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Enchantment - Homeguard

Homestart and Homeguard are both passive effects that increase your champion's movement speed while in your team's fountain but both effects hold different characteristics.



Homestart is granted to all champions at the beginning of a game on classic 5v5 Summoner's Rift.

Homestart grants 175% bonus movement speed for 15 seconds. Completing a  Teleport, receiving damage or dealing damage will remove the effect. It also decays over 0.75 seconds after crossing the outer turret line.

For the first 55 seconds of the game, Homestart will refresh its duration as long as the champion stays in the fountain.

Leaving the fountain will permanently prevent your champion from obtaining Homestart ever again.

Howling Abyss[]

Until 5 minutes or until the first turret is destroyed, Homestart will be granted to every spawning and respawning champions on classic 5v5 ARAM.

Homestart grants 50% bonus movement speed for 10 seconds. Receiving or dealing damage will remove the effect.

Homestart will refresh its duration as long as the champion stays in the fountain, leaving the fountain will prevent the buff from refreshing.


Homeguard is granted to all champions in the fountain, starting at 20 minutes on classic 5v5 Summoner's Rift.

Homeguard grants 75 / 93.75 / 112.5 / 131.25 / 150% (based on minutes) bonus movement speed that decays over 7 seconds. While in the fountain, restores 12% of missing health and 12% of missing mana per fountain healing tick.

Receiving or dealing damage will remove all effects and prevent you from gaining them again for 8 seconds. Damage dealt to enemies further away than 5000 units will not disable Homeguard.

Homeguard's duration will be refreshed whenever the champion is in the fountain.

Additional Informations[]

  • Kayn
    also gains a non-refreshing Homeguard upon completing one of his transformation, which can occur on any map and at any time.
  • Homeguard activates upon entering/spawning on your starting platform. Simply standing on the stairs will not grant the buff; champions must stand on the center of the platform where they are dropped after spawning or recalling
  • Homestart and Homeguard will trigger move-fast animations where available, and can often be the only time such animations are seen in a given game.
  • Some champions and skins feature animations exclusive to Homestart and Homeguard, and cannot be trigger elsewhere even if similar speeds are reached

Patch History[]

Patch 8.8

Homestart buff is granted by fountain until slightly later in the game. Homestart now begins to fall off at outer turrets, not the river.

Homestart gives too significant of a defender's advantage to champions who never cross into the river. Defensively, champions can run out to the brush near the river, retain the movement speed buff, and easily run away from any invaders - who lost their movement speed bonus once they set foot in the river. We're changing the movement speed buff to fall off a bit closer to your side of the map to make early aggression slightly more likely to succeed.

FOUNTAIN GRANTS HOMESTART BUFF UNTIL : [35] 55 seconds into the game
COLD FEET Homestart buff no longer falls off instantly after crossing the river line
NO PLACE LIKE HOME : Homestart buff rapidly decays over 0.75 seconds after crossing the outer turret line

Patch 7.22

There's a lot of waiting around at the start of the game, and even with invades, there's still some downtime. We're trying to reduce the idle time, so you'll see things like Bard Chimes, Skarner's Crystals, and Smite Cooldown being enabled a little bit quicker. To compensate those 10 seconds, the Homestart effect is also a tad stronger

SUPPAH FAST : Homestart effect when the game starts is stronger now

Patch 6.9
Homeguard duration and speed reduced, particularly early on.

Back in preseason we baked Homeguard into the standard Summoner’s Rift experience for two purposes: to create better boot enchantment diversity and to counter-balance increases to death timers. More on boot enchantments ater in these patch notes, but let’s talk about Homeguard’s coexistence with death timers.
Time spent dead creates a window of safety for teams to act, knowing that dead enemies are gray-screened in the fountain. On revival, Homeguard catapults champions out of base and into position to counter enemy sieges or rotations. Aside from just getting somewhere faster, the haste adds flexibility: if the enemy team appears bot as you’re heading top, Homeguard allows you to adjust before too much damage is done.
That flexibility creates a stalling effect as death timers tick down: “Can we take this turret before the enemy zooms in and dives our backline?” That unease shortens the window of safety to act, magnifying the effect of actual death timer reductions: a seconds off a 30 second death timer is actually a seconds off a ~25 second window. This is particularly true at earlier stages of the game, thanks to Homeguard’s static effects.
So, after leaving things untouched back in 6.7, we’re now toning Homeguard’s haste down to account for both rounds of death timer reductions and scaling it with game time to ensure its impact doesn’t choke out early aggression.

HASTE DURATION : [8 seconds] 7 seconds
HASTE AMOUNT : [175%] 75% at 20 minutes, scaling up to 150% at 40 minutes

Patch 5.23
Now everyone can guard the home!

Homeguard is a fun mechanic, but crowded out the decision space on boot enchantments pretty heavily. That said, we didn't want to say goodbye to Homeguard forever. The defender’s advantage that Homeguard provided teams stuck in their base has become an integral part of the game’s flow, providing a healthy way to ease the pain of being forced to recall late-game and tightening the window oppressors have to push their advantage diligently. Rather than shake-up how defenders have played the game for years, we've integrated it as a specific event in Summoner's Rift. It loses some of its stalling power now that it’s free, but now you can enchant your boots for the situation and defend the home.

YOU NEVER CALL ANYMORE Starting at 20 minutes, all champions receive the Homeguard buff when they return to the fountain
INITIAL HASTE : [200%] 175%
HEALING & MANA PER TICK : [35% missing health/mana] 12% missing health/mana
COMBAT LOCKOUT DURATION : [6 seconds] 8 seconds
THIS IS A KARTHUS BUFF Damaging enemies over 5000 range away (outside your base, roughly speaking) no longer triggers Homeguard's combat lockout