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LDL 2020 Spring Season
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Tournament Information
OrganizerTencent Games
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
Start Date2020-04-14
End Date2020-04-30
Douyu - Stream 1

Douyu - Stream 2
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The League of Legends Development League (LDL) is the secondary league in China. In 2020, the LDL contains 26 teams, with 17 academy teams and 9 independent teams.



  • 26 teams participate
    • 17 teams run by LPL organizations
    • 9 independent teams
  • Swiss-system
    • 5 rounds in total.
  • Matches are best of three
  • Since Top Esports Challenger withdrew their participation, one team each round will get a 2-0 default win.
    • This team will always be a team with 0 wins.
    • Top Esports Challenger will be treated as their opponent and virtually FF's every series.
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Prize Pool[]

¥ 800,000 Chinese Yuan Renminbi are spread among the teams as seen below:

PlacePrizePrize (%)Team
PlacementIcon1.png 1¥500,00062.5%Team WE Academylogo std.pngWE Academy
PlacementIcon2.png 2¥200,00025%LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.pngLGD Young Team
PlacementIcon3.png 3¥50,0006.25%Joy Dreamlogo std.pngJoy Dream
4¥50,0006.25%Dominus Esports Younglogo std.pngDominus Esports.Y
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5WanZhen Esports Clublogo std.pngWZ Esports Club
6Gama Dreamlogo std.pngGama Dream
7FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.pngFunPlus Blaze
8Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.pngSDX Gaming
9EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.pngEDG Youth Team
10Young Glorylogo std.pngiG Young
11Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.pngVG Potential
12Suning-Slogo std.pngSuning-S
13Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.pngBLG Junior
14All Combologo std.pngAll Combo
15Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.pngLegend Esport
16V5 87logo std.pngV5 87
17Oh My Dreamlogo std.pngOh My Dream
18Young Miracleslogo std.pngYoung Miracles
19Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.pngRoyal Club
20Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.pngRW Shark
21EStar Younglogo std.pngeStar Young
22Victorious Gaminglogo std.pngVictorious Gaming
23LNG Academylogo std.pngLNG Academy
24LinGan e-Sportslogo std.pngLinGan e-Sports
25Triumphant Song Gaminglogo std.pngTS Gaming
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Top Esports Challengerlogo square.png





1 All Combo acquires the spot and roster of Scorpio Game.
2 VP Game rebrands to LGD.Y.
3 Top Esports Challenger forfeits due to the Coronavirus.[1]
4 WanZhen Esports Club acquires the spot of D7G Esports Club.


LDL 2020 Spring Season Standings
Place Team Series wins # Series won by opponents Progressive Score1 Game Score
1 Team WE Academylogo std.pngTeam WE Academy 5 16 15 10-3 (+7)
2 LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.pngLGD Gaming Young Team 4 16 14 8-5 (+3)
3 Joy Dreamlogo std.pngJoy Dream 4 15 11 9-4 (+5)
4 Dominus Esports Younglogo std.pngDominus Esports Young 4 13 12 8-5 (+3)
5 WanZhen Esports Clublogo std.pngWanZhen Esports Club 4 13 11 9-3 (+6)
6 Gama Dreamlogo std.pngGama Dream 3 16 12 7-5 (+2)
7 FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.pngFunPlus Phoenix Blaze 3 15 12 7-5 (+2)
8 Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.pngShu Dai Xiong Gaming 3 14 9 8-6 (+2)
9 EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.pngEDG Youth Team 3 14 8 7-5 (+2)
10 Young Glorylogo std.pngInvictus Gaming Young 3 13 10 8-4 (+4)
11 Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.pngVici Gaming Potential 3 13 9 6-5 (+1)
12 Suning-Slogo std.pngSuning-S 3 10 7 7-6 (+1)
13 Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.pngBilibili Gaming Junior 3 9 8 7-4 (+3)
14 All Combologo std.pngAll Combo 2 17 9 5-7 (-2)
15 Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.pngLegend Esport Gaming 2 14 7 6-9 (-3)
16 V5 87logo std.pngV5 87 2 13 5 6-6 (0)
17 Oh My Dreamlogo std.pngOh My Dream 2 12 7 6-6 (0)
18 Young Miracleslogo std.pngYoung Miracles 2 12 5 6-7 (-1)
19 Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.pngRoyal Club 2 11 6 5-6 (-1)
20 Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.pngRogue Warriors Shark 2 10 6 4-6 (-2)
21 EStar Younglogo std.pngeStar Young 2 8 3 5-7 (-2)
22 Victorious Gaminglogo std.pngVictorious Gaming 1 13 3 4-9 (-5)
23 LNG Academylogo std.pngLNG Academy 1 11 1 5-8 (-3)
24 LinGan e-Sportslogo std.pngLinGan e-Sports 1 9 3 2-8 (-6)
25 Triumphant Song Gaminglogo std.pngTriumphant Song Gaming 1 9 2 2-8 (-6)
For crossbox and timeline, please see this page.
1 Each win awards a point after the conclusion of each round, e.g. a win in Round 1 also awards a point after the conclusion of every following round and sums up to 5 points total. A win in Round 2 therefore awards a point at the end of Round 2 and all following rounds to make up 4 points total.
Teams with bypass win
Round Team
1 Gama Dreamlogo std.pngGama Dream
2 Suning-Slogo std.pngSuning-S
3 LinGan e-Sportslogo std.pngLinGan e-Sports
4 Triumphant Song Gaminglogo std.pngTriumphant Song Gaming
5 LNG Academylogo std.pngLNG Academy

Match Schedule[]

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Patch: 10.6
Round 1
Tue 14 Apr - Thu 16 AprTue 14 Apr - Thu 16 AprTue 14 Apr - Thu 16 Apr2020,4,14,07,00 - 2020,4,16,09,00
Tue 2020-04-14
Tue 2020-04-14
Tue 2020-04-14
VTGVictorious Gaminglogo std.png12Joy Dreamlogo std.pngJDM
RYLStar Horn Royal Clublogo std.png20Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.pngRWS
FPBFunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png20EStar Younglogo std.pngESY
YMYoung Miracleslogo std.png12Dominus Esports Younglogo std.pngDMOY
Wed 2020-04-15
Wed 2020-04-15
Wed 2020-04-15
87V5 87logo std.png12WanZhen Esports Clublogo std.pngWZ
TSGTriumphant Song Gaminglogo std.png02Young Glorylogo std.pngIGY
LGELinGan e-Sportslogo std.png02Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.pngLEG
SNSSuning-Slogo std.png02All Combologo std.pngAC
Thu 2020-04-16
Thu 2020-04-16
Thu 2020-04-16
WE.ATeam WE Academylogo std.png21Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.pngSDX
VGPVici Gaming Potentiallogo std.png20Oh My Dreamlogo std.pngOMD
LGD.YLGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png21LNG Academylogo std.pngLNG.A
EDG.YEDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png20Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.pngBLG.J
Patch: 10.6
Round 2
Fri 17 Apr - Sun 19 AprFri 17 Apr - Sun 19 AprFri 17 Apr - Sun 19 Apr2020,4,17,07,00 - 2020,4,19,09,00
Fri 2020-04-17
Fri 2020-04-17
Fri 2020-04-17
ACAll Combologo std.png21Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.pngRYL
LEGLegend Esport Gaminglogo std.png02FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.pngFPB
DMOYDominus Esports Younglogo std.png20V5 87logo std.png87
RWSRogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png20EStar Younglogo std.pngESY
Sat 2020-04-18
Sat 2020-04-18
Sat 2020-04-18
GDGama Dreamlogo std.png21EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.pngEDG.Y
WZWanZhen Esports Clublogo std.png12LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.pngLGD.Y
IGYYoung Glorylogo std.png20Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.pngVGP
JDMJoy Dreamlogo std.png12Team WE Academylogo std.pngWE.A
Sun 2020-04-19
Sun 2020-04-19
Sun 2020-04-19
LNG.ALNG Academylogo std.png12Young Miracleslogo std.pngYM
SDXShu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png21Victorious Gaminglogo std.pngVTG
OMDOh My Dreamlogo std.png20Triumphant Song Gaminglogo std.pngTSG
BLG.JBilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png20LinGan e-Sportslogo std.pngLGE
Patch: 10.6
Round 3
Tue 21 Apr - Thu 23 AprTue 21 Apr - Thu 23 AprTue 21 Apr - Thu 23 Apr2020,4,21,07,00 - 2020,4,23,09,00
Tue 2020-04-21
Tue 2020-04-21
Tue 2020-04-21
ESYEStar Younglogo std.png12Victorious Gaminglogo std.pngVTG
GDGama Dreamlogo std.png20Dominus Esports Younglogo std.pngDMOY
RYLStar Horn Royal Clublogo std.png02Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.pngVGP
FPBFunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png21Young Glorylogo std.pngIGY
Wed 2020-04-22
Wed 2020-04-22
Wed 2020-04-22
BLG.JBilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png20LNG Academylogo std.pngLNG.A
WZWanZhen Esports Clublogo std.png20Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.pngLEG
SNSSuning-Slogo std.png12Joy Dreamlogo std.pngJDM
TSGTriumphant Song Gaminglogo std.png02V5 87logo std.png87
Thu 2020-04-23
Thu 2020-04-23
Thu 2020-04-23
OMDOh My Dreamlogo std.png20Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.pngRWS
WE.ATeam WE Academylogo std.png20All Combologo std.pngAC
YMYoung Miracleslogo std.png02Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.pngSDX
EDG.YEDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png02LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.pngLGD.Y
Patch: 10.6
Round 4
Fri 24 Apr - Sun 26 AprFri 24 Apr - Sun 26 AprFri 24 Apr - Sun 26 Apr2020,4,24,07,00 - 2020,4,26,09,00
Fri 2020-04-24
Fri 2020-04-24
Fri 2020-04-24
LEGLegend Esport Gaminglogo std.png21Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.pngBLG.J
87V5 87logo std.png20Victorious Gaminglogo std.pngVTG
DMOYDominus Esports Younglogo std.png21Young Glorylogo std.pngIGY
ESYEStar Younglogo std.png21LNG Academylogo std.pngLNG.A
Sat 2020-04-25
Sat 2020-04-25
Sat 2020-04-25
LGD.YLGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png21FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.pngFPB
OMDOh My Dreamlogo std.png12Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.pngSDX
EDG.YEDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png20Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.pngRYL
RWSRogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png20LinGan e-Sportslogo std.pngLGE
Sun 2020-04-26
Sun 2020-04-26
Sun 2020-04-26
WE.ATeam WE Academylogo std.png21Gama Dreamlogo std.pngGD
YMYoung Miracleslogo std.png12Suning-Slogo std.pngSNS
ACAll Combologo std.png02WanZhen Esports Clublogo std.pngWZ
VGPVici Gaming Potentiallogo std.png02Joy Dreamlogo std.pngJDM
Patch: 10.6
Round 5
Tue 28 Apr - Thu 30 AprTue 28 Apr - Thu 30 AprTue 28 Apr - Thu 30 Apr2020,4,28,07,00 - 2020,4,30,09,00
Tue 2020-04-28
Tue 2020-04-28
Tue 2020-04-28
LGELinGan e-Sportslogo std.png02Young Miracleslogo std.pngYM
ACAll Combologo std.png12EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.pngEDG.Y
SNSSuning-Slogo std.png21Oh My Dreamlogo std.pngOMD
VTGVictorious Gaminglogo std.png02Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.pngRYL
Wed 2020-04-29
Wed 2020-04-29
Wed 2020-04-29
WZWanZhen Esports Clublogo std.png20Gama Dreamlogo std.pngGD
IGYYoung Glorylogo std.png20Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.pngLEG
JDMJoy Dreamlogo std.png20FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.pngFPB
SDXShu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png12Dominus Esports Younglogo std.pngDMOY
Thu 2020-04-30
Thu 2020-04-30
Thu 2020-04-30
RWSRogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png02Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.pngBLG.J
ESYEStar Younglogo std.png20Triumphant Song Gaminglogo std.pngTSG
LGD.YLGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png02Team WE Academylogo std.pngWE.A
87V5 87logo std.png12Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.pngVGP

VODs & Match Links[]

Individual Awards[]

Team of the Round[]

Round Top Jungle Mid ADC Support Best Player
1 Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.png Chelizi FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png Mingjing All Combologo std.png Try9 Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Such LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png L7 Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.png Chelizi
2 FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png xiao7 Young Glorylogo std.png XUN Young Glorylogo std.png Captain Dominus Esports Younglogo std.png xubin Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png xunyu Dominus Esports Younglogo std.png xubin
3 Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png demon WanZhen Esports Clublogo std.png Sixsix9 Team WE Academylogo std.png Shanks LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png Plume Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png Shadow Team WE Academylogo std.png Shanks
4 Suning-Slogo std.png Biubiu LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png Flora Joy Dreamlogo std.png Ye Team WE Academylogo std.png Simple Young Miracleslogo std.png MaRco Joy Dreamlogo std.png Ye

Overall MVP[]

Most Valuable PlayerTeam WE Academylogo std.pngShanks-

MVP Standings[]

MVP Standings
15Team WE Academylogo std.png Shanks
24Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png Duye
24EStar Younglogo std.png irma
24Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png Wings
24Joy Dreamlogo std.png Ye
Click for Full Standings
63EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png 0909
63Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.png Chelizi
63Oh My Dreamlogo std.png Eric
63EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png GENTLE
63Joy Dreamlogo std.png Lpc
63Dominus Esports Younglogo std.png melody
63WanZhen Esports Clublogo std.png Mine
63Gama Dreamlogo std.png River
63Team WE Academylogo std.png Simple
63WanZhen Esports Clublogo std.png Sixsix9
63Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Such
63V5 87logo std.png Windy
63FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png xiao7
63Dominus Esports Younglogo std.png xubin
63Young Glorylogo std.png XUN
212Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.png Able
212Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png Alielie
212Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png Beige
212Suning-Slogo std.png Biubiu
212Oh My Dreamlogo std.png Bright
212Victorious Gaminglogo std.png Bun
212Young Glorylogo std.png Captain
212All Combologo std.png Chase
212LNG Academylogo std.png elves
212LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png Flora
212LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png Garvey
212Dominus Esports Younglogo std.png Helper
212FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png Mingjing
212Suning-Slogo std.png SamD
212Shu Dai Xiong Gaminglogo std.png Shadow
212Gama Dreamlogo std.png Till
212WanZhen Esports Clublogo std.png Truth
212All Combologo std.png Try9
212Young Glorylogo std.png ugly
212Young Miracleslogo std.png xing
212LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png Xzz
212Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png yanxuan
212FunPlus Phoenix Blazelogo std.png Yoghurt
441Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.png 57
441Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.png Ahn
441Young Miracleslogo std.png Arise
441V5 87logo std.png As6
441Legend Esport Gaminglogo std.png August
441Team WE Academylogo std.png Clever9
441WanZhen Esports Clublogo std.png Clowz
441Bilibili Gaming Juniorlogo std.png demon
441Oh My Dreamlogo std.png Gabi
441Joy Dreamlogo std.png Humble
441Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png HwQ
441Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.png Jerry
441LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png L7
441Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Lele
441Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Lover11
441Team WE Academylogo std.png Magic
441Young Miracleslogo std.png MaRco
441LNG Academylogo std.png Picachu
441V5 87logo std.png Pidgey
441LGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.png Plume
441Young Miracleslogo std.png Puzzle
441Victorious Gaminglogo std.png Recall
441EDward Gaming Youth Teamlogo std.png Sleepy
441EStar Younglogo std.png spunk
441Victorious Gaminglogo std.png sqb
441Vici Gaming Potentiallogo std.png Strive
441Joy Dreamlogo std.png Teeen
441Suning-Slogo std.png View
441All Combologo std.png xiaohao
441Young Miracleslogo std.png XiaoXuan
441V5 87logo std.png XiaoYang
441Rogue Warriors Sharklogo std.png xunyu
441Young Glorylogo std.png zs



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Home Venues[]

Shenzhen Venue Shanghai Venue
Shenzhen, Guangdong Shanghai
289 Digital Peninsula Venue
2 Hongliu Ave., Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Venue
Bldg. 5, 8 Jinian Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai