Championship Points will qualify for Regional.
    • The regional qualifier is a double elimination bracket with seeding based on Championship Points (1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd in first round). The winners of both Winner's Bracket and Loser's Bracket qualify for Worlds Main Event.

Championship Points Tiebreaker[]

In the event that multiple teams are tied in the standings at the conclusion of the Summer Split, then the team that gained the most points in the Summer Split will be considered the holder of the tiebreaker.


1Lgdlogo std.pngLGD Gaming200450650
2EDward Gaminglogo std.pngEDward Gaming300100400
3Qiao Gu Reaperslogo std.pngQiao Gu Reapers30300330
4Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngInvictus Gaming100150250
5Snake Esportslogo std.pngSnake Esports8060140
6Vicilogo std.pngVici Gaming5060110
7Oh My Godlogo std.pngOh My God5060110
8Master3logo std.pngMasters 3106070
9Welogo std.pngTeam WE50050
10Royal Never Give Uplogo std.pngRNG120020
11Team Kinglogo std.pngTeam King35000
12Unlimited Potentiallogo std.pngUnlimited Potential2,31000
13Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.pngStar Horn Royal Club0N/A0
14Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEnergy Pacemaker0N/A0
LPL Playoffs
Place Spring Summer
1 300 450
2 200 300
3 100 150
4 80 100
5-8 50 60
LSPL Spring Playoffs
Place Points
1 30
2 20
LPL Summer Promotion
Place Points
Q 10
1 Team acquired Gamteelogo std.pngGamtee's spot.
2 Previously known as Vici Potential Gaminglogo std.pngVici Potential Gaming.
3 Unlimited Potentiallogo std.pngUnlimited Potential and Team Kinglogo std.pngTeam King lost their points from Spring Season due to a roster change.
Note: Roster changes affected King, RNG, UP's circuit points.[1]

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