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LCL Open Cup 2022 Spring Open League
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Tournament Information
OrganizerRiot Games, GIG.ME
Sponsor(s)JBL Quantum
FormatCircuit Points
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
Start Date2022-02-11
End Date2022-03-20
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The LCL Open Cup 2022 ("LCL OC") is the first season of the revamped Open Cup tournament. In the spring open league, teams fight in six tournaments in order to gain points.



  • 6 qualifiers
  • Teams gain points from their placements in said qualifiers
  • 6 teams advance to the Group Stage
    • Top 5 teams with the most points
    • Winner of the last qualifier

Circuit Points[]

LCL Open Cup 2022 Spring Open League
SeedTeamTournament 1Tournament 2Tournament 3Tournament 4Tournament 5Tournament 6Total
1Crypto Esportslogo std.pngCrypto Esports100100200
2Enix Esportslogo std.pngEnix Esports8050130
3Logo std.pngбелочка и обезьянка3080110
4Logo std.pngTeam Difference7030100
5Logo std.pngcis refused3070100
6Logo std.pngAlgorithm502070
7Future Perfectlogo std.pngFuture Perfect303060
8Funny Yellow Doglogo std.pngFunny Yellow Dog203050
9Logo std.pngEloHunters301040
10Enix Esports Prodigylogo std.pngEnix Prodigy202040
11STARlogo std.pngSTAR201030
12Logo std.pngSOUTH WAVE TEAM102030
13Logo std.pngDUNGEON MASTERaSS102030
14Logo std.pngLegacy of Shurima-3030
15Logo std.pngМы на две20-20
16Logo std.pngMAGNUM URSUS20-20
17Logo std.pngУБИЙЦЫ ГУЛЕЙ20-20
18Logo std.pngU PODNOJYA GORY20-20
19Logo std.pngMental Tempo20-20
20Logo std.pngAtlantic Puffins101020
21Logo std.pngCOSMIC DRIVE101020
22Logo std.pngGiga Duck Gaming101020
23Logo std.png1000PINGPLAYERS101020
24Logo std.pngINSIGHT (CIS Team)101020
25Logo std.pngTeamStability-2020
26Logo std.pngMEINSIGHTAL TEMPO-2020
27Logo std.pngDelirium-2020
28Logo std.pngPickPoolOneChamp-2020
29Logo std.pngВладиSlave10-10
30Logo std.pngKNRTUA.HAZARD10-10
31Logo std.pngTURKISH BUSINESS (CIS Team)10-10
32Logo std.pngJAY MOCKING BIRDS10-10
33Logo std.pngNSTU GREEN10-10
34Logo std.pngUnique10-10
35Logo std.pngBEBRA ESPORTS10-10
36Logo std.pngWhite Lotus10-10
37Logo std.pngYOUNG BOYS10-10
38Natus Wincerelogo std.pngNatus Wincere-1010
39Logo std.pngNOTEVILGENIUSES-1010
40Logo std.pngBULLET TIME-1010
41Logo std.pngFor the Horde-1010
42Logo std.pngRUNIC CARDS TARRO-1010
43Logo std.pngKRAKENS KT-1010
44Logo std.pngNAZVANIE ESHE HZ-1010
45Logo std.pngElo Bibika-1010
46Logo std.pngApe Squad-1010
Point Distribution
Place T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6
1 100 100 150 150 200 AQ
2 80 80 120 120 160 160
3 70 70 105 105 140 140
4 50 50 75 75 100 100
5-8 30 30 45 45 60 60
9-16 20 20 30 30 40 40
17-32 10 10 15 15 20 20



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