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If you want to make recordings either join our Discord (https://discord.gg/6SNQ4c6) or send an email to river.esports@gmail.com!

Uploading Files[]

  • First go to Preferences -> Gadgets and enable "multiupload" under the "Utility Gadgets" section.
  • Then go to Special:Upload. Click "Upload multiple files: YES."
  • Copy the following code into the box:
|recordedby= <!-- fill this out when uploading -->
|user= <!-- fill this out when uploading (optional) -->
|source= <!-- fill this out when uploading -->
  • Here is a "clean" version to copy without any comments:
  • Choose a license. You probably want to use Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike since this is content you're making for the wiki and that's the wiki's licensing but you can also choose to keep copyright and just give us permission to use.
  • Click "Upload file."

Adding Tags[]

Once all of the files are uploaded, you need to add tags. |player= is a link to the player's page, including a disambiguation if that applies. |Name= is the specific name that you recorded a pronunciation of. If we have multiple recordings for a player who namechanged, |Name= is what will be displayed next to each of them.


There are 4 options for the |source= field:

  • broadcast, if you are basing your pronunciations off a broadcast
  • team, if a team told you your pronunciations are accurate
  • player, if the player themselves told you you are accurate
  • Riot, if we got confirmation from Riot that the pronunciation is accurate

The precedence is:

broadcast < Riot == team < player

In other words, it's roughly equivalent to be told by Riot or a team that a pronunciation is accurate. It's best if the player tells you personally, and if you're basing it on a broadcast that's ok but it's preferred to have some confirmation. If you initially base your pronunciations on a broadcast and then a higher authority confirms, you can edit the field on the file page; simply navigate to the page of the file and then click Edit and update the value.