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Insidious Gaming Legends
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Insidious Gaming is a League Team in Singapore which combine by two teams called Insidious Gaming Exile and Insidious Gaming Legends and participants for 2014 GPL Spring. After Insidious Gaming Rebirth qualifiers for 2014 GPL Summer, team renames to Insidious Gaming Legends.



  • 2014
  • 2013

Player Roster[]

Insidious Gaming Legends' 2014 GPL Summer line-up
Left to Right: Han, BBTY, EquivocaL, Slayer, Zappy

Insidious Gaming's 2014 GPL Spring line-up
Left to Right: Shinya , CrazyPine, Zappy, Windowlicka , vera


ID Name Role Next team
LY4 Lim Yang 11Top Impunitylogo std.pngImpunity Legends
HaRleLuYaR Jason Koh Wei Hao 12Jungle Impunitylogo std.pngImpunity Legends
Rune Jordan Lum 13Mid Impunitylogo std.pngImpunity Legends
Valkyrie Marcus Ko Chin Siong 14Bot Vestigiallogo std.pngVestigial
Rapier Benjamin Lim 15Support Vestigiallogo std.pngVestigial
Miss V Victoria Lok 25Sub/Sup None
Zappy Lim Zhi Ping 21Sub/Top Exgslogo std.pngExgs
BBTY Chua Kim Han (蔡金翰) 22Sub/Jun Exgslogo std.pngExgs
EquivocaL Baldwin Sai 22Sub/Jun Exgslogo std.pngExgs
cwCwCW Chun Wai Wong 21Sub/Top None
iFrenzy Elmer Lim 21Sub/Top Logo std.pngSingapore Aram Forces
Han Ma Han-suk (마한석) 11Top None
Shinya Alex Tok Zhong En 23Sub/Mid None
Vera Alvin Ang 15Support Insidious Gaming Rebirthlogo std.pngInsidious Gaming Rebirth
windowlicka Ryan Wong 12Jungle Team Fat Rabbitlogo std.pngTeam Fat Rabbit
CrazyPine Bala Lew Jen Wei 14Bot Panda Cub Hugging Clublogo std.pngPanda Cub Hugging Club
Improb.Event Derrick Mah 15Support Toushilogo std.pngToushi
Rai Lawrence Toh Xue Yong 12Jungle InsidiousGaminglogo std.pngInsidious Gaming Demons
Valkyrie Marcus Ko Chin Siong 14Bot Insidious Gaming Rebirthlogo std.pngInsidious Gaming Rebirth
CharM Zhuo Jia 24Sub/Bot Insidious Gaming Rebirthlogo std.pngInsidious Gaming Rebirth
Microlatios Barry Ng 13Mid InsidiousGaminglogo std.pngInsidious Gaming Exile

Temporary Subs[]

ID Name Role Replacing Tournament
Birdy Liaw Zhi Yong 26Substitute None 2015 GPL Spring
Nelson Nelson Sng (孙翊维) 26Substitute None

Player League Participation[]

Playoff games are NOT included, but regular-season tiebreaker games ARE.


KusuoInsidiousGaminglogo std.pngInsidiousGaminglogo std.pngImpunitylogo std.pngSovereignlogo std.png42
BBTYInsidiousGaminglogo std.pngInsidiousGaminglogo std.pngImpunitylogo std.pngVestigiallogo std.png36
ZappyInsidiousGaminglogo std.pngInsidiousGaminglogo std.pngInsidiousGaminglogo std.png12
EquivocalInsidiousGaminglogo std.png10
HanInsidiousGaminglogo std.png3
Ly4ly4ly4Insidious Gaming Rebirthlogo std.pngInsidiousGaminglogo std.pngImpunitylogo std.pngVestigiallogo std.png55
HaRleLuYaRSsentinelslogo std.pngSsentinelslogo std.pngInsidiousGaminglogo std.pngImpunitylogo std.png50
ValkyrieInsidious Gaming Rebirthlogo std.pngInsidiousGaminglogo std.png39
RapierInsidiousGaminglogo std.png24
NelsonInsidiousGaminglogo std.png1



C ID Name Role Next Team
Kingnelson Nelson Sng (孙翊维) 80Team Manager Vestigiallogo std.pngVestigial


This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Insidious Gaming Legends Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2015-06-142SGD7,500$ 5,550€ 4,950 TLC Singapore 2015 Spring Season
2 : 3Nyan Zonelogo std.pngNYZ
 LY4,  Harleluyar,  Rune,  Valkyrie,  Vera
2015-04-124$8,000$ 8,000€ 7,520 GPL 2015 Spring Playoffs
1 : 3269 Gaminglogo std.png269
 LY4,  HaRleLuYaR,  Rune,  Valkyrie,  Rapier
2015-03-304 GPL 2015 Spring
3-2-1Blanklogo std.pngRR
 LY4,  HaRleLuYaR,  Nelson,  Zappy,  Rune,  Valkyrie,  Rapier
2015-03-081RM8,000$ 2,170.55€ 2,001.84 Legends Cyber Arena 2015 Season 1
4 - 0Blanklogo std.pngRR
 LY4,  HaRleLuYaR,  Rune,  Valkyrie,  Rapier
2015-01-10NQ IEM Season IX - Taipei SEA Qualifier
0 : 2FantasticFiveLogo std.pngSF5
 ly4ly4ly4,  HaRleLuYaR,  Rune,  Valkyrie,  Rapier
2014-12-282RM12,500$ 3,500€ 2,875 TLC 2014 Winter Grand Finals
0 : 3Thirsty Chinchillaslogo std.pngTCH
 LY4,  BBTY,  Rune,  Valkyrie,  Rapier
2014-12-071 TLC 2014 Winter Season
W : FFInsane Fast Footworklogo std.pngIFF
 LY4,  BBTY,  Rune,  Valkyrie,  Rapier
2014-09-131RM20,000$ 6,200€ 4,800 TLC 2014 Summer Grand Finals
3 : 1Team Fat Rabbitlogo std.pngTFR
 Zappy,  BBTY,  Slayer,  Valkyrie,  Rapier
2014-08-1818 - 24 HKES Tournament Season 2
0 : 1CGA LEGENDslogo std.pngCGA
2014-08-172 TLC 2014 Summer Season
3 : 0Toushi Halcyonlogo std.pngToushi.H
 zappy,  BBTY,  Slayer,  Valkyrie,  Rapier,  Han,  Equivocal,  iFrenzy,  cwCwCW,  LY4,  Miss V
Total Prize:USD 8,000 • HKD 0 • MYR 40,500 • SGD 7,500

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