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Item was removed in Patch 10.23.
Iceborn Gauntlet
ItemSquareIceborn Gauntlet.png
UNIQUE - Spellblade: After using an ability, your next basic attack within 10 seconds deals (+100% base AD) on-hit bonus damage (1.5 second cooldown).
UNIQUE - Icy Zone: Triggering Spellblade also deals (+100% base AD) physical damage to enemies surrounding the target and creates a icy zone for 2 seconds, which slows enemies within by 30%. The zone has a radius of 180 (+55% bonus Armor) units.



Additional Information
Map AvailabilityALL
ItemSquareSheen.png + ItemSquareGlacial Shroud.png + 750 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 2700 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 1890 Goldcurrency.png


  • Icy Zone's area of effect damage does not include the damage from the actual attack itself, or any on-hit effects
  • Spellblade's damage will benefit from life steal.
  • Icy Zone will trigger against structures. The area of effect damage and slow still apply around the structure as normal. As such, it might trigger turret aggro if any enemy champion nearby the turret is hit.
  • Iceborn Gauntlet refers to the Freljordians who were given power by the Frozen Watchers. These people were called Iceborn, with their leader LissandraSquare.pngLissandra.
  • Icy Zone's minimum radius is 215.75 units, because of Iceborn Gauntlet's own 65 armor.
  • The bonus damage does not stack with
    Lich Bane
    Trinity Force
    , or
    since they all have a unique passive with the same name. The effect that would deal the most damage takes priority.
  • However, Icy Zone will trigger regardless of which Spellblade is used.


  • Iceborn Gauntlet was originally named Frozen Fist, and is still sometimes referred to as such.

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]


Price point and armor down

COMBINE COST : [350] 250 gold
TOTAL COST : [1000] 900 gold
ARMOR : [25] 20

Iceborn Gauntlet

COMBINE COST : [650] 750 gold
TOTAL COST : 2700 gold (unchanged)

Frozen Heart

COMBINE COST : [650] 750 gold
TOTAL COST : 2700 gold (unchanged)

Proc damage decreased.

Sheen’s always offered champions with low cooldowns and high base damage a cost-efficient damage option (without having to go too far into full-damage builds). From there, the branching paths tell the story of what you want your Sheen to do. Do I want an extra AP Ratio? Lichbane. Do I want to deal tons of damage? Trinity Force. In-fight utility? Iceborn Gauntlet. The latter has done a fantastic job of holding up its utility promise - but the extra damage it provides is allowing beefier builds to squeeze too much effectiveness out of their kits. Given how much cheaper it is to build than the other Sheen upgrades, we’re taking a stab at sharpening those identities and making Iceborn markedly weaker than its alternatives at winning duels.

SPELLBLADE : [125% base attack damage] 100% base attack damage

Size lowered, but gets larger with armor. Slow no longer lingers.

Thanks to the lingering slow, Iceborn Gauntlet's passive favors champions that apply it from range consistently over the fighters and tanks it was made for. We're adjusting to make armor purchases more impactful, making it about when and where you drop your ice field over how quickly and safely you can do it (after a 5-man Malphite ult, perhaps?)

RUNNING THE GAUNTLET Slow no longer lingers after leaving the icy ground
SIZE RATIO : [0.45 bonus armor] 0.55 bonus armor
BASE SIZE : [190] 180


With the removal of ability power on Sheen, we took the opportunity to refocus the item towards tanks via its new armor scaling. Ezreal might still wear it from time to time, but once Malphite gets in the mix things'll get real icy, real fast.

TOTAL cost : [2850 gold] 2700 gold
BUILD path : Sheen + Glacial Shroud + 650 gold
armor : [60] 65
COOLDOWN reduction : [10%] 20%
ABILITY power [30] 0
PACKS A PUNCH Size of the slow zone now increases with bonus armor

Also costs less.

Shaving off some of the cost to make it an easier lane pick-up. Lookin' great, shroud.

TOTAL COST : [950 gold] 900 gold
THAT’S HOW ITEMS WORK : Iceborn Gauntlet and Zeke’s Harbinger are also 50 gold cheaper


"Don't let us prevent you from being inefficient with your unique passives."
  • THE SUPERIOR SPELLBLADE Fixed a bug where if you had both an Iceborn Gauntlet and a Trinity Force in your inventory, you'd deal 150% of your base AD to your primary target instead of the expected 200% (you'll still deal 125% of your base AD to surrounding enemies)


  • COMBINE COST: 700 gold ⇒ 750 gold
  • TOTAL COST: 3250 gold ⇒ 2900 gold
  • ARMOR: +70 armor ⇒ +60 armor

v3.04 We've noticed that, in general, champions who buy Iceborn Gauntlet are front-line champions with more emphasis on surviving than dealing AP burst damage. We've adjusted Iceborn Gauntlet's stats to accommodate this play case.

  • Combine cost increased to 700 gold from 640 (total cost unchanged)
  • Armor increased to 70 from 60
  • Ability Power reduced to 30 from 40


  • Spellblade is no longer consumed when attacking wards


  • Total cost reduced to 3,250 gold from 3,400
  • Cooldown reduction reduced to 10% from 15%
  • Fixed a bug where the slow field was lasting longer than intended
  • Fixed a bug where the slow was not being applied immediately
  • Slow field radius for ranged champions reduced to 210 from 275
  • Slow field radius for melee champions increased to 285 from 275


  • Duration of slow field reduced to 2 seconds from 3
  • Slow percentage reduced to 30% from 35%
  • Slowing field now displays team color rings

v1.0.0.152 Iceborn Gauntlet added

  • +40 Ability Power
  • +500 Mana
  • +60 Armor
  • +15% Cooldown Reduction
  • Unique Passive - Spellblade: After using an ability, your next basic attack deals bonus physical damage equal to 125% of your base Attack Damage to surrounding enemies and creates a field for 3 seconds that slows enemies inside by 35% (2 second cooldown).
  • Cost: 3,400 (640)
  • Builds from Sheen and Glacial Shroud