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Group A


Group B


Individual Awards[]

Week Top Jungle Mid ADC Support Best Player Rising Star Best Rookie Honorable Mentions Best Rookie
2 FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.pngKartis MAX (Chinese Team)logo std.pngKennyChan Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.pngSteel Qing Jiu E-sport Clublogo std.pngAsura Young Miracleslogo std.pngFeng MAX (Chinese Team)logo std.pngKennyChan Team WE Academylogo std.pngStay TWELVElogo std.pngxjx Young Miracleslogo std.pngFeng, ⁠V5 87logo std.pngxHun, ⁠Anyone's Legendlogo std.pngRelife, ⁠V5 87logo std.pngNuo

MVP Standings[]

MVP Standings
14Team WE Academylogo std.png View
23Team Pinnaclelogo std.png Longqi
23ThunderTalk Gaming Younglogo std.png pzx
23Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png Rise
23MAX (Chinese Team)logo std.png Xiaguang
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23LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png xqw
72Oh My Dreamlogo std.png 2y1
72Weibo Gaminglogo std.png forse
72MAX (Chinese Team)logo std.png Garvey
72Top Esportslogo std.png JiaQi
72EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png Leave
72EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png Monki
72FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png pinz
72Oh My Dreamlogo std.png Realm
72Young Miracleslogo std.png Shaoye
72Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png Steel
72Weibo Gaminglogo std.png TuT
72Young Glorylogo std.png xiaoyueji
72V5 87logo std.png xLiang
201LNG Academylogo std.png 5K
201Qing Jiu E-sport Clublogo std.png Aix
201Top Esportslogo std.png Aspire
201Team WE Academylogo std.png BuLuKaKa
201Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png can
201ThunderTalk Gaming Younglogo std.png Captain
201Team WE Academylogo std.png Demon
201Top Esportslogo std.png eight
201Anyone's Legendlogo std.png Erha
201Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png Ever
201FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png haoye
201Young Miracleslogo std.png Heng
201Qing Jiu E-sport Clublogo std.png huanhuan
201Joy Dreamlogo std.png Insulator
201Qing Jiu E-sport Clublogo std.png Jotaro
201MAX (Chinese Team)logo std.png KennyChan
201FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png Lele
201Joy Dreamlogo std.png M1kuya
201Joy Dreamlogo std.png Maggie
201Ultra Prime Academylogo std.png Mirror
201LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png R1kka
201Anyone's Legendlogo std.png Relife
201Team Pinnaclelogo std.png Shark
201FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png Such
201Rare Atom Periodlogo std.png torch
201Ultra Prime Academylogo std.png whisper
201TEAM ORANGElogo std.png wynn
201Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Xiaoxu
201TWELVElogo std.png xlx
201LNG Academylogo std.png xzy
201Rare Atom Periodlogo std.png Yesjun
201TWELVElogo std.png yiyi
201Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Zap