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Note this ENTIRE process needs to be completed in order for any logos to show up for teams.


There is no tl;dr because this process is very sensitive, and if you do even one small thing wrong, nothing will work. Please read the entire thing!

The general outline:

  • Upload 2 or 3 images. The first two are standardized, a big square image & a 60x25px image. The third is an optional "profile" image to be used only on the team's page in the infobox.
  • Decide on a short name & the inputs that you want available for the team (i.e. what you can write with {{team|<input goes here}} to make it work).
  • Tell the wiki what the team's inputs & variables are in Module:Teamnames.

Uploading Images[]

Naming Files[]

When you set up a team, the cornerstone variable is the team's link. 99% of the time this is the same as the name of the team, the only exception is when there's a disambiguation in the team's page title. For example, if there were 2 teams called Team SoloMid, you might have the link be Team SoloMid (North American Team).

For the rest of this section, we will refer to the team's like as $LINK$. The square image gets uploaded at $LINK$logo square.png, and the std image gets uploaded at $LINK$logo std.png. If you do a profile image, that goes at $LINK$logo profile.png.

Please note that while there is no space between $LINK$ and logo, you still put spaces within $LINK$ normally.


  • Team SoloMid (North American Team)logo square.png
  • Team SoloMid (North American Team)logo std.png
  • Team SoloMid (North American Team)logo profile.png


  • Minimum dimensions: 150x150px
  • Square dimensions required
  • Transparent background
  • The logo should take up as much space as possible without being clipped anymore (so only 1 of the dimensions should have extra whitespace, to make it a square)
  • Write [[Category:Team Logo Squares]] in the File Description at Special:Upload when you upload the file


  • Dimensions are exactly 60x25px
  • Shrink the logo without stretching it, it's ok for there to be whitespace in one dimension!
  • Transparent background
  • Omit any non-graphical part of the logo such as the team's name printed below an image
  • Write [[Category:Team Logo Stds]] in the File Description at Special:Upload when you upload the file


  • This is OPTIONAL!
  • No requirements on dimensions or transparency or anything
  • Image should still be the team's logo & part of their branding, don't decorate yourself
  • Write [[Category:Team Logo Profiles]] in the File Description at Special:Upload when you upload the file

If You Don't Have an Image File[]

Please upload the files BEFORE adding the team variables to the module.

Adding Display Variables[]

This is done at {{Teamnames}}m. There is some documentation provided on that page. Please read it!!!! You will have to define four variables:

  • Link, the location of the team page
  • Long, the full name of the team
  • Medium, either the full name of the team or a partially abbreviated form; must be max 12 characters
  • Short, a short tag, should match Riot's abbreviation if possible - max 7 characters, or shorter if the letters are wide

You also can define some inputs. Read the documentation at that module for more information.

Even though the module displays the source code, you still edit it by pressing Edit, the same way as you would edit any other wiki page.