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Gnar MegaGnarSquare
General Information
TitleThe Missing Link
Release DateAugust 13, 2014
Cost4800 BE 880 RP

580 (+ 79)

4.5 (+ 1.75)


57 (+ 3.2)

0.625 (+ 6%)


32 (+ 3.7)

30 (+ 1.3)
Developer Info
DDragon KeyGnar
Integer Key150
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Gnar is a champion in League of Legends.


For outdated and now non-canon lore entries, click here.
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Gnar is an excitable yordle whose playful antics can erupt into a toddler’s outrage in an instant, transforming him into a massive beast bent on destruction. Frozen in True Ice for millennia, the curious creature broke free and now hops about a changed world he sees as exotic and wondrous. Delighted by danger, Gnar flings whatever he can at his enemies, be it his bonetooth boomerang... or an uprooted tree.

Before the ice had given the Freljord its name, there existed a land brimming with wonder—that is, if one could see the world through the eyes of Gnar.

A young yordle with boundless energy, Gnar and others like him lived openly among the hardy tribes of the northlands. Though barely big enough to leave footprints in the snow, his temper rivaled that of beasts ten times his size, and he would erupt with a babble of curses the moment anything went amiss. For this reason, he felt more kinship with the greater and wiser creatures, who kept their distance from mortals. To Gnar, they looked like overgrown, white-furred yordles… and that was good enough for him.

While the tribes foraged across the tundra, gathering wild berries and tasty moss, Gnar collected more essential items, like rocks, pebbles, and the muddy remains of dead birds. His greatest treasure was the jawbone of a drüvask. When he tugged it from the cold earth, he squealed with glee and flung it as far as he could.

It landed two hops away.

Thrilled by this early success, Gnar carried his “boomerang” wherever he went. The world would try its best to offer him new delights—shiny lint, sweet nectar, round things—but none could match the pure joy he felt in throwing and catching his cherished weapon. He now considered himself a hunter, and trailed herds of wild beasts that paid him no mind.

But even he could sense change coming to the land. The sky seemed darker. The winds felt colder. The mortal tribes who had once foraged together, now appeared to hunt each other…

The big white yordles would know what to do. Gnar would go to them.

Using all of his hunting skill, he tracked them into the snow-capped peaks of a vast mountain range, much farther than he had ever wandered before. As he approached unseen, he also saw more mortals than he could count. This was exciting, but no one else seemed too happy about it.

Then the ground shook, and split apart. For the first time in Gnar’s life, it seemed as though everyone else was throwing tantrums. The mortals yelled. The big yordles roared.

But the monster’s arrival silenced them all.

Heaving itself up from the newly opened abyss, it bore huge horns, whipping tentacles, and a single eye, burning with strange light that made the fur on Gnar’s back crawl. While some mortals fled at the sight, he began to feel an odd pain in his chest—it was like the thought of losing his boomerang, or never being hugged again. This horrible thing wanted to hurt his new friends.

And this made him angry. In that moment, Gnar truly raged.

All he could see was the monster. In a flash, he was in the air, leaping toward it. In one paw, he grasped a snowball… or so he thought. In fact, it was a boulder plucked from the mountainside, for Gnar had grown as large as the big white yordles. He would send this monster back where it came from, by walloping its face!

But the blow never landed. Gnar felt a chill colder than any winter, one that seemed to turn the air itself into ice—truly, this elemental magic froze him in place, biting through his shaggy fur. Everything, including the monster, became quiet. The yordle’s strength and anger melted away. A deep tiredness crept into his limbs, and he fell softly asleep.

Gnar napped for a long time. When he finally awoke, he shook the frost from his shoulders, breathing heavily. Everyone else was gone. With no monsters to fight and no friends to protect, he felt very small and alone again.

The land was very different, too. There was snow everywhere, blanketing everything as far as his wide eyes could see. Still, he let out a happy yelp when he saw his beloved boomerang lying beside him, and scurried away to find something to hunt.

Even now, Gnar has no grasp of what took place that fateful day, nor how he escaped. He simply marvels at the world before him, with so many oddities to collect and places to explore.


- GnarSquareGnar


Snow falls all morning, blanketing the earth in fresh coats of white. One by one, feathery flakes trickle from the sky, gently at first, and then rapidly in unison. Soon, the howling blizzard muffles all sounds save for a peculiar racket coming from a nearby cave, where a shock of orange and blue bounces up and down, left to right.

Gnar bustles about, annoyed at the world. He has been drawing in the snow under the shelter of rock and stone, but nothing appears the way he imagines. Gripping a bone boomerang almost the size of his torso, the young yordle curses at the ground.

“Shubbanuffa!” says Gnar. This means one of two things. Either he believes the snow is being uncooperative, or he wants some sweetmilk. No one can say for certain.

With a jump and a skip, Gnar tumbles from one unfinished sketch to another, each depicting similar scenes. There they are, bands of carefree yordles living happily among the tribes of the frigid north. Sometimes, wild beasts stand a head above his kin. Other times, Gnar himself towers over everyone else. These little differences do not faze him. Instead, his wide eyes fixate on his boomerang, his paw guiding it to trace out a grand shape with long, sweeping strokes.

“Onna legga,” Gnar mutters to himself. This means he wishes not to be distracted. In the past, others have confused this with “Oga lagga,” meaning he would very much enjoy a hug.

Placing the boomerang in his mouth to free up his paws, Gnar leans downward. His claws pick away bothersome specks of dirt. His nose sniffs the ground, searching for any stray pests daring to deface his work. Pleased with the results, Gnar somersaults back to take a wider look.

The powdery snow paints the picture of a one-eyed monster with tentacles the size of mountains.

“Wabbo!” Gnar cheers, as his boomerang drops from his jaw. The monster is the right amount of scary—just as he imagined. With one arm, it slices through an entire herd of elnük. With another, it holds a whole bundle of elkyr, like sticks.

“Ganaloo mo,” Gnar grumbles. Upon further inspection, it appears his elnük look too much like elkyr. This will not do. As he moves to touch up his piece, he stops. His large ears perk, their violet insides twitching with vigilance.

Footsteps approach in fours from outside his cave. Perhaps it is the monster, and perhaps it has come to express its discontent with how it is being portrayed.

Grasping his boomerang, Gnar stands upright on his two hind legs. “Nakotak!” he declares, ready to face his rival once more. In truth, he is thrilled. Ever since he woke up from that long nap, he has wondered where the monster took his friends. Finally, he is about to get some answers.

But what trespasses into his cave sees with not one eye, but two.

And rather than tentacles, it has legs, stout and stocky. Coarse fur covers its entire body, forming a frosted mane to crown its head and back. Its scarred face appears worn and bitter, marked by two ivory tusks and a stiff, pudgy snout.

This is a strange-looking creature, Gnar thinks to himself.

As the giant drüvask boar lumbers inside, it sees only the comfort of stone overhead. Its sighs are deep, its breath strands of mist fogging the chill air. The beast’s hooves shake the ground beneath, stirring up snow like splashes of milk. After a few heavy steps, all of Gnar’s art is ruined.

“Raag! Wap!”

Gnar’s boomerang strikes the boar right between its eyes. The dazed beast shakes its head, blinking hastily as it lets out an angered growl. Gnar pants in a frenzy, wielding his prized weapon up high, enough for the boar to identify its source of pain.

Like thunder and lightning, the cave booms twice with roars of rage.

Tumbling out come the boar and a positively enormous yordle. Grown to a size larger than even his foe, Gnar pummels the intruder with his now massive, fisted hands. His wrath fuels every punch, jabbing blow after blow into the boar’s thick hide.

The fight seems to end as quickly as it began, until the savage beast somehow wrangles its hooves under Gnar’s chest to kick him away. The colossal yordle collapses next to his cave, bundles of snow rising as he lands. With his spiny back exposed, his head woozy, Gnar hears repeated huffs and puffs, and the clatter of those same bullish hooves scraping faster and faster on the wintry soil.

The blizzard wails, louder than before, as though the Freljord is bracing itself for the coming loss of one of its own.

“GNAR!” the hulking yordle bellows, leaping away from the boar’s charge. In a flash, he slams his bulky arms against the beast’s behind, sending it forward to crash into the rocky wall of the cave’s entrance.

A stunted screech pierces the wind. Frozen rocks crumble onto the boar, now lying still.

Gnar trudges toward the beast, his breath short and rushed. He nudges its limp body with his foot. There is no resistance.

He decides it has fallen asleep, but remains perplexed why its eyes are open. Curiously, the snow around the boar turns a deep red. All of this seems quite odd, and yet, it is not the first time this has piqued Gnar’s interest.

His memory flickers with similar images. Before the long nap, he would see different tribes yelling gibberish as they threw pointed sticks at one another. Their game looked at once exciting and exhausting, and Gnar would watch them until enough of one side fell asleep on red snow. They must have been awfully tired, just like this strange, tusked yordle.

Thinking of those bygone days makes Gnar quiet. He remembers waking up from the long nap, believing the world took away everything he ever knew. His breath slows, his shoulders slump, his feet shrinking until even he would not believe that he stands in his very own footprints from mere seconds ago.

The small yordle dashes into his cave to retrieve his boomerang, hugging it with all his might. It is the one thing that did not leave him after the long nap.

For a moment, Gnar glances at the boar. It rests out in the elements without a whisper. Setting his boomerang lightly on the ground, he skitters back into the storm.

The blizzard surges on. Gnar is not bothered, but maybe, the slumbering beast is. With his tiny paws, he gathers all the snow he can, and carefully places it atop the boar.

It is sleeping after all, and it will need a blanket.


The jungle does not forgive blindness. Every broken branch tells a story.

I've hunted every creature this jungle has to offer. I was certain there were no challenges left here, but now there is something new. Each track is the size of a tusklord; its claws like scimitars. It could rend a man in half. Finally, worthy prey.

As I stalk my prize through the jungle, I begin to see the damage this thing has wrought. I step into a misshapen circle of splintered trees. These giant wooden sentinels have stood over this land for countless ages, their iron-like hides untouched by the flimsy axes of anyone foolish enough to attempt to cut them down. This thing brushed them aside like they were twigs.

How can a creature with this level of strength disappear so easily? And yet, even though it has left this unmistakable trail of destruction, I have been unable to lay my eye upon it. How can it appear like a hurricane then fade into the jungle like the morning mist?

I thrill in anticipation of finally standing before this creature. It will make a tremendous trophy.

Passing through the clearing, I follow the sound of a stream to get my bearings once more. There I see a small shock of orange fur, crouching, waiting. I spy on it from a distance. A tiny fish splashes out of the stream and the creature scrambles for it, diving gleefully into the rushing water. To my joy, I realize it's GnarSquarea yordle. And a hunter, at that!

This is a good omen. The beast will be found. Nothing will escape me.

The yordle's large ears perk up and face toward me. He runs on all fours with a bone boomerang in hand, quickly stopping in front of me. He babbles.

I nod in appreciation at the young yordle and venture onward. I traverse the difficult terrain with ease, trying to pick up any sign of my quarry. As I try to pick up his scent, a distraction. I'm startled by strange chittering. The yordle followed me. I cannot allow him to disrupt my hunt. I face him and point into the distance. He looks at me quizzically. I need to be more insistent, good omen or no.

I rear back and let out a roar, the wind whipping the yordle's fur and the ground rumbling beneath us. After a few short seconds, he turns his head and, with what I think could be a smile, he holds up his small boomerang. There can be no further delay. I snatch the weapon out of his hand and expertly throw it into a tree, impaling it high amongst the branches. He turns and scrambles for it, jumping frantically.

I barely get ten paces when a roar shakes me to my very spine. The deafening crack of stone and wood echoes all around. Ahead, a giant tree crashes across my path. The bone weapon of the yordle juts out from its trunk.

An unearthly growl rises behind me.

I've made a terrible mistake.

- RengarSquareRengar


Rage Gene Rage Gene Mini [Passive]

Active: Gnar generates Rage while in combat and whever he attacks. At max Rage his next ability will cause him to transform, modifying his abilities and stats for 15 seconds. Fury upon dealing/receiving damage: 4 / 7 / 11 over 3 seconds
Fury upon basic attacking or Boomerang: 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.25
(quadrupled to 2 / 3 / 5 against champions)
GnarSquareMini Gnar: Movement Speed: 0-20
Bonus Attack Range: 0 - 100
Attack Speed: 5.5 - 99%
Boomerang Throw Boomerang Throw Mini [Q]
Cost: No Cost Cooldown: 20 / 17.5 / 15 / 12.5 / 10 seconds Range: 1100 | 3000

Active: Throws a boomerang that deals physical damage and slows Movement Speed for 2 seconds before returning towards Gnar. Enemies hit beyond the first take 50% damage.
If Gnar catches his boomerang its cooldown is reduced by 40%.
Physical Damage: 5 / 45 / 85 / 125 / 165 (+125% total)
Slow: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35%
Hyper Hyper Mini [W]

Passive: Every 3rd attack or spell on the same target deals additional magic damage (max. 300 (+100%) against monsters) and grants Gnar 20% (+20% per GNAR! GNAR!'s rank) Movement Speed that decays over 3 seconds.
Magic Damage: 0 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 (+100%)
[+6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14% target's max]
Hop Hop Mini [E]
Cost: No Cost Cooldown: 22 / 19.5 / 17 / 14.5 / 12 seconds Range: 475

Active: Leaps to a location, gaining Attack Speed for 6 seconds. If Gnar lands on a unit he will bounce off of it, traveling further. Deals physical damage and slows breifly if the unit landed on was an enemy. Attack Speed: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60%
Physical Damage: 50 / 85 / 120 / 155 / 190 [+6% Gnar's max]
GNAR! GNAR! Mini [R]
Cost: No Cost Cooldown: 120 / 100 / 80 seconds Area of Effect: 475

Passive: Increases Hyper Hyper's Movement Speed bonus.
Hyper Movement Speed: 40 / 60 / 80%

Eye - Show AllMini GnarMega GnarEye - Show AllMini GnarMega Gnar

Patch History[]

Patch 11.12

Base attack damage decreased.

Baby beast is still throwing temper tantrums, and his threat and harass potential can be too much to handle. We’re pulling back some of his early lane power to give his enemies a chance to catch their breath (and maybe even Gnar’s boomerang).

Base Stats


Patch 11.8
W bonus movement speed decreased.

We shubbanuffa’d ourselves by giving Gnar too loose a leash, and now he’s been throwing temper tantrums all over the map. We’re pulling back accordingly.

Hyper W - Hyper

BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED : [30/45/60/75%, decaying over 3s (based on R rank)] 20/40/60/80%, decaying over 3s (based on R rank)

Patch 11.7 - March 31st Hotfix

Wallop W - Wallop

Bugfix : Fixed an issue where it would not stun and damage enemies

Patch 11.6
W bonus base damage decreased.

Despite being mini, Gnar has been mega in Pro play, so we’re pulling back on his in-lane harass.

Hyper W - Hyper

BONUS BASE DAMAGE : [10/20/30/40/50] 0/10/20/30/40

Patch 11.1
Mega Gnar Q base damage and slow increased. Mini Gnar E attack speed duration increased. Mega Gnar E range increased.

Giving Gnar more target access and sticking power in his Mega form so he can have more impact beyond just hopping in and casting his ultimate.

Boulder Toss Q - Boulder Toss

BASE DAMAGE : [5/45/85/125/165] 25/70/115/160/205
SLOW : [15/20/25/30/35% for 2 seconds] 30/35/40/45/50% for 2 seconds

Crunch E - Crunch

RANGE : [600] 675

Hop E - Hop

ATTACK SPEED DURATION : [4 seconds] 6 seconds

Patch 10.13
E attack speed increased, attack speed duration increased.

Carefully nudging Mini Gnar in the right direction. We think his attack speed is a safe lever to bring up since he’s been struggling with a much wider range of fighter matchups

Hop E - Hop

ATTACK SPEED : [20/30/40/50/60%]

Patch 10.9
Q cooldown refund increased. E damage increased.

Despite the previous buffs over the past year, Gnar's continued to feel underwhelming in average games. We're cautiously bringing up Mega Gnar's potential for extended brawls, while keeping in mind his existing strength in other places. Shugi Shugi Shugit-em

Boulder Toss Q - Boulder Toss


Crunch E - Crunch

DAMAGE : [50/85/120/155/190]

Patch 10.4
Base MS increased. Passive Mini Gnar MS decreased. R damage ratios increased.

Similar to Garen, we have a jungle Gnar-specific change which you could find in the Jungle Champions section. But generally, we're looking to power him up a little bit, specifically when he's Mega Gnar, since he's feeling a bit underwhelming even has a huge hulking monster.

Base Stats

MOVEMENT SPEED : [325] 335

Rage Gene Passive - Rage Gene

BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED : [10-30 (levels 1-18) in Mini Gnar form]
0-20 (levels 1-18) in Mini Gnar form


DAMAGE RATIO : [0.2 attack damage, 0.5 ability power]
0.5 attack damage, 1.0 ability power

One trend we've seen over the years is that new and low-MMR players pick jungle at a much lower rate than other positions—even when it's stronger than those other positions. For 10.4, we're approaching this problem by giving some popular champs at these skill levels better tools to jungle with, especially also because jungle has an arguably smaller champion pool than other positions. While players here will still have to contend with the learning curve of jungle as a position, they won't have to learn to play a new champion as well. All the changes below are to ability effectiveness against monsters to avoid accidental impacts to lane strength. As a caveat, we're investigating other solutions to help out jungle and the satisfaction of playing the role in the future too, so look forward to seeing more from us outside of these changes.


300 at all levels

Patch 9.24b Q damage ratio increased. W base damage increased later.

We have some room to buff Gnar, especially since he's not stomping around as much as he used to in pro play.

Boulder Toss Q - Boulder Toss

DAMAGE RATIO : [1.2] 1.4 total attack damage

Wallop W - Wallop

BASE DAMAGE : [25/45/65/85/105]

Patch 9.8
R cooldown decreased.

More throwing people against walls when Gnar is big and angry.


COOLDOWN : [120/100/80]
90/60/30 seconds

Patch 9.6
W cooldown decreased.

We're working on striking a balance between Gnar and Mega Gnar that doesn't overwhelmingly favor one form. Right now, players are sticking to poking and kiting in his smol form, so we're making his Mega evolution a little more attractive for players to use.

Wallop W - Wallop

COOLDOWN : [15/13/11/9/7] 7 seconds

Patch 9.4
Mega Gnar's armor and magic resist increased.

Increasing Mega Gnar's ability to get in the middle of the ruckus and duke it out while transformed.

Base Stats


Q cooldown refund decreased (more at higher ranks). E base damage increased.

Gnars who stay back and play safe should be less impactful, while those who get up close with the enemy should have more power, especially early on.

Boomerang Throw Q - Boomerang Throw

COOLDOWN REFUND : [45/50/55/60% (based on rank of GNAR!)]
40% at all levels

Hop E - Hop

BASE DAMAGE : [20/60/100/140/180]


BASE ARMOR (MINI) : [23] 32
BASE ARMOR (MEGA) : [26.5] 36

Mini Gnar’s base health decreased.

Gnar's back at the top of top lane again. While we're glad he’s pushing tanks when they can’t get to him, we want to give opponents a better chance to go for the kill when they do capitalize on his positioning mistakes.

Base stats

BASE HEALTH : [540] 510


BUGFIX : When Mini Gnar E - Hops off another unit, he can no longer change the direction of his jump by casting Q - Boomerang Toss

Mini Q damage increased. Mega E jump range increased.

Gnar’s having trouble getting the job done, both as a lane bully in Mini form and a teamfight initiator in Mega form. In Mini Gnar’s case, Boomerang Throw could pack a harder punch as his primary means of whittling skittish enemies down and out of lane. Mega Gnar by contrast already has the raw power necessary to wreak havoc on his foes, but needs help getting into range to use those tools. These changes together help Gnar regardless of which hat he’s currently wearing.

Boomerang Throw Q - Boomerang Throw

BASE DAMAGE : [5/35/65/95/125] 5/45/85/125/165

Crunch E - Crunch

RANGE : [475] 600


With Aegis of the Legion's old aura out of the game, squishy champions who were relying on it to give them enough magic resist find themselves a bit on the burstable side.

HOORAY : Champions who previously gained no magic resist per level now gain 0.5 per level

Mini Gnar and Mega Gnar have the same health regen.

When Gnar is ahead, his constant basic attacks and ability-casts send him Mega that much more often. But when Gnar is behind, he often can’t safely build the fury he needs to transform, denying access to Mega Gnar’s increased health regeneration. We’re smoothing out Gnar’s regen between forms to make him a little more capable of healing up when he falls behind. That being said, this should be an overall buff to Gnar; he spends more time small than large, even when he’s not behind.

Base stats

HEALTH REGEN (MINI) : [2.5] 4.5 health per 5 seconds
HEALTH REGEN GROWTH STAT (MINI) : [0.5] 1.75 health per 5 seconds
HEALTH REGEN (MEGA) : [6.5] 4.5 health per 5 seconds
HEALTH REGEN GROWTH STAT (MEGA) : [3] 1.75 health per 5 seconds

Crunch E - Crunch

BUFF-FIX : Mega Gnar can now queue another spell during Crunch’s cast time

W damage down. E cooldown up.

With professional play’s return to standard lanes, we’re upping our vigilance when it comes to dealing with powerful lane bullies. As for the current toplane metagame, that means Gnar. Known for preying on tanks unable to race Hyper’s damage output, Gnar’s a little too effective at shutting down almost all forms of aggression - not just the really durable kind. We’re hitting his baseline effectiveness with respects to trading and gank-avoidance to open up the kinds of aggressive picks and pressure that should be key in punishing Gnar’s temper tantrums.

Hyper W - Hyper

BASE DAMAGE : [15/25/35/45/55] 10/20/30/40/50

Hop E - Hop / Crunch

COOLDOWN : [18/16.5/15/13.5/12] 22/19.5/17/14.5/12

Mini-Gnar range scaling up. Q returns farther. W damage up.

It’s been a season of tanky melee tops, so you’d expect everybody’s favorite sometimes-tanky-melee-sometimes-tank-shredding-ranged-top laner to be doing well. Despite this, Gnar has been out of sight all season. With top lane shifting towards mages and Trinity Force users at the moment, we don’t want to push too hard, but some usability buffs for last-hitting and kiting should help Gnar feel more consistent.

Rage Gene Passive - Rage Gene

MINI-GNAR BONUS RANGE : [400 - 485 (at levels 1-18)] 400 - 500 (at levels 1-18)

Boomerang Throw Q - Boomerang Throw


Hyper W - Hyper

DAMAGE : [10/20/30/40/50] 15/25/35/45/55

Base attack damage up.

Simply put - Gnar's underperforming in the top lane, specifically in the early stages of the lane. That in itself isn't a problem - Gnar's a champion of highs and lows (on account of his rapidly oscillating 'Mega' and 'Mini' forms), so a little bit of variance isn't out of the question. What's actually worrying is that Gnar's underperforming when the majority of his opposing top laners are the very tanks he's intended to bully. Gnar's always been an important 'release-valve' pick teams can fall on when tanks get out of line, so we're tossing him the same attack damage adjustment we gave marksmen back in Preseason to help him curve smoothly into the adorable little predator he was born to be.



Rage Gene Passive - Rage Gene

ONE FIST SHORT : Now accurately displays the amount of bonus range Gnar gets over Mega Gnar.


REAL MATURE : Fixed a bug where minions and monsters tossed by GNAR! would receive damage after a brief delay rather than upon landing.

 Attack Range Changes
A few champions are getting increased range. Except Nunu and Tahm Kench. You know what you did.

With preseason being the time to dig deep and reevaluate assumptions, we finally started looking at attack ranges as a stat for tuning rather than just something we did simply because characters have polearms. This is only a first pass as we start to think of melee attack ranges as in 'tiers', first of 125 and 175, but possibly even up to 225! This means a few bonuses to range for some champions that have trouble movin' around in combat or just needed the love. We'll be back relatively soon for a follow-up, but at least now Trundle won't look so goofy as he punches you with his enormous iceclub.

  • GnarSquareGnar
ATTACK RANGE : [150] 175
ATTACK RANGE : [200] 175
ATTACK RANGE : [125] 175
ATTACK RANGE : [125] 175

v5.3 Gnar's gotta better manage his Gnar-Bar if he wants to GNAR!! in Mega Gnar. Gnarly.

"From concept to release, Gnar has always been built around his unique transformation trigger and its inherent inconsistency. Will the enemy engage because Mega Gnar's losing steam? Should we begin a fight and have Gnar transform as it begins? These are the types of questions we want his teammates to ask, and the type of situations the Gnar player to manage. When a champion based on unreliability becomes a staple competitive pick (where reliability reigns supreme), we felt like something was up.
Due to a bug since his release (oops), Mega Gnar was lasting a good bit longer than intended - discovering this, we thought it would be a good time to tighten the windows Gnar has to go crazy so we can really accentuate his highs and lows. We're not trying to make Gnar disappear, but teams should have to work a little harder than just picking Jarvan IV. Shots fired."
  • Rage Gene Passive - Rage Gene
    • 'TIRED' DEBUFF DURATION : 13 seconds 15 seconds
    • MEGA GNAR DURATION : 19 seconds 15 seconds (as a note, the tooltip originally said 15 seconds, but it was actually 19 seconds)

v5.1 Boomerang Throw's cooldown refund is lower, but ranks back up to normal through ranks via Gnar!

"Unlike Gnar's origins, this yordle's strong laning phase is no big secret. Pulling back on the uptime of his harass should make things more manageable in the early game, while ranking his ultimate lets him keep up with the pace of frantic late-game teamfights."
  • Boomerang Throw Q - Boomerang Throw
  • R - GNAR!
    • [NEW] THEMATICALLY THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE : Increases Boomerang Throw's cooldown refund on catch to 50/55/60%


Lots of complicated math means that Mega Gnar gets less stats early on but more later. Boomerang and Boulder Toss are getting their damage shifted into the AD ratio. Hyper's damage is going down in the early game and Wallop's cooldown is going up.

"Gnar's become quite the handful when it comes to his bullying potential. Sweeping changes to his early-game bases should give him a bit of a time out (heh, get it?) during the laning phase, while buffs to Mega Gnar's late-game scaling means you probably still wouldn't like him when he's angry. "
  • General
  • Rage Gene Passive - Rage Gene
    • MINI GNAR MOVEMENT SPEED : +10-25 (9 + (+1 per level from 1-14 / +0.5 per level at 15-18)) +10-30 (9 + (+1 per level from 1-15 / +2 per level at 16-18))
    • MINI GNAR ATTACK SPEED : Due to the 2015 preseason changes to base stats, Mini Gnar's attack speed bonus has been folded into his base attack speed and converted to a growth stat. Mini Gnar now has an attack speed growth stat of 6. This should have no functional impact on Gnar.
    • THIS GETS COMPLICATED : With the 2015 preseason changes to base stats, Mega Gnar had some of his bonuses shifted around so he wouldn't break the system. In addition to reverting Mega Gnar's bonuses into base growth stats, we've done two things to affect Mega Gnar - his early attack damage and health are lower in the early game, but higher at later levels. The math behind this change (especially as it converts from per-level stats to growth stats) gets very complicated, but the raw difference is that, at level 1, Mega Gnar will lose about 30 health and 4 attack damage compared to he would have had. Mega Gnar's new growth stats are listed below:
    • HEALTH REGENERATION GROWTH STAT : +3 health per 5 seconds
  • Boomerang Throw Q - Boomerang Throw
    • BOOMERANG DAMAGE : 10/45/80/115/150 (+1.0 total attack damage) 5/35/65/95/125 (+1.15 total attack damage)
    • BOOMERANG WIDTH : 60 55
  • Boulder Toss Q - Boulder Toss
    • BOULDER DAMAGE : Now 10/50/90/130/170 (+1.15 total attack damage) 5/45/85/125/165 (+1.2 total attack damage)
  • Hyper W - Hyper
    • BASE DAMAGE : 25/30/35/40/45 10/20/30/40/50
    • MAX MAGIC DAMAGE VERSUS MONSTERS : 75/125/175/225/275 100/150/200/250/300
  • Wallop W - Wallop
    • COOLDOWN  : 12/11/10/9/8 seconds 15/13/11/9/7 seconds

Gnar's ultimate and similar skills work with player-made terrain (this time, Jarvan's actually helping). Part one of three.

"Continuing to clean up GNAR! with some consistency work across all wall-slams. As with the changes to Poppy and Vayne you'll see below, we'll be watching to see the effects of these changes play out and ready to adjust accordingly. "
  • GNAR R - GNAR!
    • NEW COME ON AND SLAM Now detects collision with player created terrain (Anivia's Crystallize, Azir's Emperor's Divide, Jarvan's Cataclysm and Trundle's Pillar of Ice)
    • WAP! Fixed a bug where using GNAR! on a dashing unit would cancel their movement, but not stun them, if they hit a wall.

Gnar gets his bonus health immediately on transforming (rather than slightly delayed). Boomerang works more logically and its width, speed, and return indicators have all been improved. Boulders now get picked up and thrown faster, and they fly faster. GNAR! has an AP ratio (but please, for your sake, don't try AP Gnar).

"We've been keeping a close eye on Gnar during the past two weeks, and while we try not to make major changes during big learning periods, we did see the opportunity to improve some of his play patterns. In other words, while these are definitely buffs, they're more 'spritual improvements' that we'd like to do regardless of power. So even if Gnar ends up being too strong (or too weak), these are changes we're making to get him to feel better, and future tuning points would be unrelated."
  • General
    • SO MANY POSSIBILITIES Recommended items have been updated
    • BASE HEALTH REGEN 3 health regen per 5 seconds ⇒ 5 health regen per 5 seconds
  • Passive - Rage Gene
    • GROWTH SPURT Fixed a bug where Gnar wouldn't get his bonus health immediately on transforming
  • Boomerang Throw Q - Boomerang Throw
    • NEW THAT'S A SMART BOOMERANG Boomerang's return logic has been improved to better track Gnar
    • OUTGOING WIDTH 45 ⇒ 60
    • RETURN WIDTH 70 ⇒ 75
    • MINIMUM SPEED 1000 ⇒ 1400
    • BOOMERANG CLARITY Boomerang's return particles have been improved!
  • Boulder Toss Q - Boulder Toss
    • BODY BLOCK Boulder now checks to see if any enemy champions are standing really close to Gnar's center point when he casts (and it now hits them)
    • SHRAPNEL Boulder now does its area-effect damage in a small radius on landing if it hits no enemies
    • BOULDER SPEED 2000 ⇒ 2100
    • BOULDER WIDTH 80 ⇒ 90
    • GOOD FORM, GNAR Gnar takes 0.5 seconds ⇒ 0.3 seconds to pick up a Boulder before he throws it
  • Wallop W - Wallop
    • WHOOPS Fixed a bug where enemies could sometimes cast spells when Wallop's stun was overlapped with GNAR!'s stun
  • GNAR GNAR! (R)
    • NEW MAGICAL GNAR Now scales with 0.0 AP ⇒ 0.5 AP
    • RELIABLE GNAR! Fixed a bug where GNAR!'s knockback ministun (not the wall stun) would sometimes be removed too early
    • GNAR SO STRONG Gnar now move and perform actions after casting GNAR! in 0.5 ⇒ 0.4 seconds

GnarSquareGnar released


  • 2015

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