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  • The 1st place team of the Summer Split will automatically qualify (AQ) for the Worlds Main Event as the first seed..
  • The team that has accrued the most championship points throughout the 2016 Season will also qualify for the Worlds Main Event as the second seed.
  • The third seed will be determined at the Regional Finals.
    • 2nd to 5th place teams in total championship points qualify for the Regionals.
    • The regional qualifier is a 4-team "winner stays" event where the 3rd-place team on points earns a bye into the semis and the 2nd-place team on points earns a bye into the finals.

Championship Points Tiebreaker[]

In the event that multiple teams are tied in the standings at the conclusion of the Summer Split, then the team that gained the most points in the Summer Split will be considered the holder of the tiebreaker. In the event that two teams are tied at the 5th-6th position for the Summer Split, then Summer Split regular season win loss record will be the first tiebreaker. If both teams are tied in the Summer Split regular season, then head to head will be used to determine the tiebreaker. Summer Split regular season head to head will include any tiebreaker games needed to determine position.


1ROX Tigerslogo std.pngROX Tigers70AQAQ
2SK Telecom T1logo std.pngSK Telecom T19070160
3KT Rolsterlogo std.pngKT Rolster5090140
4Samsunglogo std.pngSamsung Galaxy104050
5Afreeca Freecslogo std.pngAfreeca Freecs102030
6Jin Air Green Wingslogo std.pngJin Air Green Wings30030
7MVPlogo std.pngMVPN/A2020
8ESC Everlogo std.pngESC EverN/A00
9LongZhulogo std.pngLongzhu Gaming000
10CJElogo std.pngCJ Entus000
11Kongdoo Monsterlogo std.pngKongdoo Monster0N/A0
12SBENU Sonicboomlogo std.pngSBENU Sonicboom0N/A0
Point Distribution
Place Spring Summer
1 90 AQ
2 70 90
3 50 70
4 30 40
5-6 10 20
7-10 0 0

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