Homeguard (Item)

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Item was removed in Patch 5.23.
Enchantment - Homeguard.png
UNIQUE - Homeguard: Visiting the shop vastly increases health and mana regeneration and grants 200% bonus movement speed that decays over 8 seconds. Bonus movement speed and regeneration are disabled for 6 seconds upon dealing or taking damage.
Additional Information
Map AvailabilitySR, TR, HA
Tier 2 Boots + 450 Goldcurrency.png
Builds Into
Berserker's Greaves - Homeguard.png Boots of Mobility - Homeguard.png Boots of Swiftness - Homeguard.png Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Homeguard.png Mercury's Treads - Homeguard.png Ninja Tabi - Homeguard.png Sorcerer's Shoes - Homeguard.png

For the inherent passive effect, see Homestart and Homeguard.


  • Percentage movement speed stacks additively with other sources of percentage movement speed.
  • Homeguard activates upon entering/spawning on your starting platform.
  • It is possible to Teleport to a distant location while still standing on the starting platform, allowing you to utilize the speed elsewhere.

Similar Items[edit]

Patch History[edit]


Not in my house.

You can't buy the enchantment anymore, but Homeguard still exists! See below.


TOTAL cost : [475 gold] 450 gold


  • FOUNTAIN HEALING: Instant full restore ⇒ Restores a portion of missing health and mana per second
  • ACTIVATION DELAY: 8 seconds out of combat ⇒ 6 seconds out of combat


  • Homeguard now works immediately after purchasing the enchant


  • Homeguard enchantment added.