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Guardian's Horn
ItemSquareGuardian's Horn.png
+20 flat health regeneration per 5 seconds.
UNIQUE: Blocks 15 damage from all champions sources (3 damage vs. damage over time abilities).
UNIQUE - Legendary: This item counts as a Legendary item.


Additional Information
LimitationsCannot purchase more than one Guardian's item.
Map AvailabilityHA
Total Cost: 950 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 665 Goldcurrency.png


  • The damage reduction is calculated before armor/magic resist and percentage damage reduction benefits are taken into account.


  • Guardian's Horn is the counterpart to
    Doran's Shield
  • Originally had an activatable ability that granted bonus Movement Speed, Armor and, Magic Resist.
  • Can be found in the shop by searching for "The Golden Bicep of Kobe", this is a reference to LCS caster Kobe mistaking the icon for bicep.
  • This item belongs to Gregor, the blue-side shopkeeper on the Howling Abyss.

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Patch History[]


Howling Abyss replacement for Doran's Shield.

The Doran’s line of items offers something very specific in Summoner’s Rift: cheap, efficient laning power. Given that ARAM often resembles an eternal 10-man laning phase, Doran’s items seem like a natural fit. However, with much higher starting gold, it’s often much more efficient to dive straight into mid-tier items and hasten your power spike. We’re replacing the Doran’s items with souped up and cost-appropriate versions that won't hog all of your inventory slots.

Doran’s Shield already feels made for ARAM, with damage reduction to weather the trade-heavy ARAM life, and health regeneration to sustain through it. While the new Guardian’s Horn is stronger in both aspects, we chose to lean harder into the sustain to make melee champions feel like they aren’t doomed once they take a little poke without in turn making them too tanky to burst down.

Reducing incoming damage

COST : 950
HEALTH : 150
FLAT HEALTH REGEN : 20 health per 5 seconds
FLAT DAMAGE REDUCTION : Damage taken from champion basic attacks and spells reduced by 12


"Hail Ragnarok!"
  • HEALTH : 180 200
  • HEALTH REGEN : +100% base health regen +125% base health regen
  • COMBINE COST : 445 gold 435 gold
  • TOTAL COST : 1025 gold 1015 gold


Guardian's Horn added to Howling Abyss.