LCS Proving Grounds/2021 Season/Summer/Tier 2 Circuit

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The LCS Proving Grounds Circuit is Riot Games official circuit for teams to qualify for the LCS Proving Grounds. Its purpose is to promote new talents within the North American League of Legends community and provide the community with an accessible and inclusive circuit made by multiple team-based competitive formats. For the 2021 Summer Season, the partnered Tier 2 tournaments included Challengers Uprising, Risen Champions League, and the Summer Showdown. Below is the point distribution for all teams participating in the Tier 2 circuit.

Circuit Points[edit]

Proving Grounds 2021 Summer
1Wildcard Gaminglogo std.pngWildcard RedAQ0
2Zoos Gaminglogo std.pngZoos Gaming8080
3Resolvelogo std.pngResolve NA6060
4Area of Effect Randomslogo std.pngAOE Randoms6060
5Eglogo std.pngEG Prodigies4040
6AOE Esportslogo std.pngAOE Esports4040
7Cloud9logo std.pngC9 Amateur4040
8Golden Guardianslogo std.pngGG Academy14040
9Supernovalogo std.pngSupernova2020
10TSMlogo std.pngTSM Amateur2020
11100 Thieveslogo std.png100 Next2020
12Wildcard Gaminglogo std.pngWildcard Black2020
13Radiancelogo std.pngRadiance1010
14Dignitas Miragelogo std.pngDignitas Mirage1010
15Revival (North American Team)logo std.pngRevival1010
16Maryville Universitylogo std.pngMaryville University1010
CUP Point Distribution
Place Points
1 AQ
2 80
3-4 60
5-8 40
9-12 20
13-16 10
1 As an Academy team, the roster of Golden Guardians Academy is not eligible to qualify for PG Qualifiers via points.