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General Information
TitleThe Spear of Vengeance
Release DateNovember 20, 2014
Cost4800 BE 880 RP

604 (+ 114)

3.75 (+ 0.55)

300 (+ 45)

6.3 (+ 0.4)


69 (+ 3.5)

0.694 (+ 4.5%)


24 (+ 5.2)

30 (+ 1.3)
Developer Info
DDragon KeyKalista
Integer Key429
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Game Info Wikileagueoflegends.fandom.com

Kalista is a champion in League of Legends.


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An undying specter of wrath and retribution, Kalista is an armored nightmare summoned from the Shadow Isles to hunt deceivers and traitors. The betrayed may cry out in blood to be avenged, but Kalista only answers those willing to pay with their very souls. Those who become the focus of Kalista’s wrath should make their final peace, for any pact sealed with this grim hunter can only be ended by the cold, piercing fire of her soul-spears.

In life, Kalista was a proud general, niece to the king of an empire that none now recall. She lived by a strict code of honor, serving the throne with utmost loyalty. The king had many enemies, and when they sent an assassin to slay him, it was Kalista’s vigilance that averted disaster.

But in saving the king, she damned the one he loved most—the assassin’s deflected blade was envenomed, and sliced the arm of the queen. The greatest priests and surgeons were summoned, but none could draw the poison from her body. Wracked with grief, the king dispatched Kalista in search of a cure, with Hecarim of the Iron Order taking her place at his side.

Kalista traveled far, consulting learned scholars, hermits and mystics… but to no avail. Finally, she learned of a place protected from the outside world by shimmering pale mists, whose inhabitants were rumored to know the secrets of eternal life. She set sail on one last voyage of hope, to the almost legendary Blessed Isles.

The guardians of the capital city Helia saw the purity of Kalista’s intent, and parted the mists to allow her safe passage. She begged them to heal the queen, and after much consideration, the masters of the city agreed. Time was of the essence. While the queen yet breathed, there was hope for her in the fabled Waters of Life. Kalista was given a talisman that would allow her to return to Helia unaided, but was warned against sharing this knowledge with any other.

However, by the time Kalista reached the shores of her homeland, the queen was already dead.

The king had descended into madness, locking himself in his tower with the queen’s festering corpse. When he learned of Kalista’s return, he demanded to know what she had found. With a heavy heart, for she had never before failed him, she admitted that the cure she had found would be of no use. The king would not believe this, and condemned Kalista as a traitor to the crown.

It was Hecarim who persuaded her to lead them to the Blessed Isles, where her uncle could hear the truth of it from the masters themselves. Then, perhaps, he would find peace—even if only in accepting that the queen was gone, and allowing her to be laid to rest. Hesitantly, Kalista agreed.

And so the king set out with a flotilla of his fastest ships, and cried out in joy as the glittering city of Helia was revealed to him. However, they were met by the stern masters, who would not allow them to pass. Death, they insisted, was final. To cheat it would be to break the natural order of the world.

The king flew into a fevered rage, and commanded Kalista to slay any who opposed them. She refused, and called on Hecarim to stand with her… but instead he drove his spear through her armored back.

The Iron Order joined him in this treachery, piercing Kalista’s body a dozen times more as she fell. A brutal melee erupted, with those devoted to Kalista fighting desperately against Hecarim’s knights, but their numbers were too few. As Kalista’s life faded, and she watched her warriors die, swearing vengeance with her final breath…

When next Kalista opened her eyes, they were filled with the dark power of unnatural magic. She had no idea what had transpired, but the city of Helia had been transformed into a twisted mockery of its former beauty—indeed, the entirety of the Blessed Isles was now a place of shadow and darkness, filled with howling spirits trapped for all eternity in the nightmare of undeath.

Though she tried to cling to those fragmented memories of Hecarim’s monstrous betrayal, they have slowly faded in all the centuries since, and all that now remains is a thirst for revenge burning in Kalista’s ruined chest. She has become a specter, a figure of macabre folklore, often invoked by those who have suffered similar treacheries.

These wretched spirits are subsumed into hers, to pay the ultimate price—becoming one with the Spear of Vengeance.

"Turncoats, oath breakers and betrayers… we hate them all."

- KalistaSquare.pngKalista


Blood pooled beneath him, bright crimson against pristine white stone. His sword lay nearby, its blade broken. His killers stood around him, shadows on the periphery, but he saw nothing except her.

Her eyes stared into his own, without seeing. His blood-spattered face was reflected back at him. He was lying on his side. His breath was shallow, and weakening.

Her lifeless hand was cold, but he didn’t feel anything. A calmness descended upon him like a shroud. There was no pain, no fear, no doubt. Not any more.

His armored fingers tightened around her hand. He couldn’t be with her in life, but he would be with her in death.

For the first time in what seemed forever, he felt at peace…

“Hello, Ledros,” said a voice that shouldn’t be there.

Ledros… His name.

There was an evil, mocking laugh, and a clink of chains.

“I don’t know why you do this to yourself, but I have enjoyed seeing you suffer.”

Reality crashed over him like a tidal wave, threatening to drag him under.

The blood beneath him was centuries old, flaking and brown. The stone was not white, but black, and cracked. The sky was filled with turbulent, dark clouds lit from within by lightning.

And everywhere, the Black Mist coiled.

She was still there for a moment, and he clung to her, unwilling to let her go.

“My love,” he breathed, but then she faded, like ash on the wind, and he was left grasping at nothing.

He was dead.

And he was trapped here in this perpetual in-between.

Ledros rose, and picked up the shattered remnant of his sword.

He leveled the ghostly blade at the one who had shattered the illusion of his memory. The hateful spirit lurked in darkness, leering at him, eyes burning with cold flame. His cursed lantern sat on a smashed chunk of masonry nearby, radiating beams of deadlight, captive souls writhing within.

The Chain Warden. ThreshSquare.pngThresh.

Oh, how he hated him.

The cursed spirit had haunted him for what seemed like centuries, taunting him, mocking him. Now he had found his way here? This was his sanctuary, the only place he could feel even a fleeting moment of peace before the horror of his reality reasserted itself.

“Why are you here?” Ledros demanded. His voice was dull and hollow, as if he spoke from distance or time far away.

“You were lost for quite a while this time,” said Thresh. “Months. Perhaps years. I don’t keep track any more.”

Ledros lowered his blade, and took stock of his surroundings.

He remembered this place as it had been—white stone and shining gold bathed in sunlight. Protective white mist had wreathed the isles, resisting outsiders. When they had first landed, it seemed a land beloved by the gods—a place of wealth, and knowledge, and wonder, untouched by famine or war. It had just made it easier. There had been little resistance.

Now there was no sun. All was darkness. The ruptured, shattered remnants of the library loomed above, like some great, desiccated corpse. Chunks of stonework hung in mid-air, where they’d been blasted outward and locked in time. He had been a fool to think the gods had loved this place, for they had clearly forsaken it.

Every time he re-emerged from the unformed madness of the Black Mist and reformed, it was here, where his mortal body had fallen, so long ago. Every time it was the same. Nothing changed.

The one waiting for him was new, however. It was not a change he welcomed.

Out of habit, he reached for the pendant he always wore around his neck… but it was not there.

“No…” The corpse-light glowing within him flared brightly in rising panic.

“Such a pretty trinket,” said Thresh.

Ledros’ head snapped around, eyes blazing. Thresh held aloft a short chain, from which hung a delicate silver pendant engraved with two roses, their leaves and stalks wrapped around each other like a lovers’ embrace.

Anger surged within Ledros, hot and sudden, and his sword flared as he took a step toward Thresh. He’d been a big man in life, full of wrath and violence—the king’s champion, no less. He towered over Thresh.

“That… is… mine,” hissed Ledros.

The Chain Warden did not flee before him like the lesser spirits did. The death’s head that was his face was hard to read, but there was cruel amusement in his eyes.

“You’re an aberration, Ledros,” he said, still dangling the pendant before him. “Some might say we all are, but you’re different. You stand out. Here, you are the real abnormality.”

“Give it to me,” snarled Ledros, blade at the ready. “I will cut you down.”

“You could try,” said Thresh. He spoke mildly, but his eyes burned, eager for violence. He sighed. “But this gets us nowhere. Here. Take it. It means nothing to me.”

He tossed it away with a dismissive flick. Ledros caught it in one black gauntlet, his arm snapping out with a speed that belied his size. He opened his massive fist, inspecting the pendant. It was undamaged.

Ledros sheathed his blade and removed his spiked helm. His face was insubstantial, a ghostly echo of how he had appeared in life. A cold wind whipped across the blasted landscape, but he didn’t feel it.

He pulled the precious pendant over his head, and slipped his helmet back on.

“Don’t you ever wish to see an end to this vile existence, Chain Warden?” Ledros said. “To finally be at peace?”

Thresh shook his head, laughing. “We have what mortals have coveted since time immemorial—eternity.”

“It makes us prisoners.”

Thresh smirked, and turned away, the chains and hooks hanging from his belt clinking. His lantern drifted along beside him, though he didn’t so much as touch it.

“You cling so desperately to the past, even as it runs through your fingers, like sand in a timepiece,” said Thresh, “yet you’re blind to the wonder of what we have been given. It has made us gods.”

“It is a curse,” hissed Ledros.

“Run along then, sword-champion,” Thresh said, gesturing Ledros away, dismissively. “Go, find your paramour. Perhaps this time she’ll even remember you…”

Ledros became very still, eyes narrowing.

“Tell me something,” said Thresh. “You seek to save her, but from what? She does not seem tormented. You, however…”

“You walk a dangerous line, warden,” snarled Ledros.

“Is it for her sake you do this? Or your own?”

Thresh had said words to this effect before. He seemed intent on making a mockery of Ledros’ efforts.

“I am not one of your playthings, warden,” Ledros said. “Do not make the mistake of thinking you can toy with me.”

Thresh smiled, exposing the shark-like teeth of a predator.

“Of course not,” he said.

With a gesture, Thresh called his lantern. It came to him, swiftly, then hovered just below his outstretched taloned hand. In the lantern’s glowing deadlight, Ledros saw anguished faces, pressing against their confinement, before fading to be replaced by others—a horrific cavalcade of tormented souls. Thresh smiled, savoring their pain.

“I don’t need to torture you,” he said. “You do that to yourself.”

The Chain Warden stepped into the darkness, leaving Ledros utterly alone.

A hollow wind ripped through the shattered city, but he did not feel it.

He felt nothing but her.

She was hunting.

Ledros stepped into the mist, letting it flow around him. Then he shifted through it.

The Black Mist writhed around him, full of hate, anger, and fear, but he remained distinct from it, maintaining his sense of self. He was drawn toward her like a moth to candlelight, and just as unheeding of the danger. He whipped across what had once been the Blessed Isles, passing over wasted lands and the churning water of the straits dividing them. Wherever the Black Mist extended—reaching blindly, searching, always searching—he was able to go. This was their sunless prison.

Her burning presence within the darkness lured him on. She was close. Feeling the nearness of her, he stepped from the mist once more.

He stood in a blackened forest, the trees withered and dead, their branches dry and cracked. The echoes of leaves long since fallen rippled in the memory of a breeze far more gentle than the cold gale now howling through the dead forest.

He sensed movement in the trees. His heavy boots crunched on blackened soil as he began to stalk it.

His iron shield was strapped to his left arm, though he didn’t remember securing it there, and he drew his sword. The leather wrapped around its hilt had rotted long ago, and while the blade was broken a few feet above the hilt, the ghostly outline of its full length could still be seen, glowing softly. Shattered and corroded by the ravages of time, it was a shadow of its former majesty. It had been gifted to him by the king himself, back when his monarch was a man to be admired and loved.

The ground sloped sharply below, but he kept to the high ground, moving along a ridge marked with jutting stone and twisted roots. He could see them now—shadowy spirits borne upon spectral steeds, galloping through the glen below. They moved swiftly, weaving between the trees, east toward a sun that would never again rise over these shores.

They moved as one, like a hunting party… yet they were the ones being hunted.

Ledros broke into a run, keeping pace with them.

A voice echoed through the trees.

“We come for you, betrayers…”

It spoke not as a single voice, but rather a score or more of them, layered and overlapping, a legion of souls speaking as one. The strongest of them was one he knew well.

Ledros quickened his pace, running fast and low. The riders below had been forced to weave around massive stone formations and the boles of ancient, desiccated trees. It slowed them, while the ridge he ran was straight. He quickly outpaced them and drew ahead of the hunted spirits.

Ledros turned abruptly, stepping over the edge of a sheer cliff. He landed in a crouch at the base, some thirty feet below, the earth cracking beneath him.

He stood within a narrow defile, where the natural contours of the land had created a funnel. The riders would have to come through.

With blade drawn, he waited.

The first of the horsemen appeared, riding at a gallop, a being of spirit and twisted metal—a vile mockery of the once-proud knights of the Iron Order. They were nothing to him now, just hateful fragments of the men they had once been.

A dark lance, its tip jagged and hooked, was clasped in the knight’s mailed grip, and great curling horns extended from his helm. Seeing Ledros, he wrenched his mount violently to the side, making it snarl and spit. Its hooves were wreathed in shadow, and it seemed not to touch the ground at all.

Had Ledros killed this one before? Or had he been one of those that had survived his rampage, and killed him?

The other riders appeared, pulling their steeds up short.

“Stand aside, bladesman,” one hissed.

“We have no quarrel with you,” said another.

“Our quarrel will last until the end of time itself,” growled Ledros.

“So be it,” snarled another of the deathly knights. “Ride him down!”

“You shouldn’t have stopped,” said Ledros, a smirk playing on his lips. “That was an error.”

One of the knights was hurled from his saddle, a glowing spear impaling him. His steed turned to smoke as he hit the ground. The knight screamed as he followed it into nothingness, condemned to join the Black Mist once more. No spirit went to that darkness willingly.

“She’s here!” roared the lead rider, dragging his steed around to face the new threat.

There was confusion among the others, caught somewhere between the desire to turn and fight, and to flee in panic.

They’d have been better off taking their chances at riding him down. At least a few might have escaped. Against her, all would be returned to the mist.

Another knight was ripped from the saddle, a spear hurled from the mist taking him in the chest.

Then she appeared, loping from the gloom like a lioness on the hunt, her eyes burning with predatory light.


Ledros’ gaze was instantly drawn to the ethereal speartips protruding from her back, and he felt a pang in the core of his being, as sharp as the blades that had ended his own life.

Kalista padded forward, a spectral spear clasped in one hand. A knight charged her, hook-bladed lance lowered, but she rolled lightly out of the way. Coming to one knee, she hurled her spear, impaling the knight as he rode past. Even as she threw, she was moving toward her next enemy.

She flexed her hand, and a new weapon materialized in her grasp.

A sword flashed down at her, but Kalista avoided it expertly, slapping the blade aside with the haft of her spear, before swaying away from the flailing hooves of the knight’s steed. Leaping from a blackened rock, she twisted in the air and drove her spear down into the rider’s chest, banishing him to darkness. She landed in perfect balance, eyes locked to her next victim.

Ledros had never met a woman as strong as Kalista in life. In death, she was unstoppable.

While the others focused on her, two of the knights charged Ledros, belatedly seeking to escape Kalista’s methodical slaughter. Stepping sideward at the last moment, Ledros slammed his heavy shield into the steed of the first, knocking the spectral beast to the ground, legs kicking, and sending its rider flying from the saddle.

The lance of the second knight took Ledros in the side, punching through his armor and snapping halfway down its length. Nevertheless, Ledros retained his feet and spun, lashing out with his blade. He struck through the neck of the knight’s steed, a blow that would have decapitated the beast had it been made of flesh and bone. Instead, it exploded into nothing with a keening scream. Its rider crashed to the ground.

Ledros smashed the ghostly warrior backward with a heavy blow of his shield as he rose, hurling him onto the point of Kalista’s spear. Her hunt, her kill.

Ledros sheathed his blade, and watched as she destroyed the last of the spirits.

Tall and lean, Kalista was in constant motion. Her enemies had been martial templars whose skill at arms was legendary, yet she moved among them effortlessly, side-stepping lance thrusts and sword strikes, dispatching each in turn.

Then it was done, and the only two left standing were Kalista and Ledros.

“Kalista?” he said.

She turned her gaze upon him, but there was no hint of recognition in her eyes. Her expression was stern, as it ever had been in life. She regarded him coldly, unblinking.

“We are the Spear of Vengeance,” she replied in that voice that was not hers alone.

“You are Kalista, Spear of the Argent Throne,” said Ledros.

He knew the words she would speak next before she even opened her mouth. It was the same every time.

“We are retribution,” said Kalista. “Speak your pledge, or begone.”

“You were niece to the king I served in life,” said Ledros. “We are… acquainted with each other.”

Kalista regarded him for a moment, then she turned and strode away.

“Our task is unfinished,” she said, without looking back. “The betrayers will suffer our wrath.”

“Your task can never be finished,” said Ledros, hurrying to keep pace. “You are trapped in a never-ending spiral! I am here to help you.”

“The guilty shall be punished,” said Kalista, continuing to march back through the trees.

“You remember this, don’t you?” said Ledros, drawing the pendant from around his neck. That gave her pause, as it always did. It was the one thing Ledros had discovered that could break through her fugue, even if only for a moment. He just needed to figure out how to extend that moment…

Kalista came to a halt, cocking her head to one side as she looked at the delicate pendant. She reached for it, but stopped herself before she touched it.

“I tried to give this to you once,” said Ledros. “You refused it.”

Uncertainty touched her eyes.

“We… I… remember,” she said.

She looked at him—actually saw him.

“Ledros,” she said. Her voice was her own now, and for a moment she was the woman he remembered. The woman he’d loved. Her features softened, ever so slightly. “I could never have given you what you wanted.”

“I understand,” said Ledros, “even if I didn’t at the time.”

Kalista looked around, as if only now becoming aware of her surroundings. She looked at her hands, glowing from within and as insubstantial as smoke. Ledros saw confusion, then anguish play across her face. Then her features hardened.

“Would that I had never brought him here,” said Kalista. “All this could have been averted.”

“It was not your fault,” said Ledros. “I knew madness had claimed him. I could have ended it before it came to this. No one would have questioned his death. No one would have mourned him.”

“He wasn’t always that way,” said Kalista.

“No, but the man we knew died long before all this,” Ledros said, gesturing around him.

“…We have a task to complete.”

Hope stirred within him. It was an unfamiliar feeling.

“Whatever it is, we will complete it together, just as…” he said, but his words petered out as he realized his error.

The cold mask had dropped over her features, and she turned and strode away. Despair clutched at Ledros.

He’d failed again, just as he had so many times before.

He saw himself in the early years after the Ruination, stalking the spirits of those who had killed her in life, convinced that destroying them would free her. It hadn’t. He’d spent countless years pursuing that goal, but it had amounted to nothing.

He saw himself felling the arrogant cavalry captain, HecarimSquare.pngHecarim, hacking his head from his shoulders and rendering him back to the mist. That one had struck Kalista the final, fatal blow, and had long toiled, seeking his end. Time and again they fought, as the years, and decades, and centuries rolled by, and the unseen stars turned overhead. But Hecarim was strong of will, and he returned from the Black Mist, of course, each time more monstrous than the last.

Either way, it changed nothing. Kalista became steadily more lost as she absorbed the vengeful spirits of the mortals who pledged themselves to her, seeking her aid against their own betrayers.

Once, he had brought Kalista face to face with Hecarim, a feat that had taken dozens of lesser deaths to achieve. He had believed that was the key to finally setting her free, and he’d rejoiced as he saw the now monstrous creature Hecarim skewered, a dozen spears piercing his towering frame… but banishing him to the darkness had done nothing. A moment of satisfaction, and then it was past.

Nothing had changed.

Just another failure added to his growing tally.

At one point, despair drove him toward self destruction. The purity of the one sunrise he’d seen since the blood had ceased coursing through his veins burned him, his intangible body dissipating like vapor. Guilt at leaving Kalista behind clawed at him, but in that agony he had rejoiced, daring to believe he’d finally found release.

Even in seeking final oblivion, he had failed, and he’d been condemned to the madness of the Black Mist once more.

All the moments preceding his banishment blurred together in a never-ending cavalcade of horror and defeat.

He roared as a purple-skinned sorcerer cast him back to the darkness, tearing him asunder with runic magics.The savage joy he’d felt as he joined the slaughter in the streets of a festering harbor city overrun with the Black Mist gave way to sudden pain as he was blasted to nothingness by the faith of indigenous witches.

He laughed as a sword impaled him on its length, but his amusement turned to agony as the blade burst into searing light, burning with the intensity of the sun.

Again and again and again he’d been condemned back to the nightmarish Black Mist, but always he’d returned. Every time, he returned to a land locked in stasis, waking in the same place, the same way.

A being of lesser will would have succumbed to insanity long ago, as so many of the spirits had. But not him. Failure clung to him, but his will was as iron. His stubborn determination to free her kept him going. That was what ensured he came back, over and over again.

Snapping back to the present, Ledros watched Kalista stalk away from him, intent on her unending mission.

A creeping melancholia settled within him. Was it all for nothing?

Was Thresh right? Was his attempt to free her from her path of retribution actually selfish?

She was sleepwalking through this nightmare, unaware of its true horrors. Would she thank him were he to wake her? Perhaps she would despise him, wishing he had let her be.

Ledros shook his head, trying to dislodge the insidious notion, even as a vision of Thresh—smiling, predatory—appeared in his mind.

“Get out of my head,” he snarled, cursing Thresh.

A new idea came to him suddenly, banishing his lingering doubts and fears. There was something he hadn’t tried, something he’d never considered until now.

“Kalista,” he called.

She did not heed him, and continued on her way, her step unrelenting.

He loosened his sword belt, and cast his scabbarded blade to the ground. He wouldn’t need it any more.

“I betrayed you,” he called out.

She stopped, her head whipping around, unblinking eyes locking on to him.

“I should have stepped forward as soon as the order was given,” Ledros continued. “I knew Hecarim was looking for any excuse to be rid of you. You’d always been the king’s favorite. It all happened so fast, but I should have been faster. We could have faced them, back to back. We could have cut our way through them and been free, together! I betrayed you with my inaction, Kalista. I failed you.”

Kalista’s eyes narrowed

“Betrayer,” she intoned.

An ethereal spear manifested in her grasp, and she began marching toward him.

Ledros unstrapped his shield and threw it aside as she broke into a loping run. He opened his arms wide, welcoming what was to come.

The first spear drove him back a step as it impaled him.

His had been the true betrayal. He’d loved her, even if he’d only spoken those words aloud alone, in the darkness of night…

A second spear drove through him, hurled with tremendous force. He staggered, but stubbornly remained standing.

He had not stepped in to stop her being murdered. He was her real betrayer.

Her third spear plunged through him, and now he dropped to both knees. He smiled, even as his strength leached from him.

Yes, this was it. This was what would finally break her from that awful, unending spiral. He was sure of it.

“Finish it,” he said, looking up at her. “Finish it, and be free.”

They stared at each other for a moment, a pair of undying spirits, their insubstantial forms rippling with deathless energy. In that moment, Ledros felt only love. In his mind’s eye, he saw her as she had been in life—regal, beautiful, strong.

“Death to all betrayers,” she said, and ran him through.

Ledros’ vision wavered as his form began to come apart, yet he saw Kalista’s expression change, the impassive mask dropping, replaced with dawning horror.

“Ledros?” she said, her voice now her own.

Her eyes were wide, and seemed to fill with shimmering tears. She rushed to be beside him as Ledros fell.

“What have I done?” she breathed.

He wanted to reassure her, but no words came forth.

I did this for you.

Darkness crashed in, and tendrils of mist reached to claim him.

Kalista reached out to comfort him, but her fingers passed through his dissolving form. Her mouth moved, but he could not hear her over the roaring madness of the Black Mist.

His armor fell to the ground and turned to dust, along with his sword. Blind terror beckoned, but he went into it gladly.

Dimly, he registered the pale specter of Thresh, watching from the shadows with his fixed, hungry smile. Even the Chain Warden’s unwanted presence could not dampen Ledros’ moment of victory.

He’d done it. He had freed her.

It was over.

Blind, all-consuming terror.

Incandescent, uncontrollable rage.

Claustrophobic horror, cloying and choking.

And behind it all was the insatiable hunger—the yearning to feed on warmth and life, to draw more souls into darkness.

The cacophony was deafening—a million screaming, tortured souls, writhing and roiling in shared torment.

This was the Black Mist.

And only the strongest of souls could escape its grasp. Only those with unfinished business.

Blood pooled beneath him, bright crimson against pristine white stone. His sword lay nearby, its blade broken. His killers stood around him, shadows on the periphery, but he saw nothing except her.

Her eyes stared into his own, without seeing. His blood-spattered face was reflected back at him. He was lying on his side. His breath was shallow, and weakening.

Her lifeless hand was cold, but he didn’t feel anything. A calmness descended upon him like a shroud. There was no pain, no fear, no doubt. Not any more.

His armored fingers tightened around her hand. He couldn’t be with her in life, but he would be with her in death.

For the first time in what seemed forever, he felt at peace…

No. Something was not right.

Reality crashed in.

None of this was real. This was but an echo left behind, the residual pain of his death, hundreds of lifetimes earlier.

Thankfully, the Chain Warden was not here to mock him.

How long had it been, this time? There was no way to know. Decades, or a few minutes—it could have been either, and yet it hardly mattered. Nothing changed in this vile realm of stasis.

Then he remembered, and hope surged through him. It was not a sensation he was familiar with, but it blossomed like the first bud of a seemingly dead tree after rainfall.

He turned, and she was there, and for a moment he knew joy, true joy. She was herself again, and she had come to him!

Then he saw her expression. The cold, severe mask, the lack of recognition in her eyes. The hope inside him withered and died.

Kalista stared past him, her head cocked, as if listening to something only she could hear.

“We accept your pledge,” she said, before turning and stepping into the mist.

Then she was gone.

Reaching out with his will, Ledros felt her now far away. Someone had called to her, from a distant continent to the north-west. Someone else who had traded their soul for a promise of vengeance against whoever had wronged them. They knew not what horror awaited.

Bitterness and bile filled Ledros. He cursed himself, twisting his hatred inward.

There was no hope. He knew that now. He’d been a fool to think otherwise.

She was trapped for eternity, as were they all. Only pride and stubbornness had made him think he could solve it, like a riddle, for all these years.

Pride and stubbornness—traits that were as much his bane in death as they had been in life, it seemed.

The cursed Chain Warden was right. It was a selfish desire to free her, he saw that now. Kalista may not be herself, but at least she was not tormented like he was. At least she had purpose.

Ledros yanked the pendant from around his neck, shattering the links of its thin chain. He hurled it into the mist.

To even hope for anything more was foolishness. There could be no peace, not unless the curse that held these isles in its foetid grasp was broken.

“And so, I must end it,” Ledros said.

Oblivion called.

Thresh stepped from the darkness. He glanced around, ensuring he was alone. Then he knelt and picked up the discarded silver pendant.

The fool had been so close. He was on the brink of bringing her back… and now, after countless centuries of trying, he had abandoned his task, at the very moment of success.

Thresh smiled, cruelly. He liked seeing hope wither and die, like blighted fruit upon the vine, as what could have been sweet turned to poison. It amused him.

He opened his lantern, and tossed the pendant within. Then he stepped back into the darkness, and faded from view.

After a time, the rattle of his chains faded, and he was gone.


The sword-wife stood amid the burnt out ruin of her home. Everything and everyone that mattered to her was gone, and she was filled with fathomless grief... and hate. Hate was now all that compelled her.

She saw again the smile on his face as he gave the order. He was meant to be their protector, but he’d spat upon his vows. Hers was not the only family shattered by the oath-breaker.

The desire to go after him was strong. She wanted nothing more than to plant her sword in his chest and watch the life drain from his eyes... but she knew she would never be able to get close enough to him. He was guarded day and night, and she was but one warrior. She would never be able to fight her way through his battalion alone. Such a death would serve no purpose.

She took a shuddering breath, knowing there was no coming back.

A crude effigy of a man, formed of sticks and twine, lay upon a fire-blackened dresser. Its body was wrapped in a scrap of cloth torn from the cloak of the betrayer. She’d pried it from her husband’s dead grasp. Alongside it was a hammer and three rusted nails.

She gathered everything up and moved to the threshold. The door itself was gone, smashed to splinters in the attack. Beyond, lit by moonlight, lay the empty, darkened fields.

Reaching up, the sword-wife pressed the stick-effigy to the hardwood lintel.

“I invoke thee, Lady of Vengeance,” she said, her voice low, trembling with the depth of her fury. “From beyond the veil, hear my plea. Come forth. Let justice be done.”

She readied her hammer and the first of the nails.

“I name my betrayer once,” she said, and spoke his name aloud. As she did so, she placed the tip of the first nail to the chest of the stick-figure. With a single strike, she hammered it in deep, pinning it to the hardwood door frame.

The sword-wife shivered. The room had become markedly colder. Or had she imagined it?

“I name him twice,” she said, and she did so, hammering the second nail alongside the first.

Her gaze dropped, and she jolted in shock. A dark figure stood out in the moonlit field, a hundred yards in the distance. It was utterly motionless. Breathing quicker, the sword-wife returned her attention to the unfinished task.

“I name him thrice,” she said, speaking again the name of the murderer of her husband and children, before hammering home the final nail.

An ancient spirit of vengeance stood before her, filling the doorway, and the sword-wife staggered back, gasping involuntarily.

The otherworldly being was clad in archaic armor, her flesh translucent and glowing with spectral un-light. Black Mist coiled around her like a living shroud.

With a squeal of tortured metal, the spectral figure drew forth the blackened spear protruding from her breastplate — the ancient weapon that had ended her life.

She threw it to the ground before the sword-wife. No words were spoken; there was no need. The sword-wife knew what was being offered to her — vengeance — and knew its terrible cost: her soul.

The spirit watched on, her face impassive and her eyes burning with an unrelenting cold fury, as the sword-wife picked up the treacherous weapon.

“I pledge myself to vengeance,” said the sword-wife, her voice quivering. She reversed the spear, aiming the tip inward, towards her heart. “I pledge it with my blood. I pledge it with my soul.”

She paused. Her husband would have pleaded for her to turn away from this path. He would have begged her not to condemn her soul for theirs. A moment of doubt gnawed at her. The undying specter watched on.

The sword-wife’s eyes narrowed as she thought of her husband lying dead, cut down by swords and axes. She thought again of her children, sprawled upon the ground, and her resolve hardened like a cold stone in her heart. Her grip tightened upon the spear.

“Help me,” she implored, her decision made. “Please, help me kill him.”

She rammed the spear into her chest, driving it in deep.

The sword-wife’s eyes widened and she dropped to her knees. She tried to speak, but only blood bubbled from her lips.

The ghostly apparition watched her die, her expression impassive.

As the last of the lifeblood ran from her body, the shade of the sword-wife climbed to her feet. She looked down at her insubstantial hands in wonder, then at her own corpse lying dead-eyed in a growing pool of blood upon the floor. The shade’s expression hardened, and a ghostly sword appeared in her hand.

An ethereal tether, little more than a wisp of light, linked the newly formed shade to the avenging spirit she had summoned. Through their bond, the sword-wife saw her differently, glimpsing the noble warrior she had been in life: tall and proud, her armor gleaming. Her posture was confident, yet without arrogance; a born leader, a born soldier. This was a commander the sword-wife would have willingly bled for.

Behind the spirit’s anger, she sensed her empathy — recognition of their shared pain of betrayal.

“Your cause is our cause,” said Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance. Her voice was grave cold. “We walk the path of vengeance as one, now.”

The sword-wife nodded.

With that, the avenging spirit and the shade of the sword-wife stepped into the darkness and were gone.


Kalista begins the game with a unique item,
The Black Spear
. She can use to bind an ally to her, becoming Oathsworn for the rest of the game.

Martial Poise.png Martial Poise [Passive]
Range: 250 / 300 / 350 based on Boot Tier

Innate: Enter a movement command while winding up Kalista's basic attack or Pierce to lunge a short distance when she launches her attack.

Lunge distance scales with boot tier.

Kalista's Basic Attacks have unique drawbacks. They:

  • Cannot be cancelled;
  • Miss if her target leaves vision;
  • Deal only (+90% her total).
Pierce.png Pierce [Q]
Cost: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 Mana Cooldown: 8 seconds Range: 1150

Active: Kalista hurls a fast and narrow spear, dealing physical damage to the first enemy struck.

If Pierce scores a kill, the spear will continue onward, passing all Rend.png Rend stacks from the dead victim to the next enemy it hits.

Physical Damage: 20 / 85 / 150 / 215 / 280 (+100% total)
Sentinel.png Sentinel [W]
Cost: No Cost Cooldown: 30 seconds Range: 5000

Passive: When Kalista and her Oathsworn both basic attack the same target, she deals bonus magic damage. 10 second cooldown per target.
Active: Send a soul Sentinel to patrol an unseen area. Champions they see are revealed for 4 seconds. Sentinels last 3 laps.
Magic Damage: [+14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18% target's max]
Max Damage vs. Monsters: 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 / 200
Rend.png Rend [E]
Cost: 30 Mana Cooldown: 14 / 12.5 / 11 / 9.5 / 8 seconds Area of Effect: 1100

Passive: Kalista's spears pierce their target, lingering for 4 seconds.
Active: Rip the spears from nearby targets, dealing physical damage and slowing their Movement Speed for 2 seconds.

If Rend kills at least one target, its cooldown is reset and some of its Mana cost is refunded. Rend deals 50% damage to epic monsters.

Physical Damage: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 (+70% total)
Damage per Additional Spear: 5 / 9 / 14 / 20 / 27 (+23.2 / 27.55 / 31.9 / 36.25 / 40.6% total)
Slow: 10 / 18 / 26 / 34 / 42%
Mana Refund: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30
Fate's Call.png Fate's Call [R]
Cost: 100 Mana Cooldown: 150 / 120 / 90 seconds Range: 1200 Area of Effect: 1100

Active: Draws Kalista's Oathsworn to her. For up to 4 seconds, the Oathsworn is untargetable but pacified.

They may mouse click to fly toward target position, stopping at the first enemy champion hit, knocking all enemies in a small radius back and placing the Oathsworn at their maximum attack range from the enemy.

Kalista's Oathsworn must be within 1000 units for her to cast this ability.

Knockup: 1 / 1.5 / 2 seconds

Patch History[]

Patch 10.13

Base attack damage growth decreased.

Whether she's wreaking havoc in top lane or jumping around in her standard bot lane carry role, Kalista is an imposing force in pro play. We want this change to encourage players to rely more on her early power and will also take away some of her level scaling so she doesn’t gain as much from soaking up XP from side lanes.

Base Stats


Patch 10.11

The marksman class has major durability problems, especially in the early laning phase where their power feels heavily reliant on their supports. This has been causing issues in gameplay satisfaction since a marksman's strength relies on the length of time they're alive. By increasing their mobility (via items) and base health, we feel that ADCs won't be punished so aggressively when they fail and will still have a chance to bounce back and unlock their power in fights. That being said, we've heard your concerns about the bot lane marksman champions that can also solo lane like Lucian and Vayne. We're giving them a separate set of changes which you can find more details on below. We’ve also omitted Corki, Kindred, Quinn, Senna, and Graves due to having their primary playrate in other lanes, with the understanding that Senna may be considered for similar changes in the coming patches.

Solo-Laner Changes
The following champs are getting more specific buffs due to their ability and playrate in solo lanes. We still think they have general satisfaction and power problems like the rest of their marksman brethren, but acknowledge that they need more tailored changes to address those issues and not just straight durability buffs.

14/15/16/17/18% target’s max health
SENTINEL COST : [20 mana] No mana

Patch 10.8
Base armor reduced. E slow decreased.

We're reeling in a bit of Kalista's power with a focus on her early game CC so that she can’t kite enemies as easily without backup, and has to rely more on her support for utility.

Base Stats

ARMOR : [23] 21

Rend.png E - Rend

SLOW : [25/30/35/40/45%]

Patch 10.1 Base health and armor growth increased.

Kalista is still pretty weak after the buffs in 9.22, so this time we're buffing her survivability in the mid-late game in order to help her get damage out in skirmishes and teamfights. Being cautious and optimistic with these buffs, like Azir, based on her low presence in pro play.

Base Stats

HEALTH GROWH : [89] 100
ARMOR GROWTH : [3.5] 4

Patch 9.1
Base AD, AD growth, attack speed growth increased; W Oathsworn AD bonus removed. Q damage increased. E deals less damage to epic monsters.

When we say "Kalista," League vets immediately think "nerfed because of pro play." It's been a minute since we've tried to shift her strength toward less team-coordination-dependent power, but we're taking a fresh stab at it here. Kalista's offensive strength is no longer tied to being near her Oathsworn and her ability to turn Rend into a better Smite is greatly diminished. In return, she's gaining a bunch of personal power she can use in any situation.

Base Stats


Pierce.png Q - Pierce

BASE DAMAGE : [10/70/130/190/250]

Sentinel.png W - Sentinel

OATHSWORN EMPOWERMENT Kalista no longer gains 5/10/15/20/25 attack damage while her Oathsworn is nearby

Rend.png E - Rend

WEAK GRIP Rend now deals 50% damage to epic monsters

E damage ratio increased.

Rend.png E - Rend

20/23.75/27.5/31.25/35% total attack damage


ARMOR : [28] 23
HEALTH : [517.76] 534
HEALTH REGEN : [1.2] 0.75

Base attack damage and range decreased. Base attack speed and attack speed per level increased. W now grants attack damage instead of attack speed when Kalista is near her Oathsworn.

Kalista has been bullying other marksmen too hard in lane, so we're bringing her mana sustain and attack range down somewhat. We're also changing the way Sentinel's Oathsworn bonuses work, and this one's a little bit of a deep dive. Gaining or losing attack speed (such as when her Oathsworn enters or leaves range) can make a champion feel choppy, leading to flubbed last-hitting and stutter-stepping. On Kalista, whose attack speed also controls movement, losing or gaining attack speed is even more disruptive. As such, we're changing the bonus she gets from being near her Oathsworn away from attack speed and into attack damage, and changing her base stat profile accordingly. TL;DR her power will still get a boost when her Oathsworn is nearby, but the feel of her basic attacks will feel more consistent throughout the course of a game.

Base Stats

ATTACK RANGE : [550] 525
BASE ATTACK SPEED : [0.644] 0.694

Sentinel.png W - Sentinel

SOUL-MARKED Kalista no longer gains bonus attack speed when near her Oathsworn
SOUL-MARKED Kalista gains 5/10/15/20/25 bonus attack damage when near her Oathsworn

Rend.png E - Rend

MANA REFUND : [30 at all ranks]


BASE ARMOR : [19.01] 28


R cooldown increased.

Kalista’s kit lends itself well to coordinated teams, so it’s not surprising to see her at the top of the competitive scene’s pick/ban charts without similarly dominating regular matches. We’re tapping down the frequency of her Fate’s Call plays to reduce her presence in the pro scene, leaving her less team-dependent strengths intact for everyone else.

Fate's Call.png R - Fate's Call

COOLDOWN : [120/90/60]
150/120/90 seconds

Rend keeps stacking while it’s on cooldown and only requires one unit kill for its Mana refund.

Kalista’s a difficult champion to learn - on top of her mechanical requirements (ever hopped into the enemy team by mistake?), her abilities sit on the higher end of the complexity spectrum. The changes here are buffs for any Kalista player, since she’s had a rough pre-season, but are especially meant to ease her learning process by making Rend more straightforward.

Rend.png E - Rend

STACKS ON STACKS : Basic attacks and Q - Pierce add a spear to enemies [while Rend is off cooldown] at all times
MANA REFUND : [2 units killed] 1 unit killed (matching the cooldown refund requirement)
BUGFIX : Fixed an issue where Rend’s cooldown sometimes didn't reset when Rend killed a unit

Less Attack Speed unless near Kalista's Oathsworn. W damage and sentinel laps down. R's pull range down.

We’ve talked in previous patches about Kalista’s competing identities, and with her dominating professional and normal play alike, we’re going to revisit that concept. In the past, we’ve struggled to reconcile Kalista’s teammate-focused oathsworn gameplay with her independent ‘hop around and spear everyone to death’ carry fantasy. Having multiple strengths is fine, but in the case of Kalista - ‘I’m incredible at 2v2’ (thanks to Fate’s Call) and ‘I’m incredible 1v1’ run counter to one another, making it hard for teams to know how or even when to fight back.

These changes are all about letting Kalista have the best of both worlds - but only if she’s near her Oathsworn. Pair the greater emphasis on their bond with a general reduction of power on some more extraneous mechanics means Kalista and her ally will need to be more in sync than ever to achieve the same dominance.


BASE ATTACK SPEED : [0.694] 0.644

Sentinel.png W - Sentinel

PASSIVE DAMAGE : 10/12.5/15/17.5/20% of the target's maximum health⇒ 5/7.5/10/12.5/15% of the target's maximum health
NEVER LETTING GO Now passively grants Kalista 9-27% bonus Attack Speed (based on her level) whenever she's near her Oathsworn

Fate's Call.png R - Fate's Call

OATHSWORN DASH RANGE : 1200 (unchanged)

E's less Mana-efficient when rending single targets.

Even with the preseason itemization changes (which were more beneficial to casters and crit-wielding marksmen), Kalista has been working her way up the list of must-answer threats. The change we're doing is a little specific, so let's get into it: we wanted to reduce power without having a negative impact on Kalista's feel, skill gap, or general strategic identity. To go deeper: one of Kalista's staple lane harassment combos is to continuously Rend single minions + lane hits against her opponents for quick damage (and very low Mana costs), so we're reducing that Mana efficiency. We're still forming a more nuanced opinion of Kalista in this new season, and will keep an eye out.


SPEARS FOREVER : Fixed a bug where Kalista sometimes continued autoattacking through a few loss-of-control states (ex. Guardian Angel, Lulu's W - Polymorph)

Rend.png E - Rend

COST : [40 Mana] 30 Mana
REFUND ON MULTI-KILL : [40 Mana] 30 Mana

Higher base Attack Speed, but worse Attack Speed per level. Passive dash speed scales with Attack Speed.

Just as other marksfolk align with cooldown reduction or critical strike chance as a core stat, we're pushing Kalista to embrace Attack Speed as her primary scaling given her stand-out strengths as a bunny-hopping battle-banshee.


BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [57.5] 62.92
BASE ATTACK SPEED : [0.658] 0.694
COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP : Fixed a bug where The Black Spear remained available for purchase throughout the game

Martial Poise.png Passive - Martial Poise

RAPID HOPS The speed of Martial Poise's jump now only scales with Attack Speed (can be negatively affected by Attack Speed slows)


Short summary here: we found a bug with Kalista's W passive where it wasn't interacting properly with melee Oathsworn champions. We're tracking down a proper fix for the issue but do not plan to disable Kalista for the time being.

So what is the bug? Basically if Kalista marks a champion with her W passive, her melee Oathsworn buddy must hit that champion twice to trigger the passive (also: the passive won't trigger if the buff wears off before the second hit). Most melee champions won't have enough base Attack Speed in the early game to attack twice in the duration of a single mark, so potential workarounds include the melee champion marking the opponent first, or Kalista 'refreshing' the mark with multiple hits. Thanks for your patience as we fix this bug!

Sentinel.png W - Sentinel

TEMPORARY MATH ADJUSTMENTS : We are aware of a bug where melee Oathsworn champions must hit a marked champion twice before they trigger the passive damage bonus.

W's passive cooldown increased and damage lowered. R's cooldown increased.

Since her addition, Kalista’s had a split-identity; she’s both one of the more independent carries in the league (thanks to her passive’s mobility and Rend’s resets) as well as one of its more team-dependent (due to her Oathsworn damage procs and Fate’s Call’s flexible engage/disengage). We’ll spare you the song-and-dance; like Fizz’s changes this patch these identities are at constant odds, changing what might be an all-or-nothing risky marksman into one that has very few weaknesses to attack no matter the stage of the game.

The below changes reflect a commitment to her ‘solo-carry’ style, making most of her ally-empowered power excessive by contrast. Lowering the extraneous power in the frequency and impact of her Oathsworn interactions open windows for opponents looking to brute force their way through the sheer skirmish and kiting power Kalista presents.

Sentinel.png W - Sentinel

PASSIVE COOLDOWN : [6 seconds] 10 seconds
PASSIVE DAMAGE : [12/14/16/18/20% of the target's maximum health] 10/12.5/15/17.5/20% of the target's maximum health

Fate's Call.png R - Fate's Call

COOLDOWN : [90/75/60] 120/90/60

Updating Kalista's recommended items to reflect her more popular build and dependency on Attack Speed and cleaning up an issue we introduced in 5.13.

  • General
    • NOW WITH MORE HURRICANE : Recommended items updated
  • Pierce.png Q - Pierce
    • QUEUE YOUR Q : Now properly queues up to cast after her basic attack completes
  • Sentinel.png W - Sentinel
    • QUEUE YOUR W? : Now properly queues up to cast after her basic attack completes

Basic Attacks deal less damage. Base Attack Damage and growth up. Q can no longer be cast while dashing.

"Full disclosure: we're trying something new here. Kalista's basic attacks are already different from other champions in unique ways; they can miss, they can't be cancelled, and they grant her mobility for as long as she has a target. Embracing her distinct conditions around basic attacking but limiting their effectiveness allows us to preserve her play around stacking spears and Rending for primary dps (unlike standard crit-based carries) rather than making it flatly worse. This is something we'll be monitoring closely and are comfortable pulling back on if we need to, but for now we're trying an option that reinforces her focus on Attack Speed over more traditional builds."
  • General
    • BASIC ATTACK RATIO : 1.0 total attack damage 0.9 total attack damage
    • BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : 53.5 57
  • Pierce.png Q - Pierce
    • [REMOVED] PIERCE THE HEAVENS : Can no longer be cast mid-dash

Passive no longer gains bonus distance dashing backwards.

"Between being a hell-bent specter of vengeance as well as a flashy marksman, Kalista is nothing if not polarizing. One small misstep can be all she needs to begin her hopping-spree and litter the rift with spears - a task made even easier when there's a convenient tank or fighter to backpedal off of. We like the finesse required to use Martial Poise to dart and dodge through opposing skillshots, but in the interest of throwing a bone to melee champions everywhere, she'll need to rely more heavily on good ol' fashioned positioning to get her away from some of the beefier bouncers on the battlefield."
  • Martial Poise.png Passive - Martial Poise
    • [REMOVED] FANCY FOOTWORK : No longer gains bonus distance when dashing backwards


Though she hops relentlessly in pursuit of betrayers and backstabbers alike, it's easy to forget an important rule in Kalista's passive - she's unable to cancel her basic attacks once committed. Increasing her basic attack wind-up might not sound like much, but it does emphasize her vulnerability at every stage of the game, making her take more time to launch her spears (and, by extension, hurricane-hop you to death).
  • Martial Poise.png Passive - Martial Poise
    • NEEDS MORE FOLLOW-THROUGH : Kalista's basic attack wind-up (the time between starting an attack and it firing) now speeds up at 100% of her Attack Speed 66% of her Attack Speed


"Though Kalista hasn't had her time to shine just yet, few out there fail to acknowledge her potential. Unlike many marksmen, Kalista's power can be harder to access due to the responsibilities of her Oathsworn to follow-up or create opportunities for her to make plays. Instead of reducing Kalista's reliance on her soulbound partner (that would be making her less unique!), we're increasing the potential rewards for successful coordination."
  • Martial Poise.png Passive - Martial Poise
    • STAY FLEXIBLE : While Kalista still can't cancel her basic attack, she can select a different target during the first moments of her basic attack wind up
  • Sentinel.png W - Sentinel
    • SOUL-MARKED COOLDOWN PER TARGET : 8 seconds 6 seconds
    • SOUL-MARKED DURATION : 1.5 seconds 2 seconds (tooltip will be updated next patch)


KalistaSquare.pngKalista released


  • 2015

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