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Background Information
NameGe Yan (葛炎)
Country of Birth
BirthdayAugust 23, 1997 (age 24)
Favorite Champs

Competitive IDsKidKid
Soloqueue IDsiG kid, FULIYE, China Kid

Ge "Kid" Yan (Hanzi: 葛炎) is a retired League of Legends esports player, previously substitute jungler for Invictus Gaming.

Team History

Combine Role Swaps:No|Yes
HanGong Clanlogo std.pngHanGong Clan
Jun 20122012-06-21Jun 20122012-06-232d
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngInvictus Gaming
Jun 20122012-06-28[1]Mar 20182018-03-035yr 8mo
HanGong Clanlogo std.pngHanGong Clan
Jun 20122012-06-21Jun 20122012-06-232d
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngInvictus Gaming
Jun 20122012-06-28[1]Dec 20152015-12-29[2]3yr 6mo
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngInvictus Gaming
Dec 20152015-12-29[2]Apr 20172017-04-13[3]1yr 3mo
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngInvictus Gaming
Apr 20172017-04-13[3]May 20172017-05-19[4]1mo 6d
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngInvictus Gaming
May 20172017-05-19[4]Aug 20172017-08-032mo 15d
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngInvictus Gaming
Aug 20172017-08-03Mar 20182018-03-037mo



HanGong Clanlogo std.pngHGCJune 21,
San, braveheart, Ning, and 坂田银时 join.
HanGong Clanlogo std.pngHGCJune 23,
San, braveheart, Ning, and 坂田银时 leave.
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiGJune 28,
Kid joins.

Duck leaves.[1]


Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiGDecember 29, Kid (Bot to Jungle) and YongSoo (Sub/Top to Sub/Jungle) change positions.
Time moves to starting roster.
KaKAO leaves.
Pokemon moves to trainee.[2]


Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiGApril 13,
Rio joins.
Kid (Jungle to Bot) changes position.[3]
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiGMay 19,
Ning, and
West join.

JackeyLove rejoins as trainee.

Kid moves to substitute.[4]
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiGAugust 3, Kid (Sub/Bot to Sub/Jungle) changes position.


Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiGMarch 3,
Kid retires.


Ge "Kid" Yan (sometimes stylized KidKid) originally played in Season 2 for HanGong Clan before joining Invictus Gaming in June of 2012.

Season 2[]

Kid played for IG in the Season 2 China Regional Finals where they qualified for the Season 2 World Championship as the second seed from China by beating Noah's Ark 2-0 in the finals. At worlds, they made it through the group stage, only to fall 2-0 to Moscow Five in the quarterfinals.

Season 3[]

IG participated in the 2013 LPL Spring Regular Season and managed to place first overall. However in the 2013 LPL Spring Playoffs, they placed third after losing 2-0 to Positive Energy but beating Team WE 2-1 in the third place match. Next, they attended IEM Season VIII - Shanghai and finished in second after they lost 2-0 in the finals to WE. In the 2013 LPL Summer Regular Season, they ended in fifth place and missed the playoffs. Their result in the Spring Season still qualified them for the Season 3 China Regional Finals. They ended in third after losing 2-1 to Royal Club Huang Zu in the second round of the loser's bracket. Their last tournament of the year was IEM Season VIII - Singapore and they actually managed to win the tournament by beating CJ Entus Frost 2-0 in the finals.

2014 Season[]

The new season began for Kid and IG at Demacia Cup Season 1. They made it to the finals and placed first after beating WE 3-2. A few months later, they attended the IEM Season VIII - World Championship but failed to make it past groups after losing to the KT Rolster Bullets and Fnatic. The 2014 LPL Spring Regular Season ended shortly afterwards with IG in fourth place. IG qualified for the 2014 LPL Spring Playoffs and even made it to the finals but they lost 3-0 to EDward Gaming. They later lost 2-0 in Demacia Cup Season 2 in the round of 16 to Star Horn Royal Club. IG faired very poorly in the 2014 LPL Summer Regular Season, finishing in sixth place. They still qualified for the 2014 Season China Regional Finals but they finished in last after losing 2-0 to OMG and 2-1 to LGD Gaming.

2015 Season[]

IG began the new year at the 2015 Demacia Cup Spring Season where IG managed to make it to the finals but they lost 3-0 to EDG. A few weeks later, they finished in fifth place in the 2015 LPL Spring Regular Season and qualified for the 2015 LPL Spring Playoffs. Here, IG ended in third place after losing 3-0 to EDG in the semifinals but beating Snake eSports 3-1 in the third place match. Before the start of the second half of the season, Time joined IG to as a sub for Kid. IG participated in the 2015 Demacia Cup Summer Season and ended in fourth after losing 3-1 to EDG and 3-2 to Snake. Back in the 2015 LPL Summer Regular Season, IG ended in third place to qualify for the 2015 LPL Summer Playoffs. Here, IG finished in third place again after losing 3-2 to the Qiao Gu Reapers but beating EDG 3-1. IG qualified for the 2015 Season China Regional Finals and managed to qualify for the 2015 Season World Championship by beating Qiao Gu 3-0. IG was placed in a group alongside Cloud9, Fnatic, and AHQ e-Sports Club. Unfortunately, they ended with a 2-4 record and were knocked out of the tournament in last place.

2016 Season[]

The 2016 season was fairly straightforward for IG. The team placed 4th in the 2016 LPL Spring Season with an 8-8 record. They were quickly knocked out of playoffs in the first round after getting swept 0-3 by Snake Esports. The summer season was identical to the spring one for IG since they finished in 4th again with a 5-11 record. The summer playoffs also had the same result and IG were knocked out in the first round again by getting swept by I May.

2017 Season[]

Invictus Gaming finished 3rd in Group A of the 2017 LPL Spring Season with an 8-8 record. They would then drop out in the first round of the playoffs with a 1-3 loss to Newbee. IG participated in the 2017 Demacia Cup and finished 3rd after a 1-3 loss to I May in the semifinals. Their summer season was similar to their spring season and they finished 3rd with a 10-6 record. Kid however spent the majority of the summer retired and only came back out of retirement near the end of the split. IG did much better in the playoffs and finished 3rd with a victory over Team WE in the third place match. IG then participated in the 2017 Season China Regional Finals but failed to make it to Worlds after Team WE got their revenge against them and beat them 3-2.


  • Invictus Gaming set Kid a retirement game on 2018, March 3rd. He went 7-4-16 as SejuaniSquare.pngSejuani and claimed Game MVP.
  • Known for his EzrealSquare.pngEzreal early in his career.
  • Infamously dealt only 443 damage to champions in a game against OMG during the 2015 LPL Summer Season.[5]
  • He has remained on the same team longer than any other player in the world (2079 days).
  • He and Zz1tai was the duo had played most games together in the LPL (279 games) (stats provided in April 2017).
    • On Jan 26th, 2018, this stats got surpassed by Xiye and Mystic.
  • Reached 1000 Kills in the LPL in July, 2015.
    • The 3rd player to reach 1000 Kills in the LPL, after Uzi, and Cool.


LPL 2015 Spring PlayoffsInvictus Gaminglogo std.pngSnake Esportslogo std.png
Hong Kong Esports Tournament Season 2Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngAhq eSports Clublogo std.png
IET 2015 QualifiersInvictus Gaminglogo std.pngAD Gaminglogo std.png
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Tournament Results[]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Kid Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultTeamRoster
2018-04-081 LPL 2018 Spring - East
18 - 1Blanklogo std.pngRR
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiG Duke,  TheShy,  Ning,  Kid,  Rookie,  JackeyLove,  Baolan,  Mafa
2017-09-013 LPL 2017 Summer Playoffs
3 : 2Team WElogo std.pngWE
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiG TheShy,  Duke,  Ning,  KidKid,  Rookie,  West,  Megan,  Mafa
2017-08-203 LPL 2017 Summer - Group A
10 - 6Blanklogo std.pngRR
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiG Duke,  TheShy,  Ning,  KidKid,  Rookie,  West,  Megan,  Mafa
2017-07-231 2017 Xinhua E-Sports Conference
3 : 1Newbeelogo std.pngNB
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiG Duke,  TheShy,  Ning,  KidKid,  Rookie,  West,  JackeyLove,  Megan
2017-06-043 - 4 Demacia Cup 2017
1 : 3I Maylogo std.pngIM
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiG Duke,  Ning,  Rookie,  West,  Kid,  Megan
2017-04-297 - 8 LPL 2017 Spring Playoffs
1 : 3Newbeelogo std.pngNB
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiG Duke,  Rio,  Rookie,  KidKid,  Megan,  Mafa
2017-04-163 LPL 2017 Spring - Group A
8 - 8Blanklogo std.pngRR
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiG Duke,  KidKid,  Rio,  Rookie,  Marge,  Megan,  Chris,  Mafa
2016-11-201 NEST 2016
2 : 0LGD Gaminglogo std.pngLGD
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiG Zz1tai,  Kid,  Rookie,  JackeyLove,  Baolan,  Mafa
2016-11-1314 - 16 Demacia Cup 2016
1 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiG Zz1tai,  Kid,  RoOk1E,  Rain,  Tabe
2016-08-267 - 8 LPL 2016 Summer Playoffs
0 : 3I Maylogo std.pngIM
Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiG Zz1tai,  Kid,  Rookie,  Marge,  Baolan,  Chris




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